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on 5 August 2016
I have a lot of love for these headphones. Bought four years ago, I still use them on a regular basis.

The depth of sound, the awesome soundstage, and the bass response, not to mention comfort are all great factors in making these headphones some of the best I've ever owned.

I've read a couple of reviews by people who complain about them not being suitable for commuting, or having no noise-cancellation feature; people are actually surprised by the fact that open-back headphones leak sound! These are very well suited for a personal office, a lounge, a quiet room where you want time to listen to great music in peace, and experience the full beauty of the sound.
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on 7 December 2016
I have owned many Sennheiser headphones over the years, and its interesting to see different they all sound. It is definitely a case of choosing the model that fits your preference and amp. Having said that, these are simply the best headphones I have owned, the detail is superb and there is enough bass but not too much that it swamps other sounds. They have made me start re-listening everything to hear the new detail. They are simply beautiful and I can't stop listening to my CD collection with them, praise enough.
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on 16 November 2017
These are the best headphones I've ever owned. Open-back design means they leak sound so not recommended for office, bus or plane.

For home use they are fantastic - great sound quality with the open back design providing a wide sound stage for the wonderfully balanced sound to shine. They are also very comfortable, I can wear them for several hours without complaint.

If you want to go walking with them on (and can handle the self-consciousness of wearing such a large pair of cans outside) then they are also great. They do not create any unwanted mechanical noise (e.g. amplification of your own footsteps or micro-tonal interference from the cable rubbing).

The only negative for me is the cable it ships with is too bulky. This is easily worked around by buying a 3.5mm jack replacement cable.
I've owned for several years without any issues, they are very well made.
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on 21 April 2017
I bought this item back in 2011. It had a rough use but is still going strong. Very good quality materials as well as the sound of it is just great. I am not really an audiophile but I definitely love the quality of sound that comes out of this headphones.

Probably the best 110 pounds I have spent on headphones in my entire life.

Note: The mini jack adapter it may sometimes not be as comfortable if placed in a front panel headphone input of a computer. I have being using it on my Alienware X51 for minimum 2 years and because sometimes I get clumsy I hit the adapter. Happened a couple of times which resulted in damaging the front jack input.
I recommend buying a cable that is the 3.5mm jack directly without needing an adapter.
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on 23 November 2016
These are my first set of 'high-end' headphones (high-end for me anyway, I know you can pay a fortune for some). I chose the Sennheiser HD 558 after having seen many reviews of these and other similarly priced rivals (plus a few other cheaper but well-regarded headphones) and I'm very happy with my decision. The HD 558 are supremely comfortable (and I wear spectacles all the time) and the sound quality is very good; I'm hearing things in my music that I'd really never noticed before - vocals seem particularly clear now and the sound seems fairly neutral, these are not bass heavy 'phones nor would I want any that are (if bass is your thing then just use the tone controls on your amplifier). The supplied cable is robust and long, ideal for when I'm sat listening to my stereo system but much too long for use with my laptop - I've bought a compatible short cable which makes these ideal for me in all situations.
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on 26 February 2018
Fantastic audio and long-lasting. These are brilliant headphones and perfect for an audiophile. You really can hear a huge difference between these and less expensive headphones, even when you use them on a decent smartphone (my LG G4) let alone a computer with a good sound card (e.g. Creative Sound Blaster). Had these for several years and, despite me being prone to breaking things, they're still going strong. They also have a long cable - which can be a help or hindrance depending on your set-up.
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on 9 May 2015
Fantastic design, amazing sound for the price. Once run in the headphones respond to their full frequency range with ease and precision. They only thing that can let these headphones down is the quality of the recording you are listening to and the resolution that it's played back at. They will show bad mastering and will also show great mastering. Speed of the drivers is stunning and can cope with all types of music speeds and music with varying amounts of activity. Bass lovers won't like these because they are not at all like "beats". They give a fantastic natural and full range bass without overpowering anything. Trebles are amazing, just all relys on the recording and mastering quality of the source material you listen too. Mids are clean and are reproduced really well. The simple design and lack of microphone is what keeps these cheaper but if you're in it for sound quality over style and gadgetry, then these headphones are for you. Had to buy a shorter cable for use with iPhone and PC etc... As 3 metres was a bit too long. However the 3 metre cable does come in handy for AMP usage. I use these for PC gaming and can say if it's quality you're looking for then get these. You don't need surround sound headphones if you have these and a game with good sound design. They can place you in a game. Get these for the sound quality
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on 12 December 2013
I use a pair of Bose QC3 headphones for travelling, and they are very good in blocking outside sound as well as being comfortable to wear. However, I needed a pair of headphones for listening to music, TV and playing games in the evening at home. On looking at reviews, I ordered a pair of ATH-M50s, but quickly realized I had made a mistake after the first two minutes of listening with them. The sound quality was excellent, exactly what I was looking for, but it felt as though my head was caught in a vice, and no amount of adjustment would improve the fit. I knew I couldn't wear those headphones for more than a few minutes at a time and I could feel my ears beginning to overheat already. Not only that, but you couldn't hear anything in the local environment, the cups sealed so tightly that all sounds were blocked out (which is great on a plane, but not so good if you are at home and want to be able to hear doorbells, telephones etc).
So I had to reconsider, and looked at several different makes and styles of headphones before settling on the Sennheiser 558.
The first thing I should say is that these are not the headphones for travelling, Sennheiser don't even supply a bag with these phones. They leak sound both in and out, and anyone near you will know exactly what you are listening to. They are not ideal for iPods and iPads either (although I use them with both). Although Sennheiser supply a 3.5mm jack socket converter, the converted plug is enormous and would definitely strain an iPod or iPads headphone socket. You will almost certainly have to buy either a 6.35 mm socket to 3.5mm converter cable, a replacement shorter cable (try Ebay and search on hd558 ) or a small headphone amplifier (I have a Fiio E06).
These are old-school headphones, with Sennheiser's pedigree in high quality sound shining through with no compromises, the sound is tight and well-controlled with an airy well-defined stereo sound-stage that let's you hear every instrument and detail distinctively. No booming bass or muddy mids for these phones.
Used for game-playing and plugged into my computer, loud transients such as explosions are handled well and the whole experience lends itself to an immersive atmosphere, especially as these headphones are easy to wear.
Comfort is excellent, the size is almost perfect for me, and the cups rest lightly on my ears without any sweatiness or hot-ear syndrome.
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on 2 March 2017
For the price I got them, I genuinely can't recommend these enough for music and gaming. They're large, comfortable for extended wear and have a clean sound, not particularly coloured by any means. The cans will go far louder than you can deal with before there are any quality issues, and the single cable is convenient as far as getting it out of the way goes, along with the length. At 3 metres, this will reach ridiculously far and go around anything likely to be in the way.
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on 23 February 2014
These headphones are by far the best I have owned. The sound is great for music gaming and movies. The cable that comes with it is very long and even though it comes out of the headphones it is a special cable which has a locking mechanism and is very hard to replace or find a smaller length online.I did manage to find a replacement online it has to be sent from China and cost about £12 with postage it hasn't arrived yet so I cannot comment on it or if its worthy of the job, lol fingers crossed that it is. I am no expert on headphones, the bass is not a thumping sound it is quite soft and the mids and highs are spot on for me. It's amazing how different music sounds when you have a decent pair of headphones. Four stars purely because of the cable length and connections and how hard it is to replace.
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