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on 16 November 2011
Looks good and very easy to set up. This replaced an old LG combi dvd/vhs recorder and I wish I had done this before. Picture quality brilliant, sound quality good even though I'm using an HDMI pigtail splitter connection. I'm able to play Region 0,1 and 2 dvds so far without needing to resort to a hack code. An excellent buy.
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on 7 December 2011
Bought this particular model because of multi-region. It is definitely plays all regions DVDs. Brilliant product! Superb picture and sound. Very simple to install and operate. Very pleased with the purchase. Thanks to seller, it's arrived in no time.
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on 25 November 2011
I wanted a DVD player to play my US DVDs on my UK tv. The first two US discs I have tried work just fine. The picture and sound are great. The warning that Amazon sells products that only play zone 2 discs apparently does not apply to this as it was not technically sold by Amazon, but the warning is confusing.
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on 23 March 2013
As usual I read the reviews from 1* to 5* on all the DVD players I could find and decided that my best option was to buy Toshiba.
The multi region capability, HDMI and upscaling to 1080p all influenced my decision. I have tried every type of disc in my library and it has excepted every one. I have it connected to my old Analogue 28" flat screen Panasonic TV by scarp lead as the TV does not have an HDMI connection. Even so, the picture is brilliant and I am reluctant to purchase a Panasonic 42" LED digital TV which would be my choice, while the old set is working so well. The Toshiba is neat and looks well sat above a new Humax FOX T2 Recorder. The only downside about this recorder is that it won't play RAM discs of which I have a few. I was aware of this when I purchased the item so really I can't complain. The Toshiba SD3010KE DVD Player is a nice piece of equipment of which I am completely satisfied and if you are in the market for one, you will be too. Delivery was on time and the goods were packaged extremely well. Bought from Magic Discounts through Amazon I give them both 5***** and thanks.
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on 29 June 2012
Firstly i would like to say that the unit itself is as you would expect it to be. Its small, light, stylish and it plays DVD's from every region. There is no set-up required, as all you need to do is just turn it on, place in the dvd and it automatically plays. The unit also comes with both Scart and HDMI connections. HDMI Cable included.

This review is about the product and my own personal reason why i have decided to give it a poor review.
So why only 1 Star?

Well the DVD Player has no Playback. For me Playback is a definite must have and it is something that i use all the time when using a DVD Player. When watching a DVD and you turn off the player half way through, you would expect the player to remember where the disc was left and resume from that position. With this DVD player, this does not happen. After switching off, when you turn it back on the disc automatically plays and starts right back at the beginning of the disc (i.e plays the adverts, menus etc) then you have to go through all the chapters to find where you last watched it.

The manual does say there is a slight "Playback" function available but does still not provide the playback that should be required. It basically tells you that while watching a DVD, if you press the "Stop" button once and leave it, you can then press the "Play" button and the disc resumes from where it was stopped (This is while the player is still powered up and in use). That is fine if you are leaving the room for a few minutes, however as soon as you press the power button to turn the unit off, you loose your place and you have to start over again from the beginning of the disc. In this day of new technology, this should be a function that appears in all DVD/Blu-ray players. My 12 year old Toshiba SD-330E player remembers where discs have been left after switch off just fine. So why could this have not been applied to an newer model?

After trying everything more than once i was not able to get this DVD player to remember the last position of the disc the way i wanted it to and ended up contacting the seller to send it back for a refund. The product information page on Amazon does not tell you that this player has no Playback, which i believe it should. All buyers should not only know what a product does do, but what the product also cannot do. If i had known in advanced (i did search online for other reviews before buying) that this player would not remember where my discs were left after switch off, i would have not purchased this product. I am very disappointed in this purchase. With the "Playback" function, this would have been one of the best Multi-Region DVD players i have seen for sale.

Overall, if you want a fantastic Multi-Region DVD player and you are happy to sit and watch a disc in it entirety and are not fussed about having "Playback" then this is one of the best players to buy and recommend. However if you are into watching DVD's a lot and have to turn a disc of now and then before finishing it and do not want the frustration of having to go through the adverts, trailers, menus and then search through the chapter selection to carry on watching a disc every time, then i recommend that you do not go for this DVD player.

For my opinion the player would be 5/5 if it had the function to remember discs. But for my own personal thoughts, the player has let me down and i am nothing but disappointed, so i have given 1 out of 5.
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on 30 January 2012
This DVD player is a real cracker! Not only is it multi region but it is HDMI giving a high quality picture. It is small, light and is good with Cd's also. A very good product.
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on 22 August 2013
Excellent player - does exactly what it says it will! I can finally watch and buy US (region 1) dvds and enjoy them!

The delivery was great - was able to track it and get an estimated time of delivery! Polite delivery (XPD)

It plays in 1080p and the picture quality is excellent - sound perfect and it even makes old dvd's look and sound fantastic!

If your looking to play different region dvd's I highly recommend this DVD player! Just put the DVD in and it works!
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on 15 January 2013
...which is good because that's why I bought it. No problems so far and I've been using it a couple times a week since Christmas. I've only used it as a basic DVD player so can't comment on it's additional features but it works well enough for my needs, so I'm happy.
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on 18 January 2013
When it DID work, really loved the quality of the picture and it played all of my non-UK discs with no problems...for 12 weeks. I think one other reviewer talks about the similar problems I had - arbitrarily not recognising discs, spitting them out, awful grinding sounds, leaving scratches on disc, coming up with disc error etc. Did the usual disc clean which was a waste of time. Not happy and won't go anywhere near this model again. Might just be a dodgy one as other reviews are positive but for me, wouldn't touch this with a barge pole. Such a shame as great upscaling picture. If it worked for longer than a few weeks. Fuming.
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on 6 January 2014
While the picture quality is excellent and it's slick, well designed and easy to use, I had a lot of trouble with this player. It was intermittently very noisy, right from new, and after a few weeks DVDs began to stick repeatedly. I found it hard to believe that such a reputable manufacturer should produce such an unreliable product and put the faults down to damp in my house. But after I moved to a dry place the sticking of any disc got worse and watching stuff on the Toshiba was intolerable. It was just five months old when I gave up and went back to my old player, which was half the price, from a minor manufacturer, and far more reliable.
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