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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 25 August 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First, some context: if you use a wet shave and are considering going to an electric shaver for a better shave - forget it, the shave isn't going to be as good (even this one). If you are an electric shaver user and would like to get a closer shave then read on. The reality is that no electric shaver can mimic the cost and closeness of a razor shave despite potential electric shavers' advantages such as reduced skin cuts and irritation, portability, efficiency etc.

This shaver comes with a long lead to connect the 2-pin auto-voltage connector to a charger stand which has suction feet for stability. The shaver charges via touch-contacts when propped upright on the stand and the battery charge level on the RQ1180 is indicated by a 5 level column of lights. "Wet" shaving is entirely safe because the shaver cannot be connected to its charger when in use. The shaver is rated to provide 17 shaves fully charged and incorporates a 3 sec push and hold travel lock to prevent inadvertent discharge when travelling. Unfortunately the charger stand cannot be folded up for travel which is a bit of a nuisance as it takes up a lot of unneeded space. The instruction booklet was written for Ikea it seems - lots of pictures so no need to translate to different languages, but as a result you need some experience in Lego, Meccano or Ikea.

The RQ1180 itself is light, quiet and streamlined in use, comfortable to hold and easier to disassemble for cleaning than the more classic Philishave models I've used before. As a dry shaver, both with and without electric pre-shave lotion, its results felt no better than previous Philishaver models though its 2D contouring over the face felt marginally smoother. However when used as a wet shaver, using gel in personal preference to shaving foam or oils, the shave achieved with the RQ1180 was faster, closer and considerably more comfortable than its dry shave capability.

The RQ1180 includes a bulky electrically operated cleaner and charge stand with bowl for jet cleaning the shaver heads and this is responsible for much of the increased price of this shaver versus others from the same range. Individuals reluctant to pay this sum may prefer the same model available without the bowl for considerably less. The cleaner does a good job of cleaning the shaver and heads, but it may be a bit redundant as the shaver head assembly is easily washable under running water and can easily be disassembled for brush cleaning.

So to conclude... this is definitely a cut above (sorry) the traditional electric shaver and for that it must be commended. Conversely it doesn't beat a wet shave so it really is geared at electric shaver users onlu. From that point of view my only big objection has to be the price. For something that is after all a shaver it does seem considerably more expensive for a set of features which, being optimistic, will be used "for best". Worse still, you are paying a huge premium for the cleaning stand and I don't really think that's justified. For that reason alone, I'm afraid it has to lose a star.
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VINE VOICEon 16 August 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was dubious about this product at first. I had previously owned a Philips shaver and didn't get on with it at all. For the last few years I had been using a popular competitor which reasonable results. The problem is my neck never really shaved properly without an extended amount of effort, and often I subsequently noticed that there were still patches left unshaven.

Enter the SensoTouch. The top of the shaver moulds itself so well to the contours of my face that even after the first use, I could tell this would be perfect. I had 2-3 days of growth which for me is verging on a full beard, and less than 5 minutes later I was looking at a very clean-shaven face. With daily use it takes about 2-3 minutes tops.

The shaver hardly makes any noise either. It just glides over everything. The pointy bits are great for the nose area and my neck now shaves excellently thanks to the way it sits on the skin.

To clean, just take off the top and rinse it under the tap. For a super-clean, there is the automatic cleaner which is amazing, but I haven't felt the need to use it more than once a week.

This shaver can be used wet or dry. I still have to give the wet shave a go, but to be honest the dry shave is so good, I can't really see the motivation to use shaving cream.

It is expensive, but because it is so good, it saves you time in the morning and it is so gentle you don't feel you've just gone 20 rounds with a glorified piece of sandpaper. Definitely worth it.

Well done Philips and sorry for staying away for so long!
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VINE VOICEon 30 July 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As a self confessed "wet & blade" shaver I was looking forward to giving this latest electric incarnation from Philips a test drive (well shave actually). The key problem with manufacturers on the electric side of the shaving world is how do you improve a product that essentially has a very specific and limited function, namely to shave the skin! You can add flashing lights, sexy ergonomics, a plethora of high tech speak, ultra long times before recharge but end of the day you are up against a blade (or blades) that cuts the hairs on your chin....that's it. With my own wet shave system my anual expenditure is probalby in the region of £40p.a. (razor and blades), so what if anything is present here to warrant a 5 year pay-back on my investment?

Out of the pack the Senso is surprisingly light and yes, extremely well designed. In many ways it has the feel of a large wet razor (a good hand fit and grip being essential before the blades are let loose on raw skin!). Philips claim that the Senso "allows the shaver to perfectly follow the unique contours of the face" which in reality means that here you get three circular blades in a triangle formation that work to raise then cut the hair on your face, hugging your face in the process & giving you a clean shave whether wet or dry. In addiition to the blades we have the extra touch of the flat circular and hidden blades beneath their circular brothers and designed to tackle very short stubble.

With the AquaTech inbuilt seal (making the unit essentially waterproof) the shaver has the option of going for wet or dry. I'm not sure if it was psychological or not but with my own testing, I'd swear that the wet shave produed better results, albeit there were repeated trips back to the mirror to catch those annoying hairs you miss when the face is covered in gel! A simple touch sensitive on off switch glows at you, inviting you to turn it on and those wishing to push the boat out further get the self cleaning docking station to charge and clean when it's not on your face (shaving just got lazy).

The results were impressive, very impressive, although in all honesty, not quite as wafer thin close than I'm used to with a blade, but this was never noticeable until well into the evening. That said the shave was exceptionally quick and comfortable with zero skin irration. To conclude, the senso has obvious advantages over the traditional wet shave system. It would be a perfect companion on a long haul flight, holiday or business trip. It is exceptionally comfortable, discrete, ergonomic, easy to use, cleans itself and charges in an hour. It is virtually impossible to cut the skin, the precision trimmer is ideal for sideburns and hey, it feels good and it feels close, very close. I said at the begining that I am a wet shaver and therefore for me it is hard to justify the hefty price tag for such comfort, convenience and styling. That said for those who prefer not to use a blade, I'd say that this is the closest electic model I've ever used and one capable of producing the same results with the added benefit out eliminating the risk of cutting yourself in the process.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been using this shaver for ten days now, testing it dry, wet/water/soap, wet/shaving oil and wet/gel. This morning I even shaved half my face with it (wet/gel) and did the other half with a manual razor.
I should say that normally I use a manual razor (Mach 3) with about once a week an older Philips model, a coolskin with internal conditioner pump.
First, the shaver: looks good, feels good in the hand (also when wet), comes apart easily for cleaning, and cleaning (under the tap) is a doddle. I have used the cleaning basin once as well, but that was really not necessary - the manual says to do it once a month. So I did it for test purposes only; can't say about cleaning power, but it looks very impressive dunking the shaver into the cleaning fluid. The charging stand has three suction feet (good idea, that) and takes up very little space in the bathroom; the cleaning basin has a much larger footprint and uses the same cable as the charger, so needs to be in the same general area.
The instruction booklet is without words, just pictures; there are bits of it (about deep cleaning) that are not very clear.
Cleaning fluid needs replacing once a month; I reckon you can get eight or ten refills from one bottle, and a replacement bottle will set you back £5 on Amazon.

So now to the heart of the matter: how does it shave? I'm not keen on its dry shaving, which was not particularly comfortable, and results were not very long-lasting. Wet shaving is a different matter. With either shaving oil or gel the results were as good as, or better, than my old Coolskin shaver, and cleaning this new SensoTouch was a lot easier, too. The head swivels and adapts properly to my contours (I *am* talking about my face) and gives a good, close shave. I find electric shavers slightly problematic in that I manage to miss small parts of my stubble, and have to re-do some bits several times - but that might be personal. And right under my nose is a bit that either the shaver or I have problems with, unlike with a razor. But overall, this is a very good shaver; my wife gave my smooth cheek the official seal of approval!

So why only four stars? Well, I like it. But while I will replace my old Philips with this one, this SensoTouch will not replace my manual razor. This morning I did the half face with shaver/half face with razor test, and twelve hours later there is a slight difference, with the razor side still smoother. Not much, between 5-10%, but still. So there you have it. I think it is the best shaver I have tried (in a range of Philips and Brauns), both for shaving effect and for ease of cleaning.

Post-script: my wife tells me the trimmer is the best she has ever used - and she has been trimming the back of my neck for over 30 years, plus she can be pretty critical. A kudo indeed!
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on 19 December 2011
Beautifully designed and gives a good shave though it takes a few days to get used to the rotary shaver system. It is more comfortable and gentler to the skin than my previous Braun shavers, but it took several days for the hairgrowth to become accustomed to the different cutting technique. Overall the end result is about the same as my previous Braun shavers, but I much prefer using this shaver
Bad points: Instruction for use are extremely annoying to decipher and for the price of the shaver this is penny pinching by Philips probably to avoid the cost of having to print full user instruction in different languages.
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on 25 July 2012
Philips SensoTouch RQ1180cc GyroFlex 2D Rotary Rechargeable Shaver with Clean and Charge Stand

OK, I know that this review is a bit of a tome but stick with it as I review each function to give you as much info as possible before you buy. I have waited to post this review to give it a good test before making any judgements. I have had the shaver for about a month now and feel I can give an informed view of the shaver. So lets break this down to make the review as easy to read as possible.

Amazon: Ordered this product on 30th June 2012 and arrived on the 4th July 2012, not the fastest that Amazon have ever delivered to me but still ahead of any competition so very pleased. As usual the shaver was well packaged and arrived without any signs of rough handling, they also delivered to my work address, which is a hospital and can be quite confusing. So, 5 Stars for Ordering and dispatch Amazon.

Contents: On opening the box you receive

1 x Philips SensoTouch RQ1180cc Electric Shaver with Precision Trimmer
1 x Shaver Head Protection Cap
1 x Charge Stand
1 x Jet Clean System
1 x Jet Clean Solution
1 x Soft Pouch
1 x Power Cable (2-pin)
1 x User manual
1 x Guarantee Information

All well packaged however, the user manual is obviously designed for use internationally as it is made up of pictures only. There is very little information contained and is next to useless. However with a quick search of the internet I did find a much more comprehensive instruction manual in PDF format, which instructs on the using, charging, cleaning and maintaining of the shaver and the Jet Cleaning System. So, 4 stars for out of the box observations due to poor instruction manual.

Ease of Set Up: Both the charger stand and jet clean system are very easy to set up. With only one power cable it could be slightly annoying if you have the charger and jet clean system in different rooms, which is possible as the Jet clean system has a footprint about the size of your hand and space can be limited in a bathroom. When you place the shaver in the charging stand/Jet Clean system two pins on the shaver touch two contacts on the charger so making the electrical contact required and charging begins. Again 4 Stars due to lack of decent instructions for 1st time Philips shaver users.

Using the Shaver: This is by far the best shaver I have ever purchased. I have used Philips Rotary Shavers for the last 20 years (including 12 years of inspection standard shaves in the RAF) with foil and wet shaves in use before that and this is my 4th generation of Philips shaver. I balked and would not purchase this shaver at the original £250+ RRP price but at the £99 that Amazon charged, although still expensive, I was happy to pay. In my view you get what you pay for and this shaver is worth the extra expense. On price alone 5 stars.

Charging: Both the Jet Clean System and the charging stand (obviously) charge the shaver. The charging stand has little suckers on the underneath to ensure it remains upright when the shaver is connected, even if you knock it accidentally, nice attention to detail Philips. The shaver charged in about 1 hour and has a very handy 5 light display to show its charge status, if there is a flashing status light, it's still charging, when all the status lights are lit the shaver is fully charged, also after a set time limit (30 mins)all the status lights go off and so if there are no lights lit when connected to the charger or Jet Clean System then it is probably fully charged as well. The fully charged shaver should last for 15 shaves according to Philips and this has been confirmed as I have had a two week holiday during which I didn't take the charging stand with me, I shaved almost every day (9/10 times)and returned home after two weeks with two bars of power still left in the shaver. 5 stars.

Dry Shave: The shaver feels very smooth over the skin and with a mix of circular motion and linear motion over the skin it gave me the closest electric shave I have ever had. I suffer from pretty severe skin irritation (shaving rash)on my neck and previous shavers (both rotary and foil) have always managed to irritate to the point of drawing blood, but not with this shaver. My skin was slightly irritated i.e. my neck became slightly red but that was all and this calmed down after just a minute or two, so major smarty points there. A quick rinse in warm water afterwards both externally and inside the shaver head is advisable everyday but not essential if you are in a hurry. 5 Stars.

Trimmer: I tried the precision trimmer on the hair around the ear but wasn't impressed; the trimmer had to be used 2 or 3 times to cut all the hairs so not as precise as you would expect a "precision trimmer" to be. Having said that, with a little perseverance it does the job. I find this to be true of most shaver/trimmers and so use a dedicated trimmer for this normally anyway, so not a problem for me. 3 Stars for the trimmer.

Wet Shave: This shaver is worth buying just for the standard of the dry shave but **WOW**; I have never tried a wet shave with an electric shaver before and was pretty sceptical, however if the shaver is a cut above (excuse the pun, couldn't resist it) when dry shaving, it's in another league when used for a wet shave. I had a wet shave with it on a spur of the moment when washing my face and so just used my usual Dove for Men shower gel, NOT shaving gel. The results were an even smoother shave with zero, nil, I mean absolutely no shaving rash. The resulting shave was even closer than the dry shave and just about as close as an electric shaver can get to a real wet shave with a proper razor. No Electric shaver could ever get as close as a wet shave with a razor, so if that is the standard you are after, stick to the razor, an electric shaver is not for you. A quick rinse in warm water afterwards both externally and inside the shaver head cleans it up for the next shave, however I would suggest a more frequent wash in the Jet Clean System if you wet shave with it regularly. 5 Stars.

Jet Clean: I put the shaver through the Jet Clean system before I used the shaver for the first time both to remove any residue from manufacture and to make sure that the Jet Clean System worked OK. Putting the cleaning fluid in the cleaning bath is simple with a push button on either side to press and release the reservoir. Fill to the lines on the inside of the reservoir and replace it back in the cleaning bath, I found putting the reservoir where you want the Jet Clean to sit and then lowering the Jet clean over the reservoir the easiest way to do this. Press the ON button and away it goes. Once the cleaning process is completed the Jet clean system charges the shaver, however; WARNING you have to make sure that the shaver has enough power left for at least one shave if you want to put it through a clean as the system turns the shaver on during the cleaning cycle but will not charge the shaver until the cleaning cycle is finished. If the shaver runs out of charge during the cleaning process the cycle cancels out. One way around this is to charge the shaver prior to starting the cleaning cycle. If all you do is dry shave with this shaver then I suggest one Jet Clean a month would be quite acceptable, giving it a rinse under warm water in-between jet cleans, if you wet shave regularly a Jet Clean maybe once a week/fortnight again with a rinse with warm water in-between Jet Cleans should suffice. I give this 4 Stars purely because it needs to have charge in the shaver before a clean, why it can't clean and charge at the same time is beyond me as all my other Philips shavers could shave while plugged in and charging, so why not this one?

Soft Pouch: The soft pouch/carry case is just big enough to fit the shaver, Trimmer Head and cleaning brush inside. I know that the shaver can shave up to 15 times before it requires recharging but it would be nice if you could fit the charging stand and power cord in the carry case as well i.e. with a folding base on the charger for instance. However this is a minor criticism and not an issue for me particularly so 4 Stars for the carry case.

Conclusion: After using this shaver for a month and testing its functionality about as well as it can be, I would most definitely Highly Recommend this system, especially at the £99 price tag Amazon are offering. I know that there is now a GyroFlex 3D model available over the 2D model but the only difference is that the head unit flexes outward as well as inward when you use it but I honestly don't know how the new model can give a better shave than this model can give now; especially at the £250+ price tag that the new model is sold for.

This is without doubt the best electric shaver I have ever used. Great shave wet or dry, cleaning system works well and it charges a lot faster than any of my previous shavers. The whole package for £99 is well worth the money and on the understanding that this shaver lasts as long as my previous Philips shavers have I will remain a very happy bunny. The breakdown of my stars average out at 4.4 Stars but I am rounding that up to 5 Stars (as shown at the top of the review) to reflect the standard of the shaving experience.

Happy shaving ;-}
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As I am NOT a bearded lady in a circus, I gave this item to the grouchy, not human until his morning shave, bear in my life for a few weeks test. Initially the bear was ecstatic with it and it compared favourably to a brand of dry shaver which he'd recently played with.

So despite being a very lovely piece of kit which you can use wet or dry, with an innovative bath to do the hard bit of cleaning out the heads... here where it all went wrong....

First off, my goodness, that bath thing takes up a lot of room near a safe socket. That took me five minutes of rearranging things after bear had installed it.

Secondly, he likes wet shaves, but he can wet shave faster with a normal razer. The point of an electric razer is that it is portable (especially taking it abroad where sharp pointy things become an issue at airports)and quick to use. You would never cart the bath with you on holiday, you would only use when away as a dry razer.

Thirdly... he felt it was a lovely smooth comfortable shave.... however I pointed out he had a ten a.m. shadow... it just doesn't remove emough of the hairs near the roots, even though it feels nice.

So he's going back to wet shaving apart from emergencies.
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VINE VOICEon 22 September 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was very impressed with the SensoTouch Electric Shaver.
I won't go through all the details as they are well presented on the page above but I would add that I found the shaver very comfortable in the hand and worked very well as a dry shave and even better as a wet shave. Like all electric shavers, it seems, a razor blade still has that slight edge for closeness but this electric shaver is the closest I have come to the perfect shave, despite the circular motions you have to adopt when shaving as opposed to straight lines with a blade.
I particularly like the style and coloration of the shaver and even the recharger unit looks great on the shelf. When not in use, the shaver can be hidden away in the stylish bag for safety.
Overall, I was very impressed and would recommend this to anyone used to shaving with an electric shaver and it makes an ideal gift for that special occasion.
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on 2 December 2011
Have been using Gilette since years(Wet Shave) but since the blades are getting more and more costly, thought to give Electric shavers a try. After going thro many reviews bought this one since it was about the price/risk ratio was alright, just in case things dont work out as expected.

-My first experience -- "splendid"(used shaving gel, wet shave)
-Firm Grip
-Holds the battery for more than 10 shaves(good for me, 10 shaves is the all i've done so far, battery still has juice for say about 5 more shaves)
-Shave Quality: As good as a wet shave, SMOOTH

Got it on Black Friday Deals for 60 quid, so all in all good buy and more than pleased with the performance.
Also, the 3 Year gurantee adds to the benefits.(I would have definitely spend more on blades and batteries for my Gilette Fusion razor)
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VINE VOICEon 15 August 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
A great razor from Phillips. A comfortable, well designed, great feeling piece that fits well in either left or right hand. I've left writing this review for a while so give a real review. I've used this both wet and dry, and received a great shave each and every time - close and with very little razor burn , a real problem for me. The cleaning and general maintenance of the razor is very simple.

The only issue I found was getting used to shaving in a circle motion. This razor is expensive but is definitely worth the money.
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