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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 14 June 2015
These pads are an absolute god-send! My 3 year (now 4) developed chronic constipation which meant that he soiled his pants about 5/6 times a day! It wasn't diagnosed immediately by the GP, so the poor child suffered the indignity of having to to be changed regularly throughout the day. I desperately didn't want to embarrass him further by returning to nappies so we struggled on with regular mountains of washing.

After diagnosis the problems continued as he tried at least 5 different types of medication. The biggest problem was his self-esteem which was very badly affected. A friend recommended these pads which I tried straight away and they have worked wonders! A lot of his problems were psychological and these have given him renewed confidence.

A few months on and he is a changed boy!! He loves these pads as they are discrete and easily changed if he has an accident (which is a rare occurrence now) and I am so pleased and relieved!

Thank you for a great product! I've recommended these to the GP.
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on 22 February 2012
I was sceptical about trying these pads but I don't know what I was worried about!!! They are green so don't look anything like sanitary towels, have a lovely shape and so soft (which is a must for my sons sensitive skin)

I started dry like me on my 2 year old (34 mths) 13 days ago and we now have dry days and dry nights.

We had tried potty training twice before but tried pull ups and they were still just nappies to my son so we continued to use the potty through the day with no bottoms on. Every time we put big boy pants on him he would have an accident. We were worried about potty training while out and about and in the car.

13 days ago we were forced to get rid of the nappies completely. My son has always had sensitive skin and has suffered from a type of eczema on the inside of his legs and it started to flare up again. So I introduced the Dry Like Me pads to my son and he loved that they fit perfectly into his big boy pants (big boy pants he chose himself) it was exciting for him. He felt comfortable and safe with them so he was happy from day 1 and so were we.

We have had 3 accidents through the night in the last 13 nights, I think this is amazing!!! And we've only had 2 accidents through the day once at nursery and another playing in the garden and we have travelled long distance, been food shopping, have been on walks, been to playgroup and haven't stopped or changed our usual routine.

Dry like me have made our lives so easy! Thank you for an amazing product. I will definitely be recommending you to all my mummy friends and will definitely use these again if I ever have any more children to potty train :-D

By the way I bought mine out of sainsburys for £2 on offer but thought I'd leave a review on here because I think they're great!
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on 31 May 2013
We bought this product for our child to use on car journeys or when outside to help if a toilet is not immediately available. It is a good product, the adhesive is very strong but the pad is a bit stiff and could be uncomfortable if used for several hours. This is the only reason for giving it 4 stars.
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on 19 June 2016
I use these for my son who although potty trained is somewhat lazy about using the toilet so it's useful to contain the odd leak though a big wee will go through. I also used these when potty training to keep his pants clean every time he had a 'poo' accident as it was much easier to just peel it off and throw the pad away than deal with the stained underpants! A useful product though I do think my son feels he has more leeway with these on than without them so can be a bit hit and miss with the potty training if you want your child to 'feel' the wetness. Can't fault the seller excellent customer service - first package only contained one box not 4 so emailed seller and they immediately dispatched a further 4 boxes without the need to return the original box. I have these on subscription every 2 months which works out cheaper.
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on 11 May 2013
We had a very stubborn, potty-resister. It had taken almost a year, with stops and starts and we had tried EVERYTHING. Jo Frost's advice on going cold turkey and carrying potty everywhere with you; timed potty schedule; reward charts; pull-ups. We laid the pressure off, and gave her a break then tried again, and again, a month at a time - there was no progress at all. The furthest we went was for her to hold her wee for hours at time (nothing at all on the potty, even if she sat on it for ages) then a great big wee on the floor/sofa/lap.

It was both embarrassing and frustrating for us as parents to go to pre-school with the only child still in pull-ups. I don't care what others say, for us, pull-ups were the same as nappies, and with hindsight treated as such by our daughter.

The Dry Like Me pads are a great alternative to pull-ups or just pants on their own - essentially acting like the in-between. They are not designed to catch everything - rather the trickles or slight accidents on the way to potty or toilet, for us this meant saving a lot of time on not having to change underwear and clothes.

More than anything, it's a big plus in terms of leaving nappies and pull-ups behind and moving onto the next stage.

After just two weeks of these, and going straight to toilet our daughter is now toilet-trained. I know the success is a mixture of things, including another reward chart and perhaps she just hated the potty. But these helped with the transition.

Will probably use them for another week for the odd accident, but I am absolutely delighted and relieved.

Thank you!!!
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on 8 November 2015
Got these because my daughter just thought of "pull-ups" as nappies....and using theses inside big girls knickers was great... She felt like a big girl and after 4 days she had cracked the potty training...only problem now I have 3 boxes over lol
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on 28 March 2016
Very good for little accidents. Won't hold a full wee, but if your child just leaves it a bit late and you don't want to be changing clothes for a few dribbles then these are a good idea. Especially for school.
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on 19 February 2012
I thought I would give these a try after hearing about them via the netmums website. These are a small triangular pad (rather like a sanitary pad but with a green cover) with an ashesive strip to place inside underwear. It will hold a fair amount of liquid, so does the job well enough.
I have these on a repeat subscription order, and will probably continue to use them. Cost wise there isn't a great deal of difference between these and Huggies pullups (if you use 2 pads per pants). However the advantage with these as that it uses the childs own underwear, something to think about if going to school or nursery.

Because these are small pads you neeed to fit one or two pads (front and/or back) depending on the type of accident you are trying to avoid.
How many you go though will depend on the type of accidents that are most frequent so please bear in mind when you consider the quantity per box, especially if you are using these pads front and back each time.

Please be aware these are not really a substitute for pullups, so if your child is not yet at least partially toilet trained, these are not for you.
I would say these will only be suitable for small or infrequent accidents.

To sum up, a good idea, but personally I would have preferred a larger, single shaped pad.
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on 16 November 2015
Absolutely useless. Didn't even hold a small wee. I contacted the manufacturer. I was told they weren't designed to hold wee and are for small accidents. Well my son had some small accidents. Save your money and use a woman's panty liner if you must!!!!
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on 23 January 2014
Pull ups were useless in toilet training my son as he just treated them like a nappy. These were brilliant as they only absorb small amounts of liquid so when he wet himself, they would be soaked and he felt uncomfortable so started using the potty
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