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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 December 2012
Bought this primarily to use as a quarantine/hospital tank for my tropical BiUbe (35l), but as I was going to keep it on my desk in the study I also wanted it to look attractive too, hence the Chi and not some cheap plastic job. I must say it works well on both counts. It has a small footprint, but is plenty big enough for 2-3 small fish or 1 larger one, and looks great. The fountain is very relaxing while I'm working but adding the stones cradle on top does the job nicely if I require silence. The integral LED light illuminates the tank with subtlety and you soon get the knack of turning it on/off without getting your fingers wet.

Whenever I intend to buy new fish for the Biube, or have a sick fish, I fire up the Chi and pop the fish in. A Superfish 50w Nano Heater keeps the temperature easily at 24/25C. The clear plastic lid is sold separately and is a must, to reduce evaporation and stop any fish jumping out. Even with the lid, I need to top up the water every other day to keep the level within the required range for the pump and filter to work correctly, so always have a jug of treated water at the ready (using API Stress Coat to remove the chlorine, etc). In addition, I do a 20% water change every week.

In case you're wondering how I can start-up a tank at short notice, without going through the whole fishless cycling routine, I keep a spare black filter pad (the one that's designed for the beneficial bacteria to grow in) for the Chi floating in the Biube, which is mature with a healthy biological filter. I could hide it under stones but to be honest I can't be bothered and some of the fish like to shelter under it sometimes. If I suspect a fish is sick, I fill up the Chi with treated water and turn on the heater and pump. After 24 hours I extract the Chi filter from the Biube and insert it into the Chi's pump, along with the accompanying white filter pad. A squeeze of the Biube's filter pad into the Chi, along with a double-dose of API Stress Zyme for good measure, and it's ready to rock and roll! This technique has worked every time, with the water staying crystal clear and the fish very happy (or as happy as the sick ones can be while I treat them).

New fish are quarantined for a couple of weeks to make sure they are disease-free before putting them in the main tank, although I usually have that planned a few days in advance! When no longer required, it's easy to wash out and sterilise, ready for the next time. It looks so good I'm tempted to keep it running permanently with some Neon Tetras or a couple of Guppys, but ultimately I can't be bothered to maintain 2 tanks!
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on 2 August 2011
Decided to give my baby goldfish an upgrade and splash out on a good tank. We (my goldfish and I) are really happy with it as it was so easy to set up and very beautiful. The fountain on top is surprising quiet and I was impressed that the tank is glass, not acrylic. Good amount of space suitable for a baby goldfish or several small tropical fish. The fountain/filter keeps the water really clean and my goldfish has become much more active since moving in. A great product that is worth the money.
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on 31 October 2013
Had many fish tanks, many different pumps and filters and this ones perfect. Three months and not a single water change or top up needed, thinking those reviews with problems with water levels must have really hot houses or something. It's never needed a thing done to it apart from a rinse under the tap and a quick clean of the bulbs with a sponge... Nothing at all to keep six minnows, two black ores and a weird bottom feeder happy and in good health for three months.

We have not had to change the filters either, they are cheap I know but it just keeps going with one rinse in it time sitting, very quietly on our sideboard. We did have to order the top cover as it was missing from the box, seems last years stock never had them and we have a kitten who needs the block between him and the fish.
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on 28 December 2013
I bought this aquarium from a local garden centre whilst waiting for post xmas room to put up my 64L Aquarium and stand. Been fishless cycling it now for 10days and thought I would post my initial impressions.
Firstly it does look cool- there are a number of options in regards to the filter and waterfall effect on top. I (well the Mrs) chose the pebbles with fountain effect and the sound of the water tinkling is rather pleasant- though some may find toilet trips increasing in frequency! Other options are artificial plants or a pebble container mounted on top (which reduces the sounds). Included are 2 small pots of Nutrafin Aqua Plus (to remove chloride and chloramines) and Nutrafin Cycle (to allegedly help introduce the bacteria). Personally I didn't use these- I bought a big bottle of Tetra Aquasafe, some 10% Ammonia and API Master test kit for a fishLESS cycle. I fitted a 25W heater (intrapet deltatherm) which at max setting achieves around 29 deg C (warm for breeding the Nitrifying bacteria), a bag of aquarium gravel, 2 plants and 2 ornaments.
The tank does suffer from a number of design compromises- firstly it allows ALOT of evaporation- I typically lose 500ml (1/2 litre) of water in 24 hours! So as part of my daily regime I treat and top up this loss. I purchased the additional Fluval lid which although not helping the evaporation problem does reduce the dust falling into the tank and reduce the chance of fish escape- all without reducing the visual appeal of the tank.
Space wise although this isn't the smallest tank available it is (according to many websites, forums and keepers) a pretty small tank and in order to have a stable & safe environment stocking must be done carefully. I plan to have a Betta Splendens with (possibly) 4 pygmy Corydoras in plus 4 small snails and 3 shrimps. Of course this is once I have finished the cycle which can take 4-8 weeks on average- a test in short term patience vs long term satisfaction!
Would I recommend this product? Yes as long as you know what you are getting into with the daily & weekly maintenance, stocking issues and the need to buy a heater for keeping tropical fish.
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on 28 May 2015
The first one came damaged with a chip at the front corner that I cut myself on and had no lid for either the tank or the filter. It was also missing the cycle medium and chlorine safe bottles.

The seller "Pet Bliss" were quick to respond to my email and very sympathetic. I sent it back and reordered another but noticed the price had gone up. The seller offered without being asked to refund the difference.

The second one came but sadly also missing thr water safe bottles (which the seller has offered to send us as the tank is currently sitting empty after filling it with just tap water to test the filter then being emptied again which was a real pain and dissapointing for my little boy.

The tanks front "fuval chi" sticker is also crooked and with it sitting front middle bottom of the tank and highly visable it looks like a 'second' or missed quality control altogether.

The tank is not exactly what I hoped foras this modle has no blue led night lights and 13 not 17 white leds (although these do light the middle up nicely).

It comes with non of the extras as seen on other sites or youtube reviews like planting box, pebble glass top box.

It is a lovely looking tank and the filter water feature on the top really makes it a lovely unique tank for any room.

I cant fault the sellers customer service but wish now I'd gone to a local store and inspected the item before buying to cut out the hasstle of being sat here almost a week after the first one with a tank still waiting for parts to compleat the "everything you need to get started kit" that I paid for.

Seller 4 stars
Tank 4 stars
Satifaction 2 stars so far :(
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on 5 January 2013
The aquarium sits on the sideboard and attracts much interest. My neice's kids were fascinated.
This is my 3rd tank and it sits in the kitchen.
Only minor gripe is the wiring that hangs down the back and the operation of the llight switch is a little fiddley. Both of these are really minor details and hardly detract from the Chi
Fish are easily visible and the running water sounds are muted and relaxing,
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on 19 September 2013
I've had this tank for 7 months and so far, it's been a lovely home for my 2 white cloud mountain minnows. One of them did die recently but I think it was poorly anyway. Up until then they had been very happy in this tank. They even bred at one point! I hope to get another one or two minnows in a few months time to keep my remaining one company.

Looks very elegant and looks great in a living room or dining room
The sound of the fountain is very relaxing
You can get the replacement filter pads easily and other accessories like the fake plants
You can buy a lid for it too if you're worried about the fish jumping out

Cleaning the motor and around the main central block can be fiddly. My tank has a bit of an algae problem so it can get quite mucky. But, as long as I wipe it a bit every week, it's fine.
It's also important to replace the filter pad regularly so it keeps working well.
There is a knack to switching the light on and off, which I find really easy, but my dad can't seem to work it at all. If you aren't very dexterous, it could be a problem.
You do need to top up the water usually once a week because it evaporates. It's not really a huge deal though. I just make sure that I've made up more clean water (with the necessary water conditioner in it) than I need when I do the weekly water change. I keep the spare litre of it in a jug and top it up during the week whenever it is necessary.

Overall, I think this is a really good tank and I do recommend it.
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on 19 February 2012
I have this tank to house my betta fish, he is seems quite happy in there, unfortunately this tank seems to lose water extremely quickely (its definitely not leaking) which is annoying to keep the acidity and temperature constant, i'd say i probably top up this tank up once or twice a week(i have to do this otherwise the filter stops filtering). Also do not house many fish in this tank because if one is startled by another it is quite likely to swim up and end up on the floor.
This tank does look nice but i think its a bit more hassle than i had thought it would be..
overall i probably wouldn't recommend this tank, i would suggest you get a tank with a lid.
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on 13 August 2013
This is an ok product, nothing really special. A very small tank. Maybe 4 tetras or a single fighter. Nothing big though. Pump is quiet, tank is well built. You'll need to buy some gravel and plants for the lower box. My pump broke down after 4 month and i binned the whole lot. Have to be pretty exact with the water level. A little too high and it splashes everywhere, too low and the pump struggles and gets noisy. You'll also have to fiddle with the stones to get the right flow so it's not too high, splashing or blocked. If a stone shifts (happens a lot) the flow might end up spraying off to the side. Not really the best product
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on 10 August 2012
I think this is a great product because you can use it for having cold water fish in you can also have just have plants in. I recommend this product to people who want cold water fish like goldfish. Fish are great for children and familys they are better than reptiles or birds they also cost a lot less than any outher pet. Because all you need for a fish is a fish, fish food, fish bowl, fish net, and a toy........ That's it..........................
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