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on 8 September 2013
I do like these headphones a lot; they have a good sound & as yet, I have yet to hear any distortion across the range. The noise cancelling feature increases the volume very noticeably & I'm not sure if the function actually does anything, but my family haven't noticed any noise leakage with either the noise cancelling function . They are also noticeably heavier than any other headphones I've had which I think is mainly down to the speakers (not really an issue) & one other feature I quite like is the connecting lead between the headphones & pc / ipod / walkman / etc can be changed, so if the wire snaps after some use, you haven't lost the use of the headphones & you could easily replace it. There is also a separate lead to control an ipod if you have one. The headphones also look fantastic, but........

they are some of the most uncomfortable headphones I've ever had. I've got an average sized head & they have a bulldog clip like quality, so if you've got a largish noggin, it'll be like putting your head in a vice after a while & there is also not much clearance between your ear & the speaker, so again, you might find the tightness forcing part of the speaker to touch your outer ear. There is a solution to ease the tightness off though, I had to stretch them over a speaker cabinet (or you could use the box it comes with) & left them overnight & that has backed them off a bit. Ultimately this is the reason why I gave these headphones 4 & not 5 stars as the designers should have recognised this & the headphones could do with a deeper foam surround on the earpieces.

Overall, I do like them very much & would recommend them with the above caveats
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on 5 September 2013
Firstly, agree with prior review that states these cans are heavy. Initially, yes they are, but once you put them on you lose that sense of their weight. They are a tight fitting against the ear area and don't leave you feeling as if you need to press them against your ear to get a better sound. The whole experience from opening the box to using them oozes class - leather carry case with additional cloth bag cover for the phones themselves. Gold connectors and strong material covered cables. Fold neatly up on themselves to leave nothing prone to being knocked and broken. Oh! And the sound, excellent better than I expected, almost as good as the B&W P5's I own. Will say no more but highly recommend these Klipsch M40's if you want a pair of noise cancelling headphones that look the biz and don't cost the earth. Especially since they are on offer via Amazon. Delivery on time and very well packed. Thanks Amazon - again!
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on 2 May 2013
These M40s are amazing, I'm totally addicted to them! The sound is to die for, the noise cancelling isn't powerful but it does a good job taking the edge off things and removing droney noises, but importantly it makes for perfect bass when it boosts it up. They are pretty comfortable, the leather memory foam ear pads are lush. They look awesome too, high quality with gold contacts, leather case, women cable etc. Amazing deal and delivery, get them quick!!! :D
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on 4 November 2013
This pair of headset left me with two different feelings, both pleasant and unpleasant.

The positive part:

Its quality is superb; I could easily place them among the best headphones, quality-wise: very sturdy, excellent build quality and materials. From the aesthetic point of view they look very luxurious; the combination of copper/bronze and black gives away a very expensive feeling. Even from the initial seconds while opening the nice box, everything points to quality and luxury. A soft pouch, a leather hard-case, gold plated jacks, excellent cables, soft ear-cushions. It feels like a rip-off at their price.

About its noise canceling performance I can say that it does an overall good job. The active noise canceling is not very strong, at least compared to the Bose QuietComfort 15, but it definitely gains lots of points because of its passive isolation. This is a good thing, in my opinion, as one can get substantial immediate noise reduction, even without turning the electronic circuitry on the headphones and enhance it further. The active noise cancellation being weaker than that of Bose makes it also more pleasant when there is no music; the latter produces stronger pressure on the ear, something that cannot be felt with this unit. All in all, very good performance.

The sound is very good also. It is substantially amplified when turning on the noise cancellation and it definitely sounds better this way. However, even with the noise cancellation set to off, the sound is rich and warm. I am sure that other headphones are way better; still, this pair is beyond simply acceptable.

The negative part:

It is tight, very tight. And this makes it very unpleasant. Despite the soft ear-cushions, the pressure applied is strong and it gradually becomes more unpleasant. Add also its notable weight and you get a combination that makes the experience quite uncomfortable. This is the reason for the 3-star rating, as well as for my sending the unit back. At this aspect, the Bose QuietComfort15 is feather-light and very comfortable.

It's a pity that I couldn't keep it, because I really wanted this pair.
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on 15 November 2013
I have tried Souls, Beats & owned Koss Pro 4a's, Bang & Olufsen, Shure in ear, Bose on ear & Sony over's. THE KLIPSCH are by far the best headset I have had the pleasure to own. The quality of reproduction of 320kbps tracks is very impressive (Haven't tried Flac to date) without the ANC enabled. With the ANC enabled these take you to another place altogether.
However there is bleed from the cans, my wife could hear Celine Dion's dulcet tones bass from Skrillex and high & low sound from other artists but said it was not overly intrusive, unlike the Bose. I do wonder how effective/annoying this would be to a non related passenger should you wish to listen to them at high volume. I would stress that I was playing them at 85% volume on an ipad.
As others have stated that the headphones will improve further with approx 40hrs burn I look forward to be even more impressed. Would I recommend them; indeed i would.
My only concern would be if the ANC failed, you could possibly buy better passive headphones, but would still be a tall order to compare with the clarity of these. The ANC does what it states on the tin, cuts out external noises; my wife was hovering the living room & dog was barking at the leaves & I was blissfully unaware. Uninterrupted listening!
Comfort: I like the feel, yes they are heavier and tighter than Souls & Beats but you would be being very critical if you stated they were uncomfortable. I haven't worn mine for more than 3hrs but apart from a wee bit of 'ear burn' they cover my ear fully & I cannot fault these straight out of the box.
Accessories: What more could one ask for or want...
Oh and a 2 year warranty which still covers them even though for some crazy reason Klipsch are discontinuing the Mode M40's. I highly recommend buying a set for a third of their initial MRP.
I am not worried aesthetics or street cred as at 54yrs young all that matters in the music!
They do look good though.....
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on 9 February 2014
1. Can't fault amazon delivery/packaging - 5 stars.
2. Headphones look great and build quality is 5 stars but too heavy, head band is too hard, noise cancelling is weak (although the headphones themselves isolate you very well) and sound smooth and even but fails to excite unlike a regular pair of headphones for this type of money (rrp £300) - fortunately I only paid £109 or this would be a 2 star rating.
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on 1 February 2014
Having researched and compared quite a number of £100ish headphones, I only put these in my compare list as they were a third of their original price. I was trading in my Dr Dre beats due to feedback from the batteries in the ear piece so I really wanted a battery-free headset. Comparing all the reviews, the only negative for these was in fact a noise reduction feature that required batteries. This is the feature I did not want anyway so I went ahead with the purchase. I am not disappointed! Straight away I could tell they were quality from both the box and the protective case. Everything about the design is slick including folding and unfolding the ear cups. There are two wires in the box (I say wire but it's more like a luxurious golden thread!) I'm using the iPhone one with controls and they also come with numerous adapters for almost every eventuality. The sound is beautifully clear with both my music and my learn Spanish CD and I also find the fit perfect for my head and not too tight. I've never heard of this make but I'm so pleased I took the risk and I would heartily recommend them.
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on 12 May 2014
No complaints about sound quality at all, these perform excellently even in bustling areas in town, public transport, etc. In fact, you become isolated from all that is around you with these on. IMO the style is excellent, looks very sturdy (and is) with a seemingly uncommon colour combo. I've yet to see someone wearing the same or even a similar looking pair. Comes with extra wire and aeroplane jack which is nice, although the in-line volume controller on the cable doesn't work with my android phone (they say it works with apple products).

Only reason I give this 4 stars is because after a while (maybe 1.5 - 2 hours) they feel tight on the head and the outsides of my ears become sore, requiring a break in wearing them even though I've owned them for a couple of months now.
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on 3 May 2014
The price was what appealed to me more than anything when I bought this product. The full price (as charged in Apple stores) is around £300 so they appeared to be a bargain.

They ooze quality and are supplied with an excellent leather case, an additional cloth case, two fibre covered cables (one with inline remote and one without), and an airline adapter.

The noise cancelling performance was very good, not quite on par with Bose but more than adequate. There was though an overall feeling that the the noise cancelling effect was being supplemented with an increase in volume.

So far so good, however this headset has one drastically poor feature: they are simply and by a long way the most uncomfortable headphones I have ever worn. Ear padding is not as soft as I would like and the use of rubber as opposed to foam win the headband makes them very tight overall. I have a fairly small head and found them incredibly tight, to such a degree that more than 30 minutes use at any time was actually painful. The rubber headband also dug into my head and either slipped forward or back, or applied more pressure than was comfortable.

Sorry Klipsch, a luxury product that I simply refuse to use.
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on 30 November 2013
The noise cancelling is not as good as other ones I had before and as another reviewer said the set is a bit tight on the head, but the sound quality is good and it looks ver nice and is solidly made. I think it is value for money.
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