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on 20 May 2012
Amazon, you asked me for a customer review on this product? You can't be serious. What is there to say about an adaptor plug? You buy a Kindle, you need to recharge it, and it's not always possible to plug into a computer with the USB cable that comes with the Kindle. So what do customers do? They shell out £12.99 for an Amazon adaptor plug. This is bad, bad marketing on your part because no one likes to be ripped off and this is just what you are doing to your customers. Do I regret buying my Kindle? No, but I certainly do resent having to buy this adaptor at an exorbitant price from you. It should be supplied with every Kindle purchase as part of the package.
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Having spent the money I have on a Kindle Keyboard it would be silly to put it at risk by using a charger that wasn't up to the job. This charger is certainly an original, just the same as the one that came inside the Kindle box. It looks well made and sports the Amazon logo.

What I was not prepared for was the fact that this power adaptor doesn't come with a lead to connect the charger to the Kindle. I can think of few reasons why someone would want a replacement/additional Kindle charger without the lead. To me this is uncharacteristically mean and thoughtless on the part of Amazon - they are normally better than that. Four stars as the core product as advertised is perfect, but, the missing lead is annoying, especially, as most people won't realise the lead isn't supplied until they open the adaptor - this means a further delay and more expense although I am less worried about having a genuine Amazon lead than the charger itself.

Come on Amazon you normally lead the way rather than leave it out!
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on 26 January 2012
I rather stupidly bought one of these 3 or 4 months ago with my Kindle. I thought back then what a rip-off price was being asked for such a basic adaptor - £9 (Yes, NINE POUNDS!!)

As a functional product, it works perfectly: plug one end into a mains socket and the other on the supplied USB cable, which in turn is plugged into your Kindle and off you go.

But quite frankly I have made do with just connecting the Kindle to my laptop; or even using an existing mobile phone charger to the Kindle, with no ill-effects, and it charges perfectly well. And when you consider that one full charge will usually keep the Kindle going on its own for around a month, buying this glorified plug is false economy.

But what is even more appalling is the price of the adaptor now - January 2012 - a staggering THIRTEEN POUNDS!!!

This is the most blatant form of profiting I have witnessed by Amazon, and just goes to show what they think of their customers. I accept every company needs to mark-up its products in order to make some form of reasonable profit, but this is quite shocking!

So this review gets 2 stars, purely for the fact the adaptor does its job. But there are alternatives: you're not tied to buying this. Look around and safe yourself £13 and do it soon because I dare say in a couple of months Amazon might ramp up the price even more.
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on 30 December 2011
Just to save people some time and money, this is a 3 pin mains to USB socket charger, meaning you can charge any USB device such as other smart phones, you can get a USB charger for £2. Its the same type that comes with modern smart phones (except iPhones). Its not a properietery product, You can use your Android / Blackberry phone charger with your kindle.
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on 29 November 2011
Ti be honest i should have read the feedback before ordering but everything else i have bought from Amazon has been great.
It is only a usb/ac adapter which can be bought from most electrical shops/supermarkets for about £1 & it doesn't look anything like the one advertised. If you have bought a camera in the last couple of years then check your box because you should have 1 of these anyway, infact i have 3 from different items. I thought this was Kindle specific & £8.99 is a joke. It will be going back !!!
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on 29 December 2011
Brought the new kindle earlier this year and was disapointed it did not come with a charger!! as i go away alot i need the charger! was going to buy one from here but was glad i read reviews, i have discovered i can use my husbands ipod adaptor for my kindle so saved myslef some money. I am happy with the kindle its very good, but think it should have come with the adaptor! and i understand previous models did?????? maybe amazon could answer this much asked question???
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UPDATE (January 2013)

I wrote this review well over a year ago, and in reference to the then current price for this (less than nine pounds!). At the time I wasn't thrilled that Amazon had kept the price point the same for a basic mains plug (not supplied with 'baby/All-New' Kindle... or later Kindle Touch/Paperwhite) as it had been for a plug + USB lead replacement charger bundle, but was not totally put off by the price point.

Having just gone to buy a replacement plug for my mum's Kindle and spotted the change in price, I have to agree with more recent reviews: close to twenty pounds is far too much to pay for a simple USB to mains plug! Particularly when there are lots of well-reviewed products that do the same job for far less. Albeit typically in black!

Rating dropped from 4 stars to 1


Original review:

Amazon have changed their power adapter. You now receive a plug ONLY rather than a plug and lead. For the same price.

Having just the plug makes this adapter ideal for use with the new Kindle or refurbished versions of the Kindle Keyboard wi-fi/3G (all of which ship with a USB lead only), as the end of the USB lead you already have slots into the plug, converting the lead into a mains charger. But it's not so great if you have a damaged lead/plug and aren't sure which bit needs replacing or have mislaid your power supply - as you will need to buy both this plug and a USB lead. Even at the current reduced price for the plug, buying the separate plug and lead is more expensive than the two combined used to be.

I find charging my Kindle via the mains is significantly faster than drawing upon a USB port for power, and that it's easier to keep reading with the Kindle plugged in this way than with it attached to my laptop/desktop, so in this respect I think an adapter is worth having. However, the pricing for the own-brand plug is a bit steep, especially when compared to the cost of the low end Kindle which went on UK release earlier this month. Even at the reduced rate, the plug is more than 10% of the price of the Kindle!

As the new Kindle has the same size USB plug as the Kindle Keyboard models (and many mobile phones) there are plenty of third party solutions, including a range of leather cases which come bundled with chargers. If you're lucky, your existing mobile phone charger may do the trick.
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on 18 March 2012
Why buy this when you can either use your IPad or phone charger. If you don't have one search for USB plug adaptor on Amazon and buy one for between £1 and £3. For the same effect, write Amazon on it !
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on 20 January 2012
I received a Kindle for Christmas but it did not have an adapter plug. I am very disappointed to see Amazon trying to fleece its customers in this way. It is a standard USB to mains adapter which they are charging £12.99 for. I am amazed that the average review is so high. Obviously with a lot of people they have got away with it!!! I use my standard iPhone plug,
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on 27 November 2011
This USB to mains plug does the job of converting your Kindle lead to a mains charger nicely and is colour-co-ordinated to match your Kindle. But £8.99 for a pretty basic plug is silly and the RRP is absolutely shocking: no wonder Amazon have never sold the plug at full price! It's cheaper to shop around as you can buy decent quality cover and charger bundles for less than the RRP on this, including delivery.


eek! They put it up to £12.99 in the run-up to Christmas!!!
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