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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 9 April 2013
I bought this because my children and I have recently got into geocaching. We had been using a smartphone app, but found that it wasn't that accurate and in some locations was useless. This GPS has changed all that! The price was very reasonable - one of the cheapest I could find. But it does everything we need it to do and more! For example there is no need to manually enter the coordinates of the caches - we can download them straight from the Geocaching site along with other information about the cache. It has other fun features that my children enjoy, like telling us how fast we are going and how long it will take us to get to our destination. As a complete technophobe I have been very impressed with how easy it is to use. I can definitly recomend this GPS.
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on 31 May 2012
My first GPS was the original eTrex and has been very good over the years. I upgraded to the eTrex 10 because I needed a second GPS and thought the extra sensitivity and memory would prove usueful. The first thing I liked was the easy to use toggle switch on the front of the eTrex 10 which makes the inputting of coordinates so much easier; the use of very stiff "enter" button with the old eTrex would often result in a tender thumb after a long session of inputting data. To judge the claims of improved sensitivity I went for a walk in a heavily wooded area with both my GPS units. Before entering the woods both GPS units were claiming to know my location within 3mt. As I entered the woods my eTrex's accuracy changed to 5 and then 8mt, the eTrex 10 stayed at 3mt. By the time I was well under cover the eTrex 10 was reading 5mt and 8mt when standing next to large tree trunks. By comparison the eTrex was reading 10 to 20mt. Generally the eTrex 10 appears to be 2 to 3 times more accurate than my old eTrex. Having the extra memory with the eTrex 10 means that no longer do I have to delete routes to make room for new ones. Finally another bonus is when inputting a linear route only one direction needs to be stored as the eTrex 10 can reverse routes with a simple press of a button. Overall an excellent and simple to use GPS and if as reliable as my old unit well worth the money.
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on 8 March 2012
This little device fulfils most of the things I would want from a GPS handheld. Good battery life, clear and easy to read screen, reasonably intuitive menus and fairly inexpensive to purchase.

One small fly in the ointment however. The odometer which holds the sum of all the trip distances can only be reset to zero by performing a complete reset of the entire unit. This action will result in loss of all your personal settings and any data you forgot to back up. Not the end of the world but a bit inconvenient.

Also you may find spurious way-points being entered while the unit is in your pocket or your backpack every time the joystick presses against something hard-ish. Again a minor niggle but something to be aware of.

The internal memory cannot be supplemented but is sufficient for logging a day or so's outdoor activities. Don't expect too much from the built-in "map". The device specification scarcely mentions it, but even this simple map 'of the world' has its uses.

Overall this unit is a pleasure to use and, minor niggles aside, I really have little hesitation in awarding it five stars for build quality and functionality.

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on 12 August 2012
I originally bought the classic yellow e-trex for geocaching , and after just over a year it broke , and I replaced it with the 10 just over two months ago.

At first I was bemused by all the screens , the scant instructions , and the leap in complexity from the older model . I did not find the etrex10 at all intuitive , or the garmin basecamp software (a free download)a useful interface between it and my computer .
A bit of persistence , a download of the relevant owners manual from garmins website , and a lot of button pressing later the screens started to make sense and I realised that I could configure them to exactly what I wanted . I had some initial difficulty with caches , but once I grasped that waypoints and geocaches are treated as two entirely different animals I was away !

Accuracy is improved over the older model , as is battery life (3 days on a pair of NiCads vs 1)and the GPS is a much neater shape . GPX cache files loaded onto the etrex10 by simply setting the GPS as a mass storage device , connecting via the usb cable and dragging & dropping into the correct folder (GPX) gives you paperless caching with description , hint and last 3 logs available to view.

A previous reviewer thought the memory inadequate : at the moment I have just over 400 caches in my device , which occupy roughly half of the 8.97mb memory. And resetting the odometer ? Go to "trip computer" , press the menu button , select "reset trip data?" click yes ...

Once I'd got to grips with the unit I still had two concerns . The first was the pointer on the compass screen , which was a very slim needle extending right to the edge of the outer ring , making it quite hard to distinguish which end had the pointer ! This caused me some annoyance to start with , but downloading the latest software update from garmin happily replaced the slender needle with a much clearer pointer .The second thing was the joystick . As I hang my GPS from a belt loop on a short lanyard and keep it in a trouser pocket when walking I thought I would be constantly inadvertently jiggling the controls , but in the course of 200 + caches this has only happened twice . The joystick still seems to me to be a very vulnerable moving part though , and after my previous etrex failed due to a broken button I worry that this may be its weak point. With thus in mind I purchased a couple of years insurance as featured on the page , just in case .

The weather this 'summer' has been wet enough that I can say the 10 seems to deal well with water , having got rained on a great deal , and splashed with a considerable amount of mud too .

Overall I am very happy with this GPS , the absence of a decent scale inbuilt map (which can be found on the more expensive models) is no problem for me as I always carry an OS map on country walks , and can use my smartphone as a satnav in the car if I need to . The 'trackback' feature has been very handy when I have forgotten to mark the car as a waypoint , the little joystick is far less hassle to input info. manually than the buttons on the old etrex , and the usb connection is streets ahead of the old serial port nightmare too !

I would recommend the etrex10 to any thrifty geocacher or walker who is reasonably tech savvy , and is willing to spend some time getting acquainted with the GPS unit and associated software .
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 January 2016
Please note when reading this review I am a hobbyist / light user.

As a family we have recently got into Geocaching and have previously been using the app on my smart phone to find and locate them however the GPS receiver on my phone (and many others I believe) is not that strong as you have a lot of gadgetry to pack into a small device so we found that often we would lose satellites and end up trying to find a miniscule Geocache in a 15 metre radius which is quite tricky! We also found that having the phones GPS on all the time while looking at the screen drained the battery quite quickly which is no good on a five hour trek through the moors.

So I was very pleased to get this as a Christmas present and I have been able to test it out on a geocaching field trip with the kids, overall I think it’s an excellent unit and I’ve broken it down into pros and cons below;


- Size: compact little unit which fits snuggly into a pocket
- Robust: Rubberised construction makes it tough and water resistant
- Very accurate: Massive improvement on using a mobile phone, it’s taken us to within a metre of our target geocaches every time
- Not touch screen: I know this might sound like a con but it really isn’t, I don’t need to take my gloves off to use it and the little joystick controller is simple and quick to use, reasonably intuitive (see cons below) and you don’t have to cover the screen when using it.
- Geocache support: Good but not great, you can download the data from the Geocache website (bit clunky, see cons below) as a GPX file and it contains all the data such as descriptions, hint etc… so don’t have to rely on a data connection in the middle of nowhere anymore! Also the Geocache ‘dashboard’ is really good and I tend to just load one up and hand it to one of the kids to follow. Great fun.
- Battery life: I put a set of Duracells in on Christmas day and I’ve probably used it for about 8 hours Geocaching and left it on by accident for at least there days, so far the battery indicator has remained full.
- Chrome OS recognised: Well sort of, I plugged it in to my Chromebook and it picked it up as an external drive easily enough so I was able to copy GPX files only it. There are no fancy software interfaces though.
- Not just for geocaching: We’ve used it when setting off for a walk at a holiday home where we didn’t know the area very well, just set a waypoint and a track going and you can find your way back dead easy if you get a bit lost – that’s the point of these things after all!


- Instructions: You get a quick start guide and nothing more. I was able to get the hang of the basic functions easily enough within about 10 minutes but I have used GPS devices below and I am quite tech savvy. The interface itself is reminiscent of devices before touch screens which I used quite a lot however bear this in mind if you’re used to using Androids or iPhones – it’s not that slick but it is functional. There are also features that I have yet to work out what they do but I’m sure I will get there.
- Maps: You can’t easily download maps to the eTrex10, not a major concern for me but if you really want this feature you need to go for a more advanced model. Technically it's possible but it would be a real faff to do it.
- Garmin software: I downloaded the Garmin software to run on a Windows 10 laptop (previously tried on a Vista 64bit PC – don’t bother if you have this set up) and it looks far more complicated than I need it to be or have time to understand.
- Geocaching website interface: The Geocache website has a handy feature to allow you to send a geocache’s details straight to the GPS device from the webpage itself as long as you have the Garmin software interface installed – I could not get this to work for the eTrex10. It recognised the device but when clicking on the link it just did nothing. From visiting several forums this turned out to be a common fault that seems to have been introduced after an update to the Garmin PC software. I was able to get around this but simply downloading the GPX files instead and copying them into the right folder on the eTrex itself, not quite as simple but ok.

Sounds like a lot of cons, but it isn’t really, I’m just trying to be thorough and bear in mind this is an entry level device that’s possibly showing its age on the interface a little but is accurate and works great for us. I would recommend for people with similar needs top us – might not be the thing for trekking in the Himalayas or navigating the med though. Five stars because it does exactly what we need it to do and it does it very well.
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on 5 June 2015
Now I've got used to it, I love it and won't go for a long walk in a strange location without it.

I bought after trying to follow a conventional map. It was getting dark and I didn't know where I was. I'd expected to come across a dammed lake which just wasn't where I was expecting it to be. It was a bit of a relief to be told later that it wasn't my map reading skills but the dam had burst and flooded the lower valley and just wasn't there any more. Now I don't leave home without this little devise.

I don't know if I'm being a bit stupid but I had trouble learning how to use it. The maps are not maps as we know them but diagrams of routes taken. The instructions that come with this devise are not very clear (at least I didn't find them so). There's a lot on geo-caching on Youtube but I'm no geocacher. I want to use it to go from A to B. There are, however, some excellent YouTube videos. They just take a little finding. Look out for the ones by Trail Magazine. These are the clearest and easiest to understand.

Before going on a long hike, I'll download to this device a route using the Ordnance Survey website. Another excellent tool! It's possible to mark on the Ordnance Survey website "way points" and then download this route. Alternatively, if I know I have to get back to a particular point (say back to my car) then it's possible to record this "way point" and then to track back it need be. The other thing that has to be noted is that the compass isn't a compass but more of a pointer to the next "way point". After getting over the learning curve, it's worth having this tool.

My only other comment would be this unit is very heavy on batteries. I now take the batteries out between uses to save the battery life and never leave home without an extra pair of batteries. It's also quite heavy for it's size and fairly bulky so doesn't fit into a pocket easily.
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on 23 March 2012
This is the basic Garmin model at under £100. Battery life is good, it picks up satellites quickly, provides altitude information and is compact. The screen is legible but as it is B&W not very attractive. The front screen icons are customisable so you can select the most used to appear as you switch the unit on.
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on 6 March 2012
After much searching for a decent priced handheld gps, I decided to try the Garmin eTrex 10. This has been a perfect buy and is very reliable and the battery life is excellent compared to my Android phone.

Would definitely recommend for geocaching.
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on 17 April 2012
simple easy to use with good features excellent battery life i have never had any trouble with using the gps if you are into geocaching or just starting out its the one to go for with paperless caches.
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on 26 January 2013
Garmin took several useful steps forward when they released the new units in the UK in October 2010 (the eTrex 10,20,30 models). 1....They are far more competent in holding a signal. On one path in a particularly tricky location my eTrex 10 will now accurately map about 2/3 of the path. Previously this same path (in a steep-sided valley side covered in trees) caused total loss of location using an eTrex H, using a GPS60 and using a Geko. 2....The track files are now stored in a public domain .gpx format instead of a Garmin proprietary format, making for easy use on Google Maps and the like. 3....The battery life is one of the best available. 4....The control buttons and thumbstick are good and the menus are OK.

In most ways these models represent a splendid step forward by Garmin. So, am I going to award 5/5? No - the supporting documentation is rubbish. It is very non-committal in its comments and there are no helpful suggestions as to what the owner might use the unit to its full potential. A novice user will end up wondering what they can do with their new purchase. An experienced user will have to spend a lot of time fiddling to see how to use the unit. So 4/5 seems a generous score in the circumstances.

For walkers I have attempted to help-out with the missing advice. I wrote a series of web pages to share knowledge with some colleagues. There now seems to be no reason why these pages should be shared with anyone reading these comments. You will find them at under how-to at rambler-info pages.
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