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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 10 November 2011
previously my wifi signal soon gets weak a room or 2 away from the router.
bought this.
plug in.
press a button on the router.
press a button on the extender, and wait a minute or so (be patient).
job done.
it seems to cover a much wider aread than my original router, there is no dropout anywhere over a large area (probably up to 100m, through lots of walls). it has never once let me down since plugging in.
quick, easy and reliable. FAB bit of kit.

EDIT. now been using for 10 months. Remains as reliable as day 1.
EDIT2. now been using for 21 months. Still no issues whatsoever.
EDIT3! (22nd October 2014). 3 years in, remains as good as day one.

UPDATE Dec 14. I have now tried the higher-spec Netgear EX6100 (see above comparison chart), it works just as well as this model. If you're wondering about the 5 GHz band and whether you need it, in my general day-to-day use it adds little benefit, and only newer devices are compatible with 5 GHz. IMO most people won't need or benefit from 5 GHz devices, and the cheaper/more basic models such as the WN3000RP remain perfectly adequate.
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on 13 April 2013
I researched this in a bid to find something that would extend my wireless coverage without me having to be a networking guru or go through a labyrinthine series of setup instructions. This item was a breeze. I simply selected the place where I wanted to improve wireless coverage and plugged it in. After switching on the wall socket, all I had to do was press a button on my router and then press a button on the unit. It connected to my router and I got a green (strong) signal indication. I searched for it on my network and found it under the same name as my router with an "-EXT" suffix. It used the same password as the existing network and I was able to connect to it without problems. If I unplug it and move it elsewhere, once it is switched on again it re-connects automatically to my router. I bought it for use with a "smart" TV in the bedroom and it performs well. The only issue is that it will occasionally drop the signal to the router and stop the item I am viewing. BBC iPlayer being a prime example and also Lovefilm. Having said that, just lately it has been working flawlessly. My other regret is that you can only have one of these in the system, which precludes me from filling the house with them. I bought one for my Daughter to extend her network into her attic room. The unit is plugged into a socket in one of the bedrooms below and again, it works really well. This was a great price and easy to install. I am very happy with my choice.
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on 17 March 2013
These really are very easy to set up and work just as described.
Top marks to Netgear, as always they have made a useful well thought out quality product.

The instructions are clear and concise and the device is not over complicated.
It is ideal to solve the common problem of poor wireless signal in parts of the home.
You often find that where your phone sockets are and where you can locate your master wireless router does not give a good wireless signal in all locations around your home. Maybe you wish to have a good signal in the back garden and the signal from your router located at the front of the house is blocked by the house walls. In my case the router is located upstairs and I was getting very poor signal strength in a downstairs extension.

To set up the extender locate a mains socket on the boundary of your current wireless reception. I used my laptop to check wireless signal in a couple of locations before plugging the extender in. You need a location which has good signal and is nearer to the location of poor signal strength than your existing wireless router.
Once plugged in one click of the button on the side initiates the connection process, lights on the front indicate this is happening, and the extender should automatically connect to your existing network in a minute or so.
If it fails to connect, possibly due to conflicting networks from your neighbours, you can prompt the extender to connect to your network by accessing the extender from a computer. There is a well presented interface which guides you through the process of manually configuring the extender. You can also adjust a number of other settings including restricting access to certain devices, security settings and IP addresses.
Once set up I've not had to revisit any of the set up process or undertaken any maintenance of the extender. Its has just got on with the job of extending my network.

I have also found that the wireless signal produced by the extender is a better quality and has a greater range than my master router, a BTHomeHub.
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on 11 October 2014
I purchased this after reading the rave reviews. I'm happy to say the reviewers were spot on!
It's an awesome bit of kit & ours is currently transmiting/repeating a needle bending wifi signal over a distance of approx 30 meters!
However, "If" your planning to connect it with a Virgin Media Superhub? Ensure you press & hold the WPS button on the Virgin hub until it flashes red/blue. This takes approx 5 seconds to happen. I initialy followed the Netgear instructions which didn't mention this. They just said "Press the WPS button on your hub within 2 mins of pressing the WPS button on the WN3000RP"
As a total PC/Internet numpty, I was pulling my hair out for over an hour as to why the WN3000RP wouldn't connect to my Virgin hub! Even though I was following the enclosed instructions too the letter?
I hope this part of my review saves a few other Virgin customers a bald patch or two? ;0)
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on 29 December 2011
I brought this home and plugged it in before reading the instructions. I pressed the button on the side (the one not labelled "Device on/off) until it started blinking and then pressed the button on my wireless router in the hope that it would miraculously just work. I really didn't expect it to be that easy, but it was!

I have since found that my Kindle and AppleTV don't like the underscore that it uses in the SSID (access point name) that it uses. By default it appends your existing access point's SSID with _EXT, e.g. netgear_EXT. I have since connected to the device's web interface and changed it, although you really should connect and change the default password anyway. If it weren't for this problem, I'd have given it five stars.

I can easily reach the switches and use the other socket on the double wall outlet that I plugged it into, so the size is perfect for me and it is a relief that I don't have more cable spaghetti lying around. It does hang about 2 inches below the power socket, so If your socket is near the floor, you'll need to use an extension cable. After unplugging it and moving it to another socket to find the optimum position, it simply came back online ready to go again without losing any settings in about 30 seconds.

UPDATE - Jan 2012
It seems that it's not so great as it first appeared. Since the morning after I installed this box, I have to restart it every day. It's just a matter of switching it off and on again, but if I don't, I can't connect to it and devices that are already connected to it get intermittent service. This means that I have to go down to the kitchen and reset it before I can download and read the news on my iPad. I've knocked a couple of stars off my rating because this is unacceptable behaviour as far as I'm concerned.

UPDATE - Aug 2012
I've now shelved this useless piece of junk. I have replaced it with a pair of TP-LINK Powerline adapters. The one that I plug into my router has only one Ethernet port and the other one has one Ethernet port and is also a WiFi access point. I configured the WiFi access point with the same name and password as my main router and my devices now connect to whichever is nearest.

In summary:
Don't waste your time and money with a WiFi extender like this one, just use Powerline networking as it's faster, lower latency and more reliable by far.
I now use: TP Link TL-WPA281KIT AV200 Powerline Extender with Wireless N Access Point Starter Kit
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on 28 October 2012
This extender has transformed the house from cables to wireless with 2 button presses. I had the cable broadband through the house electrical circuit which was fine but everyone needed to walk around with the adapter. I placed this extender upstairs and everywhere is covered. No gaps and 4-5 bars reception everywhere and we have 3 foot thick walls.
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VINE VOICEon 26 October 2011
I've been slagging off my iPad and iPhone because they have not worked in some areas of the 3 storey house - e.g. lounge and kitchen. The two areas I most wanted to use the things!

A Toshiba netbook worked fine, so I thought it must be the Apple devices. However, a Sony BluRay player could also not pick up the signal, so it seemed that Sky WiFi reception was marginal in the key areas. The router is on the top floor, lounge is 1st floor, kitchen is ground floor.

I bought the Netgear WN3000, hoping it would help this situation that has been going on for over a year.

The extender arrived extremely quickly. I had to use the iPad to make a manual connection between the extender and the router, and this was simple and immediately effective.

I now have a strong signal all over the house.

Unfortunately, the Sony BluRay sees the extender, but won't connect. It may be because the router password is all capitals, whereas the Sony has no facility to create caps. I'll use an Apple HDMI connector to link the iPad to the TV so I can use BBC iPlayer.

The WiFi signal had been such an annoyance, and so easily sorted!

UPDATE after a few days of use

The extender and router can be powered down overnight and both resume their excellent complementary service on power up.
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on 5 October 2011
I needed to extend the range of my network to some rooms upstairs, so tried another product which would not work no matter what I did.

I thought this one looked simple, so I gave it a try. My router does not have a WPS button, so it was not plug and play. I plugged the unit into a wall socket at the bottom of the stairs and waited until light went green. Using my laptop upstairs in one of the rooms not getting the internet, the connection to the extender was available with 5 bars. My browser took me straight to the Netgear website, I followed a few simple instructions and the connection was available within minutes.

I would highly recommend.
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on 19 August 2012
My house is big. Not going to lie. My router could not reach my room in the corner of the house.

Bought this item, plugged it in, linked it using the button on it and on my router, found it with my laptop, inserted the Password......boom. Full 5 bars wireless.

Doesn't cut out. Its perfect. Just buy it.

And by the way, I bought mine from Currys but I wanted to leave feedback on here because I found it hard to find the right product. Took me ages. This is perfect!!
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on 14 September 2014
This is a simple to use, effective range extender. I bought it to extend the range of my Virginmedia super hub to the upper floors of my solid walled house. I used the option-2 of instructions to make it recognise my network using my Mac Air. It did it instantly delivering a very high all-bar-lit signal strength. Highly recommended.
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