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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 May 2018
This review is made as an Amateur photographer with no professional experience. It's aimed at the audience that will likely be purchasing this kind of lens, rather than an experienced photographer. As such, I will not be covering very small and in-depth details which a professional may care about..

This is the zooming version of the very similar 18-55mm STM kit lens you get with mid range Canon cameras.

As an amateur photographer I'm massively impressed with the zoom capabilities, clarity and price to performance of this lens.

To break up my review I'll go into each of these separately and have included sample images of min (55mm) and max (250mm) focal lengths and also a cropped image of one of the 250mm photo to demonstrate an even closer look and potential capture when using editing software.

Camera: Canon 200D (mid range Amateur DSLR camera)

Zoom - Please note that I'm using a Canon 200D which as far as I'm aware will boost the "zoom" effect by 1.6 (i.e its more like 88-400mm lens with this camera, I don't know the technicalities of this though as I'm quite new to photography)
I went to the zoo a few days ago with the standard 18-55mm kit lens and while I managed to get some great up close and personal shots, unfortunately when the subject is a little further away, 55mm is just not quite enough. This is where I decided that my next lens has to have a bigger focal length. The 250mm gives FAR more zoom and lets you get in close and personal with what you're taking a photo of.

Clarity - Absolutely fantastic. The images below are taken on a bright but semi cloudy day and I noticed no issues with the clarity or blurriness. The image stabilisation and auto zoom were doing really well even at 250mm and this would be even better once you get your hands on a tripod.

Price to performance: I purchased it at £135. This is one of the cheapest branded lenses I have seen online and probably only beaten in price by the 50mm "nifty fifty" from both canon and Yongnuo. While it may not be the most important lens for some photographers, it'll give you unbelievable value (especially when you can get your hands on it at around £125. It seems to jump between £125-£155

Get this lens for photography at distance of 1metre+ and for capturing photos of shy subjects (human or otherwise) from further away.

Hope this review has been helpful for you.
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on 24 March 2018
I'll keep this short and to the point. I love this lens, it is very sharp, amazingly fast and accurate to focus in bright light and solidly built. The variable aperture is very dark at the long end so you will struggle to use it for indoors sport photography and it will be difficult to isolate your subject from the background. The STM autofocus is amazing, one of the fastest lens I have ever used, however it really struggles in low light, focus hunting, slower and less accurate. The image quality is very good, very little chromatic aberration and very sharp. I cannot state strongly how great value for money this is, it is the sharpest budget telephoto lens I have ever used. The 55-250 mm focal length is really useful as well, it is equal to 88-400 mm on a full frame camera which puts it at the lower range of what you want for wildlife photography. If you were seriously getting into wildlife photography you would want a Sigma 150-500 or a Canon 100-400.I have also used this for tighter landscape photos as it really emphasizes the background..
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on 2 April 2018
I have a Tamron 18-270 used on a Canon 100D. Entry level DSLR with an entry-level utility zoom. Does the job for work (not a photographer!) and recreation. I travel around the world with my job so my priorities are a compact body which takes lovely detailed pics, a zoom and is reasonably robust for a comparatively low price. Lately, the Tamron lens has been playing up, so I decided to replace it.
Bought the Canon 55-250. Result? Better pictures, more detail, faster autofocus, more stable focus with far less hunting for a focal point, brighter pics and a better zoom. (cheaper than the Tamron as well) Also after swapping over and testing both side by side, the Tamron has decided it is no longer sick with communication issues.
My conclusion at the moment and aside from reliability (far too early to comment). This is a very good budget zoom lens. Which is giving me the results I expected from a DSLR. Very pleased. I have included 3 test pics. Not extensive in any way. Same 100D camera used the same fixed tripod, distance and lighting for both lenses. Photo 1 is the canon lens photo 2 the Tamron
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on 1 April 2018
I got this lens for my Canon 600D Dslr camera because for the last year I discovered that a group of lovely little fox cubs had been born in my garden and made it their home. I have spent many days capturing photo's and videos of them playing and giving them some food. But it was hard to get a really great close up shot of them and I knew that I needed a more telescopic lens.

So I ordered this bad and after it arrived I had several chances to put it to great use and the results have been fantastic! I now have several moments with my furry friends captured perfectly because of this lens. I'll add a couple of photo's so you can see for yourself how great this lens truly is
review imagereview image
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on 18 November 2017
I love this lense and have got some great shots with it. I am an amateur. Even hand held on zoom, leaning on a tree, I get decent shots, usually better on a tripod though. Got my first decent picture of the moon with this. It is quite hefty compared to my kit lenses but worth carrying around.
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on 23 April 2016
At 120 pounds at the moment this lens is a bargain. Ive been using it now for 6 months on the eos 1110d and 650d. It performs well on both cameras, much better than the 4.0 to 5.6 rating would suggest, its better on the 600d as that focuses faster and takes shots much faster (I shoot in RAW). Initially I wondered if I would see a difference compared to the 300 at full zoom as I have been photographing a lot of wildlife and birds. My honest opinion is I think it is better and more user friendly that the 300. It is much lighter and I have found that I have been able to take great shots at full extension without using my tripod, just bracing my arm. The lens autofocus motor is completely silent which is great for wildlife (the 300 is a bit noisy and jerky on focusing), also great is that I often focus manual and this can be done with this lens set in AF mode, just focus with the shutter release half depressed. All in all a much better lens than the build quality and price would suggest.
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on 27 June 2017
Love the STM lenses and this is no exception.
The focus and zoom rings feel very smooth yet not loose. They also have a comfortable amount of resistance.
Lightweight; doesn't feel cumbersome without a tripod.

Sadly, no full-time manual focus override at this price point but it doesn't matter to me.
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on 30 April 2018
I've seen some mixed reviews for this, and given the price I was expecting average performance at best. Having tested this at both the longest and shortest lengths, and from wide open to minimum aperture, I'm more than a little impressed; no noticeable softness anywhere, chromatic aberration almost zero, nicely balanced and quiet and quick on focus, I can't really fault it. I edit on a 27 inch 4K screen, so I'm seeing the results at the highest quality possible, and I'm not finding any issues.

Image stabilisation is a bonus, works beautifully. Sure, this isn't equal to the Canon EF L lenses (I've tried those for comparison), but at £136, the price is much more manageable and the physical proportions much less intrusive for those of us not shooting pro shots at Wimbledon, and the quality for most will exceed expectations.

Would recommend to anyone.
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on 14 August 2017
Good lens, although I'm now looking at buying the 18-200mm which is considerably more expensive, as I find myself interchanging between the standard 18-55 and the 55-250 quite often which can be a pain at times! Otherwise it's a brilliant lens and especially for the price!
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on 18 May 2018
I bought this as my previous lens had given up. I carefully read the reviews on many telephoto lenses, saw this on Amazon and took the plunge. After taking a few different photos, its ok but the quality isnt fantastic. I find that the images are blown out quite easily and makes a strange "halo" around the photos. I've tried my other lenses to make sure it wasnt the camera and this doesnt happen with them. I dont know where I'm going wrong. I'm glad I bought this when it was 50% off RRP as I would have been sending it right back. It is nice and light in comparison to other lenses I've had but does feel a bit cheap. Personally, I wouldnt recommend it.
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