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on 22 March 2013
I don't have any experience of different projectors (this one is my first) but I do have three, modern, large screen HD TVs, so I know what a good picture looks like, and the picture quality of the EH-TW3200 is excellent. Obviously, the darker the room, the better the picture looks, but in a fairly light room it's still impressive. In fact, it's so good that I wouldn't take the risk of buying a wireless projector costing over twice the price (which I did consider) because I can't imagine the picture quality would be significantly better than the EH-TW3200. As far as criticisms are concerned, they are fairly minor. Although I was aware of the dimensions before I bought it, it was still a surprise to see how large it was. Secondly, when sitting about 4-6 feet away from the projector on its right hand side, you can be aware of the fan noise when in normal (non-eco) mode. It's not so loud as to make you constantly aware of it, and it's therefore not annoying, but very occasionally (presumably when you're watching boring stuff) you can become aware of it. At greater distances and in other seating positions, there is virtually no fan noise. In eco mode, when the picture brightness will be very slightly lower, you have to try hard to hear the fan, wherever you sit. Finally, I do find that the lens shift wheels don't move the lens as critically as I would like. For example, having the lens in the correct vertical position, moving the horizontal wheel causes the lens to move both horizontal AND vertically downwards to some extent, so requiring a readjustment with the vertical wheel again. No great problem - just a little more fiddling than I think is necessary. Nevertheless, looking at the price range of all the projectors that you can buy, and all the possible deficiencies that they can have, I am really pleased with this buy. All the reviewers that I read gave it four or five stars, and I wouldn't disagree.
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on 8 March 2017
good price and very good projector.
Almost 2 yeras without any problem
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on 16 May 2012
Got one of these a couple of months ago, and I am very happy with the results.

I have this hooked up to my Sony Blu-ray player and Sky HD box. Images are bright, sharp and crisp. I am currently projecting onto my lounge wall (I painted it in Dulux Light and Space) at approximately 3 metres and the image size for 16:9 is around 100 inches of spectacular HD goodness. The fan is quiet, and even in Eco-mode the image is nice and bright.
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on 10 January 2014
I have been into home cinema for many years. Have had a 7.1 surround sound system, for longer than I care to admit, matched with a 50" plasma telly which I thought (until I made this purchase)could probably not be improved upon - unless you're into ultra HD, but lets be honest who can afford around 8K to buy one if you aren't a premiership footballer!! Anyway I had been thinking of getting a projector, for quite a while, in order to get the BIG SCREEN effect, and I decided to take the plunge. I am not into 3D (I'm one of the unfortunate souls who get eye strain & a headache after watching 3D for any length of time)so I was looking for a 2D only projector.

So after much research regarding options I decided on an LCD projector (DLP projectors were also a non-starter for me as I am also susceptible to the dreaded 'rainbow effect' - so that immediately narrowed things down regarding choice!!) LCD projectors do tend to be larger - due to their technology - and this one is no exception but it 'looks the part and gives a bold statement' in any home cinema room. However, because of its size,it may look a bit out of place ceiling mounted in the middle of your home sitting room, which might upset the wife/partner ,so it is best set up in a dedicated cinema room, if you have one?

Regarding the image quality, before I set it up I was quite sceptical as to how good the image would be - I needn't have worried!! - the only thing I can say is WOW!!!! and I am very critical & particular on image quality. This just blew me away!! When it is fed with a full 1080p/1080i HD input the image quality is mind blowing - it is, literally, BETTER than being at the cinema!! Feeding it lower resolution images (standard DVD images for example) will be less pleasing, but most people buying this will only be pumping full 1080p or 1080i HD signals into it - if not, stick with yer tellies!!! Even the missus, who up till now has not really been into home cinema, thinks it is amazing as well!!

Because it is a 'big beast' if you want to ceiling mount it (and most people probably will) please be warned that it does not fit many of the cheaper generic ceiling mounts that are available out there. Eventually, after several failed purchases/attempts with generic ceiling mounts (they just would not fit onto it due to the positioning of the screw holes!) I had to purchase the dedicated 'Epson' ceiling mount (which isn't cheap!) in order to 'get it up' on the ceiling - but if you will simply be standing it on a table or shelf this will not be an issue. Another great feature of this projector is the fact that it has a 'lens shift' facility. This is a great feature that helps immensely with the alignment of the image, on your screen, and is a feature that is only (usually) on much more expensive projectors. Lens shift is much better than the 'keystone correction' that tends to be on cheaper projectors. Keystone correction 'digitally' alters the picture shape (to make it 'square' again) which reduces/degrades image quality at the edges of the image - lens shift, does exactly that - it moves the image (up/down or left/right) with no degradation of the image at all; which, lets be honest, is what we all want!!! So, in conclusion, if anyone is thinking about getting a projector, and don't want 3D, then look no further than this projector; you will not be dissapointed, and it is great at impressing 'yer mates' when they come round to watch the football, in HD!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 January 2015
Very good picture quality, easy to set up and fairly quiet. I just use the projector for watching films.

The lens shift is particularly useful for allowing you to place the projector significantly off centre.

All worked very well - I was a happy bunny.

So why only 3 stars?

Well after 18 months of limited use ( approx 300 hours ) it packed up with the dreaded and common "Error in the Epson cinema filter" message. The projector had been making odd grinding noises for a few months before this happened - then finally the error appeared and shortly after it stopped working altogether.

I'm not wealthy enough to buy a new projector every couple of years - I'd been rather hoping it'd last a good 10 years given my limited use.

However on the plus side Epson support were excellent and this projector comes with a 3 year on-site warranty. They came within 2 working days and took the old one away and gave me a working re-furbished one.

So all was not lost - hence the 3 star rather than 1 star review.

But I see on the Internet others have had the error take place out of warranty leaving them seriously out of pocket.

*** Update ***

I decided to update to the Sony VPL-HW40ES and have been able to compare the two.

There's no doubt the Sony is better - but twice as good? No definitely not!

There are no areas so far where the Epson is better than the Sony. Both machines are largely in their default settings - except the lamp is on low. Reference mode used on the Sony and similar mode on the Epson.

The Sony is marginally quieter than the Epson. I use both on the low lamp mode - I found the Epson's high lamp mode too loud. At low lamp they are close but the Sony is just a little quieter. Also the Sony doesn't make any odd whirring or clicking sounds - it switches on fairly silent and stays fairly silent.

With the Sony's Reality Creation switched on its definitely very noticeably sharper than the Epson - even when I turned sharpness up on the Epson.

The first time I came to watch a movie on the new Sony even my partner - who doesn't tend to notice these things - said "That looks much clearer than the old projector".

With Reality Creation off the two projectors are quite similar in terms of sharpness.

Contrast and general black levels are better on the Sony - not massively better but definitely slightly more contrast and depth. Its probably only really noticeable when you have the two side by side but there is a subtle difference. The Epson does have an auto iris feature that would help with black levels - but I found it too noisy and distracting and have always used the Epson with the auto iris switched off.

Ease of use - close call - neither has given me any problems. Both have the very useful lens shift feature.

I'm happy with the Sony - I'm hoping this time the projector will gives years of service. It certainly sounds smoother compared to the slightly clunky sounding Epson ( even the replacement sounds clunky )

Heat! Who needs central heating when you've an Epson TW3200! Even on ECO mode it runs quite warm - I had to switch off the heating in the lounge when using the Epson as it was like a mini fan heater. The Sony, while producing some heat, appears to run cooler. Bad news for the heating bill though...

The repair guy did say Epsons are generally fairly reliable - though they do suffer from auto iris issues as well as the cinema filter issues.
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on 27 December 2012
This is a fine high definition projector and runs my audio visuals splendidly. It is a larger machine than I realized with a big lens. I have run it with DVDs via a Samsung Laptop which upgrades pictures to High Definition. It has various imputs but no outputs and I was surprised that there is no sound output from the projector. I take the sound output from the headphone outlet on the laptop which works well. As I have made my AVs over the years at 1024 x 768 that size appears when projected but the projector has the facility of adjusting the lens to fill the screen if you so wish. Later sequences made at 1920 x 1080 - HD standard of course appear as widescreen and are superb. Films from DVDs look excellent too. I have used the projector on 4ft and 12ft screens and it adapts to either without any difficulties. The projector also runs very quietly and has several adjustments if you do not want to run it in high definition.
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on 30 July 2014
this is my first projector, so far i have been very impressed. the full hd is really good when you project to a large screen width, in my case over a hundred inches diagonal. there are a wealth of settings that are accessed via the nice backlit remote. i got this projector after seriously considering buying a 75inch samsung tv. im sure the tv would have been good, but it cost four times as much for half the screen size. plus a projector is less obtrusive when turned off than a massive tv.

we use sky hd, so really benefit from the large image on all our viewing, even adverts become wonderful mini movies. of course blue ray movies really are excellent with this projector. i was given a demonstration of several projectors in a well known av chain, and i think the epson compares well with projectors at twice or three times the cost. contrast and colour are good, motion appears well handled, no picture noise noticed. the projector is fairely quiet in use, and gives a feeling of good build quality. and of course not rainbow effects.

i had no interest in 3D, but was keen to get a projector with lens shift rather than keystone correction.
my impression is that epson along with other manufacturers have been dropping lens shift to save cost.

i have noticed one minor issue in that the outer row of pixels on all four sides of the image is slightly off colour from their neighbours. this issue only affects the last row of pixels, so i dont consider this important. in fact this might be quite normal for a projector i am not sure, i would welcome comments on this from other users of this epson. it isnt noticible at normal viewing distances anyway.

i have yet to try gaming with the projector, but i am sure it will be spectacular.

right now i am using a white wall as the screen. i have no proper set up yet for the projector. i have made comparisons between screen material samples and projecting onto the wall and only found one of them offered any picture improvement, and even then it was only a slightly improved white with a bit more blue response. clarity, contrast and colour were just as good on the wall as a professional projector screen.

these are my first impressions after a total of fifty hours use of the projector.

i will update this review once i have had more time with the projector.

Update may 2015

So after nearly a year of use the Epson is still great. Probably my favourite purchase of any type over the last few years. I love it, and the best thing is it still amazes me with the sheer scale, colour and clarity, no sense of the wow factor diminishing with time.

Currently at the 700 hours of lamp use, I have noticed slight variations in brightness. Some forums recommend running at full brightness for a few hours every so often to clear this, so I will try this. Also I should probably check and clean the filter.

We are still using the projector in its temporary setup because I can't better it, I.e. In a media cabinet projecting onto the opposite wall. This gives a diagonal of about 105inches or over 2m width, which given a viewing distance of 3m is really big. This layout wouldn't work without the in built lens shift function of the Epson, so I believe for anything other than a dedicated cinema room a lens shift capability is pretty much essential.

I need a bigger room with a wider blank wall to go any bigger. Currently I have Dolby 4.1 sound to match this set up as there is no where to put the centre speaker. Right now I am planning to move home, so one criteria is does the house have a suitable room for a projector. You certainly need a big sound to go with the big picture.

We watched interstellar on bluray last week, it was really immersive on the projector, just like you get in a decent cinema. Combined with surround sound this projector is fabulous and is a completely different experience to any TV. My wife believes it is easier on the eye as well because the light intensity is lower than a TV.

I heartily recommend getting an HD projector, and in particular this Epson, if you do not require 3d. You should also budget for a decent sound system, at least stereo speakers, preferably with a subwoofer, though I have found when using full range floor standing speakers a subwoofer is far less necessary. A Matt white wall is just as good as a cheap screen, but this is very dependant on your intended uses. No doubt a dedicated cinema room is the best, but I doubt you would choose this entry level projector if you can afford a house with a cinema room.
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on 1 June 2012
had this projector for 2 weeks now,cannot believe how good it is for what it costs it beats some of the more expensive models,dont know how epson have got it down to this amount,the picture quality is stunning,keeps the kids quite playing their ps3 games on it its quite big so be prepared to buy a big enough shelf to house it on,i found a perfect glass shelf on amazon that it fits on a treat which swivels,brilliant projector and replacement lamps can be found on-line quite cheaply,with a life span of 4000 hours so dont be put off try it
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on 3 September 2013
I got this projector and a PCW120MET 120" HD Projector Screen 16:9 Widescreen Tab-Tensioned Electric screen. The picture is fantastic.

Taking delivery was exciting and when removed from the box you then appreciate the size of this projector. It is big and looks impressive. The ability to offset the lens is great which most projectors don't have allowing off set positioning. connection via the HDMI connection was simple and provides HD 1080p picture. I have it connected to my PS3 blue ray via a surround sound amp and watching Disney cars was super and The Lord of the Rings rolling country side and epic landscapes were great. I am running it in Eco lamp mode but the picture is still bright and colours full. Dark room is best but it holds its own even if you can't get it cinema dark. The projector is ultra quiet and I barely know its running.

I can not recommend this projector more if you are thinking about it and don't need the 3D element then go for it you won't be disappointed.
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on 16 June 2013
having bought my original eh-tw3200 projector 32 months ago. i have now just purchased my second one. my reason for this. well i just love this projector. my first one is still going well. but looking around at the newer models they just didnt have the features i wanted. vertical and horizontal lens shift for one. yes you can get it on newer models but at nearly twice the price of the 3200. it also has a very good zoom range. again better than on some of the newer models.and as i am not interested in 3D i feel i have made a very wise choice in buying another of the same model. giving me top quality viewing for years to come. it gives superb quality picture with blu ray discs, which are my main usage. i will soon pack my first one away to be used again when the warranty ends on the second one. with the 3 year warranty on both projector and lamp you just cannot go wrong with this model. i highly recommend it..
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