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on 27 July 2011
I've used an ionic steam iron from Philips for many years. After the last one broke down, I went ahead and got this particular model without the ionic steam feature. After having used it for the last few weeks, I am so glad with my choice.

This model makes ironing very quick work indeed. It glides over cottons very easily removing any wrinkles in one go. For very heavily wrinkled fabric using the spray and then ironing over the area works wonderfully. It doesn't drip water so long as you let the iron warm up - which it does fairly quickly too. In terms of weight, its not very heavy and feels fine to hold despite the plasticky feel on the handle.

The iron is very energy efficient and releases more steam as you press down over the fabric. The water capacity is also sufficient and does not run out quickly. You don't have to top up more than a couple of times for a full laundry load.

Overall, its a fantastic product and one that you should buy without hesitation.
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VINE VOICEon 18 August 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Well needing a new iron I was pleased to see this on vine.

Using it is a bit odd as the handle isn't 'solid' at the back - but more about that later. The sole plate is non-stick and glides effortlessly over your clothes. The iron produces a good amount of steam but make sure you have the temp setting correct for this and the separate steam setting to make the most of it. The iron also has an in-built water spray button as well as a steam boost button (this can only be used on the highest temp). The iron can also be used as a vertical steamer. whilst it isn't as powerful as those steam generators it has done a good job at getting the big creases out of my curtains without having to take them down first.

The handle depresses at the back and this is used to control the amount of steam the iron produces. The harder you press on it the more steam is produced. As we naturally press harder on the heavy creates this makes sure that the right amount of steam is produced all the time. This is where the iron also saves energy as no excess steam is produced. As you put the iron on its heal the steam also turns off.

The iron also has a double anti calc system. Inside the water tank there is an anti scale tablet which Philips claim will last the life of the kettle. There is also the regular calc-clear system which is common with most steam irons.

The hole where you pour the water is also quite large so there is little chance of spilling it everywhere. This hole has a hinged cap to prevent loss of heat and steam.

Using the iron I am able to glide through my ironing which is good as I hate ironing.
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on 8 February 2012
It's been exactly two years since I bought this item...and this weekend it packed up! No steam comes out now unless you use the booster, which is NOT useful. There are definitely better irons out there and my task today is to track one down. NOT HAPPY.

Tricky thing to review, an iron! If they don't flatten the clothes, they're rubbish and if they do - then what's the problem?

This iron I can't decide how much I like. It works - don't get me wrong - but there are little niggles that stop me from being wholly content.

Firstly - it's heavy. Secondly - it occasionally sticks a little, which my last one never did. Thirdly - it's noisy! The noise of the steam escaping when you have it upright actually becomes irritating! Finally - the button to control the steam flow is a bit loose and it's tricky to see which setting it's on, so you have to flick it up and down to check.

It does what it's designed to, and and I have no complaints on that score, but I think improvements could be made in the 'glideyness' of the plate and perhaps in the amount of steam it loses when at rest.
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VINE VOICEon 25 May 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Iron is a little heavier than our previous Phillips iron, which proved very reliable.

This iron actually does what it says it does in the spiel.

- Steam is curtailed when the iron is 'parked' vertically.

- When you exert more pressure on the iron it does release more steam by the clever intuitive downward handle movement detector, almost without you realising it.

- The extra steam boast is demonstrated by the fact that only one side ironing was required on a thick uniform, instead of both sides. Excellent time and effort saver.

- The 3m mains cable means better positioning of the whole ironing table.
However - DO NOT get 'twists and kinks' in the cord when storing - extra cable could mean slopping cable twists - in
the case of ALL Irons, this can cause early cable damage and terminate usage of the iron due to the nature of
the thick copper wires!

- Power - 2400 watts is a powerful iron, fast to heat up, does waste steam in the rest position,
therefore saving power and the extra steam boost is brilliant for thick collars, seams etc.

- Innovation - it can steam vertically - We've seen girls in the local curtain shop removing creases in hung curtains with vertical steam - it also gets kinks out of clothes on hangers, just tug the material and press steam. Voila! No need to buy a steam kit just for the clever trick.

- Filling - at last Phillips have made the spout filler BIGGER, making it much easier to fill and quicker.

- Emptying, a simple inversion over the sink empties excess water before storing and it does work well, no mess!

- De-calcing - simple and efficient auto cycle - ideal as we have the hardest water in England, which appears to
be mostly minerals (it tastes awful too). This water destroys simple irons, I can testify from the previous
Phillips iron that they do not fail under these conditions as cheap irons have done.

- Brown stains from gunk in the tank - it doesn't happen, which is good having seen friends trousers with
suspicious brown stains on - yeh right the iron huh? Oh it really was? Rats!

Highly recommended tool.
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on 20 April 2012
This is a great iron. It glides effortlessly over clothes, gets rid of creases easily, the cord is long and is kept out of the way and the iron sits stable on its heel. Im makes ironing very comfortable, I would recommend it for people that do not like ironing much as it makes it so easy to do. The energy saving function seems to work well, it does not waste much steam but still has enough power. Furthermore, it is not ackward to use at all, even though I though it might be because I was used to iron with a regular one.

Perhaps worth mentioning is that this is not the newest version of the philips energy saving iron range. The lime green version on amazon is a little newer, and has got a steam shot at the tip feature, which this one does not have... I bought this version because I preferred the blue colour, but only realised they are different models after using mine for the first time!
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on 21 September 2011
I must iron every night with my two kids and was looking for a new but reasonaly cheap iron. I read all the other reviews about this product and decided to give it a go and i'm very glad i did and would recommend this to anyone ! Its made ironing a pleasure. With the in built dec scale setting its so easy to keep clean and the oversize water spout is great as i'm always splilling the water. But the best function is the extra steam burst you get when you press down on the iron over difficult creases which helps get rid of those stubbon creases in one go fantastic. some of the other reviews have said about the plastic handle but i find it ok and my hand doesn't ache as much as with my other iron.
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on 22 February 2012
Researched irons for a while as I'd only had my last one for a few years and it seemed to take forever to iron things and burnt alot of fabrics. I had high hopes for this new Philips iron and it has well and truely lived up to them! Its not the best looking iron I've seen, its quite bulky and looks like it could have been designed in the 70's but it certainly does the job. I actually found myself enjoying ironing recently....sad I know! Its fast and effective - I only seem to whizz over clothes now and they are sorted. Ironing takes half the time and nothing (yet) has been burnt! The best bit is the clever responsive handle - dont know the technical bits but basically if you press harder on the iron (which I tend to naturally do on fabric that is tougher to iron) it increases the steam pressure and seems to do the trick. Also has a fantastically long cable.
Love it and would highly recommend!
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on 14 September 2011
This is by far the best iron i have ever had and i have had alot of irons!and the best bit is that it had money off.It is not a heavy iron and the fact you can press the handle down to get a constant supply of steam which is great for jeans and shirts.I am REALLY impressed with this iron and as the chief ironer in my house it cut my ironing time in half a really great product.I strongly recommend you buy this!
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on 8 July 2011
I'm very sissy with irons and I saw a national review that said this was the best iron of the test, and here in Portugal cost more 17 euros, so I bought on Amazon.co.uk.

I use a lot of shirts, and with this iron I iron them at least twice faster and with better results.

The plastics don't look good but I love the steam.

The 3m cable it's a little too much for who doesn't need it like me.

But the overall I give it 5 stars and say: Amazing!

Surely one of the best quality / price relations.
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on 9 August 2011
Bought to replace another Philips iron that had died after prolonged use in a hard water area; this one is so much better.
Not too heavy, even when filled with water; glides over even the most creased cotton, and the `press harder' to get more steam works perfectly.
Long cord is very useful.
All in all a very good iron (also has a calc facility so should cope with our hard water). Would recommend.
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