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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 15 August 2014
I just bought a Hamster Heaven for my new rescue Syrian Buttercup after reading the reviews here and on Hamster Central. Thought I would give my input. The cage is slightly over the recommended minimum for Syrian hamsters as given by the RSPCA which was the primary reason I chose it. The cage recommended by Pets at Home (Ferplast Laura) was much too small and Buttercup was bar-chewing like crazy after only 2 days.

-Spacious with a good tray depth for a decent amount of substrate and a selection of toys. It is a much larger cage than new hamster owners might be expecting so make sure you have enough flat space for it.
-It seems sturdy, the base and cage sections clip on very firmly and the cage itself seems well constructed EXCEPT for one bar (see below)
-The carry handles are very helpful, I'm not a big person so carrying this without the handles would be very difficult
-Deep enough that the two different levels don't make the cage seem crowded and good space for any hanging toys
-Large door is handy for getting Buttercup into her ball, she used to have to climb up to the door of her cage but now I can put the whole ball inside and she can climb in easily without me picking her up (we're not 100% cool with that yet!)
-The tubes are a good addition for hamsters who enjoy them but it's also great that they can be removed without compromising the overall cage function, same with the penthouse
-The selection of "extras" that come with the cage are good quality, the toilet is handy (if the little miss figures it out) and the water bottle works well
-The wheel is good and it's an 8 inch instead of the 6.5 inch you normally see provided with cages. It's not silent but with a little lubrication it isn't very noisy and will do until I find a decent price on a quieter wheel.

-The cage was tricky enough to put together, I read some reviews here saying things like "How am I supposed to do this? I'm not an engineer!" And laughed a bit because I am actually a structural engineering graduate and so is my bf but we did take about 20 minutes to sort it all out (and cook dinner at the same time. Dinner suffered). The instructions on the Savic website aren't actually that helpful, we mostly used the picture. The most awkward thing was how hard it is to get the tubes together, the cage being so large makes it hard to manoeuvre.
-The "ladders" are more like slides. Buttercup can't get a grip on them at all and doesn't use either of them. We put one of her old Ferplast tubes through the hole in the taller platform for her but she prefers to climb the bars up instead. I'm getting some bendy bridges to use so she doesn't have to.
-I would have preferred the green shelf to be solid. The design looks interesting but there isn't that much useable space on it
-The sunken food bowls are good for not tipping over but Buttercup preferred her old larger dish she could sit in to eat so I'm not using those either
-The gap between the platforms is too large for her to stretch over but small enough that she thinks she can which has resulted in a few tumbles, it would be good to include some way of bridging that gap, I see online that a lot of people have made their own. I'm going to use a suspended ladder when it comes in the post.
-The right angles in the tubing are a bit difficult for her to manage, she's not very large for a Syrian and used the curved Ferplast tubes no problem but she doesn't really like the 90degree-vertical-90degree set up. I might remove them as she doesn't seem to really enjoy them and I'm having visions of her getting stuck
-One of the bars on the top penthouse door detached on one side with very little pressure. It's one of the top ones which is covered by the penthouse so it's not a huge issue but I did have to go around the rest of the cage checking there were no more bars that were going to come loose as she is a bar chewer sometimes.

Overall I'm very pleased with the cage, the size more than makes up for the nitpicky things I've found and I got it for £59 which is more than reasonable and cheaper than a lot of places. It arrived very quickly and was well packaged.
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on 19 December 2010
We are so delighted with this cage - and so is our Syrian hamster. Really quite simple to assemble, loads of activities and plenty of space for your hammy to run around in. A couple of words of warning though - cage comes with no instructions, be very careful to make sure that all the connections are tight on the tubes before introducing your hamster or it may become disconnected and your hamster will escape!!! Also, the manufacturer states that it is suitable for dwarf hamsters - I would say definitely not - they may be able to squeeze through the bars on this cage. - Otherwise a fantastic buy and we would highly recommend this best cage on the market today.

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on 28 January 2016
This is an excellent cage for a hamster. It might seem expensive but it is very good quality - the bars don't bend (unlike on some other cheaper cages) it comes with loads of stuff to entertain the hamster. My only point would be that the wheel provided is not really big enough for a Syrian hamster. I purchased the 28cm Trixie wheel - which fits in this cage for my hamsters.

The cage opens at the front with a large section which opens and I find this really handy as my hamster can climb out if they want to come out, if they don't climb out I know they are not interested in coming out. There is a smaller opening at the top of the cage but if you want to use the penthouse this is used to close the front of the penthouse. I personally took the penthouse away as my hamster was using it to wee in and it became smelly. I use the smaller Savic cage on top instead of the penthouse so she actually has two cages!

This cage is the minimum size requirement for a hamster (either Syrian or dwarf) so I would definitely recommend if you are getting a hamster.
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on 21 June 2012
I received this cage today. It is absolutely huge. Brilliant cage. My hamster Coco loves it, so cute when he is in the penthouse. Easy to put together.
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on 30 March 2013
My hamster is a relatively standard-slightly larger Syrian male with very long fur he is also a quiet hamster.
A star is kept off because the price charged is OBSCENE considering what the cage is.
A second star is taken off due to the sizing of the tubes, they are smaller than of the same brands standard cage and any larger than a medium sized Syrian (especially one whom is overweight) is going to get VERY badly jammed in those, the corners are too tight and they are very cramped so be warned and try to keep your pet at an optimal weight.

first star: Given because the cage is large, it's not an enormous monstrosity like some of the other reviews state but it is a good bit larger than a standard hamster cage with plenty of floor space. I set mine up the opposite way round (with the levels) than the picture because I liked that idea better. There appears however, to be more to do than there really is so additional toys are essential especially wooden ones.

second star given because it comes very well equipped, water bottle, wheel and stand, food dish, potty and potty litter with a little scoop to clean it out, two smaller houses, floors, a slide, a ramp, the tubes and of course the top house that the top opening of the cage closure pushes back into it creating what looks like a jail cell which I find very entertaining. The hamster can bite at some parts of it but escape would be reasonably difficult.

I am keeping two stars off as well as the additional ones due to the outrageous price and the fact my poor Mistletoe doesn't seem to like it and I may end up taking him out and letting my mouse have it.

Be warned about the green house because it is is unstable and must be clipped very tightly on but it can still slip and your hamster may be able to chew it out. People with cats shouldn't have hamsters and so to them I say you shouldn't purchase this cage as the house could be broken open or pushed off and accidents would happen.

All in all I am VERY disappointed with this cage, it's slightly below mediocre and definitely not worth the money. it is a cage more suited to mice and my Syrian seems to near hate it.
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on 27 October 2015
from start to finish - my cage arrived on friday but it wasnt supposed to arrive till the monday so i was super happy about that!! :) then i opened the cage to find it has been packaged VERY well!! all the corners had styrofome or whatever its called.. on the corners to protect it from damage so again delighted they packaged it well!!
literally the ONLY problem i had was assembling it.. it really shouldnt have been so hard but for some reason i slightly struggled struggled to connect the tubes (theyre a tight fit but in all fairness they have to be to prevent your hamster from escaping) and the platforms i struggled with too but again that was just me being awkward and if i had to do it again it would be very easy to assemble! im just awful at flat pack, even if its just a hamster cage.. so once assembled i put in the food and bedding and water and all that and i LOVE IT!! and im 100% sure my hamster does too! my hamster is a fairly large syrian.. specially compared to my other syrians so this cage provides lots of room.

the only con to this cage is the water bottle.. it drips fairly bad so i bought a new one for like 2 euro but yes all in all i love the cage and im very tempted to buy a second one!!! TBH ill most like buy a second one before christmas, its just the best cage ive found and trust me ive browsed dozens upon dozens of cages to fit my syrian but i just couldnt find one i was happy with until i found this hamster heaven!!! :)
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on 27 June 2016
Bought this from a different site (where it was cheaper).

I would say that the 'Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage' is the best cage for Syrian hamsters - mine loves hers!
The reason that I bought this cage is because the cage we acquired from the pet shop, was just too small from any Syrian - even though they told us it was fine... later research proved this to be untrue.
This cage has also helped with her bar-chewing habit and has lessened her territorial behavior - as there is more space. She still hates other people near her though!

Only negative things I can think of is that the water bottle is leaks profusely and the wheel is very squeaky! Both of these problems are easily resolved by just replacing them with other ones.

Would recommend this to all Syrian owners, 10/10!
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on 10 November 2013
I bought this cage to replace my hamster's baby Ferplast Laura cage that she was quickly outgrowing.

The most notable feature about this cage is its size - plenty of space to run around, climb up bars and play with toys/accessories. My hamster loved it, once she'd had a look around. The pipes, huts and penthouse gave her plenty of places to nest in and rest. One nice feature is the large side door, that lets you reach in and scoop up your hamster with both hands, carefully and in a way that won't spook it.

While the cage and most of the core components, such as pipes, catches and penthouse, are well made, many of the accessories are quite cheap, and have broken. The plastic ramp was broken out of the box, and the plastic slide broke shortly after. This isn't a big problem, as my hamster climbs up the bars, and I've rearranged the pipes so she can climb over those too, but these shouldn't have broken in the first place. A second problem is the penthouse; my hamster moved in and started sleeping in one half straight away, but then used the other as a toilet. It smelt, was unhygienic because my hamster was wading through the mess on her way out and in of/to the penthouse, and the transparency of the plastic meant everyone could see it - I had to take the penthouse out, which is a shame as it was such a selling point. The water bottle was fairly useless, and noisy, so that had to come out too.

One big problem was the top door - it was weak enough that my hamster was able to monkeybar across, headbutt it open and then pull herself through to escape. I caught her when she ran over my feet on her way towards the door. I would recommend bending the metal of the top door to close it permanently.

In summary, an excellent cage with lots of space for hamster and associated toys/accessories, but it's let down by the poor quality of some of these. I would recommend buying this cage just for the space it gives you, and then filling it with your own toys/accessories.
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on 15 June 2012
After being sold a cage for a syrian hamster from Pets at Home and being told that she would still be fine in it when she was fully grown, I wasn't overly happy that after 3 months I needed to buy a new one. After being advised wrongly already, I did my own research and found this cage and it is amazing!!! It is a fantastic size and matches well with the RSPCA size guidelines for a Syrian Hamster. Most importantly, she loves it. I've never seen her so animated and play for so long in one go. Its good quality and well made and would totally recommend it to anyone. My daughter loves it because its colourful and can see her hamster is so happy in it. I was lucky with the price I paid for this at £57 on Amazon,as it seems to retail at about £90 everywhere else, which is a bit of a drawback because it is expensive. I would say however that it is well worth the money. I do agree with comment that crops up in a lot of the reviews about assembling it though ... there's no instructions apart from the small picture attached to the front,and fitting the tubes together is quite tricky. You really need to take your time on these as the fixings are tiny and would be easy to break off. We looked at loads of cages online as we were worried about the tube sizes and had heard of hamsters getting stuck in them. Our hamster is quite a big girl but she fits through them fine and you can see she loves playing in them, so anyone with a larger hamster need not worry. She even managed to turn round in the narrowest part of the tube. I'm really pleased with this purchase and would give it 10 out of 10.
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on 19 July 2014
As always I read the reviews before I buy and very much am guided by them. So as advised no instructions but followed the image, had I had instructions I would have put it together quicker, looked a it a bit like a challenge!!! It is huge, twice the size of the other cage (which my son managed to break less than a week after buying it) Rose our lovey hamster can't quite believe her new home, struggling to get around at first using the slides, now uses a combination of bars and her toys to get around. Her big dilemma, was where to sleep, not remotely interested in the provided beds and at one stage I was worried it would be the tubes but she has chosen the loft at the end tubes on the top of the cage, this may change when the weather cools!! We are all very pleased.
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