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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 27 December 2010
I have been bowled over by this little device.

I bought it thinking that it would be a good replacement iPod for my ancient model, with a bit of mobile browsing thrown in - very useful as I didn't want to be chained to my laptop.

But the iPod Touch turned out to be so, so much more than this. It takes a generational leap forward in gadgetry, browsing, and multimedia. It's just so darn intuitive.

Click on the 'Photo' widget. Take a snap. Touch the option button and immediately send it to somebody's email address. Or take a video recording, follow the same process, or store it in your computer's video library.

Download the free Skype app. Your iPod Touch is now a mobile phone thanks to its built-in mic.

Click on the web browser. Go to iPlayer and watch all the latest BBC TV shows. Touch the email widget and get access to all of your emails.

Buy an app called TuneIn Radio for around £1.50. Touch the widget on your screen. Boom, you have access to streaming radio from all over the world, from local BBC radio to international jazz stations.

Get a games app like Monkey Island. You've just passed the six hours on that long plane ride.

Amazingly, you can get a TomTom app and use your iPod Touch as a SatNav in your car. You can even get an app to turn the device into a remote control for your other digital devices.

When they say there is "an app for everything", they ain't kidding. Whether it's calorie counting, nuggets of trivia from QI, styling your photos, or checking flight times, you can do it all.

Now I understand the hype about the iPad, which is effectively a bigger version of this. It makes my laptop seem ridiculously outdated; the use of a mouse/trackpad and the constant clicking around is just a draaaaag compared to the fun that is had with all the new apps and touching around with this.

Downsides? Nothing, really. I'd perhaps say that in hindsight I would have chosen the 64GB model instead of the 8GB model to avoid any potential memory management issues a little later down the road (I am already at 50% capacity). And the touch screen keyboard can be a little more fiddly for those with bigger fingers (ahem). But really, that is nitpicking. It's a sensational device, a modern day Swiss Army Knife. Just get one - you won't regret it.
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on 13 March 2011
(A kids review but still read it please 11yrs old)

It took me a long time to save up for this and persuade my parents to let me get it. The best deal was definitely Amazon. Very pleased with delivery and price; it came 4 days early.

I've never owned anything like and ipod touch before. It's an amazing device with great apps (alot free too), great sound quality and loads more.

Set up:
It took and 30-45mins to sync the ipod and set it up. It isn't that long to wait since once it's done there's not really any more setting up required.

Good points:
The apps(even free ones are brill); Good qaulity picture and sound.
The video is the best bit and the camera is ok. It's not amazing but it's not poor.
Screen is all very fast and responsive with every click, important i think you may agree. I noticed it went a bit blue, but this was when i tipped it at a stupid angle.
Internet access is quick and easy to use. I've not yet tried facetime but i'm sure it will be good.
Easy to download music off itunes.
It was rapped it tighly and safely to prevent damage to the ipod on delivery.
My friend has a 3rd gen and the 4th is a very good upgrade. It's lighter, slicker and this one has a camera. Also the volume buttons have a space between each other.

The bad points:
It's easily broken so i would get a case. (What do you expect though)
A finger magnet and can get scratched easily.
Apple doesn't supply a mains charger so to charge you must use the USB cable.
When playing apps the battery runs out.
As far as i'm concerned i have no more bad points.
When you first turn on the ipod a little apple comes up. If you turn the screen to the side it goes gold, but it was tilted at a stupid angle.

Things to consider buying for the ipod.
A mains charger.Mains Home AC Plug Battery Charger Lead Cable in White - CE Certified - Compatible with for ALL Apple iPod & iPhone 3GS S 4G iPod Touch iTouch Nano Classic i-Pod i-Phone
A case/sock. 4G Touch Black Silicone Protective Armour Case + Grey Sock Cover & Screen Protector Kit for New Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation - 8GB 32GB 64GB
Screen protecter. 4G Touch LCD 6 Pack Screen Protector & Cleaning Cloth Kit for New Apple iPod Touch 4 4th Generation - 8GB 32GB 64GB

Overall Rating:
Set up 4/5
Internet 4/5
App/music store 5/5
Camera 3-4/5
Video 5/5
Screen (speed and accuracy)5/5


PLEASE comment with any questions and i will try and get back to you.
(I will update it if needed)

Thank you
p.s. Rate my review please :-)!
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on 26 December 2010
Ive owned an itouch 1st g since launch in late 07 and its still in perfect working order (although it definitely looks its age). After seeing my brothers iphone 4 and hearing that the new itouches were basically iphones without the ability to call or text, i decided to upgrade.

The camera: not as good as the iphone4 but under the right lighting conditions the photos and video look amazing. In less well lit places the quality takes a hit and it looks like your typical smart phone camera but for an MP3 player, the overall quality of the camera is very good.Its a great addition and doesnt feel tacked on.

The unit is a little smaller and this has forced apple to put certain buttons in some pretty awkward places but after a few hours i was used to it.

The touch screen is as good as ever and the 4g is very fast making browsing the web really enjoyable. Youtube vids loads very quickly.

My only flaws are:

1) Scratch magnet: how badly the back of the unit gets scratched since they use a highly reflective metal which looks amazing on a brand new unit but within minutes of use, it looks really bad. Definitely recommend you buy a quality case and screen sticker. These are completely necessary if you want to keep your touch looking somewhat fresh for longer than a few days.

2) Headphones: Awful apple headphones have been the same for years, really wish they would pull their fingers out and improve the quality/comfort (even though they look really nice) Once again, decent headphones are another necessary purchase if your buying this mainly as a music player (which i imagine most people do)

3) Plug: Completely unjustifiable, how the hell can you sell a product for 250.00 and not include a charger? I dont want to turn on my pc just to charge my ipod! Once again, a charger is another necessary purchase.

4) Finally the unit comes already upgraded to 4.2 which is a decision i would have liked to make.

Despite the flaws, i still say its worth a purchase, but do yourself a favour and order the extra items i suggest to avoid some major hasstles.
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on 22 October 2010
The Ipod hype train has passed me by again and again and again without making me take notice of Apples latest mp3 masterpiece so this one certainly went straight over my head. The media and consumer voice have made a lot of my decisions about Apple, that they are money hungry and sell products that break within days. Then there was the fiasco about the Iphone 4's signal and that story certainly didnt impress me.

But after ignoring the temptation of an Ipod too long I succumbed, because I was in need of something to replace my trusty Zen Stone, which is now resting in pieces thanks to my son :(. I went big on the purchase with one of these; I thought that if I wanted to experience an Iphone without paying the ridiculous monthly tarriffs this was the best choice. I didnt prepare myself for love but thats what happened.

Too hold it in your hands is idescribable, it feels beautiful, slim but satisfyingly heavy. Set up was done in moments on my windows pc and itunes. I started to explore the phones features. So I tried the web browser, which is the best I've used on any mobile device. Then I set up all my emails so they would come straight to the device. How about the apps? I must hold the world record for apps downloaded within an hour.... there are news feed, mobile banking... AND ebay! Christ, I love ebay, and its a damnsight better than the ebay I get on my blackberry.

Lets not forget the games and the graphics on this kit... PWOAR is all I have to say. The graphics are incredible; I've heard that the pixels are closer together than the 3rd generation but I've never used one of those. Its just PHWOAR.

Now the touch interface was something i was worried about because I have fingers like german sausages. No need to fear, its accurate like a sniper on stimulants. I suggest you buy a screen protector because you'll want to touch it all the time and fingerprints are not attractive.

By the time I had fiddled with apps and games... I'd forgotten all about the music! So I stuck a load of tracks on there and what do you know, it's a great mp3 player; what a good idea Apple.

And now for criticisms: not many, buy yourself a new pair of headphones because the ones supplied are diabiolical. Also Facetime... I've looked it and cant really be bothered to use it: its more something you would use on a phone anyway. Also, I didnt buy it for taking photos, but the quality is pretty poor. But i'm not complaining, if you want great pictures buy a camera.

Bottom line: Yes I'm an Apple covert, its really quite easy to change when they make technology as beautiful as this.

Thanks for listening to my first time using an Ipod. Best bit of advice to you is to buy one, and if you got more dosh buy an Iphone which is all of above and the ability to phone and text so I've heard.

NOTE: You obviously need wifi to use internet, receive mail and log on to app store etc.

UPDATE: 04/11/2010

Having used the Ipod for well over two weeks now there is another negative that has become apparent. Battery life. When using apps it degrades rapidly, and when the apps are that addictive your going to be doing a lot of Ipod charging! However, the battery is great when playing music, it hardly consumes it at all.

Aside from that my love hasn't faltered. I sometimes find myself grabbing for the ipod when I have a bit of net surfing to do instead of my cumbersome laptop.
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on 17 December 2010
I had an ipod touch 2G for two years, which had an 8gb memory so i filled it up which is why i got the 4G version, with 32 gb. Im sure any ipod owner would tell you that they are reliable pieces of kit, and this new 4g touch is even better!

The screen is a lot better than the 2G, which i didnt think was possible, its very clear and amazing quality. Its also very bright.

The battery life is EXTREMELY good. I was used to the battery on the 2G running down a lot when i was using apps, but so far i havent had to charge the 4g once, and ive had it for around a week, and thats with a lot of use everyday.

Its a lot thinner than the previous models, which is good and bad. Its good because its a lot lighter, and fits easier into a pocket because its not as chunky, but being light can also be a disadvantage as im constantly worried that im going to lose it or drop it without realising.

Like all previous ipod touches, its got a mirrored back. This scratches really easily so i would recommend a case as soon as you buy it to prevent this, and also a screen protector, which arent too expensive.

Theres a lot of new features on the new ipod, with 2 cameras. Theyre good enough quality to take casual snaps, but definately not good enough to print big sized pictures. It also has a new feature called facetime which is similar to a video call, just over wifi. The only problem is, is that you can only use with other people who have a new ipod touch and are on the facetime app. I would have thought that this is more like a iphone app rather than a iPod app.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who doesnt just want something that plays music. It plays videos, shows pictures, and you can play games. What more do you want?! Its a great peice of kit and very good value for money, and i know it will last me a very long time as i know i can rely on apple.
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on 12 January 2011
In short: If you are thinking of getting one, get one.

In long:

It fulfils a needs I did not even know that I needed. A touch screen iPod? Whats the point? Whats wrong with a click wheel? After all, you don't need to look at the screen whislt you are listening to music.

Oh, but the iPod Touch is so, so much more. It is basically a PDA, almost to the point of negating the need for a netbook. I bought mine so I could fit all my music onto my iPod (all the Nanos are too small in capacity) and for the internet and Apps. Browsing the internet on this thing is beautiful. Such a tactile intimacy with the information you are reading. Double tap and the iPod will scale the column you are reading to the screen. Pinch to zoom in and out. Page scrolls are smooth and the momentum is just right. Browsing is fast and is a joy for when you want to quickly check a fact or find out some information. It really makes you realise the true value of the iPad. It makes sense, it is a joy to use. Apple have nailed this.

Apps are wonderful. Simply wonderful. The iPod is worth it just for Apps without a contract iPhone. There literally is an app for everything. IMDB, eBay, Amazon, Paypal, BBC News, Cineworld are a few useful ones off the top of my head that really streamline your search for information. As the iPod unlocks so quickly and is instantly connected to you Wifi, you can find out information in just moments. So effortless compared to a desktop computer, even a netbook. In eBay for example, you can list an item by scanning a barcode, check your auctions, browse and bid.. the functionality in many apps is very rich and makes checking things on the go and in a hurry a total breeze. In many cases, I'd rather browse on the Ipod than on my netbook, as the interface is just so fluent and such a joy to use. There are apps for fitness tracking, diets and lifestyle, personal finance managing, and many of them are free or of a negligible price.

I laughed when people said that iOS would overtake the DS and PSP for portable gaming. How can you plays serious games without buttons? Well, I haven't touched my DS in months. The app Store has reinvigorated portable gaming for me. Games cost £3 or under, rather than £15 plus. There is oodless of variety and enjoyment to be had here and I love the creativity that is present in some indie games that you so rarely find on the DS and PSP. Plants vs Zombies, Chu Chu Rocket, Cut the Rope, Infinty Blade, Eliss, Pix'N Rush, Doodlejump.. these games are so addictive you just cannot put them down, and they were all so very cheap compared to retail DS and PSP releases. And I have suddenly realised that buttons are not a necessity. They may help- but the touchscreen is allowing for new innovation and gaming experiences. If they get this into kid's hands, maybe start selling prepaid game cards in Gamestation (removing the need for a debit card on file), I can see them effortlessly overtaking Nintendo and Sony. The App store is brimming with innovation and fun to be had, even if you don't want to pay anything. It goes without saying, there is also lots of advert-ridden and feature-poor apps there, but generally just read the reviews and stay in the top lists and you will be fine.

The free 'Find my iPod' service is a nice touch. Register it, and from a PC you can locate your iPod, send it a message, or even erase it. It pinpointed mine down to my exact street location.

The screen is amazing. Well, not quite as amazing as the iPhone 4, which has IPS so that the colours look the same at any angle. The iPod Touch's screen will distort in colour even at a relatively low angle but it never presents as much of an issue really. A high resolution might not sound like it is needed, but it can eliminate the need to zoom in on webpages as the text remains clear and readable even when it is tiny- provided your eyesight is good enough! Apps not optimised for the new display can look blocky and pixelated but it is never so bad as to make them unusable.

The internal speaker is passable with enough volume for games but not enough clarity for extended music listening. The camera is better than nothing. I like how it means iPod Touch users can now use the same apps as iPhone users- including the barcode scanners. It is grainy and doesn't give great results, but it is good enough for the apps that need it and the occasional photo which is all I ask. The volume keys and power key are in good positions and give a good positive click.

:Update: Oh, and yeah, it plays music. This is the last feature I tried ;) It sounds amazing. Music seems 'fuller' and 'punchier' than with my old Nano 4g. Stereo separation seems better with the same earphones.. I'm hearing noises in my music that I don't think I would have been able to pick out on the Nano, it makes me almost pop my earphone out because I think it is an outside sound! I cannot be objective on this, but I swear down the Touch pulls out sounds that I never heard on my old Nano- even through the same earphones. The iPod produces smooth, resounding bass, crisp highs, and overall a balanced sound. I worried maybe Apple forgot the iPod's core reason-to-be- no way is that the case. Also, it is a joy being able to search for music by typing it in =) Oh, and the included Apple earphones fit nicely into a bin. I highly recommend the Creative in-ear earphones that retail on Amazon for around a tenner as they are affordable and great sounding. The sound is amazing. It brings a smile to my face, and that is really saying something. The iPod excels at music playback, giving you an amazing listening experience.

There are a few reasons. however, keeping it from achieving total perfection but these should not detract from your desire to buy one. I updated this review from 4 stars to 5 stars to reflect that I think this product does not suffer from these nitpicks.

The first issue is the dependency on iTunes, a bloated and shameful piece of software. Managing music is a total chore as the interface works against you at every click. For example, in Media Player, you can CTRL+V and down arrow your way down a list, pasting as you go to make many changes quickly. iTunes won't allow this, and also enjoys dumping you at the start of your library as you navigate backwards, rather than returning you to your previous position. It also needs mummying with album artwork, oeftn refusing to find album artwork from CDS you have imported yourself after ripping elsewhere. You need to shift+click a whole album, press get info, and then drag artwork in. Which then takes a while to process. Why not just drag it onto the first song? Well, iTunes is so thick that it only applys it to that one song. Since when did different tracks on an album have different cover artwork? Overall, though, it is bearable because the iPod Touch is worth it. Get a big one, sync all your music on there, and then touch iTunes as little as possible.

It is so easily scratched. Put it on a hard surface, it will get cuffed. Case us basically a necessity if you do not want any scratches, thankfully a silicone one will do and not make it much bigger.

The battery life is not stunning. Whilst I cannot vouch for music playback, playing games will easily, easily kill it in a handful of hours. As such, a charger is basically a necessity unless you are always near a PC to charge it. Of course, Apple do not include one. I highly recommend you budget for an official Apple charger (beware fakes). I use mine for other USB devices also, such as my TomTom. Worth the purchase, and it also comes with the USB lead which gives you a handy extra.

My screen is slightly yellower in tone than my sister's. I know not all screens are created equal, and it is ever so slight. But some more consistency in manufacturing quality would perhaps be beneficial. It really is at the point where the difference is so slight that only I can tell. Everyone else just says I'm fussy. And they're probably right.

No flash. Yes, I know it is a battery killer, buggy and the likes, but it prevents me from viewing video on some websites which the necessitates the use of my netbook. It would be good at least as an option. Perhaps click to activate it in a webpage that requires it would be an elegant solution.

Overall, the device represents the future. Simplified for the masses, but feature rich, a joy to use, and insanely helpful. My netbook used to see constant use for fact-checking and the likes. It now sits looking scornfully at the iPod in almost constant use.
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Best iPOD TOUCH EVER - 4th Edition.

I've just bought my iPod Touch 4th edition from Amazon and I am over the moon, Im into my music, PC gaming and also like my gadgets.

The fabulous thing about the new iPod Touch is the FACT its just very similar to the Apple iPhone 4 in very many ways, has the Hi Def Video camera,
(at rear), also it has the Facetime Camera at the front too.

I could go on and mention the new super powerful "A4" CPU processing chip, and GPU, for multi tasking and gaming, its just got it all for half the price of the iPhone 4.

Yes, its also got WIFI 802.11 b/g/n so it covers all frequencies, in all hotspots.. So out and about all you need is to be close to a router.

Yes, you can download 140,000 apps very many FREE, and some you pay for, from as low as 'FREE or 49p' to '£5-£15' or thereabouts' for the most expensive... but the program apps are really great value for money as most are 'FREE or pennies' seriously. You can back them up on your PC (on the iTunes software) so you don't loose them.

My favourite is the Razor Sharp "3.5 inch Retina Screen" which I'm thrilled to bits with, I know it'z kinda Sad, but for the 1st day all I could do was look at it.! (beautiful). not far away from Super AMOLED SCREEN QUALITY 'BUT NOT Quite THERE YET Apple'.! 'Super AMOLED' IS THE VERY BEST I hope Apple have it on the next 5th edition

off course, there's many other features the "iPod Touch" has, including the new operating system, but I have just covered the main ones.!

Don't forget to get a nice soft case...

Thanks for reading...
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on 14 November 2010
I have never before owned an Ipod, I always liked to buck the trend. However I needed something to replace my defunct Iriver H120 and Zen Vision M and there seemed to be very little out there above 16GB so I bit the expensive bullet and bought one of these.
In short I am happy with my purchase and have no real regrets about buying it. All the other reviews will tell you how intuitive it is and how it'll make you breakfast every morning etc.

There are just a few little niggles though that prevented me from giving it 5 stars.
1) Cost!

2) Its dependence on iTunes and all the associated Apple DRM issues. I liked being able to plug my MP3 player into any computer and access the file structure, essentially using it as a mass storage device. However with the Ipod you cannot do that. Everything must be synced though ITunes which is convenient at times but I normally find it irritating.

3) With my old MP3 players I could change track and volume without taking the device out of my pocket. There are volume buttons on the side but to change track I have to take it out of my pocket and unlock it first, something I'd rather not do, particularly if it's raining.

4) There is no mains charger provided and the official Apple charger is '£25.

5) There is also no case/screen protector provided and you will want to keep your shiny new toy safe.
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on 25 September 2010
Although I love the new Ipod 4th Generation I have to warn that if you plan to use it with an Ipod Speaker System such as Bose or Sony that worked well even with the Iphone 4G, this new Ipod will not connect. I have read many reviews on the Forums, and the general opinion is that there is a flap inside the connector on the new Ipod which prevents a connection with any of the recognised speakers. Some have been able to fiddle with it and finally connect, but the risk of damage by doing this is strong, so not advised. This was a great upset to me as I use it primarily for that purpose. Not good news Apple.
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on 7 December 2011
I should have bought this a year ago. Kept thinking should I, shouldnt I? After all £200 plus for a 32 gig is a lot of money. Finally got brave and bought one last month from a 'reputable' store; my first Apple buy and am over 50!. Do buy a screen protector off Amazon £3 buys six!

Quality Feel.
Great screen resolution - so much clarity.
Sound is quite good - Hey Apple headphones are OK!
Sound is great through speakers etc
If you have access to Wifi you can access Web.
Does things quickly.
Fancy features.
Connections feel 'solid'.
Music menu lists easy to understand
So many (free) Apps are available.

Itunes can be quite intimidating, as all music downloaded via it.
(You do get used to it after a while, but just experiment or get a friend to help).
Still camera is appalling at 0.7 megapixels.(Apple are good at covering this detail up!!!).
Video camera seems OK (ie mid point)
No mains charger;has to be through USB.

Get a 32 gig at least.
Able to make 'Facetime' calls to compatible Apple devices. (Not tried it yet).
Battery seems 'ok'
Once picked up, you cant put it down.

Like many other reviewers I agonised over whether to buy it, BUT I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT A LONG TIME AGO!! (No regrets at all).
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