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on 4 February 2017
The mount itself is good quality. Fitting to the wall we no trouble. The instructions were clear and it's secure. The issue I had was that on a 49" Samsung the top two bracket attaching holes on the back of the tv were quite deep within the back of the TVs shell. There was not a bolt provided that was long enough to attach to the tv. I had to source some suitable bolts from screw fix.

Now the tv is up it looks great and is secure
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on 24 April 2017
Arrived the next day with Amazon prime so I can't really comment on delivery speed.
The instructions were clear and each section of screws, washers etc came in separate marked packets for easy identification, a pleasant surprise.
Every piece was accounted for, which was another surprise, frankly. The only tools needed were a drill, a screwdriver and a pencil really, and it took me about an hour to put up. That doesn't take into account my ocd and triple checking everything, along with a couple of tea breaks.

Hung up it looks tidy, and the TV fit on it perfectly and with ease. Possible to do with one person if you're capable of lifting your TV to the desired height.
The one issue is its difficult to reach behind the TV and adjust the tilt without a mole grip, nor can I screw up the last two screws for added security, not without a struggle I'm sure. Slight design fault but I doubt people will adjust the tilt after they've picked the ideal amount.
At the end of the day just a very solid product for the price, will be looking out for this brand in the future.
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on 11 December 2017
Simple to mount, used for a 15kg 55" LG TV. They were missing 2 of the washers needed for the large bolts but I had some spares. Ended up buying longer bolts as my wall had breeze block behind the plaster, so wanted the bolt to mount fully in the brick past the drywall. I tilted the TV and it looks pretty far off the wall, so wanted to tilt back to straight. This is physically impossible without fully removing the TV from the wall. But I suppose you don't need to do it all the time! Overall pretty pleased. Even the tiny spirit level worked ok.
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on 20 November 2017
I recently upgraded my main living room TV to a 4K and didnt want to sell my older Samsung SMART TV. So, I decided to put it on the bedroom wall. I needed a good sturdy mount to put it on and yes this is an excellent product. Didnt take long to put up, just used a good drill with some masonry bits, used the supplied spirit level to line everything up as I tightened the bolts, and this is rock solid. Great bit of kit and it looks designed to fit many sizes and weights of TVs. Highly recommend this, you cant go wrong if you put it up properly. The only downside was the instructions were (for some of them) in very tiny writing which was hard for me to read.
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on 12 April 2018
Don’t spend a fortune for other brackets that state “stronger” because this bracket is solid. I bought it to mount a 50” TV to a stud wall. I positioned the bracket on the wall to give me a rough guid and used a stud finder (highly recommend) and because the bracket has so many holes I was able to attached the bracket to the wall over 3 studs which means my house would fall down before this does! Using a cordless drill I drilled 5 holes and used the huge bolts supplied. My TV is an older one and not on of these super light and super thin TV’s, No mine weights a ton! It took two of up to put it up and because of the sheer weight of the tv I was worried about putting it to the wall but after mounting the bracket I am 110% confident it’s going nowhere !

I hope this helps buyers choose the correct product!
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on 14 June 2016
This is very well thought out and extremely well engineered from nicely painted steel. It is simple to fit and comes with perfectly understandable, logical instructions. All the bolts, plugs and washers that you might need are included. It is extremely strong and dependable. Far stronger than any brick wall that it might be attached to!
Because of the tilt mechanism it stands the TV about 7cm out from the wall. This is a consideration if you want your TV tight to the wall, but it would then be impossible to tilt your TV. Also, that extra bit of space makes positioning, and hiding, all those pesky cables very easy indeed. It additionally means there is no need for any fancy right angle bend cable end adapters and that cables need not be bent beyond their optimum operating limits - often a problem for really close fitting mounts. The built in spirit level is spot on with my mount, but of little use in the real world because few buildings are truly level, requiring matching the TV angle with the house, rather than with gravity.
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on 5 June 2016
This is a big, heavy mount and is really well built and solid. You'll need a solid wall to mount - not into plasterboard, go into the brick behind if possible. I used 6x rigifix bolts and it's not going anywhere.

I do find this a little stiff to move initially - so slackened off the main pivot bolts a little. They're self locking so won't work loose.

Take your time mounting this and make sure it's as level as possible - there's a small spirit level included but I'd recommend using a longer one. You can adjust the rotation of the plate the TV hangs on if you're not quite level - remove TV, undo 4 bolts, use a level, then retighted.

If I had to nitpick I'd say the method used to finally lock the TV to the mount isn't brilliant - small screws, fairly thin metal that can flex. But it is secure.

An excellent product at a pretty amazing price.
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on 16 February 2018
Bought this for a 49" TV and has done the trick perfectly. The product is well built and comes with enough fittings to ensure it's suitable for any TV - or at least I would expect this to be the case. The tilt function is very useful and means we don't get any glare from the lights or window

I mounted this to a stud wall and tried to use the guide instructions to do this, which is to screw into the supporting wooden struts rather than just the plasterboard. After a lot knocking on the wall and then hammering small nails into the wall to make sure I'd found the wooden struts I then found the spacing was too wide for the bracket to span 3 as instructed and just using 2 would have meant the not mounting the TV in the middle of the wall. While this is more an issue with my house than the bracket itself it is something you'll need to be aware of if you don't have a masonry wall to fit the bracket to.

Once mounted the rest of the installation was easy and I am more than confident the TV will remain on the wall until I want to move it.

The only other slight niggle and again this is as much the TV as it is the bracket, is the locking nuts are difficult to get to once the TV is on the wall which makes holding the TV at the angle you want more difficult than it could be.
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on 29 March 2018
Fitted our 65" LG Oled Tv on the wall without any issues. I wasn't sure if the bracket would be strudy enough for a 65" but I can easily say it is.
Comes with clear instructions & all the required extras and is easy to mount. There are several holes along the bracket so it gives flexibility with drilling. Also the bars are adjustable and don't stick out from the bottom or top, you can amend them to the size of your tv...
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on 5 December 2016
A good quality bit of kit at a decent price. Some little niggling issues which perhaps are related to my needs or generally the difficulty of working with things like this.

I had some problems with it relating to the design and my 55" LG OLED. On the latter the VESA holes are positioned towards the bottom of the TV rather than in the middle. So you need to get the mount fixed as far up as it will go in order not to have the bars poking out the bottom. However the design means that I couldn't do this because there was a bit of metal in the way. I sorted this by grinding out the metal but it was certainly more work than I had expected.

Similarly I look at the six coach screws provided and I can see this isn't going to work on my wall. What I need to go and get now are some 150mm self tapping masonry screws. Would have been handy to have these to hand with the wall mount itself.
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