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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 29 July 2011
I have a Nikon D7000 camera which has twin SHDC slots. I bought a pair of 8gb class 10 Sandisk cards initially but decided I wanted some more capacity and thought I would try a more budget card. The reviews for this one looked promising and they are half the price of the Sandisk equivalent.

Very much an initial reaction so not tested over time yet (I'll revise the review if anything else crops up) but I would say these are good value for money. Shooting burst mode with the different pairs of cards these are probably fractionally slower than the Sandisk pair but (given the awesome speed in burst mode in the camera) I doubt there would be any real life issues using these and they are half the price of the Sandisk ones. I guess one caveat would be that the camera allows various options of use on the 2nd slot and I always use it as a backup to the first slot. In the end whatever brand is used SHDC cards are not as substantial as compact flash for example. However I'd probably trust these in a single slot usage I guess.

Re-reading the reviews on these I thought I should test some more so... Definitely slower than Sandisk in burst mode and I take the point that all class 10 cards really should perform in much the same way. Shots a series of images onto each card separately and loaded the on to the computer (via a card reader and Lightroom) and they transferred just fine. If I hit glitches I'll amend the review.

Additionally - 6 months on
I've had this pair of cards in my D7000 for about 4 months now with no glitches so far. While maybe not used daily around 200+ shots a week is by no means unusual and I tend to be shooting RAW these days with correspondingly large files and this does not seems to cause any issues either. Maybe also of interest - because I do not connect my camera to the computer and use a reader the cards regularly get taken out and put in again (more than weekly). I also swap them between the two slots so they are being physically manipulated as well as electronically.

12 months on
These cards have now been in my camera for just on a year. While maybe not quite daily usage the camera is used frequently and I've probably shot around 7,500 images in that time. I've had no errors. The cards were reasonable value when I bought them - I would now say they are excellent value.
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on 29 June 2010
I'm very pleased with my purchase. I looked around on the web and found this to be the cheapest I found. I decided to go with class 10 to ensure no issues with recording HD video because the mimimum is a class 6. I have used this SD card in my Canon EOS 550D camera for a month taking many pictures and videos with no issues and I'm very pleased.

Also was posted quickly so overall very pleased.
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on 16 April 2010
As I mentioned in my previous review on Transcend Class 6 MicroSD, huge flash memories today are everywhere, and they get bigger and bigger by the minute...

In my case, initially, I wanted to try one of the newest 16GB SDHC cards, to use it with my Kodak Zi8 as large recording media, with my PC for quick transfer/backup, and even with my XBOX 360, which - with the latest dashboard update - now supports also installation of TWO non-Microsoft removable USB flash drives/readers (up to a combined size of 16 GB), as ultra-fast storage media to _install games_, profiles, etc.

Problem is, as many of you probably have already found out lately (especially if you bought any 16 or 32 GB flash memory, for instance...): bigger is _not_ always better...

As a matter of fact, according to several reviews, many 16GB-32GB flash memories, even some from the best brands, can produce rather disappointing performances/reliability, especially if compared to smaller-sized models from the same product lines...

Add to this the reliability/failure rate risks of extremely large memories (which can suffer _a lot_ the high temperatures and stresses produced by the continuous use they allow, especially with high-performance devices...), and it is easy to come to the conclusion that it is still much safer, cheaper and even better (performance-wise) to invest in more smaller, high-performance flash memories, than rely on a single, extremely large one, just to avoid having to replace the media from time to time...

(Just magine losing ALL of the priceless memories from your once-in-a-lifetime, expensive-like-hell, unforgettable experience AT ONCE...)

So, in the end I decided to avoid 16GB models, and I tried one of the fastest (and apparently more reliable), latest Class 10 8GB models from Transcend, instead.

I chose Transcend, since I have been using their flash products for at least eight years, with great performances, and I NEVER lost a single byte out of them: I am still using _everyday_ for small backups their first 256MB CFs, bought in 2002! (Too bad there are a LOT of fakes out there, so beware who you buy them from...)

By the way, Class 10 means, as in all SDHC cards, that these cards should offer a minimum _write_ speed of 10MB per second, compared for instance to the typical 6MB/sec you can find on Class 6 cards.

Write speed, by the way, IMHO is much more important than _read_ speed, since many high-performance cameras need it to allow, for instance, continuous shooting at very high picture sizes, or long Full HD shoots without having the device "choking" on the high throughput...

Moreover, in case you should use cards with slow write speeds to transfer huge amounts of files from one device to another, you might easily end up looking like Dorian Gray's reflection, waiting for your file transfer to complete...

So, how did this specific little card perform, in the end? Well..LIKE A DREAM!

First of all, I tried the usual flash benchmark, in less than ideal, REAL WORLD conditions: what is the point of running benchmarks in conditions that you will almost NEVER enjoy in real life? (i.e. no other applications bothering the system, no mouse movement, no Internet connection, etc...)

I tested this with an S5 Transcend reader (not included) and a flash memory benchmark from a known Bullock-first-named suite of tools, with at least FOUR other different memory-intensive applications running (but not accessing the file system), including my Internet browser (not browsing) and e-mail software, moving the mouse from time to time, and I got anyway a read speed of almost 19MB/sec (!), on 64MB-sized files, and a write speed of just a little less than 10MB/sec on the same size.

Please note that on very small files (few KB, less than 2MB, very uncommon these days...) the write speed plunged to approx. 4MB/sec. or even less, but this is very common with any flash-based memory, due to their high access times. On 2MB-files, the read speed was approx. 18MB anyway, and the write speed was approx. 9MB/sec.

But this was only a benchmark, and usually such benchmarks can be very far from everyday use; so, I started doing _actual_ real-world tests, and I copied 4.81GB of MP3 files (_hundreds_ of them) of ALL sizes to the card: the copy took slightly more than 7 minutes, so I obtained a _real_ combined writing speed of more than 11MB/sec, which is almost TWICE the rated writing speed of a Class 6 card!

But the greatest surprise came when I started copying _very_ large files, the kind of files you would obtain with HD or FullHD recording, for instance: I was able to copy a 1GB+ file (1063MB) TO the card in LESS THAN ONE MINUTE, which confirmed the approximate 18MB/sec. result of the benchmark, a _real_ result similar to cards from other brands costing almost TWICE as much!

By the way, with 100-300MB files, the read speed reached consistently 20-21MB/sec (!) and approximately 10MB/sec. with the microscopic files mentioned above, and this is MUCH more than I was hoping for this little wonder, at this price...

I also tested this with my trusted Kodak Zi8 camera, and again it worked like a charm, with _no_ glitches even after several continuous minutes of recording, (so far, at least...). Finally, my XBOX 360 also accepted and formatted the card immediately, as I was hoping, so now I have 16GB of fast-load memory for my games (8+8GB on 2 card readers).

So, what can I say? These Transcend Class 10 cards IMHO are really worth the price, at least for their performances, and if they turn out to be as reliable/durable as their smaller and older companions, I will be using them for a _long_ time, hopefully...
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on 29 October 2010
I bought Transcend 8gb SD card before and was delighted with price and performance. Although not as fast as Sandisk extreme III, it is of good value PRICE AND PERFORMANCE wise compared to Sandisk Extreme III. As a result i ordered another 8gb SDHC and 16 gb SDHC. But problem started to appear very soon. Initially there was one or two picture error. But soon it started happening on all 3 of those cards. If it happens on just one card i can understand but same issue in 3 cards is not a coincidence. One of the card didn't work at all on Paris trip and then it was working fine after few weeks with one or two error. Another card had same problem and didn't work on my trip to Italy. I got the backup card and same issue. I lost all my trust on transcend on this trip. I was frustrated and angry not being able to take photo and had to delete photos instantly if i wanted to take new photos. I now think they sell it cheap because they sacrifice on quality. Even Samsung 16 gb class 6 sells for almost double the price and Sandisk extreme III a bit higher than that. It is a bit tempting to buy Transcend because of value but i have learned hard way that paying that a bit more and buying Sandisk extreme III would have saved my holiday trip photos.

I looked at their warranty policy and decided it is of no use to claim it. If it didn't stop working at all then i would have given it 4 or 5 stars. But 3 out of 3 cards and same issues deserves 1 star. Transcend should really look into this quality issue. It would be shame if they destroy their goodwill and brand value on shady quality. ONE OR TWO PICTURE ERROR IS ACCEPTABLE, BUT NOT WORKING AT ALL IN SOME SITUATION IS NOT ACCEPTABLE NO MATTER HOW CHEAP THE PRICE.
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on 24 June 2010
Bought for Panasonic SD60 HD camcorder. Really does the job in the same way as those cards which are twice as expensive. It is fast to read from and write to, as you would expect, and there really is no point spending any more than the price offered here as it is a good deal, particularly when you see slower memory cards with half the capacity costing more on the high street.
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on 5 April 2010
I have same card and spec made by Panasonic as well as this one and this one works in the same way with no issues for me.There really is not a differance I can spot.
I use it on a Panasonic HD camcorder with no problems.I would describe my level of useage as home use only I am not a pro and therefore am happy with this cards features.
Highy recommended
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on 1 March 2010
I use this card in my 2009 Nikon D60 D-SLR camera. It works beautifully and in terms of capturing continuous photos (without Active D-lighting enabled) it is quick.
However, when uploading the photos to a PC, it only comes through at about 8.5Mb/s (with Windows 7). This falls shourt of the 10Mbps I was expecting. In fact, I was hoping for more like 15-18Mb/s - but not so.
However, in context, my Sandisk Extreme III 4Gb 30Mb/s Edition card only uploads at 10Mb/s so it isn't that much slower. Perhaps I should do an experiment with a known upload size to measure actual performance.
However, this is an indication of the PC's poor card reader and not the card itself. As pointed out by another reviewer, the transfer rate is dictated by the hardware you computer has, and I know this card is quick because of the way it can take large, continuous photos at 3 frames/sec.

On a recent trip to Brazil, where I photograhed around 1800 medium and high resolution pictures, the complete upload time wasn't a major problem - less than a couple of minutes I think.

All in all, I'm very pleased with it and I'd be happy to recommend it to anyone. This card is fast and capacity-wise, enormous. 8Gb is good for over 3500 photos at 5.6Mp and Normal compression with a Nikon D60.

Nikon D60 Digital SLR Camera - Black (AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR)
Transcend 8GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card

N. Hunter, Littlehampton, West Sussex.
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on 28 April 2011
I have been using this memory card in a Canon 550D dSLR camera. I plugged it in and it worked from the off. It doesn't seem to keep me waiting around when I am shooting 18mp Raw photos and data transfer off the card also seems very quick. I have not put this through any speed tests so this is purely perception.

I have definitely noticed a difference over the class 4 SDHC card I'm using in my 10mp panasonic point and shoot. This camera card combo will take photos and store them a lot quicker (taking into account the files are 4-5 times larger) than the panasonic does.

Definitely recommend as its a quick card and one of the most cost effective memory cards I have seen!!!
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on 15 March 2011

Zero problems so far and very happy with the amount of storage and speed if this card.

Tried with:
- HP Envy 13
- Asus EP121
- Kingston MobileLite G2 card reader

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on 29 May 2011
I purchased this SDXC card last week to use in my EOS 600D. Gave it the first proper test yesterday, shooting about 900 shots with it, which didn't even take the card to halfway full. This is shooting in RAW using auto ISO set to a maximum of 6400. Under these circumstances, the camera showed a capacity of 2,147. (going on my very shoddy memory, but it was something of that order) I experienced no problems whatsoever. Nice and quick to write and transferred over to the laptop's external HDD just fine.

I shall be buying a couple more of these cards before my trip abroad later in the year. At this price, it'd be madness, and, quite frankly, rude not to. This is my first gargantuan card; I'd limited myself to 8/16GB cards in the past but thought I'd get a biggie. Thus far I'm wholly impressed on the performance of this card.

The only niggle, and the reason I've only given it four stars is this: the card doesn't come with a protective case. This is no huge problem as when it comes to card-swapping, you can just use the case of whatever card you replace it with but would it have killed them to supply a lil plastic box with it? I don't even mean one of the fancy cases like some cards come provided with: the funky rubber cases my Samsung cards came with or the little hinged case my Panasonic card came with: just a little standard clear plastic case would've done as they're always handy to have. Plus you can build a mini Stonehenge out of them when you're bored.

On the whole though, great card, highly recommended. If Transcend can see their way into providing us with a little case, it'll be five stars all the way. *nods*
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