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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 2 November 2010
Great album, a must have for all Bon Jovi fans. Only down side is that there is no songs from the Bounce album, nor Jon's solo album efforts. A third CD would of been great. However, a must buy and im sure it will be a big hit! PLUS, the four new tracks are superb!
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on 2 November 2010
Although I don't think this release represents every studio album as well as it could have (and in the case of Bounce, not at all), i do think that most of the songs on here warrant their inclusion, as the majority of people considering buying this album will recognise about 80% of the previously released songs. (Something any greatest hits album worth it's salt should do really!)

I guess this album can be looked at from two perspectives.

Firstly, from the point of view of a new fan, or a casual fan.
If you've never purchased a Bon Jovi album before, then this is undoubtably a great place to start. There genuinly isn't a bad song on this collection, and chances are, you will already know most of the songs anyway, so this is a great way of finding them all in one nicely presented, well priced collection. Unlike most 'GREATEST HITS' collections, this isn't made up of obscure singles that have been placed on an album to pad out 3 or 4 big hits that a band may have had. These are all genuine hits, recognised all over the world by millions and millions of people. With any luck, this album could also be the catalyst you need for really appreciating this criminally underated (by critics and the media), amazing band, and will perhaps prompt you to seek out some of their other releases from their back catalogue, containing some absolute gems. (I strongly recommend These Days, and Keep The Faith, my two all time favourite albums.)
If you own nothing at all by this band, then you cannot go wrong with this collection.

From this point of view, I give the album 5 out of 5, hands down.

The second perspective is from the point of view of a longer standing fan, who may have most of, if not all of their other albums. These fans, like myself, may find this release very similar to 'Crossroad', and would have probably been more excited about a continuation of this album, made entirely of songs from the studio albums released after this collection, with the obvious exception of the new songs, which always add something fresh to a compilation. For me personally, one disc of hits from the post Crossroad era, and a second disc of genuine rarities, would have been bliss. (I've always wanted complete mastered versions of the songs that were recorded for New Jersey, when it was planned as a double album. i.e, Judgement Day, Does Anybody really Fall In love Anymore etc. I know better versions exist than the one's on the 'New Jersey and Keep The Faith' demo cd's that you can find, as a highly polished version of Let's Make It Baby was included on the 2 disc version of 'These Days'.)
Anyway, for creativity and boldness, it only deserves 3 stars in my opinion.

so all in all, I think 4 stars is more than fair as an overall rating.

(*Note. The studio albums released after Crossroad are These days, Destination Anywhere (Jon - Solo), Undiscovered Soul (Richie - Solo), Crush, Bounce, Have A Nice Day, Lost Highway and The Circle).

I must stress that I love EVERY single song on this collection, but Speaking from my own, personal perspective, there were songs that didn't make it which should have (Dry County and Lie To Me, to name two), and songs which made it that shouldn't have (When We Were Beautiful being the most obvious to me).

I have to say that I can genuinly see why they have decided to release a career spanning compilation (as opposed to one representing the years 1995 - 2010), as it is absolutely guaranteed to sell many, many more copies, which is the obvious goal when releasing an album. However, apart from the 4 new songs (which I'm very thankful for), I can't see that I'll play this album very much, as i played Crossroad to death when I was a teenager, and this seems like a slighty expanded version of that album to me. Where as, if it were a collection of hits from 'This Ain't A Love Song' up to 'What Do You got?', as well as the 4 new songs, then i'd gladly listen to them as a compilation over, and over again. But this is nit-picking I guess.

The bottom line is, it's impossible for me to pick fault with these tracks, so i won't, and it's also impossible for me to say what the 'ULTIMATE' collection of Bon Jovi hits should be. Every fan will have his/her opinion on which songs should have made it, and which ones shouldn't have, and I'm no different. This isn't 'My' ultimate collection, but don't let that put you off. This is still one hell of a collection.

Looking at this collection in a broad sence, it stands head and shoulders above most 'Greatest Hits' albums that are release these days as it actually contains recognisable hits (and not just ones culled from 2 or 3 albums, as most complilations tend to be nowadays). This collection spans 26 years of releases from one of the biggest bands on the planet.

If nothing else, it shows what a truly amazing band Bon Jovi are, and possibly more importantly, what amazing song writers they are, something they do not receive anywhere near enough recognition for. If there's any justice in this world, this collection will go a long way towards rectifying that.

I just want to add, I was always going to buy this album, no matter what.

Bon Jovi Rule.
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Recently the BBC showed again their In-concert with Bon Jovi and I suddenly remembered just how fine an artist Jon is and how professional his band is.

On here are all the favourites, without having to buy numerous albums to get the "Best of..." and as such, this represents very good value.

Recommended to bring back all those tracks you loved, but haven't played recently...
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on 21 April 2016
This Bon Jovi's Greatest Hits: The Ultimate Collection is a 2 CD set, with disc 1 having 16 songs (70 minutes) and disc 2 having 12 songs (60 minutes). There are 4 new songs. If you are a Bon Jovi fan, you probably have all the songs already in various album releases (except for the 4 new songs). And if you enjoyed their Live At Madison Square Garden concert blu ray disc, all in the songs in that concert were found in this 2 CD-set, except Raise Your Hands, Chapel Of Love and Hallelujah.

Good points. The sound was very well remastered. The vocal was very clean. The guitar riffs by Richie Sambora were very magical. The drum beat by Tico Torres was tight and quite exceptional. The entire set was very enjoyable. (Sound 5/5)

Bad points. It is a shame not to fill each disc with as many hits as possible (i.e., close to 80 minutes). There are 35 charted hit singles on Billboard Hot 100 from 1984 to now. There are only 19 charted songs included in this set. Fortunately, all the Top 10 hits are included here.

If you are a Bon Jovi fan, this 2-CD set is no brainer. Please buy the 2 CD set, which has much better value than the single disc set. If you are a casual fan, this 2-CD set will be a good collection for this fantastic band. I normally prefer to listen to studio versions, but in Bon Jovi's case, they are also a great "live" band. I would also recommend their recent blu ray release of "Live At Madison Square Garden" filmed in July 2008. It is really more exciting to see the boys in action, together with fantastic sound and beat. The 2-CD set is highly recommended.
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on 2 November 2010
Ok so its not that long since crossrods was released but any Bon Jovi fan will enjoy this, not everyone will agree with the song choices but theres a good selection.

I have all there albums so this was a must but I'm stil lovin it! They have added four new songs, which to say they've been on tour for most of the year is not a bad effort and any Bon Jovi fans out there im sure would be happy to wait a bit longer for a cd of new material if it gves them a chance to see them live (I know i am).

This is also a cd for the new generation of fans who may never have hear of slippery when wet or even earlier albums as 7800 degrees fahrenheit.
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on 18 April 2016
Really pleased with this. Am not particularly a Bon Jovi fan, but remember liking one or two of their hits around the time when my children were growing up. Saw this at a good price and decided to take a chance that I'd like the tracks I'd never heard before. I'm not at all disappointed - good tunes, good lyrics and good rhythms!
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on 20 November 2010
Ive been a big bon jovi fan since 1986 and love the band to death. But im sorry this is just missing to many great singles(Everyday Something for the pain) to name just two of a long list very dissapointed. Having said that there are still some great songs on here.
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on 1 January 2012
Foolish me, I assumed that an album called 'Greatest Hits' would have all the band's 'greatest hits' on it. Not So. Now, I'm not an avid follower of Bon Jovi (I bought this for my wife), but even I realised upon receipt that essential tracks - 'Keep the Faith', for example - were missing. But this is a greatest hits compilation, isn't it?! I must blame myself for not taking care to check the track listing; I'll be more careful in future.

Anyway, if you want all the 'greatest hits' you'll need to buy the deluxe edition, which I'd originally assumed might only contain extra content like a DVD, live CD, track oddities, photo-book or some such stuff. This edition really ought to be called 'Some Greatest Hits . . . but not all of them . . . sorry'.

Happy rockin'!
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on 2 November 2010
I am a bon jovi fan and i enjoy all his music but i was disappointed that lie to me was not in his greatest hits album the song is a classic.
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on 12 May 2014
Love this album and it was great value, too. Actually only initially wanted to purchase one track from the album but couldn't resist purchasing the album - especially after comparing prices with other sources! 'It's my life' and I'm gonna enjoy it :)
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