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on 3 April 2014
DO NOT BUY THIS FROM GLOBAL BARGAINS 4U... They will send you a very, very cheap alternative that is very different from what is advertised... it is not from JML and is complete rubbish. I am sending this back straight away. That's what I get for not listening to others I suppose. I cant understand how they are allowed to advertise one thing and send something completely different.

If it was even similar and worked I might have just kept it but trust me, its complete rubbish. GLOBAL BARGAINS 4 U know exactly what they are doing and if they do not refund my money as soon as they have this rubbish back I will be taking the matter further.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 14 September 2015
When I was gainfully employed (I'm retired now), I had an office with a large comfortable computer chair which gave me no back problems at all.
At home though, I have a simple small computer chair which gives me back pain if I sit at the computer for more than around twenty minutes at a time.
That's probably my own fault for not sitting in it with the correct posture but the correct posture is not my comfortable, natural position. So, even if I consciously try to sit properly, I soon forget, and begin to slouch more eventually.

I have just received the JML Sit Right support, and I must say that it helps the problem quite a lot, because it gives me little choice but to sit better. It also gives me good lower back support, whereas the chair alone just leaves a gap between my lower spine and the chair back.

It is easy to fit over the back of the chair and, although it's only held on by one elastic strap, it doesn't move about very much.
Being black, it blends relatively well with my black computer chair, so it doesn't look too obtrusive.

There are plastic 'nodes' on the front which are designed to give a massage effect, but I honestly can't feel that effect much. I'm not really bothered about having it anyway.

The only reason I haven't given 5 stars is because it's a little too deep for my particular chair in my opinion. My chair seat is small, and this support pushes me just a little too far forward for real comfort. My back is OK, but the bones in my bum now need a rest occasionally!

I particularly like the vented back, because it gives the support, yet still allows air to circulate.
I'm not too keen on the product packaging, because there is a lot of detail on the back (including correct posture pictures and description). But hardly one word is written in English! It doesn't bother me too much though, because that packaging will ultimately go in the recycle bin anyway.

Whether you buy or not, I hope that my review is helpful to you in some way when making your decision.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 August 2015
When my wife worked as a locum GP, going to different surgeries, sometimes from one day to the next, one thing she would notice very well were bad chairs. In order to alleviate any potential problems she might get with her back before they really happened, we got this, and it has worked really well.

It adds support where lots of cheap chairs are lacking, it's easy to adjust for different chairs (though the elastic was a bit on the weak side and had to be tied a little bit shorter to keep in place), and it was easy and light enough that she could just bring it along when she went to work.

I think it has saved her back from a whole heap of trouble, not to mention it is a lot cheaper than getting a new chair.
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on 18 March 2016
After finding that an ergonomic chair was to big and ugly for my furniture at the table I decided to 'upgrade' my chair with this.

This Sit Right is a must have for any 90 degree or non-ergonomic chair, it ensures blood flow and eradicated bak pain from long hours of sitting I use this on dining table chairs so when I work long hours on my laptop I no longer get back pain. After a 4 years the Sit Right does start to fall apartm loosing it's elasticity, ergonomic shape and material covering the metal bars with can then scratch the chair and require replacement.

I am disappointed that it does not last more than 4 years but it is a small price to pay for such a life changing device to alleviate terrible back pain and allow you to sit down for longer.
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on 15 December 2013
I've purchased about 6 or 7 of these now. One for office. One for home. Its a shame they dont really work on car seats. I work at different offices so I sometimes leave them there - as they are a little inconvenient to carry around. Also on SOME chairs the elastic strips get worn and ping off (two have broken so far) but for the price I don't mind. You cant really repair them unless you have a vice to hold it together and some strong thread/good sewing skills! but just take care of them and they should last a long time. They REALLy support your lower back and help you to sit up straight. I have lower back pain and without these babies I know I'd be in total agony and unable to work. Try it and see! I also find myself selling them to friends and colleagues. I should be on commission!! One said that it helped her with her sore coccyx. Thoroughly recommended!
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on 10 September 2014
I work at a desk for 7 hours a day and am terrible at sitting properly. I have recently been experiencing pain/aches in my sholder because I spend my day hunched over my computer screen or slouching in meetings. I bought this back support because it was very reasonably priced. It arrived quickly and well packaged. The chair has 3 strips of elastic on the back where you can hook it to any type of chair. The support does slip down my hair a little but it is so light it is very easy to put back into position. The support really helps me remember to sit mindfully of my posture and encourages me to uncross my legs and relax my shoulders. It is much more comfortable than a cushion and seems quite sturdy as well as being flexible and soft to rest against. I would recommend this back support to friends. I already think the people I work with plan to buy one as it is very comfortable.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 March 2017
This product offers a good solution for anybody suffering from back pain. The product provides an adequate amount of support for your lumbar region, and assists in helping you maintain a good posture. The only negative aspect of this product is that it has a tendency to slip down towards your seat, having a method of maintaining​ the vertical position would be much better.
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on 4 February 2014
I purchased this as I am having back problems, exacerbated by my chair at work which gives no support and does not encourage good posture. My problem has lessened since using this chair back support, it is comfy and has just the right amount of 'give' to it. I really like it and will probably buy another for home.
My only concern is that the elastic is stretched so tightly on my chair that I don't expect it to last too long, it would be an improvement if it could be adjusted so that it could be made to fit a wider office chair without being stretched to its limit. I suppose if and when the band fails I will be able to fix on a longer one. However this has not been necessary to date so I can continue to feel the benefits of the back support. I recommend this product to those of us who experience back pain, it does help.
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on 5 February 2016
Very happy to have chosen this product.
The support fit perfectly in the car and the perfect shaping gave me instant relief.
I must point out the quality of the netting. Unlike other support products, the netting on this is firm and allows for the perfect amount of stretch. Im 2 months in and the netting is still like new. My last support (of another brand) was sagging and loose after just one month of use.
The straps are also of perfect length to secure the piece onto a chair or into the car with ease, yet not leaving too much to hang off and get in the way.
I am satisfied with the elegant look it has whilst not in use.
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on 7 April 2014
Since retiring, I'm gradually turning into an S-hook due to appalling posture at the home computer. Despite ergonomic desk, good chair and everything else, I just loves to slouch. It's now giving me quite severe low back pain so I've got this chap. Straight away, I'm sitting upright wtih my back well supported. I'm a fairly buxom sort of babe but this holds me in place with no problem. It's like being clasped by a large amorous frog during mating season - (I'm thinking David Ginola rather than amphibians but hey, that's my business) - and I feel very secure with this in place.
It's an absolute doddle to fit - just one elastic strap.
For the money, I think it's an excellent product.
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