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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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I have used other HDMI switches, graduating from a 3-to-1 to a 5-to-1, all of which have been considerably smaller than is this. Some were self-powered but not all HDMI devices provide power over the line and not all cables will allow it. This is mains powered via an adapter (provided) and worked out of the box.

A previous 5-into-1 switch worked most of the time but occasionally needed to be disconnected from the device and reconnected in order for it to find the input source. On this, there are clear LED indicators to show whether or not a port is 'LIVE'.

No HDMI cables are provided, not even a short 0.5m output cable which is sometimes provided with some alternatives. However, highly priced cables are not needed and it works well with the modestly-priced Amazon Basics cables. You may have problems with some cables due to their use of oversized HDMI connectors, but the Amazon ones fit very well without intruding on the neighbours' space.

The output socket is at one end, inputs 1-4 along the back and input 5 and power input at the other end, which reduces over-crowding.

Although not the least expensive option, it is not over-priced and appears to be of reasonable build quality although the casing is plastic throughout. A remote control is provided but, based upon previous experience, it may only be rarely needed as most equipment appears to self-switch.


After several weeks' use, there has not yet been a need to disconnect and reconnect anything and every connected device has been recognised whenever and whichever is 'on'. This may therefore be a better and more reliable choice than some of the others used (2 from one brand, one from another).
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on 30 August 2013
I bought the unit to allow me to connect two devices to one HDMI port. Overall, it does what it as on the tin, as the Ronseal advert goes. However, there are a couple of annoyances. Firstly, is the front panel blue light. It can be a bit distracting in a dark room. The second is that the power supply is the typical 'wall wart' type, so to power the unit off you have to unplug it -- annoying if you have a lot of kit, rack, etc. The biggest gripe is the auto-switching however. If you happen to be watching one device routed through the unit and another is powered-on (say a PVR), the unit auto-switches to that input. That's pretty annoying if you happen to be in the middle of a live TV broadcast, for example, on the first input and the unit auto-switches. I can't find any way to disable that function.

The unit is however well built, and operates as described. Auto-switching sometimes does result in a bit of 'HDMI snow' or a green screen for a couple of seconds, but the problem always clears. This is not uncommon with HDMI inputs, it's not specific to this unit. The printed instructions provided are clear and concise, and the little remote control is easy to use.

For the money paid it's a good, reliable (thus far) solution where you have to use a switch to share a single HDMI input. The auto-switching can be both a blessing and a nuisance but for the costs involved it's easy to forgive. Buy with confidence.

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on 19 August 2012
Having 2 HDMI ports on my TV and a SKY HD box, Xbox 360, PS3, and BluRay player I've been making do with a cheap 3 way manual splitter. The WD TV Live box I recently bought was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back - and I don't like plugging things in and out my ports too often causing unnecessary wear and tear, so I looked for a new splitter and this one seemed ideal. In the box I had the splitter (which felt surprisingly weighty and well made when I took it out), a remote control, a UK plug as standard with an EU adaptor supplied too.

I like how the remote function is provided by an in-built IR receiver - many of these devices have a plug in IR receiver which means another wire and more clutter on your unit - not so with this wee box :)

I also like the way the ports all have lights to indicate the status of the port. This helped me figure out why the auto switching wasn't working properly at first - and it wasn't this HDMI switcher's fault, oh no.... it was my devices' fault for sending a signal even when in standby mode, tsk tsk. It seems my SKY HD box keeps the port active even when it's in standby. This is annoying as the instructions said if you turn off a device, and power on another it should switch automatically, but it wasn't.

However the instructions also tell you that it auto senses the ports in order 1 > 2 > 3 etc and if a device is active on the lowest number port then it will auto switch to this.... so the solution was to move the SKY box from port 1 to port 5 and now when xbox or ps3 get turned on it autoswitches to them, and when turned off it switches back to the SKY box without even needing to use the supplied remote, or worse - have to walk over and press a button on the switcher. Unfortunately the WD TV Live also sends a signal in standby mode so I've had to switch this off at the mains when not in use but that's liveable. I'm very happy with the convenience this auto switching HDMI splitter provides.

Picture and sound quality seem excellent too. Well worth the money.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 November 2014
I've been through several HDMI splitters/switches and they've all been a complete disappointment, usually though false advertising. My requirements are simple, I need a device to allow me to plug 4 devices into 1 HDMI-in slot on my surround sound system.

To be able to carry a high colour bit rate, 1920 x 1080 (1080p) resolution and a 5.1 surround sound signal the device must be HDMI 1.3b compatible, thankfully it is. Other devices I've bought in the past are advertised as 1.3b compatible but in fact aren't, colours are dull and the 5.1 surround is played as a mono signal through all speakers.

Using this device after so many disappointments is a revelation. switching is automatic when a device is turned on and if you have multiple devices turned on you can manually cycle through them using the supplied control with a LED light on the switcher showing which port is being outputted.

The switcher requires it's own power source as potentially the HDMI devices you have connected may not supply any power.

The only bad word to say about the package is that there's no HDMI cables included, for £22 you'd kind of expect them to include at least one, but this isn't too bad considering the splitter offers a very good AV solution for extra HDMI inputs.

After 6 months of continuous use and no problems I can easily recommend this product as a very good HDMI switch.
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on 17 May 2016
I bought this having previously purchased the same equipment from Belken, which broke within 3 days of receiving and using. After viewing this and reading the reviews left and the description I decided to give it a try.

It arrived quickly, well packaged and a great price too (the Belken was £40). As soon as you unpack this Kinivo product you feel the quality, a solid and we'll made casing with the various ports all snug in the openings. I connected my HDMI cables and switched it on, immediately the front lights that show which connections are used are illuminated in a neon blue with the one that's currently in use with a red neon light.

They are bright and easy to see although some may want to hide the unit if they are using it in a bedroom (as I am) if they do find them distracting as they do illuminate the room a bit, however this doesn't bother me as I have lots of lights on my various technology already I'm used to ignoring.

The remote it well made and clearly marked for use and it has a fantastic response and range. This really is an awesome piece of kit if you need to buy a HDMI Switch then I fully advise you to buy one of these!!!

Superb stuff from purchasing to actually using this. Many thanks to the seller too!
review image
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on 9 May 2013
Does exactly what I need it to do. Enables me to link satelitte, DVD, soundboard and Apple TV into one TV HDMI socket. Easy to set up and works perfectly.
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on 30 December 2014
I bought this product to help with the ever increasing number of tech I have plugged into my TV. I had been looking for a suitable and efficient HDMI switch for a few months now and couldn't settle on one which I thought was best suited for my needs. Should I get a 3 in 1 or a 5 in 1? I finally settled on this item, the Kinivo HDMI switch.

It outputs 3D, 1080 HD and has no lag whatsoever. The set up is pretty simple, plug the main source hdmi into the out socket and then whatever secondary devices you want to connect into one of the three in sockets.

The only down side I could find is the lights on the front of the switch unit. They are a bit too bright for my liking. I would have liked them to be a little more subtle or have an option to reduce how bright they are or perhaps reduce the brightness altogether in the unit. The good thing I have found is that it can automatically switch HDMI to the relevant device without the need of the remote. This means it can be placed out of site. I have mine behind the TV stuck on the mount which holds my TV up but due to the brightness of the lights on the unit, they can still be seen when the main room lights are switched off or dimmed. It's not a major issue really but something I thought should be pointed out. Of course you can still use the remote but you'll need to place the unit so that the ir signal can be reached between the unit and the remote. The remote is small and easy to use. Nothing complicated at all.

All in all though, I like this unit. It's not too big and intrusive and does what it is supposed to do without any problems. I would recommend getting shorter HDMI cables to help with cluttered cable.

A great purchase for me and great price too!
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on 16 September 2013
Bought this one in anticipation of the PS4 and XBox One to set up my consoles and media player together onto one HMDI port. I was sceptical at first considering how cheap it was, but I could not be happier. The set up was very easy, and it even plays 3D BluRays absolutely fine through it!

The only suggestion I would make is: make sure you have enough HDMI cables around (coming from a 3-to-1 splitter with integrated cable I learnt that lesson the hard way), and to get a right-angled HDMI cable for the 5th in-port. I don't know why they could have just made the switch a bit longer, but having the out-port on the other side right next to the A/C plug felt a bit silly, as it makes the setup look a bit untidy. Then again, it is fantastic value for money either way!
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The television in our kitchen is a pretty cheapo JVC HD tele which only has one HDMI socket. In the past we've either used a SCART socket for the V-Plus box in there or tried various HDMI switches with varying degress of success. This is the best yet. There were cheaper ones out there on Amazon; some of them a tenner cheaper, but this had good reviews and the all important promise of auto-switching capabilities.

It was delivered quickly and was well packaged, etc. The device itself looks nice, and seems sturdy enough. There are five inputs and one output on the unit, plus the power socket and a manual "switch" button. There are handy red and neon blue lights which signifies whether a port is being used. Not essential but a nice bonus. The remote is simplicity itself with up/down buttons and the 1-5 buttons corresponding to each port. There also a pretty comprehensive user manual too which is handy to have. I had this set up in seconds and connected our V-Plus box, PS3, Chromecast and Fire Stick. Works fine, picture quality good. However, the PS3 won't auto-switch when turned on. Reading the manual this seems to be a problem with various devices - such as an Apple TV - which go into a standy mode rather than turning off. I think the Fire TV stick is probably stopping the auto-switch mode. To be honest though, it's not a problem as we have the remote. The only disappointing thing was the remote is IR so it has to be in line-of-site of the HDMI switch. I wanted to tuck it away behind the tele. Again, not a big issue and really not worth deducting marks from it or anything.

Overall, I'm pleased with this switch. Easy to set up, easy to use, comprehensive user guide to help you out if you need it. Works well apart from the auto-switch, but that is not a fault with the Kinivo, just how devices connected to it behave.

There are cheaper units out there but I'm pleased with this.
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on 4 October 2015
This switch works a lot better than my old one that refused to connect some HDMI sources at all. It works on all sources, switching is pretty fast and goes to any new input that comes up live but can always be overridden by the remote.
There is a problem with sensitivity to noise on the mains. When the heating thermostat flips, or the kitchen oven is switched on, the picture and sound often disappear for a couple of seconds. They usually resync after a lot of crackling, but sometimes only the sound returns, occasionally that is lost too. They can be restored by temporarily switching to a different HDMI channel on the remote, or by switching the source (like the Humax Freeview recorder) off and on but this can take some minutes. A confusing problem, as the oven is on a separate mains circuit so there shouldn't be much interference. I fitted a large old Belling-Lee RF filter to its PSU but this hasn't made much difference. Still investigating.
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