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4.5 out of 5 stars1,023
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 22 December 2010
We didn't want to rush to clean our carpets as the weather was cold and damp and we were afraid our they would take longer to dry, so we decided to wait a little while. However our grandchildren came to visit and one thing they are both determined to do is make sure that our door mat remains clean and dry at all times as they carefully side step them to clean their shoes off on the hall carpet whenever possible. A small Christmas 'children's' buffet tea ensured that the kitchen, living room and hall way had a generous sprinkling of milk, orange juice and other less identifiable stains and so the decision to hold off on the carpet cleaning until after Christmas was taken out of our hands.
In all honesty the hardest part was in getting it out of the box. It slotted together in a perfectly obvious way and was ready for use in no time.
Our large living room rug which covers the fitted carpet in there is almost as old as I am and even though it has been cleaned on numerous occasions in one way or another came up cleaner than I can ever remember seeing it before, though the water that came out of the collection tank was a colour I couldn't believe considering that I often sit on it.
The hall carpet which is rather newer but takes considerable punishment particularly from our two dogs also came up like new. But it was the stair carpet that was the biggest surprise. This had never been effectively cleaned and not only did it come up as clean and new looking as the hall but the procedure was also thankfully easy to do due to the hose attachment, which meant that the Vax could stand in the hall or on the landing while the stairs were cleaned. Again seeing the colour of the water being removed from the carpet via the transparent cleaning tool was a revalation
All of the above was accomplished with just 4 litres of warm water and 160 mil of the supplied cleaning fluid. I can't say I noticed how much fresher it all smelt etc. but it certainly looked noticeably cleaner. More importantly the process was little more work than the normal day to day vacuuming and so one that we will do on a more regular basis or as visiting kids demand. Our fear that the carpets would remain damp were unfounded as well which was a great bonus.
If they start to sell one that mends the thread bare bits I will certainly upgrade but until then I thoroughly recommend the Ultra Rapide for carpet care and cleaning.
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on 12 October 2010
Customer Service
The VAX comes with a label on it "Don't take me back to the shop, simply call, we love to help, 0844" tel number given (try [...] for landline number) and "[...]" given. Offering direct customer service rather than dealing with the store. - any problems or questions should be directed to the them. As the first machine I received did not work as well as expected or as reviewed on here I contacted customer service, who very approachable and were thorough in their follow up, resulting in a replacement machine. Excellent service 10/10.

Set Up/Use
The machine arrived in a large strong and well sealed box. The contents were well packed and protected. The machine feels heavy when you first lift it out but it is not heavy to use. It was easy to unpacked and put the few bits together. Before using it, best to read the instructions all the way through, as information I thought missing, was at the end.

Included are 2 bottles of cleaning solution, 1 pre-treatment (packed in with the pre-treatment sprayer) and 1 carpet cleaning solution. Ready to go.
Mixing up the solution is easy enough, 40ml solution/1 litre water. Only 1 negative here, could do with a 40ml measure for the solution (I used an old medicine measure, which clicked nicely onto the top of the bottle afterwards).

The dirty water container is very easy to empty during use, but can be a bit fiddly to fully clean out and full drain/dry when finished. The clean and dirty water tanks are totally separate, avoiding the chances of cross pollution and also meaning toping up and emptying the tanks can be done a lot easier. We had a Vax Rapide 5100 before which has the tanks inside each other inside the machine which meant taking the whole thing apart to empty or fill the tanks.

Main Machine
To get the best results, use the main machine on tilt (foot release pedal on left) as the brushes rotate. Just push the machine forward and press the solution release on the handle to distribute the cleaner, then release and pull the machine back to suck up the dirty water out of the carpet. Once you get the hang of letting go on the return stroke it is really easy and light to use.

The dirty water can be seen being sucked up into the dirty water tank on the front. The first job I put the cleaner to was some spilt ink so this looked very impressive.

Even used the machine on a deep-pile carpet which came up shining. It cleaned deep down through my carpets bringing up the pile, leaving them looking look like new.

NB. When you stop the machine do it off the carpet as sometimes it dribbles back the dirty water out of the dirty water tank.

Hand Tool
This attaches to the main machine and is easy to use.
I used the hand tool to wash a heavy used small area, with a press of the trigger it releases the cleaning solution over the area that you need to clean and as with the main machine do this on a forward stroke and then pick up the dirt and solution on the backwards stroke. Again it is very satisfying to see (the clear hand-tool cover) the dirty water being sucked up into the hose and dirty water tank. With in a short time the carpet was as new, fluffed up, clean and almost dry. Excellent for stairs and corners.

This is also good for sucking up spills. My first machine leaked and this tool sucked it up in no time, quicker than getting the mop and bucket.

The pre-soak/preclean tool is really easy to use, the wand attaches to the main machine easily and the cleaner is sprayed out to small or wider area and is activated by the trigger.

Other info
1. Handle height not adjustable or high enough for tall persons.
2. No measure, used an old 20ml medicine measure and filled it twice and surprisingly it clicked on to the top of the bottle securely.
1. Hand tool excellent
2. Pre soak tool excellent.
3. Easy to put together, read the manual all the way through, as the information order may not be as expected, but all the info you need is there.
4. Light weight to use
5. Very easy to fill
6. Well designed
7. Dirty water container is easy to empty, yet a bit fiddly to fully clean and dry at the end.
8. Good attachment points for hand tool and pre soak.
9. Really good that easy to refill clean water and empty dirty water while you are going along and independent of each other.
10. Over all an easy to use machine, the areas I have cleaned have come up as new.
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on 11 March 2012
My situation? 2 kids running around spilling drinks everywhere - 2 cats that, from time to time, decide the carpet is the right place to empty their bladder & pushchairs running through my hall in all weathers.

5 years of the above means that I'm versed in scrubbing anything from carpet tile to shag pile.

I recently picked up the VAX Rapide Ultra 2 (Which? guide recommended) in the hope that it would be an easy to use & efficient way of getting the carpet clean.

Here's how I feel about it after some use.

- Powerful 1000W suction to drag the water back out of the carpet.
- High capacity clean & dirty water tanks which pop in and out easily.
- Rugged brush bar
- Upholstery cleaning tool able to work of furniture / stairs etc

- Although the upholstery attachment is great at sucking up water on carpets & furniture - it's a poor cleaner. Don't expect it to scrub stained patches and make them clean.
- The pre treatment wand is a waste of space. A handheld spray bottle would be better as you don't have to mess around plugging it in.
- The VAX is clunky and heavy and doesn't push along well (even when switched off without suction). This means my wife will avoid it and I'll have to lug it around the house.
- The hose & cable tidy arrangement at the rear is a mess. The amount of times I've popped the upholstery attachment out by brushing my leg against it!
- On mine at least - if you end up shunting the skirting board at any speed, it appears to dislodge the dirty water tank - which needs to be re-seated.
- Poor edging coverage. You'll probably need to use the upholstery tool there.
- Water inlet for the main tank is a comparatively small hole - I think it should have been bigger because it's not far off needing a funnel to pour the cleaning mixture in. It felt a bit like filling an iron with water through the tiny pin hole in the 1970s.

- People are wowed at the dirty looking water that comes out of these things - but if you took half the contents of your Dyson and mixed it in a bowl of water the result would be the same. The conclusion people tend to reach is that what they've sucked out is filth that was being left by their dry cleaner. I believe that a large part of it is normal house dust mixed in solution.
- The value in these cleaners is the ability to get suction on to the carpet and take enough of the wetness out so that the floor can dry out in a short space of time. My experience with this and other wet cleaners is that they're great at this part but just don't do a good enough job on the cleaning area for my liking. You may find that you get better results for removing serious carpet stains by a) scrubbing the spot with a brush using something like a light mix of non bio washing powder (at your own risk etc etc) and then buying a cheaper VAX just to rinse and suck up the water from the carpet.

Not meaning to sounds down about the product - it's just very average.
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on 2 January 2011
Finally took the plunge and purchased a carpet cleaner after hiring a machine on a few occasions as we have two dogs, opted for a Vax, as they're the market leader. Delivery was extremely quick by UPS, they even delivered the cleaner in the extreme snow!

OK, lets get onto the machine, the packing was excellent, so the cleaner arrived in one piece, instructions weren't brilliant, but managed to get it up and running in a few minutes. Was impressed with the look of the cleaner, it was modern looking and robust in design, it doesn't look like it will fall apart any time soon.

Only used it in a few rooms but its light and easy to use, the simplicity of this cleaner is great and the cleaning power is excellent. Unlike other machines, it doesn't soak the carpet but does clean the carpets quite easily. Using the Vax on a light carpet, you really do notice the difference after cleaning. The waste water tank is big enough to clean an average room, so no need to stop and empty the tank every five minutes.

We've only had the cleaner a few weeks, but we're both impressed. Overall, this is an excellent carpet cleaner that does exactly what it says on the tin.
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on 15 March 2011
I purchased this cleaner on the reviews I read, I have never had a carpet cleaner before so this was my first, It realy gets the dirt out of your carpets and looking like new, easy to operate, even on stairs, I was realy surprised how good it was and would recommend it, IT WAS WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY I PAID FOR IT.
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on 29 December 2010
I received my new VAX W90-RU-B I had previously owned the VAX V-125 All Terrain Upright Carpet Washer and from unboxing the VAX W90-RU-B I could tell there had been a number of improvements from that model.

Having a accident prone wife, a small dog and young baby sometimes accidents can happen things get knocked over, mud bought in and dirty paws!

Unboxing is straight forward the VAX is safely packed and comes with a hose hand attachment along with a bottle of VAX ultra carpet cleaner. the handle slots into the top of the unit once a orange plug has been removed and re-inserted to hold the handle in place.

You then can wrap the hand hose attachment around the back of the unit which now locks into the back of the unit. this is a big improvement from the VAX V-125 as the previous models hand hose storage device only hooked on, now with this model there are three little turn locks which how the hose holding unit in place this is a big improvement as previously the hose kept falling off during storage/use.

the loading of water and cleaning product is also a big improvement as there is only one button to push and this releases the storage tank where the cleaning solution is put along with warm water.

there are two foot buttons on the unit one is the power the other is for lowering the VAX W90-RU-B to the floor to start the cleaning process.

The VAX W90-RU-B is so much lighter that the previous model the VAX V-125. With the VAX V-125 my wife did not like to use it upstairs as carrying it up there was a bit of a hassle for her (well that was her excuse anyway). However with the VAX W90-RU-B there is no excuses as it is a lot lighter and she even had to admit that she will have to think of a new excuse to get out of doing it now :-).

The simplicity of this VAX is great and the cleaning power is excellent it does not soak the carpet like other carpets washers do but cleans and removes the dirt with surprisingly ease thanks to the rotating brush. You really won't believe the difference in you carpet after cleaning, the amount of dirt and grime that is in/on your carpet that you do not even notice or have seen before! Once the dirty water tank needs emptying you will notice a change in the VAX operating noise and then you know it is time to empty it. However you do not need to wait for this and empty as you go or as you please.

I used the hand attachment to clean all the seats in the car, this was great and easy to do due to the small size of the head of the hand unit along with the scrubbing brush on the attachment on the hose. There is also no dripping from the attachment as i noticed on the VAX V-125. The hand attachment simply connects to the front of the unit at the base where the water is emptied from and the small tube connects to the front in order to apply the cleaning solutions through the hand attachment and to apply all that is required is to push the button on the underside of the hand attachment.

The VAX W90-RU-B is a lot quieter than the VAX V-125 and I would say not much noisier than a bag less hoover.

Emptying the dirty water is also now a lot easier as all that is required is a lift of the orange tab and then this enables you to lift out the tank and pour away the dirty water by undoing a twist circle seal on the back once emptied and quick rinse through with water and it clean and ready to be used again or stored away. there is also in the tank is a small filter that collects all the hair and fluff that too is easily cleaned.

My overall view of the VAX W90-RU-B is a excellent carpet cleaner lighter that others and easy to use, this may seem to be a glowing review but I really have nothing bad to say about the VAX it is by far the best carpet cleaner I have used and more than pleased with the cleaning power it really is going to save me a lot of time and money in the long run as no longer do I have to go hire a carpet cleaner in an 'emergency wife/baby/dog mess' situation now and as over Christmas i have found it really has saved me!
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on 2 January 2011
My parents have a previous version of this cleaner which I've borrowed in the past a couple of times and been really impressed with it. Once, when we moved from a rented house the terms stated we needed to clean the carpets on our departure .. the quotes we got were more than double what one of these cost to buy (and then keep for using again and again!). We used their Vax, spend a bit of time over it .. and the carpets were left cleaner and fresher than when we arrived a year or so before.

This model seems a good deal heftier than my parent's version. Though I don't think it's any heavier, there are several improvements though : the clean water tank appears to be considerably larger (and therefore allows you to continue for a lot longer without having to fill up than with the older one) and I am pretty sure its a little quieter (though don't plan to clean carpets in the night when the children are asleep, as it's still relatively noisy in operation).

My first job for this machine was to try to revive some upholstered dining chairs using the hand attachment. The assembly of the machine in general and the attachment of the hose for the hand tool is simple and fast. (I especially like the method of attaching the main handle, where they have replaced a screw fixing - on my parent's Vax - with a really neat clip .. this would allow the handle to be removed really easily if you needed to store it in an undercounter cupboard perhaps - not possible with the old version).

Bearing in mind we have three infant daughters who clearly consider dining chair cushions as fair game for anything from milk, sauces, jam, juice, yoghurt as well as craft glue and paint I was not too optimistic that I could save them! I spend a fair time on each one, giving the two worst ones a couple of goes .. the end result was absolutely astonishing. My initial concern on the quantity of water being sprayed out of the hand tool (I don't have the optional pre-treatment wand .. which in hindsight would be worth investing in) proved unfounded as the suction at the tool head is incredible. I found a work-around was to pop off the head and use the spray on it's own (you still need the Vax running to pressurise the spray) and this gave me a bit more control over where the spray went when I was dealing with small areas. The head has a soft brush built in and this receives some of the spray when attached so gentle scrubbing of upholstery is possible without needing anything else. Compared with the head of my parent's Vax, the new head seems more substantial (we had one of the old one's crack when used a bit too aggressively ~ though to be fair replacement parts from Vax seem very reasonably priced).

I easily managed eight chairs on less than one tankful of water/detergent mix (including giving some more than one clean where soiling was particularly bad), the dirty water tank said it all (yuk!). The chairs now look almost new again - and were dry enough to use within a few hours.

A few days later, I headed upstairs to give a couple of the bedroom carpets and the bathroom carpet a try. Three little girls with various ailments and accidents over the past few months had resulted in some nasty marks on the carpets which localised cleaning at the time had helped, but not removed. Using the hand tool first to get some 'preliminary work' onto the still visible marks, into tight corners where the head of the upright cleaner wouldn't be able to negotiate and to give the edges a good 'going over' first, was easy and quick .. and then using the cleaner for the large areas was no more difficult than using an upright vacuum cleaner. On my parents cleaner you have to switch the beaters on with a separate switch, this new one is cleverer than theirs, as the beaters operate when the handle is in any position except locked upright. It's not a big change, but it makes things just that bit easier.

The colour of the water in the tank afterwards was horrible, the carpets were like new.

All in all, I can't praise this machine enough. The Vax cleaner my parents have is great, this is a logical improvement in all areas. The results are splendid .. which is, after all, the whole point of buying something like this.
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on 5 August 2011
I was looking for a carpet washer that was easy to both fill and empty and had a rotating brush for deeper cleaning. This machine couldn't be simpler to use and I couldn't wait to get started. Only took a few minutes to put together and although I could hardly lift the box (delivery man did it for me) the actual machine is not heavy to use. Everywhere is now looking very clean and smelling fresh.
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on 21 December 2010
This is an excellent carpet cleaner that does exactly what it says it should.
Assembley is easy to do - although the instruction leaflet provided is for this model and the pre-treated model too and can be a little confusing - but only took 5 minutes to get together.

Using the carpet cleaner couldn't be easier. The instructions do say to vaccum thoroughly and this is a must - especially in all the nooks and crannies! I started by using the hand tool to do the edges which was easy to do - the hose attaches to the front of the machine at dirty water tank with a smaller hose that connects to the clean water/cleaner solution tank. I have experienced some problems with this connection due to pressure on the smaller hose but have found if you're quite forceful when connecting then it stays on.
Using the main machine is just like vaccuming - only you press a button to release the cleaner into the carpet when going forward and then release when going back and watch all the dirty water being sucked back into the machine (same principle on the hand tool too).

The carpets have dried really quickly - as the suction is really efficient!
I have also used this on our sofa and its been brilliant!

We have children that are always spilling milk, orange .. well, everything really and this has been excellent and saves a lot of time tryig to clean spills as you can use the hand tool to deal with spills quickly and efficiently - much better than using foam cleaners that you leave then vaccumm as my children dont repond to "dont touch that" for more than 5 seconds - let alone 2 hours :-)

I have hired machines in the past for over £60 a time and they have not been as good as this one. My carpets are super clean and look fantastic - the dirty water is a real wow factor and makes you realise where the heavy traffic areas are in your house.

If you need a cleaner - then I would pick this one as I have been most impressed!
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on 8 January 2011
I recently acquired a Vax W90-RU-B Rapide Ultra Carpet Cleaner and I cannot believe how easy and straightforward it was to use and set up.

The cleaner arrived in a big sturdy box but once opened it was less than 5 minutes before the cleaner was ready to use. I had been out to buy some carpet shampoo in preparation but turns out I did not need it as you get a 473ml bottle in the box. You only need 40ml of shampoo per litre of warm water so it will last me ages.

I was home alone when I had my first play with the Vax and being of small build I had no trouble assembling the handle and getting my cleaner up and running. The only downside it is heavy but I was able to move it around easily if it took me a little time to climb up/down the stairs.

Before use you need to ensure you hoovered the carpets thoroughly - this is to make sure you carpets get a proper clean and any undue fluff etc on the carpet does not clog up the machine.

When cleaning the carpets you just press the on/off switch with your right foot as it's on the right of the machine and then use your left foot to press the other foot peddle to recline the cleaner so it can be moved along freely.

The trigger switch on the handle should be pressed when moving the vax forwards to release the soap solution and when pulling backwards the cleaner sucks up the water. The carpets were slightly damp but nowhere near as damp as when I have borrowed carpet cleaners in the past.

Once done, this vax is easy to remove the water chamber and to clean the dirty fill bottle.

Cannot fault it and wish I'd found this product ages ago : )
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