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on 17 April 2009
It's a great radio - lovely sound - but ... I'm on my second one now, and it still has problems. The first one wouldn't turn on under battery power (the optional Chargepak). So Amazon sent number 2. This one - wait for it - won't turn OFF under battery power.

Here's the good bit. Pure's technical person said that I'd need to download something 'onto my PC' from their site which would fix it. I use a Mac. "Sorry, we don't support Macs". "I don't have a PC, so can you sent me a new radio that works?" "No, because we've solved the problem". "Solved the problem? The problem ISN'T solved - the radio still won't turn off - you just want ME to fix it".

Basically, as I understand it at the end of that conversation, any replacement radio that a retailer might have in stock would suffer from the same issue and would need the fix downloading and installing. So I'm deeply unimpressed. Pure have sold a radio that doesn't work properly. Owners are then expected to fix the problem themselves, and they not only have to have a computer to do it, they have to have one type of computer. I don't know about Pure. I'd say that was Poor.
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on 9 July 2009
I'd looked at the Evoke-2 series a couple of years back but we'd got a decent boom-box that still worked well so in true "don't replace it 'till it's bust" style I ignored temptation. Well, it bust and to be honest, I wish it'd expired a bit earlier!
The Evoke arrived sooner than expected and was up and running in minutes. The result? Loved it. It's neat and unobtrusive, sounds great, goes louder than I'd ever need and has a good display. My wife commented on how good it sounded as soon as she heard it and has found it easy to use.
Personally I'd have liked an aerial socket. It works perfectly from the extending aerial but the rod sticking up spoils the look and I'm sure will one day be responsible for removing one of my eyeballs!
Otherwise great. Only time will tell if it's reliable but so far, so good.
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on 29 January 2009
Great radio.

Plus points: Good sound quality on both DAB and FM, even given low bit rates on DAB, and it will go very loud. The display is clear and smooth-scrolling. DAB sensitivity is extremely good and this is the only DAB radio I have that doesn't need an external aerial for some of the weaker stations. However, it does need the aerial well extended and under kitchen work units this is not always possible. Fortunately, an external aerial can be used with this radio, unlike the Evoke Flow. Low standby power consumption, an option to vary display brightness in standby, very useful alarm settings (weekdays only, for example).

Minus points: One minor annoyance - the claimed 50 presets require scrolling through a list for anything higher than preset number 6. Other radios just require the + button pressed to step up, so for 6 buttons, 1 would become 7, 2 become 8 etc. With this radio you might just as well scroll through the entire list of available stations as it's scarcely slower than using presets and only involves using one control. It's a big enough box to have some room for a few more preset buttons that would have been far more convenient. Minor gripes - a usb or sd card mp3 player would have been nice at this price point and the stepped volume control makes getting the right very low volume level for late night bedside listening a little awkward.

Overall highly recommended.

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on 17 June 2009
This is the best Radio I have ever had, the sound is fantastic, although I was a little disappointed with the first one that I had, when I put the battery in and let it charge, the first thing I noticed was that when running on battery power, the volume was very low, and it would not switch off, even when back on mains power.

After speaking to the help line, I was told that it needed a software update, as this problem was known!!! I really think that a radio of this cost, should not need the customer to have to start updating software in order to get it work, on a unit just over a week old.

It has now been replaced and is all working well, I am pleased that it has been sorted out.

Its just a pity that it was not "right" from the start
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on 6 February 2013
The Evoke-2S is a 5 star radio provided that you are not one of the unlucky ones who has received a defective one. The chances of you receiving a defective one are relatively high judging from the large number of complaints on the internet and my own experience.

I have had an Evoke-XT for a few years and was delighted when I first bought it and it still works perfectly. However, I now bought an Evoke-2S and am less than delighted with it. Apart from minor glitches when being first set up and which are easy to overcome, the signal strength dropped every few seconds resulting in screeching / squeaking sounds interrupting the program. This happens about 5 to 15 minutes each time after switching on and continues for about 1 to 3 minutes, after which the radio functions without any problems. I put the Evoke-2S in the same locations as my old Evoke-XT, which has no signal drops as I live in a strong reception area, but the screeching / squeaking problem continued in the Evoke-2S. I tried re-setting to factory settings and re-tuning a few times but could not overcome this annoying defect.

I then arranged for it to be returned and bought a new Evoke-2S which performs like a 5 star radio. I wish Pure would improve their quality control to avoid wasting customers' time and annoying them to the point that they would be wary of buying any product from what should be a great British company.
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on 18 May 2010
I'm currently on my second one of these, and that will now have to go back because it too is faulty.

The first one I received suffered from a problem whereby it would spontaneously switch itself off and would then be impossible to turn on again. Sometimes after a wait of several minutes, or cycling the power, it would come back on, but often it was necessary to leave it off overnight to 'fix' itself. The replacement radio did not suffer this problem initially, but this one has an intermittent fault where the display will stop showing the information it's supposed to and instead shows garbled information and random lines. Cycling the power fixes that, and it does not affect the sound, so I've lived with that problem. But now the replacement has started to suffer the same problem as the first, so it too will have to be returned.

To its credit, the radio does sound fine when it is actually working, and the features that available are useful, but the reliability of this model is unacceptable. I'll be asking for a refund rather than a replacement.
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on 14 December 2012
I bought this radio for Mother's day a couple of years ago: I got an email from my mother telling me it had suddenly stopped working. Upon researching this problem online, I found out this has happened to many people and the company that makes them has been very unhelpful. Positive reviews are from customers that have not had the radio for long, but after 2 years you have to be ready to fork out for a new one...
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on 12 February 2013
I bought this radio for my mum about 3 years ago. It has recently started to turn itself off for variable periods. Pure have been very unhelpful which as a strategy is very short sighted when they are trying to sell a high end product. The radio looks great but it was a replacement for a Russian one my dad picked up on his travels over 35 years ago which was still working fine when we replaced it. If the Soviet Union - not known for the quality of its products - could put something together with a working life ten times longer than Pure can manage that really says it all.
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on 21 May 2009
PURE EVOKE-2S Portable Stereo DAB/ FM Radio - Maple
I ordered this radio & a chargePAK1 battery online Monday evening. It was delivered by standard postal delivery on Wednesday morning - great service!

The fitting of the battery was simple. No problems turning the radio on or off under battery power, & no overheating of the battery compartment experienced (as reported by a purchaser in another review). The chargePAK1 is convenient & in the long-term cheaper.

The radio itself is beautifully designed & made. The case is real wood & the dials & buttons have a great feel. The display is very clear & scrolls useful radio programme information. The sound from the four speakers is glorious. I've absolutely no regrets buying this radio - you really do get what you pay for. My only misgiving is having to give this present to the recipient whilst returning to my old FM tranny! Buy one - you'll thank me for it.
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on 1 December 2012
I have two of these radios and everything is fine except for one thing. The 'stereo out' (line-out to play through a separate pair of speakers) doesn't work. It failed on both of my radios after a week, and I had them replaced. Now, nine months later the same thing has happened. I hadn't touched the line-out lead since I got the replacement radios, and today I had to remove the lead. When I put it back there was no sound. I could, I suppose, try and get it replaced again, but don't want to be without a radio for four weeks, which is how long Pure took to replace the earlier ones.There's obviously some design fault here. There's a work-around in that you can use the headphone socket instead, but there are various disadvantages to that.
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