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on 14 August 2013
After a long flight to Australia and back and now that I'm traveling for work once again I decided to invest in a pair of noise cancelling headphones
I tried the Bose version and whilst these are excellent, for £300 they should be, I really couldn't justify spending that amount of money
These Blaupunkt headphones are the ideal alternative!
Well made using quality materials they really do feel much more than the £54 cost
The sound quality is great and I'm sure will satisfy all but the really intense Hi-Fi addicts
I bought these for the noise cancelling feature and whilst not as good as Bose it really does make a huge difference when on a flight cancelling out virtually all the background noise from the engines
I even tried them whilst vacuuming and could only tell the vacuum was on by the vibration of the motor!!
For those of us on a more realistic budget I'd say these are probably the best around.
Definitely worth the money
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on 15 May 2017
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on 24 February 2014
The sound is clear and the noise reduction is very goo. Folds nicely, the chord is pulls out and the white noise cancelling is great.
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on 21 October 2013
Very well made and look and feel like a quality product. Not quite the sound quality of more expensive rivals, but their massive price premium in no way justifies the small increase in sound quality. Excellent value product.
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on 17 March 2013
I like them a lot they have the quality of Blaupunkt and on the same time they have a very good design and noise cancellation.
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on 27 July 2013
These are excellent value (and arrived in less than 24 hours).

I first wrote in this review: "The sound quality is a good deal better than you'd expect for something this price." Twenty four hours later, having tweaked the equalization settings on my Creative Zen MP3 and tried them for Fleetwood Mac through reggae through to Mozart, I have to amend that: they have the best quality sound of any headphones I've used over a 40 year period, full stop. They're just as good with a stereo hi-fi system or laptop.

The noise cancellation works: low ambient frequencies are all but abolished, and higher frequencies significantly reduced, maybe by about 40%. That might not sound brilliant, but no noise-cancellation is totally effective. And you can keep using these without the noise cancellation batteries even in, unlike eg Sennheisers. It's backed up by very good passive isolation from the comfortable but close-fitting earpads. The sound has noticeably more "presence" with the noise cancellation switched on, but two AAA batteries are inexpensive and you do apparently get 70 hours - I haven't had them long enough to confirm that, but even if it works out at 40 or 50 hours, that would still be acceptable.

I have neighbours who occasionally drive me out my flat with penetrating racket from large electric drills, but these can be used in noise cancellation mode without any cable and device being connected, which should come in useful.

I can't agree with the person who said they are too bulky. Of course, they can't beat in-ear buds if ultra-portability is what you want, but unlike my Sony ExtraBass phones with 50mm drivers (costing over £150, and supplied with no case) they fold flat in a slim hard case which takes up less space, and are overall smaller, in addition to having much clearer sound yet virtually as much bass with just 40mm drivers. I've turned off bass boost in the MP3. They're a little hot on the head when the temperature is (as was the case a couple of days ago) around 28°F, but that's to be expected with any "around ear" phones. I have a bald head, but the headband is very comfortable, and looks and feels like padded soft leather.

The lead is detachable at both ends, which makes for compact storage, and if it were ever lost, a generic replacement lead would be readily obtainable.

The quality build, attention to detail, and clever design show that more thought has gone into this model than you'd have any right to expect . Five stars well deserved.
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on 3 December 2012
Really comfortable, great price when you compare them to the Bose equivalent and they are pretty much as good as them, especially when flying. Come in a cool little hard case as well to stop them getting damaged when not being used.

Would recommend them to anyone.
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on 8 February 2014
I have both these and the BOSE QC15. The BLAUPUNKT came from Amazon, but I got the BOSE ones for $260 whilst away with work. The quality of both seems about the same. The BOSE has a bespoke fitting for the cable and this can be a standard one or the Apple one. I assume if this breaks you are trapped into buying another BOSE one that will likely be very expensive. BOSE has one AAA battery and the BLAUPUNKT 2 AAA. BOSE only works when switched on, whereas the BLAUPUNKT can be used without switching the noise cancelling on. Both come with cases about the same size and they seem similar. If it were not for the BOSE name on the side of the headphones most folks would think that the BLAUPUNKT where the more expensive ones! In terms of quality of music I am not sure as I am not an audio expert and listen to mainly live music - I don't think there is much in it. In terms of noise cancelling neither cancels out sounds completely and when no music is playing I can still hear ALL sounds - but my hearing is very good. The BLAUPUNKT has a variable control for the noise control, but I find that at certain levels it can create a sort of resonating in my ears that I don't like, but remember I have very good hearing and I have found that adjusting it that makes things better. No problems with the BOSE. Comfort wise not any noticeable difference over 5 hours between them. I am driven a lot in Germany on noisy autobahns and the BOSE makes a better job of cancelling the noise. If you have the money buy the BOSE - but I would not have paid £259, at the price I paid in $ I think they are just about worth it. The BLAUPUNKT though are much better value and the sound is pretty good, noise cancelling is there and in my view not that far of the BOSE. Quality wise most folks would not notice a difference in the build quality. Testing in shops is also useless for noise cancelling it is only in the environment you will use them that you will decide if they meet your needs. Overall the BLAUPUNKT are good value and do a very decent job with sound and noise cancelling.

EDIT: I was loafing on the sofa all Sat and Sun and the BOSE where super - although as I said before you can still hear certain sounds if you have good hearing like me. I also had the BLAUPUNKT on and when the noise cancelling was on and the ear phone touched the pillow it does resonate as the headphone moves across the pillow - this does not happen with he BOSE. HOWEVER, these are significantly cheaper and therefore still very good for the price.
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on 30 October 2013
These are a great alternative to the popular Bose noise-cancelling headphones. I find them very comfortable, build quality is excellent, sound quality is good (but not in the league of audiophile headphones which you would expect at this price). Batteries seem to be lasting ages - I've had my pair for about 9 months now and use them probably a few times a week for several hours and they're still on the same set. Comes with a nice sturdy case.

I've done a side-by-side comparison of these against the Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones, and the Blaupunkts do not cut out as many frequencies as the Bose. They seem to be biased towards lower frequencies which is great for air travel and if you want to cut out general background noise whilst still wanting to hear people speak to you then they work well. If you want to cut out as much as possible over a wider range of frequencies then nothing really matches the Bose range. (Apart from ear defenders, but they're not very suited for listening to music).
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on 16 September 2013
Sounds is realy good, finishion is great... I am really happy about this product.

It is speacially recommended for airplanes or constant noise environment... and it works great there. But I am using it in a crowded open space and it really change my life too. Ok, not every noise is blocked... but the noise that remains do not trouble the listening of the music and keeps my concentration on a good level.

Definitively a good recommendation to do...
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