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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 14 September 2016
This review does not reflect on the Amazon seller at all and is all about the product itself.
I purchased this in June 2014 and was so thrilled that my husband bought one in July 2014. Last month, August 2016, the metal bit that holds the toothbrush on came away from the toothbrush handle, then 3 weeks later (September 2016) exactly the same has happened with mine. So both broken at about 2 Years old. We look after things and they are washed and dried after each use and still look like new, there's no crusty old toothpaste all around them! My husband purchased his from a completely different retail store so there's no chance it's a faulty batch, we are extremely disappointed as these are not cheap toothbrushes and we expected a much longer life expectancy than this. 😡
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on 14 July 2016
Avoid, avoid, avoid
This works well - initially but this is a warning to other prospective customers. Just as it is out of the warranty period it stops charging and working.
I have now purchased Sonicare twice. Both failed after 3 years. I will not be waiting to see if I've wasted money on a third one!

Think that after contacting Philips customer service, they will replace it as a gesture of goodwill for your customer loyalty? After all how is it reasonable to spend this much money on a product that fails after 3years? No, they invite you to spend more again on a product that will inevitably give up with, a paltry 20% off voucher! I'll pass on that, Philips.
Why would I want my third toothbrush to be a Philips toothbrush, when they continuously fail? A cynic might suggest that they are designed to fail outside warranty (24 months)
Friends have the other brand and report not having theses issues.
Philips customer service is laissez-faire, there's been no response to my reply saying that this was unreasonable. I'm now researching this in more detail and looking at other brands.
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on 27 May 2017
I am quite disappointed with my Sonicare, initially it worked well but after only a few months I began to experience issues.
It is temperamental, sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. It seems to matter at which angle I hold the toothbrush as it will otherwise switch off or provide very little power insufficient to brush ones teeth. Sometimes it will just turn off without me moving it, it will stop working if I press it against my teeth no matter how gently. I had my Braun for 13 years without issues before 'upgrading.' I would have thrown it out would I have not had bought a vast amount of toothbrush heads. I still try to use it sometime but often end up furious and just using a run of the mill manual brush.
I am also annoyed that I waited so long and did not contact Philips in the warranty period, I always thought surely performance will return back to normal and also I did not really look forward to the hassle, big mistake!
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on 7 March 2017
I liked this toothbrush very much but having now had two faulty ones, I shall never buy another product from the manufacturer. Philips replaced the first one, but didn't want to know about the problem with the second one.
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on 19 May 2017
It's fine while it works. It doesn't do much more than manual brushing, but just dies in between 2 and 3 years. Mine died after 2 and a half years. There was no warning, it just stopped working, stopped charging, it's just dead. For the price this thing should be lasting a lot longer than that. So my advice is avoid it, buy something else.
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on 7 April 2017
Worked well while it lasted, but lived a much shorter life than my previous electric toothbrushes. My first Philips £35 sonic brush lasted 6 years, a cheapy £15 one lasted 5 years, but this really expensive one lasted just over 3 and then went mad, switching on and off randomly until battery is flat. Shows that you don't necessarily get the quality that you pay for.
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on 26 January 2014
This is by far and away the best electronic toothbrush I've ever used.

The brush is reasonably thin ams and so easy to hold and use. This is the first sonicare brush I've tried, having previously always used Oral B toothbrushes (my last was their top of the range triumph excel).

I find the sonicare to be slightly gentler on my gums bit it also seems to achieve slightly better levels of teeth cleaning.

I thought the glass charger to be a bit of a gimmick but after a few weeks I appreciate not having to carefully place it on a charging base.

I also find that the brush also seems to stay very clean, it doesn't seem to really pick up water marks.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it despite the high price.
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on 8 April 2017
Mostly Works well and nice design but after 18 months it switches itself on randomly including in the middle of the night and makes an absolute racket waking whole family. Unusable, expected it to last longer.
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on 4 March 2017
When it works it's great but the battery failed about about 18 months and now it has failed again (in spite of being careful to follow instructions) and it is too expensive for this!
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on 26 April 2017
Prompt delivery, great toothbrush (well used for over a year)
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