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on 6 July 2015
Do you have at home a patient who is essentially house-bound, who has read everything in sight and who wishes to be diverted by some televiewing that requires no thought, with non-stop action, and heroes and villains who pop up all the time, adding a pleasing continuity to it all? Look no further... I happened to have some seasons of "24" acquired in a sale some time ago and tried them on said patient, and lo! I ended up buying this box (second-hand). We had great fun at the studied earnestness of it all, of Jack leaping tall buildings with a single bound, defeating hordes of baddies single-handedly, in one case, even after resurrection (no kidding). We chuckled at the total impossibilities, we shook our heads when the baddies said nasty things about the USA, which were actually correct, we marvelled at Jack's bladder control (is this why they have advert breaks, so that Jack can nip off to the loo? - or does he manage because he never actually eats or drinks anything?) and the fact that he apparently doesn't need sleep. It was one long, outrageous ride from one end to the other, and in a way I'm rather sad it's over. Like I (and everyone else on the programme) said, dammit!
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on 4 March 2018
Still working through the different Seasons of this series, but it is a superb achievement. The acting is of course of the very best, but the writing is of the highest quality, gripping at every stage - you can't afford to look away, you'll miss a key point of the plot and the twists and turns!
Years ago I only saw the first season on television, before it disappeared on to another channel and now I know what I have been missing.
The plots are too complex to explain in detail, but suffice to say that Kiefer Sutherland, as a key member of the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) has his work cut out solving the enormous problems he is faced with in just 24 hours. The split screen filming - always debatable - really works in this case keeping track of the all the different characters and their actions simultaneously..
You can see where later action thrillers got some of their ideas from.
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on 4 January 2015
I'm just halfway midway thru season 1 and I'm totally hooked.
despite not being a native english speaker I must say that most dialogues are pretty easy to understand, and the technical mumbo-jumbo is kept to a minimum.
So far, so good.
From a technical standpoint, there's only 1 language available, and only english subs for the heaing impaired, but this was well listed in the description of the product. The video (grainy, at times) and audio (just 2-channels) quality, though, are not up to today's standards, but I'm just trhou the 2002 season. Maybe latter seasons will be better from this standpoint.
I'll update the review when I'm thru the whole series (192 episodes: it's gonna take a while)
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on 24 November 2011
For 40 quid this release is a must have and despite owning a blu-ray player I snapped it up as don't intend to wait for the HD release. The set is far more compact than those released previously; a thin outer card case housing two plastic megapacks and a single thin style case for Redemption. The only issue the perfectionists need know is this set is 49 discs (6 per season and 1 for Redemption) whereas some regions and releases featured 7 discs for each season. Therefore some extras are missing although the price of this edition should heavily lessen that blow. Not to mention the previous larger complete collection also missed extras as well. It should also be noted that yes again Redemption is the televised version and not the 2 disc extended edition. This also is a minor issue as that version has only ever been available stand alone whichever complete collection you buy. Also the cuts to the mosque comment episode are still in place but that is pc correct Britain for you, not the fault of Fox. All in all I cannot fault this package; one of the best shows on TV and now at a very affordable price.
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on 26 November 2015
This is probably the only box set that I have watched where there is not one weak episode and the story follows so well from one episode to the other that I had to watch the complete first 24 hours in one sitting.
This is so good that I have watched this complete series twice. And Keifer Sutherland is completely believable in the role as Jack Bauer.

If you liked The Bourne films and your into that sort of action then you will love this.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 17 July 2011
I've just finished series 6 and so far it's pretty impressive.
Having caught only a few odd episodes on normal TV I hadn't been bitten by the Jack Bauer bug, I liked what I'd seen but no matter what series I watched I always managed to miss episodes.
This box set, bought at a great price, was an ideal chance to start from day 1 hour 1 as the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit has to thwart an assassination attempt on the US President, but it is never quite that simple.
There's lots of twists thrown in, several become a staple for almost every season, you can't move in CTU for moles and traitors, Jack's family always get mixed up in the action and almost every time you think you know where the plot is heading it veers off in another direction. Given each series has 24 episodes there's 23 cliff-hangers in each series to keep the suspense ratcheting up.
Over the course of the first 6 series there's no shortage of regular cast members being killed, there's one memorable scene near the end of series one and in a later series one high profile character is killed by Jack's own hand.
There's international espionage, nuclear and biological threats, cold-war warriors looking to foil peace plans, terrorists of every ilk and a little romance and even an occasional splash of humour thrown in. Keep track of the changes to the US Presidency as political expediency takes a front seat and one hour's villain is another hour's ally.
Of the main characters, sorry Kiefer and Elisha, but Chloe O'Brien (played by Mary Lynn Rajskub) and Edgar Stiles (Louis Lombardi) stand out more for me as does Peter McNicol as the President's advisor Tom Lennox in season 6, just as I thought I'd sussed who the mole was in series 6.....
There are 10 boxes inside the main case, series 1 - 8 have 6 discs each and there's plenty of deleted scenes and commentaries thrown in. Box 9 has 6 bonus discs containing extras from series 2 to 6 and 8.
The last box is a single disc with the feature length episode Redemption.
It'll take a few more weeks to polish off the last 4 boxes but it will be well worth it.
(Just found out that Redemption takes place between series 6 & 7 perfectly timed information, thanks for that Ryan)
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on 29 October 2017
The series itself is great, great acting, plots and action. Always lots of twists that keep you guessing. Didn't see it on tv originally but have really enjoyed boxset. Only issue is that ive had several of the discs sticking and unable to play, leading me to contact Amazon at one point to replace one season, and had to buy season 7 finale on prime to find out what happened... so just to warn people to be aware, although maybe I was just unlucky. Otherwise well worth watching.
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on 8 August 2013
Our hero, Jack Bauer, and his daughter move from crisis to crisis with alarming frequency in these adventures but the episodes are no less exciting. I love the format of each episode taking an American TV hour (about 47 minutes with the commercial breaks removed) which allows you to get your teeth into the programme, then move on to the next episode in matinee cinema mode to see how Jack extracts himself and his colleagues from the latest trouble. I am not a fan of profane language on the small screen and it is pleasing to note that all the violence and shooting occurs in these programmes without any. It goes to show that it is not needed to add strength to grown up TV.
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on 19 May 2014
Originally I bought 1 - 4 series of 24 and have thoroughly enjoyed them so when I had the opportunity to buy 1 - 8 as a daily deal I bought it immediately as it was such a good price. Looking forward to watching the rest of the series and Redemption that came with it. Most people will be familiar with the fact that the stories pan out over a 24 hours period whereby Jack and the team have to solve a dangerous situation. The acting of course is always of the highest quality, the setting, stunts etc are also top knotch.
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on 10 August 2016
I ordered, received on a Thursday and "binge watched" from that day, through the weekend into the next week until everything had been watched.
Barely pausing for food or sleep.
That period has been officially recognized as a "Jack Bower holiday"

You are only allowed to do such few times in one's life and 24 will be one of the few that could keep a person spell bound
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