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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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This 'Marvel' adventure has certainly generated mixed opinions from reviewers and critic's alike,
myself, i love the visual technology this type of movie brings to the screen.
'New York's' citizens are going to need protection from the villains that are soon to threaten the
'Peter Parker' - 'Spider-man' (Andrew Garfield) finds it difficult being both Hero and giving family
and Girlfriend 'Gwen' (Emma Stone) the time and attention they deserve.
As Spider-man, Peter is soon to face perhaps his most formidable enemy to date, an enemy that
is far more powerful that himself.
Old Friend 'Harry Osborn'(Dane Dehaan) has returned taking over the Osborn Empire 'Oscorp' in
the wake of his fathers death.
'Spider-man's' biggest fan 'Max Dillon' (Jamie Foxx) an electric-wiz has suffered an accident whilst
trying to repair a fault at 'Oscorp' which has given him electronic power he's yet to harness...he has
become 'Electro' 'Spider-Man' tries to help.
Meanwhile 'Harry' who is dying believes blood from Spider-Man could save him, this he is telling to
old friend 'Peter' who promises to try and ask Spider-Man for his help.
Meanwhile at the secret 'Ravencourt' site, owned by 'Oscorp' the operatives are trying to turn 'Max'
into a Weapon to control to do their bidding.
'Harry' hasn't got the control of his fathers company he believes he has, there are those within the
company who have their own agenda of which 'Harry' has no part.
A electronic tablet 'Harry's' father had given him before dying shows secrets of the underground complex,
which will give him access to a serum that had been worked upon.
'Harry' finding himself where 'Max' is being processed releases 'Electro' to catch Spider-Man.
When a total blackout across New York occurs, Spider-Man has to do battle with 'Electro' who is now on
the loose........trouble is, solve one problem another one is sure to follow in the shape of 'The Goblin'
After a promising start with the incident on the Plane, there is a sequence of unnecessary chatter which was meant to be
amusing i guess, from our Hero whilst he deals with a gang who are stealing Nitro, the action, on, the streets of New York.
The story-line and dialogue are is a little thin on the ground the story doesn't flow as easily as the first in the new series
The films saving grace for me is indeed the spectacular Special-Effects throughout the film which are indeed impressive.
There are several good action sequences, wish the scrip had been better.
Worth a viewing on 3-D and in fact 2-D Superb picture and Sound quality throughout.
Features -
* The wages of Heroism : Making of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Over 100 minutes of immersive featurettes
detailing the heroic efforts to bring The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to life.
Blu-ray Exclusives -
9 additional deleted scenes with commentary by Director 'Marc Webb' including 'Peter' meets his father.
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on 22 November 2013
I was a big fan of the original Spider-Man movie trilogy (yes, even the lame 3rd movie) so I was skeptical about whether I'd enjoy it (constantly telling myself that it was too soon for a reboot) but man, does Andrew Garfield deliver.

It's certainly a different take on the young Peter Parker, though he is back with his original girlfriend (from the comics) Gwen Stacey he is also qwirky instead of nerdy - all in all this makes him more relatable than the original Peter Parker and the chemistry between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield is great.

Watch it, it's good fun.
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on 17 October 2004
Before Spider-Man was created in the early 60's, super heroes tended to be a step down from gods (and some actually WERE gods). They were powerful, morally upright, and unwaivering in their convictions. In other words, it was fun to follow their adventures, but they were a bit hard to relate to.
Stan Lee changed all of that when he created Spider-Man. He decided to make a hero who was an unpopular, nerdy kid who just happened to get stuck with powers he wasn't even sure he wanted. He had everyday problems like dealing with bullies, being uncomfortable around that cute girl he likes, and feeling left out in general. And who hasn't had experiences like these at some point in their life?
I've seen some great comic book adaptations that really got down to the core of a character (Batman), and I've seen movies that simply made me cringe and wonder how they could have been so far off the mark (Daredevil, anyone?). As far as capturing the true essence of it's title character, this movie tops them all.
In a lot of ways, this is THE Spider-Man story. This is Peter Parker's struggle to decide just who he is and what his resposibility is to the world, his family, and himself. And it's not an easy decision to make.
It's been beaten to death a bit by now, but it all boils down to what Uncle Ben told Peter: "With great power comes great responsibility." And Peter rages against this logic for the entire movie. Should he live for himself, enjoy his life, and ignore the powers he's been given? Or should he put the needs of others before his own, essentially sacrificing his personal happiness in lieu of the satisfaction and knowledge that he's made a difference in the world? This is the conflict that is at the very core of this character, and this movie captured that in ways that I'm sure made Stan Lee proud.
To be totally truthful, this movie should probably be called "Peter Parker." If you're looking for mindless action, go buy Terminator 3. This is a movie about a young man trying to find himself--it just so happens that this particular young man has some extraordinary powers.
Don't get me wrong; there are some absolutely amazing action sequences. Doctor Octopus is a visually dynamic (as well as tragic) villain, and he makes for a lot of exciting scenes. And I must say, he's played to perfection by Alfred Molina; I don't have a bad thing to say about his performance. And special effects? I get goosebumps every time I see Spidey swingin' through the concrete jungle. Spectacular!
But at heart, this is a movie about character development. I can't express how grateful I am to Sam Raimi for turning out such a quality film that stays so true to the character. He did an amazing job, mixing drama, action, humor, and just a dash of Evil Dead-like horror into a final product that left me emotionally drained and wanting more. It's gonna be tough to top this one. I'd give it 10 stars if I could.
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on 1 April 2016
This was another great entry into the Spider-Man franchise. The film looks great and it continues to provide more back story to the origins of Spiderman, his family and the big bad Oscorp. The weakest part of the film was the inclusion of Rhino / Aleksei Sytsevich which I felt was unnecessary as the character was played out like a disposable henchman and Paul Giamatti was definetly under-used.
The strongest part of both movies has been Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone who continue to have brilliant chemistry on screen which make the final scenes of the movie even more powerful. I'm happy the film makers stuck by one of the big story arcs from the comics as it is a big event in the character development of Spiderman and effects future plotlines. It would have been so easy to stretch it out so it was a brave move.
This is one of the edge's this franchise has over the previous Spiderman movies, the influence of the comic book storylines. The old movies were still great films but I just feel these ones just have a little more heart.
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on 15 August 2015
I don't like this movie but it was for our son. another reboot that should never have been attempted. best thing in it was martin sheen as uncle ben but he dies so that's not something that last long. shame as his interpretation of the character was the only thing that made this movie partly bearable.
The guy who plays spiderman is to old as this starts in high school and you can see his crows feet in the close ups! Not very believable as character unfortunately
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on 22 May 2004
For some strange reason, I never got around to buying 'Spiderman' on DVD, but when I saw that a 'deluxe' edition was being released with a third disc of extras, I felt that the time had come to finally purchase it. It comes nicely packaged, with a cardboard sleeve to house the amaray case, but once unwrapped, I was shocked to see that the third disc was simply thrown in; No, not part of the overall package, but slipped in between the cardboard sleeve and the main case (which is the regular two disc version of 'Spiderman' available)! It has its own cardboard sleeve (like those that you get with free CD's in Sunday newspapers!) and this cheapens the item further!! There is no compartment to store it, therefore being a little useless as it is now sitting in a drawer rather than on my DVD cabinet! The disc has some interesting extras though, from the costume and set designs to looking at certain scenes in detail, and there are some sneek peeks at 'Spiderman 2', however, these can be seen on TV all the time, and the trailer can be viewed on the Apple Quicktime website. This would have felt like more of a complete package had it had all the extras bundled into less discs, but the price cannot be justified and it was a disappointing buy. Buy the regular two disc version for less, the extras just aren't worth it!
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on 10 October 2007
Spider-man 2 was great but is it really worth buying the movie again for 8 minutes of new footage when you can easily watch it on youtube? For 5 pounds I'd say it is worth it. The new scenes are:

-Extended conversation with Peter and MJ in the backyard
-Extended part of Peter delivering the pizzas to that woman.
-Extended conversation between Peter and Otto Octavius
-Elevator sequence is different
-Doc Ock and Spidey crash into an office while fighting on the side of the building
-Scene with MJ and her friend, where MJ explains why she's marrying John
-Scene which shows Jonah Jameson trying on the Spider-Man suit
-Added stuff to the train fight like Ock holding Spidey down the side of the train, making him smack his head off sign posts.

There's more but those were just some examples. Spider-man 2 is a very good film and I would definitely get Spider-man 2.1. This used to be about 12 pounds and now it's only 5! Grab yourself a bargain.
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Not a bad movie for Spiderman...and like any movie it's a personal taste whether you will like it or not....but I'm not reviewing the movie itself.. I'm reviewng the 4K ability....The film is NOT true 4K so lets get that out the way as the truth of the matter is,no movies have been made yet in true 4K...However...this upgraded version is fantastic...much better then Blu Ray...The depth of colours and picture refinement is very detailed and for some reason they seem to have tinkered with the sound quality too giving it a lot better separation and steering,especially in 5.1...If your looking for an almost 4K experience then get this to test your 4K TV....as long as your Blu Ray player has 4K upscaling too..which mine has then you will enjoy this immensely..Cheers
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Spiderman was one of the most eagerly awaited movies of 2002, which is a lot of baggage to carry when setting out to make an adaptation of one of the most popular comic strips ever. However, with Sam Raimi safely entrusted with the responsibility of Directorial duty and the excellent casting of Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker and Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson, this movie always looked a sure-fire winner and indeed it is exactly that.
As everybody knows Spider-man's alter ego Peter Parker is that anonymous boy next door, the boy who never gets the girl and whom the girl doesn't even notice. He's as pure as the driven snow, devoted to his Aunt and Uncle, the boy for girls to take home to their mother, safe, kind but somewhat unexciting. Bullied at school, he is the butt of everyone's jokes and regarded as something of a nerd, a bit of a loser. However, after being bitten by a genetically modified spider, Peter transforms overnight from anonymous boy next door to super hero in this good guys can come first comic-book tale.
There are so many good things about Spider-man it is hard to know where to start. First off, what I found most impressive and refreshing was the screenplay, which unlike most major Hollywood studio major event movies actually relies on narrative, plot and character development to tell the story instead of just loosely sewing together action scenes with meaningless dialogue (Simon West are you listening?). Credit for this should go to writer David Koepp and Director Sam Raimi for avoiding this obvious pitfall that has spoilt many a summer blockbuster (such as Tomb Raider to give but one example). Raimi's direction is sure-footed and subtle and the decision to give him megaphone duties has proven to be well vindicated. The casting of Tobey Maguire is another masterstroke because Tobey Maguire is undoubtedly one of the most talented young actors around with a CV of critically acclaimed performances in critically acclaimed movies, that seasoned veterans would be proud of, such as; Ride With The Devil, Pleasantville, The Ice Storm, The Wonder Boys and The Cider House Rules. With Mr Maguire as Peter Parker we get performance of depth and subtlety of a teenager struggling with more than the normal transformation from boy to man. Kirsten Dunst (Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Virgin Suicides) is also a spectacular success with her girl next-door looks and range and depth of emotion and ability, as is Willem Dafoe (Platoon, Light Sleeper etc.) in the villainous role of the Green Goblin, carefully avoiding too much ham.
All that said there are some faults. For example, some of the web-slinging CGI is a disappointment and up close the green goblins headgear is a bit poor. Spider-Man is also apparently (according to all the geeks) littered with continuity errors but much of that can perhaps be explained by the devastating happenings of September 11th, with several scenes featuring the twin towers, (including an apparently superb sequence with the villain's helicopter getting caught in webbing between the Twin Towers) having to be cut, along with the relevant narrative. Plus the final scenes where a crowd of New Yorkers hurl objects at the Green Goblin has a definite tagged on feel to it but the who can blame them for it's addition is entirely appropriate and rightly captures the spirit of NYC in the aftermath of 9/11: "Ya take one of us on, ya take us all on!" shouts one patriotic New Yorker. Ending with our favourite web-slinger against the backdrop of the stars and stripes, Spider-Man is a resounding success and with Raimi, Maguire and Dunst all signed up for the sequel, I personally cant wait for Spider-Man 2.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 November 2015
Just purchased and watched for my nephew (6 years old) who saw the more recent remakes recently - I think these older films are just as good in their own way and the action and effects hold up almost just as well. Plenty to keep him interested from start to finish and I enjoyed it also, but must admit I find the newer Spiderman a better fit than Toby Maguire here.
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