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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 5 June 2013
Don't buy this 6 DVD box set. Buy the 4 DVD with exactly the same name. Both contain the Discovery Channel 6 episode "When We Left Earth" series, but the former contains one episode per disk and nothing more, while the latter contains two episodes and an additional disk with NASA footage. Compare 300 minutes for 6 disks, with 530 minutes for the 4 disks. I bought this set and I feel scammed.

It's amazing that Amazon doesn't do the darnest thing with the scamming going around. False and misleading information, you think you are buying something and get another. Positively I am beginning to think that Amazon is everything except a friendly and trustable place to buy from.
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on 28 December 2012
Well I had high hopes for this 6 DVD box set which, according to the outide of the box, contains the six 50 minute episodes from the series plus OVER 4 HOURS OF BONUS FEATURES - NASA FILM HIGHLIGHTS, INTERVIEWS, MISSION CLIPS. It doesnt contain any bonus material that I could find. The box advertising is misleading and probably illegal. Buy the 4 disc box set instead - that one does contain the extra material and uses less packaging
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on 15 February 2011
It seems to be custom that titles are made misleadingly broad. This is about the Gemini and Apollo missions to the Moon (and a little about the shuttle), but nothing about NASA's equally magificient robotic missions to Mars and the outer planets and moons, bringing home such marvelous pictures and new understanding of these distant worlds, and which I think truly deserve to be called NASA's greatest missions.

Anyway, the six DVDs give a fascinating account of the carefully planned steps to send men to the Moon and the final achievement. Personally, I found it best to watch all the DVDs in order rather than trying to look at only the parts I thought might be most interesting; in that way one appreciates more the careful planning and meticulous performance of this project.
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on 28 June 2011
I was extremely disappointed about the amount of time each DVD contained. I did not look at the DVD specs, but thought that 6 DVDs would entertain me for days and days, possibly even weeks, only to find that I had watched the whole lot over a couple of evenings.
Each DVD is only about 45min, with no extras. You think you are buying the absolute definitive because you get 6 DVDs, they could just as easily have fitted all the episodes easily onto 2 DVDs.

Having said all that, I really enjoyed what was available. The layout and progression was in a format that made sense and was easy to follow. There just could have been much, much more. When buying this assume a 2 DVD set spread over 6 DVDs
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on 5 January 2012
This set has six 45 minute discs and is an absolutely excellent presentation of NASA's greatest achievements to date...just as it says on the box ! Taking us from the early Gemini missions, through Apollo and the Moon project; and then on to the Space Shuttle, Hubble and the International Space Station. I am a 'space fan' and have grown up with the whole adventure since the 1950's but for the first time have seen the main story encapsulated in the 6 DVD's. I also think that each disc is the right length for general viewing; i.e for people with a general interest but not looking for a totally comprehensive scutiny of everything NASA has done. Each disc has a theme and covers the projects brilliantly through clear narrative, stunning photography and contributions from astronauts and mission control staff, which really transmit their commitment, no matter the human risks, to the great adventure of exploring beyond our Earth. It is in my view modern man and woman's greatest achievement and no doubt,(thankfully), has also brought about some degree of unity and sanity across the otherwise,(sadly), divided peoples of the Earth. Excellent, and should be compulsory viewing in all schools across the world.
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on 23 January 2012
i really enjoyed watching these films, using footage i have never seen before of the beginnings of the space race up to repairing the Hubble Telescope.

I must admit i thought the Gemini missions to be fascinating to watch and all the unsung heroes featured in the documentaries, from Gene Kranz ( the white waistcoat) at Mission Control to virtually all the astronauts including Armsrong, Aldrin, and Shepherd . i did not know that USA launched so many flights from Cape Canaveral so frequently in the run up to The Saturn V missions which took them to the Moon - amazing to think they flew to the moon but fuelled the LEM so it couldn't land even if they wanted to - so that the Appolo 11 mission would be THE ONE! - great value for money !

I am very jealous of that generation watching this on TV and experiencing amazing times of a country so hell bent on beating the russians - i have actually met Alan Shepherd myself in 2001 at Houston and have his autograph and it was really good to see him doing the dangerous flights - Shepherd was the first american in space only 16 days after the Russian Yuri Gugarin, but hey ho, they are both heroes and they had BALLS back then!!!

i have an ever higher respect for these brave pilots than before !!

They did really really scary stuff - Gemini missions are brilliant to watch on the DVD. full colour and very well prodcuced, well done Discovery Channel.

The Shuttle DVD's ( last 2 discs ) really put a lump in your throat and there are superb tributes to Challenger and Discovery when they accidentally blew up - if only the shuttles had a perfect track record - but the nasa astronauts just keep on flying and learning from their mistakes - very moving and superbly shot - you will see footage you will never have seen. thumbs up for Mars Missions' in 2020 !!
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on 18 January 2011
I only paid [...] for this boxset on Amazon UK .I didnt know what to expect for that price but it is fantastic I immediatly watch three of the six disc straight away as it was so good. Cant wait to watch the rest. Brilliant.
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on 25 January 2012
I have to agree with other reviewer, this is a very narrow view of NASA's greatest missions as it is about manned missions, and if families and friends agree greatest missions includes the tragedies I would be shocked, so the title's a bit of a misnomer. I had hoped for something more in depth from NASA, including of course the astronauts but a wider story including unmanned space flight, but this isn't it. That said I was hooked on watching it for a few nights, because what they show is very exciting of course.
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on 31 December 2012
I found the coverage of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo to be well paced, well narrated and it kept me interested and very entertained. Each DVD lasts about 50 minutes - any more would be a bore. If you want the nitty gritty of each mission like Apollo 4 then look at the older NASA coverage - you know the ones with the with the rousing music in the background. I would recommend this set to anyone - it has a nice modern feel with recent interviews from those involved, astronauts, flight directors and so on. To me, the later exploration of Mars is a bore as are the missions to the outer planets - why? because there was/is no human involvement. We have two complex operational rovers on Mars sending back wonderful images but who really cares - honestly? If you are into the early space program - the exciting stuff, the swashbuckling stuff, mercury, gemini and apollo then this set is for you.
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on 26 December 2013
This covers NASA's space missions between 1959 to the retirement of the space shuttle fleet. The 6 dvd disks, covers the highs and lows of space exploration and is amazing to watch, I was hooked by this series. The series interviews many of the space veterans who were involved with these missions. My only disappointment was that I was left wanting more! If you are interested in space this is a must have. So sit back and enjoy.
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