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on 28 February 2014
I did a lot of research before purchasing this case, and in the end I was persuaded by the overwhelmingly positive reviews.

So far I've been very impressed. It's survived one round trip to Morocco with an active 3 year old and has lived to tell the tale!

The case is pretty small, so I'd advise having a look at it in person (Boots, Mothercare etc tend to sell them) before you order it, just to make sure that you're happy with the overall size and the internal volume. I was a bit concerned about my 3 year old's ability to 'ride' on the case given that his legs would have to be bent upwards to avoid dragging on the floor, but my concerns were ill founded as he had a wonderful time scooting about on it (or being pulled which was the more usual situation). If you have an older child (5+) then this case will probably be too small.

Given the overall size, there's a good amount of internal usable space, and you can squeeze a decent amount in before locking it shut with the yellow clasps situated on the either end. One advantage of the size is that it will easily fit on any plane as carry on luggage, which is great because the time you most need this case is when you're waiting in the line to board the plane, or at customs once you've landed.

The case stayed securely closed throughout the journey, and whilst there's a special 'key' on the carry strap, you can easily unlock it with a coin should you need to. The weight of the case when empty is surprisingly light, given it's rigid structure.

The shoulder strap and sturdy handles make it easy for an adult to carry when necessary, and I was very impressed at how easily it glided along once full, and with my sons weight on it. The wheels are lightweight and rigid, but seem suitably strong and should last. We accidentally left the travel strap behind on our return journey, but it was easy enough to attach a strap from another case to use to pull this along through the airport.

Travelling through airports with little children can be every parents worst nightmare, but this case really did make the process much easier, and at around £35 I think this is a price worth paying, especially because it's both fun for the kids and practical for the adults.

A nice additional touch with this case is the inclusion of a little foam fire hat and axe, which my son was delighted with! This is a company who have built their reputation on sturdy, practical cases aimed at little people, and our experience to date is that this has been a sound investment and I would have no hesitation in recommending this for younger children.
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on 11 November 2016
Bought this for my grandson when we flew abroad. Excellent storage its amazing what we managed to fit in this. It kept him amused at airport sitting and riding on it. I disagree with other sellers who say it was awkward to carry - it has handles and sat on top of one of our other pieces of hand luggage on wheels.
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on 15 July 2016
I have always loved Trunki but have found the quality has dropped on my latest purchase. I actually emailed Trunki to check that the product I had purchased was genuine because it didn't feel the usual quality and it is genuine. Trunki told me that the change in manufacturing was due to their production being brought back to the UK from China. I hope that they can find some way to resolve the issue of the internal elastic simply being wedged under the seal of the Trunki where it was previously screwed in place.
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on 11 October 2012
We have seen other children with Trunki's and thought, OK, I can see that will be useful. So we let our little boy choose which one he wants. Being a boy of a certain age, the bright red fire engine.

He loves playing with it when we are not even travelling. That can be a downside too. Wanting to play with it whilst on the plane is not very practical. But is does fit wonderfully in to over head stoarge and under seat storage and is sturdy enough to use as a step for him to help him with his seat.

It's a good size and does everything it says on the tin. Being bright red it's hard to miss, or forget.

It was also a saving grace on a recent trip. We were promised the pushchair would be at the plane entrance when we got off the flight. It wasn't, we were told it would be at the oversized baggage carousel. If any one who knows Heathrow, knows it is sods law that your flight uses the gate furthest away, and our luggage comes off a carousel 6 and the oversized is carousel 1. Well my little boy hops on his fire engine, saying 'nee nah' all the way and making dramatic screeching noises. We have a clear run through the airport and even better a little boy grinning from ear to ear. Also when one of us has to go off and collect the luggage from random parts of the baggage hall, he stays put adamant to be near his 'nee nah'

So it's is fun and practical. My suggestion is as a parent, if you have a small child and travel - get a Trunki. If you are a kid - pick the one thats the most fun!!! nee nah nee nah sccccrrrrrreeeeeecccchhhhhh, veeeeeerrrrrroooooommmm!
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on 10 June 2013
I had read almost every review going for the Trunki suitcases before making my purchase (and of course asking my daughters which designs were their favourites). We ordered one 'Penelope' (the purple princess carriage) and one 'Harley' (the ladybug) as Christmas presents last Christmas and both are equally wonderful.

Some people have commented that the Trunkis are not very big, but we took ours on their first outing to Disneyland Paris and managed just fine. We packed enough clothes for both children for three days (a spare outfit for each day), plus pj's, a TOMY winnie the pooh light up projecter, four meduim sized cuddly toys, plus nappies, wipes and a grow bag for our youngest. Everything fit in perfectly and the overall size of the suitcases makes them manageable for children, any bigger and they would simply be impractical. Both our 18 month old and our 4 year old are able to ride on them and pull them along by themselves, and our 4 year old is also able to lift hers by the shorter handles and carry it along on her own too (although the long extendable strap comes in handy when they get tired of riding/pulling/carrying and mummy or daddy are left to contend with carrying them!).

Both our children enjoy riding on the Trunkis (either kicking themselves along or being pulled along) although I would say that they aren't suitable for pulling along a small child at a train station or airport. Our four year old sits on hers perfect well and we were able to pull her along, but our 18 month old very often looses her balance when playing on hers at home, so we didn't risk letting her use it out and about (much to her annoyance!).

If travelling somewhere where your luggage will be around lots of other peoples bags (like at a train station or an airport, rather than just going in your car to visit family) then I would strongly recommend attaching a luggage tag, or tying something brightly coloured to your Trunki, as they are very popular and we found in our train carriage alone there were four other Trunkis (thankfully different), but while waiting at passport control we spotted two identical ones belonging to the family behind us (a Penelope and a Harley), so it would be easy for them to get mixed up.

The design of the suitcase is clever, with lots of handles/straps, a locking mechanism, and pockets within, plus the Penelope Trunki came with a pink foam wand and tiara (although sadly our kitten ate these before our fist trip!). I do agree with some comments about the quality of the plastic clips on the ends of the long straps and where these connect to the suitcase. Ours have held up so far, but I can see why some people have had these parts break and am hoping that ours will last, because without them it would be difficult to use properly. However, as suitcases and luggage go, these cases are by far the most colourful and amazing thing out there. I can't imagine my children having so much fun with any of the other types of bags or suitcases that you can currently get. While our 'boring' Samsonite case gets unpacked and swiftly taken up into the loft after each trip, the Trunkis remain in the house for hours of fun games that our two girls create.

I would highly recommend this product and hope that anyone buying one has a much fun as our household does!
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on 14 June 2016
bought for my 4 year old as i will be travelling with two small kids under 5, and do not intend on using a double buggy for the both of them to travel in between airports etc. have not used it just yet but my 4 year old has been sitting on it and packing her things into it , in anticipation of her upcoming trip. seems sturdy enough and like that it came with stickers so she could personalise her own trunki. the lock is a good idea, and stops her randomly or accidentally opening the trunki while she is sitting on it. size is good enough for her on flight essentials with a change of clothing if she needs it. would repurchase.
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on 23 April 2016
Makes travelling with little people through massive airports so much easier and a joy. No more will you have to have a kid under one arm and your own suitcase in the other hand struggling to find that gate, or racing through security. Just sit the little person on their Trunki and voila, transiting through an airport to get to where you need / want to be became a more enjoyable experience! It's fun for the kids, easier on your back an much much faster getting from A to B especially in large international airports. Well worth the investment. My kids love them. Highly recommended.
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on 26 December 2017
Great product as seen on Dragons Den many years ago (boy did they miss a trick) my sister in law loved her one for my niece, so much so I bought one for my little one for her car trips. Gives the Little ones a sense of being grown up able to have their own bag etc

Easily has enough room for change of clothes, nappies, food, books etc
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on 8 March 2017
This is the third Trunki I've purchased, quite roomy, ideal for nappies, toys & clothes, bought for my little Granson for when he stays overnight at his Grandparents or for holidays. When he's older it can be used to sit on as a ride along or be pulled along by an adult with the extension handle. Very study & well made, brilliant practical suitcase for little children, will be used for many sleep overs & holidays.
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on 9 February 2016
We went on a 5 week trip to NZ and needed carry on luggage that would fit in the size requirements of regional cariiers with the smaller domensional limits such as Jet Star.
The trunki was ideal, allowed children to sit on them when tired in long queues through security / robust for them handling them, allowed them to ride on them too, the full range made they could each choose their own. They also love dpersonalising them with the stickers.
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