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on 23 June 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This item is great for the money.
Its a substantial rotary shaver, tilting heads to get into all the contours of yer craggy
This comes with a stand, and a bottle of cleaning solution, which you fill the little reservoir in the stand with.
The shaver, I found gave a beautiful smooth, close shave. I have previously been using the philips nivea shaver, and this new one seems to perform better, smoother.

When you have finished shaving, put the shaver into its stand, flip the little tab over on the top, and press the clean button on the stand's base, and your stand will slowly lower your shaver into the cleaning solution, and the shaver will switch itself on to give it a good clean, whirring away to get rid of the debris.When this process has finished, the stand will automatically raise the shaver out of the solution bath again.

The solution is supposed to clean AND lubricate your shaver heads, and also leaves the shaver smelling fresh.

Not sure of the current price of this system, as it seems to have disapppeared off the amazon site, but if you are looking for a decent shaver, then I would thoroughly recommend this, without hesitation, and if anyone should be able to make shavers, then it should be philips!!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was pondering how many stars to give the PoweTouch Plus PT870cc for some time, and have decided on a pretty generous 4.

The pros are that it gives an excellent close shave. This is my first rotary shaver (have always preferred a wet shave ... plus I have a braun) so was impressed by how good the shave was.

It has a quality look and feel about it, although the heads do not pivot as much as other Philips shavers.

The Lithium battery should give you a weeks worth of shaves without any trouble at all and it is certainly quieter than my braun.

On the cons side, at 175 quid, i think it is very expensive ... there is a little motorised plinth that lowers into the cleaning solution which is cool the first couple of times you see it in action ... but I wonder how much it added to the price.

I have found the Jet Wash solution on Amazon, at a fiver, or 4.25 if you buy on subscription (great idea) but could not find it in my local Boots.

The unit is supplied with a 2 pin plug which is useful if you are in a hotel, or you have a 2 pin adapter in your bathroom, but a bit of a pain if you don't. I'm lucky that I have a 3 pin mains cable for by Philips Stubble trimmer with fits. I am a little surprised that Philips did not supply an adapter to make it 3 pin as nearly every gadget I buy these days is supplied with one.

The jet clean fluid goes into a small reservoir in the charging base, and great care must be taken when moving the unit or spill will occur.

My Braun also has a cleaning system, but that is based on sealed cartridges that slide into the bottom of the unit. Quite pricey I think, but very little chance of spills.

It is too early to predict how much cleaning fluid the system will use, my guess is that quite a bit will simple evaporate in warmer weather.

So the 4 stars is primarily for the closeness of the shave and the quality of the shaver ... rather than the Jet cleaning side of things.
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on 22 June 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've had a few electric shaver over the years, and the Powertouch by Phillips is one of the best I have used, and the shaver being cordless is a definite bonus. It charges quickly, gives a good, clean-feeling close shave, but what is unique is the cleaning system.

The shaver sits with the shaving head in the jet clean system (after adding the "ocean breeze scented" liquid that comes with the kit) - and it charges the razor whilst cleaning. It takes around an hour for a full charge, or 3 minutes for a quick charge (enough for one shave).

The only negatives are: I don't know how much the jet clean solution costs yet, or how easy it is to obtain, and the instructions are picture based, no text, so takes a little while to fully understand the charging system.

One word of advice - be careful when moving the charging / cleaning system - as it contains liquid, and if it is tipped sideways, the liquid will spill.
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on 20 April 2012
Some things about the Phillips Power Touch Plus PT870cc are good. When charged it does seem to give quite a close shave, but the cleaning system is awfully fiddly. Every few days it seems to need topping up with cleaning fluid because otherwise the device which lowers the razor into the fluid refuses to do so and then raises the shaver out of the fluid with much flashing of red lights. Now I find that the cleaner may not be charging the razor while it is being cleaned, because despite daily cleaning the razor showed it was out of charge in the middle of shaving.
Lastly the use of an instruction booklet made entirely of pictogrammes may look like a great medern wheeze in theory, because it avoids those booklets printed in innumerable languages, but in practice it does not work, and the explanations are simplistic and anodyne. Phillips need to try harder!
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VINE VOICEon 21 July 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I too have always been a wet shave chap, and was extremely surprised at the ease, results and general comfort of using this razor!
One of the things that put me off of using an electric shaver, many years ago was cleaning the gunk that accumulated in the head... this shaver has a brilliant cleaning system that thoroughly cleans and disinfects the unit after every use if you so wish; simply set the unit in the rather brilliant integral cleaning and recharge station and press the button... the razor than sinks down in an incredibly space age fashion into the cleaning system which then charges, cleans and prepares the shaver for the next use!
You get a bottle of cleaning fluid with the shaver, and this is sufficient to last for several months... the fluid doesn't only clean the gunk off, but also lubricates it, making for an extremely smooth shave time after time.
The battery life is also excellent, lasting on average for 50 minutes on a full charge, which is sufficient for an estimated 17 shaves.
If your away from home, then cleaning is no problem here either: simply rinse the fully waterproof head under hot water and use the supplied brush to dislodge any trapped hairs, and your good to go!
It incorporates the latest in cutting technology, using its 'Super lift and Cut" patented cutting heads, which swivel for maximum comfort, closeness of shaving and the ultimate smoothness available on the market today!
In my opinion this razor is brilliant, highly recommended and well worth the money... and to repeat myself from earlier, it has the really cool 'motorised charge and cleaning action' which I love... a little bit of high tech in the bathroom never goes amiss!
I have covered only a few details of this amazing shaver... to read its full capabilities read the product description fully, but I hope that I have expressed my delight and enthusiasm for it here!
One to buy!
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on 7 February 2012
I've been using Philips shavers for a long time now and this one will keep me committed to the brand. The main reason for buying a new shaver was the last one had lost a lot of battery power and needed recharging every few days so, fingers crossed, this one will give a much better time between charges.

Plus points: The heads move very well over any contour of your face and they give a nice close shave - I suppose you wouldn't expect anything else with brand new rotary blades! Well designed for holding and feels quite solid in your hand without being too weighty. Never had one with a cleaning system before so can't comment on that feature yet but it seems like Philips are just trying to go for sales of their cleaning fluid.

Now for the negatives: Why oh why couldn't Philips include a carry case? Fortunately my old case is still usable but it seems such a miserly thing not to include - it's not as if this is some cheap, bottom of the range shaver. One other reviewer pointed out the lack of written instructions and he was quite correct. Illustrated instructions have replaced the written word and even though I'm very familiar with this type of shaver, I admit I had to look very closely at some of the diagrams to understand what was going on, especially the ones showing the charging indicators.

Overall would still recommend this shaver but come on Philips, don't be so stingy!!
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VINE VOICEon 7 July 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have always wet-shaved and so using an electric shaver was a whole new experience for me. I have to say I am really impressed with this kit; the shaver is smooth to the touch and shaves ever so well. The charge life is excellent and I love the cleaning system (it was cleaning the shaver that had put me off in the past). I actually like everything about this shaver, including its slick design.
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on 24 January 2012
Just received my new Philips Powertouch. Initially on power up I thought, sounds very under powered. How wrong could I be, a first class shave, very quick, very comfortable and excellent result. Haven't tried the cleaning system yet but looks ok, maybe a bit over the top and I have no idea what the fluid will cost when it needs replacing. I purchased one of the Nivea lotion Philishaves some time ago and due to it's complete lack of efficiency I was worried about trying another Philips and had been looking at other makes but this unit has convinced me that I have made a good purchase. I am seriously thinking about buying another for our house in Cyprus, at this price it's excellent value for money.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Philips PT 870 Shaver has been tested for this review by my best friend who hadn't had a shave since the 20th Century. Having first used a beard trimmer he then picked up the shaver and within a few minutes was clean shaven ! Really . It was that straightforward. He had never used an electric shaver in his life and says it was so easy he is both surprised and impressed.
He said the shaver fits neatly in the hand and feels comfortable and light to hold. The three rotating shaving heads have a very sharp dual blade system that Philips boast will give a closer and more secure shave as the first blade lifts and the second one cuts. Philips have this patented as the Super Cut and Lift system.

This shaver comes with the Jet Clean System which is a base unit where the shaver can sit and recharge while going through the Jet Clean System, or you can just recharge the shaver by itself. Then you simply rinse the shave heads which fold out, under the hot tap after each shave.
Philips claim that by using the Jet Clean system the shaver heads will stay as pristine and sharp as when new. Then replace after two years.
Obviously I can't verify this long term as the shaver has only been used for a week.( and so far it is very shiny after using the Jet Clean System).

What I can verify is that it did do its job as a shaver absolutely brilliantly . Friend has gone from bearded to clean shaven so easily I am amazed. Whats more he is still shaving and shows no sign of stopping.

We didn't like the lack of clear instructions. This may be because its a Vine Sample, I don't know. The included pictogram booklet was baffling and only deciphered by looking at other instructions on the internet. Mainly instructions are wanted for the three symbols on the Jet Clean System Base which is where the shaver rests in between shaves. The Jet Clean System is to provide a superior cleaning, lubricant and drying system. Plus it recharges at the same time. All in 4 hours. For the Jet Cleanse to work you need to add Philips Jet Clean Solution. A bottle is provided. You can buy this product on Amazon when you need any more.

The shaver can be simply cleaned under a running tap with hot water. Then once a month remove the heads and brush out. That easy.

You do need a conversion plug to plug it in. If you do the recharge directly to the shaver without the Jet System then it takes just one hour.
Its a good charge that will last a few days.

One last point, if you are a new to shaving get some shaving balm, necks can get sore until the skin gets used to being shaved.

My friends opinion now after one week is that he enjoys using this shaver and is now a convert to shaving ! Which is remarkable after having a beard for all these years.

3 weeks later: now the shaver is above posted with clear instructions , it doesn't matter about the lack of written instructions in the box. Anyway it all seems simple now. It was just the first time either of us had handled an electric shaver.
After 3 weeks the shaving continues, he can't stop now, loves the new look too much and is finding it easier than he ever imagined
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on 24 February 2012
This is another excellent product from Philips. The PT870cc rechargeable three head electric shaver is a very compact unit when placed within its unique washing bay. The washing bay also houses the shaver safely when not in use. The shaver sits very comfortably in your hand when in use, and the three heads glide easily across your face and neck giving you a very close shave without leaving your skin with a fierce burning sensation after shaving. It is also equipped with a small beard trimmer which flicks easily out from the back of the shaver. My opinion is that this is a very good value for money product and I have no regrets regarding my purchase of this shaver.
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