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on 31 January 2014
Amazing Edition, Lots of extras, i really like seeing how a movie was made (over 20 hours of bonus!), The first film in expanded Edition, Love it!
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on 2 January 2015
Got this for my step son for Christmas and he is over the moon
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on 25 February 2014
I originally bought Superman The Movie, Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut and Superman Returns on HD DVD, and those satisfied me for a while - but I knew I always wanted the sequels, Superman III and Superman IV The Quest for Peace (a guilty pleasure of mine) on Blu-Ray. When the chance arose to get this at a decent price (including shipping it was around $35), I couldn't refuse to get this 8-disc box set.

The first two films are spread across the first four discs - that is, theatrical cuts and then Richard Donner's versions. Superman III is disc five, Superman IV is disc six, Superman Returns, disc seven, and an eighth disc which has the fantastic documentary chronicling the history of Superman in film and television - both George Reeves and and Christopher Reeve get a moment of silence from mentioning their passing.

The set is exhaustive - of particular interest to me was the inclusion of the Fleischer cartoons, of which I watched many times as a youngster. As far as I can tell they are in high definition as well, and they look beautiful. Also included in the first episode of George Reeves' Superman show from the 50s, as well as a never-aired/never-released/completely frightening "Adventures of Superpup" pilot.

The only thing missing from this set, that even though it wasn't a Christopher Reeve movie, was Supergirl. Mentioned in some of the documentaries, its exclusion is a bit perplexing, as it was made between Superman III and Superman IV. Hopefully a standalone release will come in the future.

The set is worth every cent for Superfans and with eight discs worth of material to watch, including theatrical versions of all the films and expanded/director's cuts of the first two, including commentaries on all except for Superman Returns, this is a set that will take a good while to work through. Highly, highly, HIGHLY recommended.
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on 3 December 2015
(That is Director Richard Donner not Doner as in Kebab which is probably why this review was originally rejected as hate speech {Madness!})
Here is the COMPLETE box set version you need to buy to get the Richard Donner Directors Cuts

The description is inaccurate and it is not being corrected as usual by Amazon
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on 30 June 2011
This box set is really the only option to take if you want all the features and different cuts of the first two films that you got on DVD and NOT to buy them individually (as I did) on Blu-Ray , as you only get half of what your supposed too.
Really didn't want to own Superman 3 & 4 , but I suppose its the only way they could shift copies of those films by making this box set in such away that I cant even throw them away without spoiling the look of the set.

Picture quality is again "marginal" compared to the DVD's but the sound transfer is still one of the best I've heard to date if you have a decent audio system. Check out the scene where a young Clark kicks a football in Superman 1 , sounds like he's just kicked an atomic bomb ! And John Williams score never sounded so good.

Features are plentiful and an interesting deleted scene from Superman Returns , where you see him searching a dead Krypton , and a reason to why an advanced race still cant land a space craft on Earth properly without crashing.

Still feel a little cheated in having to buy this box set instead of individually just so I can have the features and choices I want , but noticed now the price has leapt a very tall building to nearly £60...Bought this only a few days ago for £36 so if your thinking of buying...WAIT !
As I'm sure with Amazons erratic pricing structure will have this down even further.
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on 21 November 2014
A nice movie christopher reeves is exellent
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I have 57 stitches in my head because of Superman. I wasnt very old, only 21 months when i saw superman for the 1st time (george reeves) and i was fascinated, a man that can fly, so like all kids thought oh i can do that, so climbed on the back of the sofa and said look mummy i can fly, and hurled myself off the sofa towards my mum who was sat on the floor feeding my brother and i landed head 1st into the glass table.

I have since then just been completely enamoured with Superman and this is a great box set of all of the superman movies apart from the new Henry Cavill ones, who i think is excellent as the caped one.

I loved Christopher reeves as Superman, he was funny, played it with a comical twist which i loved, and i remember every christmas when i was little, we always watched them on the tv and thought that Gene Hackman was the best baddie of all time.

The bluray transfer was as expected, a little noisy, but i didnt care so much frankly because this 8 disc set boxset is just fantastic, so many extras to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed the Mole Men and the classic cartoons, really took me back to when i was small.

An overall brilliant buy.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 April 2016
At less than £20 for this collection of Blu-ray films in a deluxe steelbook case, this is a bargain!

This set consists of the 4 Christopher Reeve films and the later 'Superman Returns' (2006) movie.

Okay, they're not all great. The initial 2 movies are fantastic, and defined Superman for a generation. The third film is rather poor and forgettable, but with just enough action and fun to be watchable. The fourth film is abysmal ... a complete waste of time. The more recent entry is very good, depicting a decent Superman, but lacked a nemesis finale (and, unfortunately, didn't earn enough at the cinema to warrant sequels).

There's plenty of extras ...

This is an Italian import - but it offers an English audio. The picture and sound quality are excellent.

Fully recommended, so long as you don't already own the first two films.
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on 27 March 2015
People DO get confused. If---I say IF--- you are going to buy either
the 5,
the 8,
Blu-ray collection, the----current----price difference is so slight it makes sense to buy the latter.
THIS, so-called, "Region-Free" SUPERMAN ANTHOLOGY is even cheaper, in America, than the American version.
'nough said. I will SKIP OVER the documentaries and list the "MEAT" on each Blu-ray Disc.
Due to multiple languages, the discs have pictures. The correct film can be identified by reading the print
along the outter most edge of each disc. Which say:
George Reeves; 3 classic cartoons.
3.)"SUPERMAN II", 1980/'81; . . . . . . . nine 1940's Superman cartoons.
4.)"SUPERMAN II", 2006 (RICHARD DONNER CUT); 8 1940's Superman cartoons.
6.)"SUPERMAN IV", a 1988, 50th anniversary TV special... spot the stars!
7.)"SUPERMAN RETURNS", 2006 Brandon Routh [picks up where "II" leaves off].

Perhaps, in 2018-----when the first in this series of COLOR movies is FORTY YEARS OLD-----other
bonuses may include the two Superman Serialized-shorts from the late '40s, subsequent new SUPERMAN
films, such as "MAN OF STEEL", the planned "SUPERMAN vs. BATMAN", and, maybe even 1984's "SUPERGIRL".
I replaced all of my SUPERMAN DVDs---and a VHS-video-cassette-tape---
with THIS compact boxset, which measures 7"x5.5"x1.6"[17x14x4cm+/-]
On a side note. SUPERMAN IV: The scientific aspects of this film---ruined the entire movie, for most.
For example:
1.) Not only can you NOT hear a scream in space; it's oxygen-free; horribly cold.
2.) Lex Luthor is BALD. Gene Hackman didn't wear WIGS in this, and just appeared with his REAL thinning/bald head; distracting.
3.) Superman (Christopher Reeve) WAS wearing a wig.
4.) "Lois Lane" was looking long-in-the tooth.
5.) Cloning: an adult; speaking; fully-dressed man.
6.) Those 31 minutes of out-takes really WERE better left out.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 October 2015
A definitive Superman collection. In Richard Donner's original blockbuster, the Superman myth is well told, from his birth on the doomed planet Krypton to his childhood in a small Kansas town and beyond. After he comes of age, young Clark Kent, as his Earth parents have named him, learns the truth of his alien birth on a voyage of discovery to the Arctic. It is there that he learns through a link to his long-dead birth parents of his superhuman abilities and his responsibility to preserve and protect truth, justice and the American Way. Once he adjusts to life in the big city, Metropolis, he discovers that hiding his superpowers as mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent isn't easy as he flirts with hard-nosed Lois Lane and battles supervillain Lex Luthor. Also includes Superman II, III and IV - The Quest For Peace and Superman's latest adventure in Superman Returns, as Brandon Routh takes over the role immortalised by Christopher Reeve.
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