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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 26 April 2015
I don't normally write reviews but after a few negative comments regarding this hard drive I decided to say my piece.

I bought this hard drive like many as an upgrade for my diminishing stock drive in the PS4. The drive can packaged in two boxes, one box in another box wrapped in and anti static bag and shock protective cartons. Some people were commenting that this drive has issues in the PS4 however I have encountered none.

Once your data has been backed up which took 7 hours for me on an external FAT32 drive (you still can't use any other file system for the transfer) I installed the drive which fits like a glove and only takes 5 screws to remove under the glossy panel.
With the drive in place you must reinstall the operating system which can be obtained as a 800MB file from Sony's website (the update file simply is not enough you need the full OS). Next start the machine in safe mode by waiting for the second beep from the console and follow steps to reinstall the software. Eventually you'll find yourself back on the home screen where you can follow steps to restore your backed up data (which too a further 3 hours).

With the console back to normal I have found that the drive is quiet, cool, as fast as the original shows 1.77TB of data is what we have to play with (this is the full ammount it gives before the data restoration) and I have encountered none of the HDCP issues or HDMI handshake problems that others claim to have. The handshake issues that may have been present before the 1.70 patch were not solely caused by the drive, I had them caused by my digital sound projector not handling the HDMI handshake correctly.

For the price this drive is worth it, I'm sure it will last quite some time and if you have PS+ it will give you piece if mind considering we are likely to install at least one game per month. And since the PS4 only has a SATA II input we won't be getting a 3TB in there anytime soon. All in all I'm a happy bunny and you can buy with confidence knowing that whatever issues may have once been present appear to have been rectified.

Thank you for reading.
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on 1 June 2012
*********PLEASE NOTE THIS IS FOR THE 1TB HDD and NOT for the 2TB*********

I don't usually write reviews so i'll keep it short.

I put this into my ps3 slim maybe a month or so ago now and so far it seems a lot quicker and quieter than the existing drive.
If you are looking to buy a new drive for your ps3 slim i woud definately recommend this!
It's quick and easy to install

All you need to do before you remove your old drive is use the backup utility on your ps3 and back everything up to some form of external media (i used my 120gig ipod classic)and then make sure you sync all of your trophies before you remove the drive (you need to sync the trophies because the back-up utility does not do this).

Once everything is backed up you need to download the latest ps3 firmware, which can be found on their website, i then created the folder PS3 then another inside that called UPDATE (case sensitive for both) and make sure the file you download goes into this update folder. I put the PS3 folder with its contents onto my backup media as well(if you have space).

All you then need to do is pop the old drive out, put the new one in (very very simple, just slots in), plug the controller into your ps3 with the cable and also plug in your backup media, then turn it on, the ps3 will look for the update file and install all the relevant software, you can then use the backup utility (or something like that) to restore your old settings and files (games etc) all thats left once that is done is to re-sync the trophies back to your ps3.

Sit back and enjoy. The whole process took a long time for me (only the backup and restoring of the backup) so i'd do it when you've got other things to get on with.

Anyway the drive works great, i've put all my games on there as well as all my music and i still have around 700 gig left!
No problems to date!

Definately recommend this if you are wanting to upgrade your ps3 drive!

I guess i wrote more than i thought, i hope someone finds this useful.

If you need a better description of the process there are plenty of guides to be found on google or youtube.
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on 7 December 2015
If you have a PS4, chances are that you are also a PS+ member. This means that you can (and should) opt to have all your save game data uploaded automatically to Sony's (Cloud) Virtual Servers. In that case, this upgrade literally takes 5 minutes!

You need to download the PS operating system via onto a USB stick, the file is currently about 1.3GB, using a PC connected to the internet.

You then slide the left hand cover off the PS4, revealing the drive caddy. One screw unlocks the drive caddy, a further 4 black screws on the side of it release the OEM hard drive. Remove, replace with the 2TB drive and replace the 4 black screws. Refit the caddy and attach the single silver screw. Refit the cover.

Insert the USB stick into the PS4 and press and hold the power button for around 7 seconds (it will beep a second time to confirm that) to boot up in safe mode. Then select the bottom option to reinstall OS.

Hey presto, a few minutes later (depending on your internet connection speed) and it's done!

All you'll then need to do is enter your user details again, and then go the the PSN store under "library" and re-download all your downloaded content.

An absolute breeze to do, and now bags of memory!
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on 17 April 2015
I purchased this HDD to replace my standard 500GB HDD for the PS4.

Considering how big the PS4 game files are when installed, the standard 500GB unit fills up VERY quickly and I don't even have an extensive catalog of games either. For reference GTA V is around 60GB and Battlefield 4 along with additional DLC is also around 60GB - You can see with formatting, save game files and a few other apps how quickly the standard HDD will get used up.

Replacing the HDD could not be easier, even for those of you who may not feel confident delving inside the PS4 console. It really is just a case of sliding off the front cover, removing a single screw to release the HDD and then removing another 4 screws to release the standard 500GB unit. Simply replace with your new HDD, re-fit the screws and slide the HDD back into the console (There is no requirement of connecting wires etc).

Just remember that you will need to re-install or re-download your digital content and install everything again on to the new HDD.

Regarding your saved game data, you will need to back this up beforehand. You have the option of copying this to a USB drive or if you're a Playstation Plus subscriber your saved game data will be backed up to the cloud. Then it is just a case of downloading this data on to the new HDD.

You'll need to re install the latest PS4 OS on first boot, but again this is no hassle at all and is done from a USB drive.

Overall the process could not be any more straight forward. Sony provide full instructions on the process here -

A great price for a much needed 2TB of storage and next day delivery from Prime.

Couldn't recommend this 2.5 HDD enough.

PSN - gazz10widnes
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on 12 October 2011
I have just installed this into my 13" MacBook Pro 2011 optical bay drive, I have already got a 120Gb solid state drive in my hard drive bay and needed more storage so decided to take a chance on this fitting and it does perfectly! No compatibility issues and reasonably easy to fit in the optical bay with the appropriate caddy. I thought I best put this on here as it might help others.
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on 3 December 2013
I bought this ready for the PS4 as I wasn't happy with the 500GB drive you get as standard. It fits like a glove, runs smooth and quiet and the PS4 took it like they were meant to be together. If you want an upgrade for your Ps4 or indeed the PS3 get this.

Speeds seem fast, I have downloaded and installed games of 20GB plus and it took no time at all.

Not much more to say.
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on 17 December 2013
Perfect drive for increasing the capacity of your PS4 hard drive to 1tb. Very easy to do and works perfectly.
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on 11 March 2015
Originally I bought this hard drive thinking it would be perfect for the mass amount of games I have accumulated through the PlayStation Plus service on my PS3 (Slim).

Unfortunately the 2TB doesn't work with it. There's no issue related to the drive itself, but after searching the internet (and I couldn't see anything here) the PS3 itself does not recognise hard drives that are larger than 1TB.

Luckily I own a PS4 as well and it is working as expected, I just wanted to leave quick heads up if you were thinking about using the 2TB in your PS3.
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on 22 December 2014
I purchased the 2tb m9t. first I put it into a toshiba L650 PC and it would only read it as 1tb. Some digging led me to learn how to extend read size using disk utility but then there were statements that it couldn't then be used as bootable disk. The model was shown as compatible with my PC. Also tried it with a new dell Inspiron - same thing. I contacted sea gate and they said it's an OEM drive and hence try running a disk cleaner. However my husbands mac book pro mid 2010 (250gb) also needed replacing (only 500mg free) and it read 2tb first time no problems. I first formatted the drive out of the mac in an adaptor case (approx £13 on amazon) (it then straight away read 2tb.) I Backed current hard disk to touro 500gb external hard drive using time machine (my usual time machine backup). Turned off machine. Took bottom of MacBook off with tiny screwdriver. Hard disk in bottom corner ,undid two screws on bar holding disk holder in place. (Earth yourself by touching radiator or side metal of optical hard drive ) Lift up tab and remove drive gently pulling out Sata connection lead. You then need to remove drive from casing by removing side tiny TORQUE Star screws - you can not use normal screw driver. Only remove side screws top ones are actual drive. Take out old hard drive and reverse the process with new drive. Have the mac CDs that came with mac to hand, turn on mac put in disks straight away. Select language. You can then install (format and mount ) ,restore from time machine using UTILITy tab at top. I selected ONE partition but maybe you want to split into 2 for time machine backups ? Follow and read on screen instructions carefully. Don't press anything until you've read it twice! Quite easy really . You can probably work out I'm no expert and female (my husband said he couldn't have done it so quickly - easier with smaller hands). Good luck. I've now ordered the m8 1tb model for my toshiba. Ps the toshiba has split partition hard drive and it's a nuisance in my opinion - but note again - I'm no expert !!
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on 18 January 2012
what a great hard drive, very quiet, very fast and tons of capacity, very very simple to install on my macbook pro and this alongside the 8GB RAM upgrade has given me a new machine...a tip if you upgrading a mac hard drive buy this and then download Carbon Copy Cloner...simples
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