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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 7 June 2014
When I was buying this product known as Iron Gym, I was thinking, hey it's about £10 including the postage, so why don't give it a try...

Within two days the product arrived. And I usually wouldn't bother to review a product unless it's very good or very poor. Now this product proved excellent with such a low price.

What's in the Box...?

1. Plastic bar
2. Arched bar grips (2x)
3. Long bar (2x right half and left half)
4. Plastic ring attached to the left half bar
5. Long bolts (2x)
6. Medium bolts (2x)
7. Locking nut (4x)
8. Spring washer (4x)
9. Saftey wedge tool
10. Hex open wrench tool
11. Iron gym leaflet - manual, workout and nutrition guide
12. CD

Product in General

Iron Gym multi-function extension bar is an excellent product with such low price which can be easily assembled and use for a variety of exercises. It is a sturdy strong bar that can supports 300 lbs of weight, that is about 136 kilograms.

When it comes to assembling things I am such a hopeless fellow, every time I try to assemble something, chances are there will be some screws and bolts left. I am probably the worst "assembler" ever walks on the earth. So don't worry when you read this product comes with a little assembling. It would only take a few minutes, and if I can do it in minutes, you are going to take only a couple of minutes. The hex open wrench tool is excellent; it's very easy to tighten the bolts. As I said in a couple of minutes your multifunction extension bar is ready to use.

Door Frames

Once you attached to the door frame it will be ready to go, however, please make note the ideal standard door frames are from 24" to 32". Unfortunately my door frame in my bedroom has less exposure, and I have found it to use with additional caution, It latches, and I can chin up, but as long as the pressure on the long bar, thanks to the gravity and the firm grip. However, once the pressure is relieved the extension bar will detach. This is where you should check your door frame that is not too deep into the mortar, in my case it was very thin.Then I found other door frames are standard ones If you've a door frame, 24" and above and exposed frame, this bar will be a pleasure to do exercises. The safety wedge tool is helpful here; this tool is designed to keep the extension bar on the frame, preventing it from falling off. Still, it's a good thing to check the door frames and the depth of the exposed frame before you buy this product, and even if your door frame is not standard it may be used with caution and you can also do a variety of exercises that doesn't require door frames.


The mini CD comes with it is just an overview, actually a tv advertisement about two minutes only! There are two files in the CD

1. Fox Flash-player installation programme
2. Iron gym VCD.

Don't get your hopes up. The Iron Gym VCD is just an advertisement - you can see it as a kind of overview (the one I mentioned as a two minute advertisement). If you decided to watch it you don't need to install the Fox Flash-player, instead right click on the Iron Gym VCD and select "open with" and choose your browser. It will play on the browser as I am almost sure that your browser has flash player installed.


With Iron Gym multifunction extension bar you can do a variety of exercises which include
1. Pull ups
2. Push ups
3. Chin-ups
4. Sit ups
5. Arms and shoulder exercises
6. Triceps Dips
7. Ab Crunches
Basically this multifunction extension bar is for the whole upper body. These exercises can build and tones the biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders and abdominal muscles. Place the extension bar in the base of the door frame to use sit ups.

A word of caution

Be very careful, if your door frame is not the standard one mentioned here or is very thin - not enough frame exposed but deep in the mortar, please be very careful (again) that you may not be able to use the safety wedge tool and if the pressure is not equalized in both handle it can simply detach, it won't be a pleasant experience when you're doing chin-ups. Read the manual and make sure you're doing it the correct way. Safety first. The good news is that some of the door frames in your house must be standard, so try those frames.

Check everytime you use the extension bar that its bolts are tightened and the extension bar is locked (the long bars attached to each other). If not use the wrench (included with the pack) to tighten the bolts.

Update 06-11-2014
P.S. I didn't bother to use all the washers, and it is still working fine...

Update 20-12-2014
Wall Scarring: I was using this exercise bar regularly since last June, it's foam padded and I haven't had any scarring on the wall. The point of contact is the upper part is foam padded, the other two contacts are the steel bar, again with rubber grips on the sides of the door, so I was wonder how it scars the wall as mentioned in many reviews. I was checking all these months if it scars the wall. It didn't, so I guess either the reviewers who mentioned about the scarring have either got wrong item or they were using it wrong.

(Update: 09 May 2015, still working out the bar is as good as new, now wall marking - excellent)

Quality item
Budget wise
Heavy duty steel construction
Fits standard frames (24" to 32" wide)
Easy to assemble
Protective form (to prevent scarring and marring of the walls)
No drilling or fastners necessary
Variable grip positions possible
Saftey wedge tool that prevents the bar from falling off.
Manual includes assembly, installation and workout explained.
Maximum weight 300 lbs (around 136 kgs)

CD is useless as it's only just an overview advertisement.
Manual also claims to be a nutrition guide but there is no nutrition mentioned.
Maximum weight 300 lbs (around 136 kgs)
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on 22 September 2013
This item is able to support 17 stone (108kg) with no issues. It has lasted longer than I thought, caused no damage to door frame and is now sitting there... staring at me... telling me that I am lazy... Be warned: Just buying this wont make you healthy - you have to actually use it!
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on 29 September 2010
I did have some trouble with one of the bolts during assembly, but once finally assembled this is a strong sturdy design.

I was a bit sceptical about buying one of these door bars as a lot of the reviews i have read had people complaining about how they would not fit them in their door frames properly. After searching around a bit i noticed that this door bar, although the same design in the pictures as others i've seen, stated that it should fit most 24-32" width doors. Unfortunately none of the designs state how deep your door frame can be which is the worry i had as my door frames are all 7" deep. But i decided just to go for it and if the worst had happened i would have just got a refund. Thankfully my instinct was correct and it operates perfectly, all i need now is to actually use it all the time :P

Also, i am 6'4" so i was a bit sceptical about how close i would be to the floor whilst fully extended during a pull up, but all i have to do is bend my knees a bit and its fine :) also doing this helps strengthen my stomach muscles :D. Hope this helps
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on 25 May 2015
Bar is wonky when put together (holes drilled but not parallel so doesn't/can't fit the door) emailed that same day and sent photos asking for a full refund but haven't heard anything since, such a let down
review image review image review image
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on 20 May 2016
I've now had this for over a year and it has never failed me (13-stone man). The only thing that broke was the plastic bar when my daughter and her friends used it as a swing. It hit my wife on the head when she tried to take it down which serves her right.
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on 28 March 2013
I'm 5' 11" and just 13 stone. When I used this, despite the foam padded bar - it market the door frame and the Wife went off on one.
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on 13 January 2016
Claims that it works on the majority of door fittings seem false, or maybe I have unusual doors. Both at university and at my family home it does not fit well and only works on one door. Difficult even more at university where all the doors are fire doors so they try to close even when it is in place. Once it is up on a door frame that suits it, however, it is a great product.
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on 1 December 2015
Good enough for a beginner. The long bar is made of two separate bars that seem to want to come loose so not very good build

BEWARE: The CD included in the package CONTAINS A VIRUS it also contains a 220 by 164 pixel ad for the bar.

Here's a link to a scan of the .exe found on the CD:
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on 6 April 2016
This is good if you want to damage your doorway in the process! I literally did 10 pull ups on this before it started leaving marks on my doorway as seen in the pictures! I had this product delivered 4 days before taking the pictures and that is the damage caused already! Terrible product
review image review image review image review image
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on 12 January 2016
Easy to put together despite the instructions only consisting of one image. Seems fairly good quality although I've only been using it for a week so only time will tell whether it lasts well. The pull up bar fits easily in several door frames in my house, although not all so some people may find that it doesn't fit any doors in their house, I wasn't sure it would fit so i paid slightly more to purchase from a 'Fulfilled by Amazon' seller so that if it didn't fit I could utilise Amazon's excellent returns service. I was also slightly worried that even if it did fit that it would not be stable, this is not an issue, although be sure to pull down on the bar to settle it into place before using. The different grip options allow several variations of pull up - different movement variations are an essential part of training so I was very happy with the flexibility provided by this product. The box also shows images of it being used for press ups and tricep dips when placed on the floor and although I haven't used it for these exercises yet it is definitely a good idea.
Overall I am extremely pleased with this product, it is an excellent and cost effective way of incorporating a few pull ups into my day!
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