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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 23 February 2012
I had done well to get over 5 years of use from my old Philishave 6000, but realised it was taking longer to shave with it. Having read the reviews on this site I decided this was the one for me. The main reasons for selecting this one were the softer cushioned heads, the 1 hour charging time, washable under the tap & the automatic voltage selector which ranges from 100-240v. Having used it for a few days I initially noticed that I got a shaving rash but now that has gone. I guess it was the newness of the blades that did it. It feels chunky which I like and it is quieter than my old shaver. The softer heads are just that and I don't feel the need to press so hard on my skin as I did with my old one.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 May 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have used electric shavers for 40 years but these have always been either a Remington or a Braun. I have never tried a rotary shaver always thinking the cutting area looked rather small compared to the normal models.
I found with a Braun no matter how expensive the model you always needed a wet shave after a few days to remove the designer stubble effect.
Missing a day with an electric shaver always meant for me that a wet shave was needed before I could use an electric shaver again.
This Philips PowerTouch PF860 Electric Shaver was a revelation. At first I thought the battery was flat as it was so quiet and running at what seemed to me in comparison to other shavers very low motor speed. I can actually hear the radio whilst shaving which is unusual.
A mistake I made was pressing too hard having needed to do this before and ending up with a glowing skin area around my neck as it cuts much closer than I was used to.
I tried leaving two days of growth and it was no problem at all giving a shave as close as a wet shave with no areas missed using the circular action recommended.
The re-charge according to the diagrammatic instruction sheet only takes 1 hour or it can be used from the mains directly.
It will definitely replace my existing Braun shaver.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 June 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I admit to start with, me and electric shavers have never really got on. I find that they never get close to the blade shaving experience, and the only benefit of electric shavers is their convenience and swiftness. So it was with some trepidation that I decided to give another one a go. And was actually pleasantly surprised.

I suspect electric shavers are much better than I remember on the whole, but this is the best electric shaver I have ever used. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't get as close as a blade shave does but it is very good and I am happy using this before work to get rid of any annoying roughness. It does that job very well, with the bonus of not having to worry about and spots of blood on the shirts type of incident! The 3 independent heads on a suspension system make up the head unit. The 3 shaving heads are sprung and independent of their surrounds, so that there is a lot of flexibility for the shaver to fit the contours of your face. I found that this was really good and definitely has to be one of the main reasons why this shaves much closer than any other electric I've ever had.

The look and feel of the shaver is good. It feels like a sturdy piece and it feels good and solid in the hand. Not heavy, just solidly made. The shape and grip material means it fits nicely in the hand and is comfortable to hold as you shave away. There is also a handy sideburn/beard trimmer built into the back that flicks out nicely at the push down of a sliding switch. Handy and effective for keeping sideys in trim!

Charging is very quick with only an hour or so taken to give this a full charge. And it lasts a reasonable amount of time to. I was also impressed with how long it held the charge. I went away for a couple of weeks, came back and the charge was still in there quite strong. The only downside is this will only plug into a dedicated shaver socket. Maybe it is my naivety but I am not sure if every bathroom will have a shaver socket? As I haven't used one for a long time it is probably just me.

Cleaning and maintenance is good too. A simple little switch just under the shaver head flicks the blades section up and allows you to easily empty out the shavings. Once the head is open it is a very simple twist of a central switch to release the 3 heads and take them out for a proper clean. And putting them back in is equally as simple.

Overall then, a good electric shaver that I am now using as my quick out-of-the-door-to-work device. I still revert to the blade shave when I am seeing friends or going out because the electric still isn't quite as good and doesn't leave me feeling as smooth, but it certainly is a very good shaver for everyday use.
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on 10 October 2011
I have had many Philishave shavers and have always been very pleased with them. This is the best so far, very quiet, smooth and a really quick, close shave. Lasts for 2 weeks before recharging and the 2 pin cord is no problem as I have a 2 pin plug adaptor. Highly recommended.
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on 19 May 2012
Bought as a replacement for an excellent and older Philishave that didn't survive being dropped on to the floor, this is all its predecessor was: well-built and giving a good, close, comfortable shave. I've no plans to drop it, and so can't comment on that aspect. What I should have appreciated is a carrying case, however rudimentary: that for my older shaver doesn't quite fit. If Philips omitted it as a way of keeping down the price, this customer would have preferred to have a case, even if I'd had to pay a couple of pounds more. But this is really nit-picking.

Prospective buyers might find helpful a few tips that I've found help give as good a shave as one could reasonably expect...unless, of course, you really want to part with the top layer of skin always removed by a 'soap and scrape' wet blade. Most important: the skin must be dry, which usually means shaving before you wash. If you must wash first, give your face a good chance to dry out. (Time for a cup of tea, but try not to dribble down your chin, since this sets you back to square one.) I find it helps in any case to rub in just a LITTLE talcum powder - cheap is fine, and baby powder will do the trick - before wiping it off with a dry cloth so that virtually none remains. This will lubricate the action of the cutters and the movement of the shaver over the face. Secondly: shave with a feather-light touch. Hard pressure tends to flatten the whiskers against the skin and almost guarantees soreness, especially if the skin is even slighly moist. Finally, and applicable certainly to rotary cutters: apart from the usual vertical and horizontal strokes, I suggest that a last quick run over with the shaver moving in small figures of eight on the skin ensures that any remaining hairs aren't missed, whatever the direction in which they're pointing. At any rate, it works for me.
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on 15 April 2014
I am using philips shavers for last 20 years - I expected this model to be more powerful and quick but it takes long time to shave and I have to go over and over again to get smooth shave. My Philip shave HQ6910 for £.20 is still better and working - I got this one thinking to be much better model I am disappointed.
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on 25 April 2016
AWFUL ergonomics. First, the plastic is slippery and the shaver is so tapered in shape that it kept sliding out of my grip. After a few shaves I put a couple of rings of bicycle inner tube round it, and this improved the grip. Then the on/off switch is under the rubber grip right where your thumb goes, which probably seemed like the most convenient place for it, -except that it is also pretty sensitive, so I switch it off accidentally once or twice every use. Thirdly, it doesn't stand on the shelf like my last Philips, so it takes up 3 times as much space on the shelf. Lastly, once the head is flipped open for cleaning, the workings WILL fly apart if you touch anything even lightly with the brush. Do NOT buy this if you like to clean your shaver after each use, and don't clean it anywhere near the toilet!

Gives a good shave, but the serious design flaws mean I'll be looking elsewhere next time. Whatever happened to R&D at Philips?
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on 9 October 2016
I don't know, but, although this product's quality and looks are fine - the performance doesn't seem to be as good as the last one I bought of the same make and model. Maybe I just got a 'Friday' product but I dumped my previous one after around three years of great service - principally as the battery wasn't holding its charge so well anymore. I was expecting a new one of the same model to cut really well - especially from new. But, I found that this one isn't any better than the one I've dumped after three or so years of use. Hey ho!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Over 50 years ago my first electric shaver was a fixed twin head Philips for mains only. Since then I have progressed through triple fixed head, and then floating heads, and mains only became dual mains or rechargeable batteries. All have been fit for purpose and with ongoing evolution this PT860 model is equally satisfactory. The triple cutters now have both slots and holes with a rise and fall action to ensure all hairs are cut, and they adjust automatically to follow contours of the face. The shaver performs best using circular motion around cheeks, chin and neck.

As with previous models the PT860 is expected to give long service, but renewal of cutters is recommended every 2 years. Its on/off switch and battery indicator merge nicely with the easy grip body of the shaver which is advertised as "fully washable". So it is by holding the head end under a running tap but this is not to be confused with total immersion, or any water contact with the charger. This applies to the pop-up sideburn (or moustache) trimmer which is to be cleaned with the brush provided. It is also recommended that the triple cutters be brush cleaned monthly in addition to washing under a tap.

Though the length of time for cordless power is only 50 minutes an advantage of this model is its recharging period of only 1 hour, and a 3 minute charge is sufficient for a single shave, or the unit may be operated when plugged into the adapter. This Philips PT860 is an efficient no-nonsense shaver that is fully fit for purpose.
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on 18 August 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
A traditional style electric shaver, which works well. It offers a good enough shave, but I found it a little time consuming to use.

It feels nice in the hand and not too heavy. Not a handy enough size for travel though. Accurate over irregular areas such as neck and (dare I say) jowls, and with the added feature of a fine area trimmer (which pops out) for close detail areas (nose and lip).

What I did find is it doesn't offer a close enough shave that a wet shave does, and if you try too hard to achieve a closer shave you essential end up with razor rash like no other!

Good long battery life, and reliable make. Good enough.
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