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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 July 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There are basically three types of shaves - blade, foil and rotary. More often this divides into three camps - Gillette, Braun and Philips. I will admit now that I have used Braun for more years than I can recall, but thought I'd give this 'Wet and Dry' shaver a go - and was pleasantly surprised.
Once you get through the bomb-proof packaging, requiring a really good blade of some sort to penetrate the plastic bubble it is sealed in, it is extremely light. Curved to fit comfortably in the hand, with a rubber coating on the buttons. And there are only two buttons - one very large on the inside of the grip to switch it on and off and another on the back to release the pop-up hair-trimmer.
Charging takes one hour, during which a small light on the back pulses. It is surprisingly quiet when used. I thought the battery was drained when I first heard it, but the rotary blades do not make a great deal of noise. Mind you, the hair-trimmer makes up for that - don't use that if you're worried about waking anyone up!
As a dry shave it doesn't appear to be as good as the foil shaver I generally use, appearing to require several re-visits to get the skin as smooth as I am used to. However, it is considerably better than smaller shavers I usually take on holiday. With a foil shaver I can tell by the noise of the foil sliding across my face just how closely I have been shaved. With this I keep having to check with my other hand. Not the end of the world.
Cleaning this is just a matter of running it under the tap. The face, with the blades on, flips open and you can run the water inside. There is also a small brush included for regular maintenance.
Using this for a wet shave is impressive. It feels so much smoother and does appear to do a far better job than a dry shave. The shaving foam doesn't bother it, just rinse it now and again so it doesn't disappear under the foam as you move it around. So if you have the time it is definitely worth it.
It comes with a small pouch that has a cord to hang it from. It would have been nice if this pouch had a little pocket to store the brush in - I will lose the brush eventually. A small instruction manual shows with diagrams how to charge, use, clean and maintain it.
Many, many years ago I tried a Philips shaver and thought I was going to end up like Freddy Kruger, but this is such a nice shaver. If I have the time for a wet shave then I will use in preference to any other shave. If you're from the Philips camp of shaving I think you're in for a treat.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 August 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Philips shaver ticks all the boxes: quick to charge, long run times, quiet in operation and most importantly of all gives a really good shave.

Used as a traditional electric shaver it performs well; so well that I have to say it's probably the closest electric shave I've had. No tugging or post-shave soreness either.

But the ace up its sleeve is that you can shave wet with this shaver. That doesn't mean shave whilst in the shower, it means using foam or gel as though you were going to use a blade.

I tried it using Nivea gel foam (comes out as green gel and goes on your face as foam, magic) which this shaver then removed as part of the shaving process leaving my skin even smoother than before.

No clogging of the head either and you just rinse the head under water afterward, shake off the excess and put it away. Simples. And a perfect shave too.

The foam acts as a lubricant which allows the shaver to glide over your face. And it really does remove ALL the shaving foam as it does it, giving further proof that it shaves closely.

So, a quiet, smooth shave with a washable shaver - what more can you ask for?
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on 22 November 2011
I have a strong beard growth , so get though razors far to quickly . I used an electronic shaver in the old days , and it used to pull on my hair .. pluck me like a turkey !!... hated it !!
Since I have had this shaver ,I have never had any " plucking " , the shave is very close ( far closer than some very expensive wet blades.
I use it " wet " with my shaving gel , water etc... wonderful ...

This has now replaced all my blades and its very quiet !!

Very impressed
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on 7 August 2012
First off, I have very sensitive skin. If you do too, read this review.

**For those with short attention spans, if you have sensitive skin and you are on the fence about buying an electric shaver then just buy it. There is a learning curve, however it a great shave.**

Using a new 3-4 bladed razor was my only option to prevent awful skin burn and irritation spots. There in lies the problem, having to use 3-4 bladed razors generally meant that I had to use gillet series blades; at the prices they sell them at, I was easily spending £20-30 per month on blades.

I read through reviews of at least 10-20 shavers, and went on a hunt for the best shaver for a mid-range budget. This came up on top time and time again.

I'll split this review into four parts:
1. What is the learning curve like
2. What is the shave like
3. Wet or Dry
4. Pro's and Con's

---1. What is the learning curve like

Well.. painful. Expect some serious razor burn on your neck and chin area. There was actually one day that my face was still burning several hours after shaving. That being said, after around 3-4 weeks, you will notice a difference. Your face really does get used to shaving with it. I'm at week 6-7 now, and any razor burn I get is the same i'd expect using a NEW razor blade.

You will find certain areas of your face will be harder to shave than others, and this is integral to the learning process.

---2. What is the shave like

This ties into my title "Saves money, not time".

If you have 15 minute shaving time in the morning, which I personaly don't, you can get a fantastic shave. Honestly, it's on par with a razor blade!. Your face will feel smooth, and it'll take around the same length of time for the hair to start showing again.

If you only have 5-10 minutes you can get a good shave. It's smooth on the cheeks ( as they are easy to shave ), but you can feel a bit of "roughness" around the chin and especially the upper lip. You will not be able to see the stubble, just feel it. So it is perfectly acceptable to go into work with it and "look" clean-shaven. [THOUGH THIS TIMESCALE MIGHT BE BECAUSE I AM STILL LEARNING!]

2 minute shave will only remove the worst of the stubble, and you'll likely miss lots of areas.

---3. Wet or Dry.

Deffinately wet. Shaving with shaving cream is like heaven when using this shaver. A dry shave will only leave you feeling .. well dry. It's marketed as a "wet and dry", though i'd say it was designed for wet.

If you are looking to buy this for a dry shave then don't bother. Look for a shaver that was designed to work best in dry conditions.

---4. Pros and Cons

Looks great
Easy to clean
Fast charge
Long battery life
Possible to get a really good shave

Doesn't come with UK adapter, you will need to buy a 2pin-3pin adpater. Though, I think this is because most people shave in the bathroom and most bathrooms tend to have a 2pin socket on the wall for electric shavers??
Can struggle with stubble.. In areas where the hair lies completely flat, i'd recommend using the electric clippers to shorten the hairs before attempting to shave there.
Upper lip is very hard to properly shave, generally I have to use an good ol' gillet razor blade to give the upper lip a once over.
IN-GROWN HAIRS! Never had them before until I started to use this. I think it is before it pulls the hair UP before it cuts them, so on the neck where the hairs grow in random directions, it must cause the hair to grow under the skin. It's not a big deal, but it'll leave a red bump on the neck until you can pull the hair out.


If you have sensitive skin, and can't afford to continually purchase good quality blades, then buy this. It'll save you money in the long term and it really does give a great shave.
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VINE VOICEon 29 July 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First off you should know that I'm a 'dyed in the wool' wet shaver, for me the job just isn't done unless you have had water and soap on your face.
Over the years I've had electric shavers of one kind or another, usually as gifts and I suppose they worked well enough, but they never ever converted me or came anywhere close.

The Philips Aquatouch however has made me reconsider. I find I get a quick, comfortable close shave (using less gel) without cuts or burn and I can just rinse the unit as I would an ordinary razor. The only slight downside was that I had some difficulty getting a close cut on my throat, however I found this was remedied with slight changes in my technique.
I'm also quite taken with the trimmer which I use on my moustache to great effect.

I realise that men's beards vary quite a bit, for instance I'm not like my pal who starts a poker game clean shaven and says goodnight with a passable beard, I am however, I suppose, Mr. average and any other Mr.average, I'm sure, will find this shaver to be very efficient not to mention time and effort saving.
Of course, at the moment the shaver is new and working at its best, how long the cutting heads last and what happens when they become less effective remains to be seen.
I was going to give four stars because of these future unknowns but for the moment, in all honesty, it deserves five.

Bottom Line? I'm well impressed!
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VINE VOICEon 28 July 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Philips shaver has just replaced a Braun foil shaver in my personal grooming setup. To do that it needed to be good. And it is.

Forget the gimmicky pictures of some model using it with a face full of foam. This shaver will stand on its abilities as a dry shaver as that's how the majority of people will want to use it. Shavers like this are a time saver, especially in the mornings when the time we can allow for our appearance may be restricted. Glad to be able to report that this one does what it promises.

The double slot design of the three floating heads minimises tug and pull, which my foil razor wasn't especially good at. I often ended up with an irritated beard line as it could be a little brutal if I hadn't used it religiously every day. This Philips copes quite well with those longer whiskers. Cleaning it is a breeze as the wet and dry facility means it can be opened and rinsed under a tap safely.

As for the design; Philips always seem to turn out products that sit well in the hand. No exception here. It's a nicely weighted device that is easy to live with and has an impressively short charging time. The travelling pouch is also of good quality and I'll be taking it on holiday with me.

So it performs well, and when looking at prices this model sits at a point where it's certainly not too expensive. Many razors of similar ability and quality cost much more, so it's an effective and good quality shaver for a decent price. Five stars.
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on 4 November 2011
I say excellent value for money as when I purchased this is was pretty much half the RRP :). Received my order the next day b4 1pm as requested. Now I hadn't had a shave for a good 4-5 days so was thought I'd put it to the test. I charged the unit up for a good hour b4 trying both a dry and wet shave. The dry shave was great although around the neck area it didn't manage to completely remove all stubble at the first attempt. I then tried the wet shave, using shaving gel and I found out of the 2 considering the length of beard I had to be far better and effortless.

The product looks great, comes with a case and little brush for cleaning. It was easy to rinse off once I'd shaved so cleaning the product wont be as fiddely as some past electric shavers I've owned.

All in all a very good product for a very good price, so if your looking to get you BF or Husband a great present and he hasnt already got an electric shaver, then this is an ideal gift and because you can have dry and wet shaves it will cater to both types of men :)
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on 25 March 2015
This is the second Philips I've had, and its going to be the last I thought they would have improved over the years
since my last one, but no way this one has ripped my under chin and neck to bits just like my old one did that was
about eight years ago, I've only had the one shave off this new one so what it boils down to is I've paid £65 quid
for the privilege of using this torture devise
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VINE VOICEon 30 July 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Other than not shaving and growing a beard, or visiting a barber, we men have 2 options when dealing with facial hair:-

1. Use a domestic razor blade (normally Gillette or Wilkinson Sword) and shaving foam, oil or gel.
2. Use an electric razor.

There is little point in getting into the relative merits and demerits of the two systems because each has its followers who seem not to accept the possibility that the other might be better for them.

I shall concentrate therefore on electric razors alone. These roughly fall into 2 categories - the type where the cutting head or heads vibrate from side to side (e.g. Braun) cutting through a single or multiple foil with fine holes in it. The other type is the rotary cutter (normally Philips) where there are usually 3 'floating' heads under which rotary cutters spin at sufficient speeds to cut comfortably and efficiently through the beard and other facial hair. Both types of razor usually have s 'pop-up' trimmer to trim sideburns and or moustaches.

One other difference between the two types is that vibrations from the Braun type razor do travel through the hand, and it is a lot more noisy, with a distinct buzzing sound which will travel out of the bathroom. The Philips on the other hand is a lot quieter sounding far more like static interference on a radio. It suffers little or no vibration.

The Aquatouch is a Philips development, and is a wet or dry razor - i.e. it can be used in the shower with or without shaving gel (I would recommend a low foaming gel) or shaving foam. I have been using an earlier Philips wet and dry shaver for some years. The new model is not hugely better as such, but is lower in price than I paid for mine and is probably better when used for dry shaving which it does very well and very comfortably.

Wet electric shaving may be an acquired taste, but for me it offers the best of both worlds and does not cause skin burn. It would be misleading for me not to say that the Panasonic linear motor wet/dry razors are superior, but so they should be at a price well more than double the price of the Aquatouch.

All in all a fine shaver. Please do experiment with the wet shave, as I think for many it will be a revelation.
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on 14 May 2015
This is my second purchase of this model, having had 3 years of daily use out of the first, so I obviously like it.

For me the positives are :
a) it shaves as smooth as it gets for an electric shaver compared to a wet shave
b) shape is easy to hold to get the job done quickly
c) most importantly, it has never left me with any shaver burn as the blades are well protected

No real negatives but a few things to bear in mind :
a) my first one died because the on button got jammed on ... so it could never recharge ! To be fair, I travelled abroad most weeks for those 3 years and the shaver got jammed in so many carry-on bags that it hardly had a protected life.
b) the trimmer is as weak as they all are on shavers - does the smallest jobs only
c) wet is much better than dry ... nothing fancy needed as liquid soap is enough, even just water is fine, but it performs a lot better than if it is used dry
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