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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Like some of the reviewers on this page, I`ve been using a wet razor for some 30 years - my last electric razor was also a Philips, which served me well till it was damaged beyond repair, and I never got around to replacing it.
This is an excellent razor - at first I was a little disappointed that the result seemed less effective than a blade, however with a little perseverance the shaving technique began to come back and I found I could achieve a really nice, smooth and comfortable result. The pivoting mount for the shaving heads is really effective, keeping contact with the skin at almost any angle and with absolutely no razor-burn, no nips or nicks like some of the old electric models could give. I had a full week's shaving on one charge - Philips claim 21 shaves at 3 mins each - I take about twice that time and haven`t needed to re-charge yet. The unit is lightweight and sits well in the hand; the water-proofing means a quick run under the tap is all that's needed to clean up and the little re-charging stand is handy when the razor is not in use. The trimmer is effective, though I haven`t used it extensively. You'll require a two-pin adaptor for the charger, but these are cheap and readily available. The main unit comes with a two-year guarantee which is reassuring, though the shaving heads are not included as they are subject to wear - which seems fair enough.
A shave with an electric razor does not last as long as a wet-shave, but it can be more comfortable, quick and (usually) bloodless. A little pre-electric shave lotion - if you can find it - is also very effective.
This is the best electric razor I`ve ever used; I was genuinely surprised at the results; all round, a really good quality product.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 14 September 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This shaver takes about an hour to charge and gives about an hour of shaving in return, and holds the charge well when not in use.

For an electric shaver, it gives as good a shave as I reckon electric shavers can, and without causing too much skin irritation (as long as you don't grind it in deeply as I sometimes tend to do).

It comes with a neat little charging base that acts as a stand but the charge lead can be plugged into it directly too, this is a vast improvement over certain other Philips' shavers, which can only be charged via a special stand, as it means packing can be a lot less bulky when travelling.

I also like the way it feels in the hand; the shape is contoured nicely for a good fit and the front neck has a grooved rubbery grip for the thumb to latch onto which makes the whole unit hold very comfortably.

The lid flips open with vigour (mini catapult) for easy cleaning with either a brush or run under a tap.

I have a more expensive Philips shaver Philips RQ1280 SensoTouch GyroFlex 3D Rechargeable Rotary Shaver which is more stylish, but this one is more practical; it gives me a superior shave whilst it feels better in the hand, therefore, I easily recommend this one in preference to that and is my shaver of choice.
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on 30 November 2011
The package includes a charging stand, the AC adaptor/cord, a small cleaning brush, a bag (only fits the razor), and a protective plastic cap for the blades. You can connect the cable to the razor directly without using the stand, which is very handy for travelling. And, unbelievably, the razor is actually manufactured in the Netherlands!

Central European residents: Note that the AC adaptor indeed has a British power plug, which is not identical to the central European one. If, like me, you have an older Philips razor, you can most likely continue using your existing AC adaptor, since plug shape and properties (9W/110-220V) have not changed in ages (thank you, Philips!). My previous two Philips razors HQ8140 (from 2008) and HQ7415 (from 2002) use the same kind of adaptor.

The razor stand is a bit too small and light, therefore I'm using the more sturdy HQ8140 one instead.

The razor is very similar to my previous HQ8140: Very skin-friendly, and catching every single hair. I'm cursed with strong facial hair paired with a very irritable skin. Full score for the PT920! My older HQ7415 had a closer and smoother shave, but it did miss the odd hair or two, and was much harder on the skin, even small cuts were possible.

Beware that, while the PT920 is being promoted as a "wet" shaver (in the sense that you can use shaving foam, and also rinse it under running hot water), the instructions mention you must not use it under the shower. Assuming the PT920's build is similar to my HQ8140's, this is because the electronics are indeed sealed off, but definitely not 100% watertight. This killed my HQ8140 after three years of use under the shower (corroded switch, shame on me). So don't. Although I can't see how a few droplets of water from the shower (as I'm not keeping my whole head under the shower while shaving) can cause more harm than rinsing the whole unit under strongly running hot water.

Reliability might be an issue. My very first Philips (bought in 1996) never broke, the second (HQ7415) had the notorius switch failure with a broken link between button and switch proper (repaired using some glue) after six years, and the third (HQ8140) had this corroded switch after three years. Hopefully this PT920 will last longer.
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on 12 December 2011
This is my latest Philips shaver purchase and I have always found Philips rotary shavers the best for my skin. Very smooth and non-irritating and a good, close shave. I have used them for many years (and will continue to do so).

However, this is the first shaver I have purchased with the HQ9 "triple track" heads and, well, I am not convinced. In fact, I think this shaver performs worse than my shavers with the HQ8 heads (still have a couple so I can compare directly). The HQ8 heads also seem to be more popular - a lot of Philips shavers still use this head whilst very few now have the HQ9 heads as found on this shaver...

The heads on this shaver may boast 50% more cutting surface but the main outer track is actually narrower than the standard HQ8 heads and, when you open this shaver up and examine the heads, the main cutters are smaller and narrower than on a HQ8 head. The result? Whilst it seems to cut more hairs quicker than with the HQ8 heads, I find that this shaver does not cut quite as close as my ones with the HQ8 heads - my stubble feels rougher and looks more noticeable sooner than with the HQ8.

It's still a perfectly good shaver, with top-of-the-line battery performance and gives a nice, non-irritating shave. Just not as good as Philips shavers with the single track HQ8 heads, in my opinion. In hindsight, I would not have bought it and would have went for a new HQ8 equipped shaver instead. Of course, plenty of other people have reviewed this shaver very positively but my experience has been pretty average for the price.
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VINE VOICEon 19 June 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
What a magnificent piece of kit this is. I have always been somebody who prefers a wet shave over using an electronic razor any day of the week, however I decided to give this a go as Phillips is a brand name I trust. The first thing that struck me about this product us how lightweight it is, very comfortable to use. The end result was astounding! Quite simply the closest thing to a wet shave I've ever had...maybe even closer than! It has actually convinced me to use an electronic razor all the time now. The razor itself comes with a wonderful little zip carry case, a docking station which you plug the charger into, but you can leave the razor standing in it when not in use. You also get a handy little brush to clean the head of the razor. However the razor head can also be run under warm water to clean it which is very handy. It takes one hour to charge an gives you around 20
shaves, working out around 3 mins a shave. Just a wonderful product and one that gets my approval. Brilliant!
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VINE VOICEon 26 July 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Philips Powertouch Pro shaver is advertised as `the fastest way through your morning routine,' and it really does live up to its promises. Not only is it quick but the floating heads give a very close shave, comparable to a wet shave. The Powertouch charges up fully from flat in 1 hour to give over 60 minutes of shaving time. It can also be cleaned easily by rinsing under the tap which again adds to the promise of a quick and shave. The unit itself it quite chunky but light and it quiet and smooth and has a handy pop out sideburn trimmer as well as a travel pouch. Overall this is a fantastic product and I would have no hesitations in recommending it.
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on 28 September 2011
This shaver is a lot better than my Series 3 Braun,which I have returned. Why.....the Braun could not shave very well and the Philips does.

Its the best dry shave I have ever had. Even the littlest tiny stubble goes.
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on 9 November 2011
I actually did search google thoroughly for a shaver to give me that razor shave effect. It is my first electric shaver since I had never got round trying one.I did however read a few reviews here and there until I read a one on this item. After convincing my wife to buy me this on my birthday,I confess, its the bomb. A perfect shaver for a gentleman. Talk less of the long life battery after a full 60 minute charge. I recommend this Philips Power Touch Pro PT920 shaver to anyone in search for one to suit his/her needs.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've used Philips dry shavers for several years now and this product is a good example of why I stick with them. It's a really excellent, high-quality shave. The blades are nicely sharp, it's simplicity itself to use, and you couldn't hurt yourself with this razor if you tried.

Compared to my previous Philips, the flexible head gives the PowerTouch a softer feel against the face. That took a little getting used to as it does mean you have to press it more firmly against your face, in a way which with other shavers would end up hurting your skin, otherwise it'll miss quite a few hairs.

The battery life is excellent. I haven't taken a stopwatch to it but I think Philips' claims of getting 60 minutes shave time from a 60 minute charge is true. Like a couple of other Philips products I've noticed that when the base unit is charging, it does give off a very faint high-pitched squealing noise, which is a tiny bit irritating but if you can leave it charging in an empty room for 60 minutes it won't be a problem. I've let the battery run out once (which took ages- 60 minutes of shaving is quite a few shaves) and even when the battery was pretty low it still gave a relatively powerful shave.

An excellent, top-of-the-range shave that I'm very happy with.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I should qualify that statement in that I am a wet shaver and I have never really been impressed with dry shaving and have been wet shaving for over 30 years. However, an electric shave is easier to do when travelling or in a hurry so I got his electric razor.

I generally use pre-shave lotion and I think that does help a easier shave. I am prone to push the razor too hard against my skin but I resisted and thought that the cut wouldn't be as good. How wrong could I be. The shave was the closest I have had from a dry electric razor and no chaffing to the skin.

The shaver is easy to use, charges relatively speedily and holds the charge well. The holder can be a bit temperamental because it isn't large enough but all in all its ok.

I now use the electric razor a few times a week or when I am on holiday and whilst I still prefer a wet shave this is a great instrument which excels at what it does.

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