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on 10 January 2011
Bought this for a Sony Bravia 40EX403. Was a bit sceptical at first because of the very low price, but after looking at reviews I decided to purchase.
It was dispatched very quickly and arrived even before my TV. The bracket itself is very sturdy, and VERY well made. All the bits and pieces needed to hang nearly any TV are included, along with instructions. The tilt feature is also great, and can be adjusted easily. I have seen wall mounts not nearly as good as this for more than double the price! Overall, I am very pleased with the product, and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a quality wall mount. Definitely 5 stars.
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on 4 September 2014
I always read the 1 star reviews first on all Amazon purchased products - it helps me establish the level of consumer intelligence before deciding whether their is merit in the 1 star review. With this particular product, I have found it difficult to rate it other than "exceeded my expectations." The 1 stars seem to mostly involve missing parts or incorrect parts however this maybe due to the tv having a less than universal screwing thread / size in the back (usually samsung tvs) and hence the manufacturer finds it uneconomical to provide these fixtures...

Delivery was good. I received an email from Amazon stating the product had been shipped less than 20 hours after ordering and it arrived within three days of this time, with no aesthetic damage to the packaging.

The actual product box was of low quality and after opening it up the perception of low quality continued as the instruction manual was not particularly comprehensive - some diagrams of contents and further diagrams of where the contents should adjoin. This isn't a particular issue unless you are the type of person that requires full prose of instructions - those with good Lego skills should grasp the concept well.

The bracket itself is light - I was dubious so decided to try and bend it with my bare hands. I'm not the strongest person in the world but gave it a good attack without observing any flex, bend or misshaping - my thoughts at this moment were, "its bloody strong."

Six heavy duty bolts were provided to attach the bracket to the wall. There was not much guidance from the instructions in terms of which holes to put the bolts through so I assumed a nice symmetrical shape would maximise the strength. I know that i have a thin layer of plaster board which covers brick work behind. I used a rather large drill bit to drill the holes through the plaster and through the brick work. The provided wall plugs went in well and the bolts (with normal and 'spikey' washers) were tightened into place.

I then attached the separate tv brackets (which in turn are hung on the wall bracket) without any issues. My tv is a LG 47 inch thin smart. The screws provided fitted the holes in the back really well. Once on, i hung the tv onto the wall bracket and tightened the screws underneath (so the tv cant slide from left to right). I found the angle knobs really easy to put together and they work rather well. All in all its a fantastic product at a great price. I personally can not see why I would want to spend five times as much money for a product that can do the exact same thing. PS, the built in spirit level is great - it is accurate as I checked with my own separate level.

One thing i would add is that the product is not being sold by the long established (kind of :S) UK Habitat company that many British people know well. This is a separate UK Ltd company which sources a lot of products from China however they may well send the specs over to China for production. As the product is being sold in large volumes and thus at speed, there is always the likelihood that manufacturing defects could exist with a chance of missing parts which some reviewers have commented on.

4 stars.... 1 missing because of instructions, but I wouldn't let this stop you from purchasing. If you're no good at simple DIY, buy it and with the money you save, get a professional to fit :)
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on 31 July 2015
Delivery was quick, although I struggle to understand how the postage costs more than the product itself .

Upon opening product I noticed a extremely strong smell of oil , I guess from the process of making this bracket. Fixed to wall easy, holes on bracket didn't line up with tv holes of a Samsung tv.

Major issue is the fact tv stands so far from wall, I ordered a different make and it's now more flush to the wall. I wouldn't buy this product again .
review image
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on 7 August 2013
Very Robust yet Light,absolutely perfect for my 50 inch Panasonic Viera.
Fixing kit supplied was a bonus,very good price Thanks
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on 30 August 2016
I purchased this bracket on a Thursday and it arrived promptly on Saturday, well packaged in a box within a box.

The bracket box is well presented and comes with everything needed to install the bracket to a wall (except the tools). The actual wall bracket comes in 2 pieces and you will only need to use one if you have a small TV and both for larger TVs. We have a 50” LG Plasma so needed both brackets installed side by side. All the fittings to attach it to the wall and TV and nicely arranged in separate plastic bags, all attached together with perforations.

It does come with instructions which are okay to follow but it is not too difficult to work out without them. The instructions do point out which washers, spacers and bolts to use so will help the novice. The kit also included a small spirit level which was useful for getting the 2 plates level together. I installed it within the hour and it feels really sturdy and secure.

I have marked it down 1 star only because one of the brackets was slightly warped/damaged and wouldn’t sit on the wall flat so I had to straighten it slightly first. For the cost of the item I didn’t see it worth returning it or reporting it back to the vendor as it was still usable anyway. Also the wall plugs didn’t seem top quality but they worked and did the job.

Very pleased with in and impressed with what you get for the money paid. Would recommend.
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on 2 October 2010
This is a strong, well made unit, supplied with more fixings than Homebase. However, i wouldn't recommend this bracket for the LG 450 32" LCD model that i bought to use with it, as the wall mount is almost as wide as the tv, and the brackets themselves are visible above the top, making the whole thing ugly and cumbersome. I got around that by buying a packet of 100mm 'mending plates' from Homebase which allowed me to re-position the brackets lower down. Better suited to 42" and above in my view.
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on 28 April 2011
First and foremost, this is a great bracket and very good value but it should be noted at at the time of writing the P+P costs are an additional 7 pounds or so which is not advertised by the seller.

Moving on, at around £14 this bracket is well worth the purchase. I was slightly concerned as I was planning on drilling into a stud wall-if i missed the stud, plasterboard would certainly not hold the samsung le40c580 as I had planned. The product comes with 6 hefty screws but unfortunately as I could only use four due to drilling into studs (wooden two by fours) rather than masonry. I shouldn't have feared though as the TV holds excellently with no give at all. I can reiterate that of other reviewers that a 10mm drill bit is what should be used with this product. I think the instructions must have changed as it does say to use such a size. having the tilt function is excellent as I wanted to put the Tv fairly high up the wall above the height of a desktop computer (bedroom).

I hope people who are thinking of using this bracket for a stud wall find this review useful. I used a stud finder to find the edges of each stud and then drilled into the middle, first with a very thin drill bit to make sure I had hit the wood and then afterwards with the 10mm. Easily done and I was up and running within about 35 minutes. I had planned the room by having a plug and TV point (for freeview HD-check your area) on the wall where I wanted the TV. No wires!! Looks great, very sturdy and i'm very happy I went with this one. Make the plunge, you've found your bracket! :-)
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on 24 January 2011
Having purchased a 46" Panasonic Plasma tv separately I did wonder about compatibility but those fears were allayed when it came to assembly and fix. Three points I would make;
One. and this point has been raised before on other review(s)the Allen key is not practical and in it's present form inadeqate, I shall get round this by cutting a piece off and inserting into a suitable socket and extension.
Two. The in-built spirit level which is not readily adjustable was wildly inaccurate and therefore not usable. I was equipped with my own and used this to first set the hangers onto the tv back at the same height [first make sure the tv is level when doing this]then set the wall plate level and at the required height.
Three. The instructions indicate that a 1/2" masonry drill is required, I would contest this and state that the better size would be 10mm, particularly if drilling into a plastered breeze block wall, using a 10mm drill in my case did not cause any hardship when fixing and I would worry about 1/2" holes.
All in all a good product and easily installed if care is taken.
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on 22 July 2010
Spent several weeks looking for the perfect bracket for my brand new Sony Bravia 40". As you can understand, was very nervous about putting on any kind of bracket due to the risk of falling off and breaking, aka my worst nightmare! Pleased to say that this bracket really puts my mind at ease. Reinforced steel is very welcome and I have no doubt that my Bravia is safe and sound, couldn't recommend more to anyone who was in my position!
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on 1 June 2016
Unfortunately it doesn't fit my Samsung 40" tv UE40h6400akxxu Veda 200 x 200. The problem is with the hook arm that attaches to the TV. If your TVs isn't totally flat at the rear and like mine as a slight bevel the hooks will not lie flat. Even so it doesn't include the correct screw length that attach to the back of the TV. I couldn't even adapt with flanges due to the lack of correct screw. Disappointing when it says it will fit 99%.
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