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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 1 January 2015
At first spell check didn't work, but after an upgrade, instead of not working when I click the buttons some say 'you need to pay for this feature. It costs £6+ (these vary but all seem around the £6 mark). This was not stated when we bought this, (it was on offer when we purchased) and the spell check function was clearly visible - that is the main reason we choose it!

Yet they advertise the Pro as being different to the free version because it has fonts and more!

Here is a list of the ones it now says I have to pay for to use;

1. spell check
2. fonts - the list is there, but choosing one, it does not change. we only have 1 font to use

other features that don't work;
3. page colour
4. page number
5. highlighting is only yellow, (this may be correct for this programme, but one colour only seems very unusual, to say nothing of pretty useless)
6. Italics
7. font colour
8. bullets
9. numbering
10. orientation
11. section breaks
12. zoom
13. one, two page views etc - if you choose two page view this does NOT return to one page. I tried for about 1 hour, but had to throw the document away
14. language - the list is there, but choosing one, it does not change and we write in 2 languages

also while working many pages or parts or pages disappear. they return later, but we can't figure out what makes them come back. Sometimes they are missing for minutes, others for hours.

my partner and I bought this app at the same time and we both have the same problems.

There may be more features that do not work, but because we stopped using this we haven't found them yet.
I have contacted Amazon about this as the supplier does not seem to bother about fixing these or replying. I am still waiting for an answer.

Update 20th Feb 2015
They have just issued an update and now fonts, italics, bullets and numbering now work, symbols has disappeared unless I spend £6.99 to buy them back!
Also no longer working on both my partner's and my tablet:
At first I only checked the things that hadn't worked before, but I have now discovered that things that did work, now don't!!!!
The freehand drawing no longer works! It was one of the few things that worked fine before the update
Font colour is also missing now
underline colour - doesn't work
highlight colour in 2 places doesn't work. there is a choice of colour, but it only works with yellow
strike through- doesn't work
double strike through - doesn't work
outline - doesn't work
emboss - doesn't work
engrave - doesn't work
text colour - doesn't work
text background - doesn't work
line thickness - doesn't work
line style - doesn't work
shape fill - doesn't work
text wrap - doesn't work
position - doesn't work
table - doesn't work
orientation - doesn't work
format painter - doesn't work

and more I am sure. I haven't used this much, but I give up.

Really, this is worse than before the upgrade

Update April 2015
After waiting nearly 6 months from the time I bought this, they have finally admitted this app has problems and are 'going to work on it'. When this will happen and what the results will be is yet to be seen!

Update August 2015
I give up! I worked with Amazon and the makers for months and months to try and get this working, but when I paid for the symbols extra, which I needed and Amazon asked me to buy - they provided the funds (this was supposed to be free with my version!!!!!!!!!!), there IS NO SUCH ITEM. I can't believe this is allowed!
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on 1 November 2012
I bought OfficeSuite Professional 6, having found it impossible to get Documents to Go Full Version Unlock Key (which I'd previously bought on Google Play) onto my Kindle Fire HD without paying for it again through Amazon Apps Store (see my review of Documents to Go.)

I am pleased I did get OfficeSuite Pro 6 as it has much better functionality on a tablet than Documents to Go, with good Word formatting - paragraph alignment, paragraph indents (including first line hanging indent), fonts, insertion of images etc. - and it is more recognisably like the full version of Word in the PC version of Office 7. It has everything that I would normally use in Word on my heavy and hot laptop PC, so together with the Kindle HD Fire tablet, it improves productivity on the move or laying flat out on a sofa or bed (do others like to read and work 'horizontally'?) - and makes it possible really to use my Kindle Fire HD for writing at length in Word and for doing editing tasks.

I don't mind paying the £3.18 for the extra fonts, including Calibri, which I really like - what's £3.18 in th scheme of things? Scarcely enough to buy a pint of beer these days. I now have a decent and usable tablet version of essential Microsoft Office programs - Word, Powerpoint and Excel (I really only use Word, so am pleased with the added fuctionality over Documents to Go), and it also includes a good PDF reader. For my money, that's not bad for £12.72 (£9.54 + £3.18)- particularly when you consider how much a full version of Office 7 for PC costs.
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on 7 December 2012
This is by far the best office app out there. Ive tried them all.

The spreadsheet opens complex, part protected documents without issue....None of the others will do this.

It also has an excellent widget which looks great as you flick through recent documents. I get emailed multiple pdf's and spreadsheets throughout the day and this feature saves me loads of time.

An app that works properly and takes the place of multiple other apps. Worth every penny!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 December 2012
I find that OfficeSuite Pro 7 makes it possible to perform Microsoft Word and Excel functions on a Kindle Fire HD in much the same way that the tasks may be accomplished on a laptop. Personally I find that the overall cost of this together with the additional fonts package represents excellent value, especially when compared with Microsoft's PC and laptop equivalents.

I also appreciate the straightforward manner in which it is possible to place the completed files on my PC for printing and storage (via my Kindle Fire HD's usb cable).

This purchase together with the additional OfficeSuite Font Package have consequently allowed me to dispense with the need to trawl a weighty laptop around.
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on 27 April 2013
This does the job, it's fairly easy to use and has a comprehensive range of functions. However I'm not convinced it's so stupendous it's worth paying money for when free alternatives exist. My main gripe about it is the lack of any way to properly size spreadsheet cells, it's all by handle dragging or "fit selection". I got the product partly because I hold reference tables in spreadsheet form. It's still possible but looks amateurish, that's a bit rubbish. A secondary issue is there are various supplementary packages NOT included which you are slightly trapped into buying - fonts package for example. All in all it is pretty good but I've seen better in mainstream android, not available for. Really depends what you need. You can do a lot with the spreadsheet it seems fast enough. The word processor works very well, you could easily write your magnum opus on it, but it is very basic for the money.
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on 5 September 2012
Why does this app need to use my account credentials, manage my accounts, start at boot, mess with running applications and more, just to work with office documents?
I cannot comment on functionality as the many intrusive permissions listed caused me to cancel installation.
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on 7 October 2012
I got fed up with nagging screens saying I had to purchase different upgrades to open my documents - fonts upgrade and compatibility packs upgrades to work with different versions of MS Office documents.
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on 2 February 2013
I bought this in order to be able to create and edit documents. As I find my way around the functions I am finding it meets my requirements for being able to draft ideas etc when PC not available.
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on 11 July 2013
I use the kindle partly as a mobile writing pad, and this program is simply not fit for purpose in the way it manages documents. Saved files frequently appear in multiple iterations, creating ghost images, causing loss of data due to improper and incompetent saving. Loss of work is common- better than half the time. It's simply not trustworthy, and not good enough. Do better, or find something better.
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on 6 February 2013
Well worth the money, although by far the most expensive app I have purchased so far. Since I write I find this invaluable to be able to read and edit on my Kindle. Also great for writing on the go. Just like having a note book but more techy :}

I have not used all the facilities but I do recommend this, it is very good.
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