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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 14 November 2011
I have two children, one 6 year old and one 11 week old. With my first born i used Avent from the start, and was always happy with the brand, no problems whatsoever, such a good feeder and very content. With my new baby things were different, he seemed to not feed as well even though he was a bit greedy, and couldnt burp as well. When i was pregnant i had brought a load of Tommee Tippee stuff, i dont really know why -just because it was in EVERY single store everywhere i looked and i thought i'd try it, more out of convenience and curiosity- and hey it must be good if its in every shop, right? Anyway i ended up spending alot of money on all the tommee tippee bits and bobs as its nice to match, and wow did i regret that! When the baby was 2 weeks old we had a short hospital stay, (2 days), due to conjunctivitis. Whilst there we used the hospital bottles and teats to feed. The change in babys feeding and sleeping was immediate, fed better, burped better, slept better, brought up less milk after feeds. The only thing that i could think of that had changed was either the surroundings or his bottle (he wasnt in any discomfort elsewhere despite the eye, he couldnt feel that) I had to put things down to Tommee Tippee as i couldnt say it was my house he didnt like lol. So when we got home the first thing we did was to go out and buy Avent, the brand we knew and trusted from our first born, tried that, job done perfect feeding perfect baby. So all the tommee tippee gear went in the bin and we've never looked back, the only regret is spending so much on tomme tippee in the first place. Avent is the complete opposite, very sturdy equipment, extremely strong bottles and teats, trustworthy, does prevent colic, baby obviously prefers it, even the bottles are a nicer shape to hold.... complete opposite to tommee tippee in my opinion in every way. I would definately tell any parent that Avent is the one, stick with the old famous brand, its old and famous for a reason. Even the Avent electric steriliser is better as it gets less limescale and is quicker!!
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We have tried a few bottles in the last few weeks, but the Philips Avent Classic have become our favourites. The Medela, Tommee Tippee and MAM bottles that we tried have leak issues and have complicated constructions. These bottles are easy to put together, easy to disassemble for sterilisation and easy to use. The fact that teats for older babies are readily available is another plus, so these bottles should last the baby right through their bottle feeding lifetime.

This starter kit includes 2 small bottles, 2 large bottles, slow and medium flow teats, a bottle brush and a soother. Excellent value for money, and really got us going.

As I said, easy to clean, easy to use, no leaks, adaptable and baby seems to like them. Nothing bad to say about these, 5 stars.
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on 28 September 2011
We have been using the 'old crystal clear' (Polycarbonate) Avent starter set and several other Avent bottles and accessoires for 2+ years now an still are very pleased with them. Only problem we encountered in the beginning is that with brand new bottles & teats the silicon sometimes would be too sticky which caused problem with the air-inlet (not opening the valve) and thus problems with drinking. But that could be helped by making the silicon 'flap' that functions as a valve (or the outside edge of the bottle neck where it fits to) a bit 'greasy' with milk before closing the bottle. The issue would disappear automatically after a few times of use.

Because there is a second baby on the way and we could use some extra bottles we didn't hesitate to buy an Avent starter set again.
The indication of "Classic" made me hope that it were the same 'old' kind of crystal clear bottles we already had, but no such luck ....

The BPA hype (I really don't believe in a really big health risk because of BPA in normal use) forced Avent to produce BPA-free bottles and that's what's in this 'new' 'classic' starter set.
The bottles are made of a bit 'milky' (but colorless) Polypropylene now, which looks a bit cheap compared to the old perfectly clear Polycarbonate bottles in my opinion. But i've seen other BPA-free bottle materials that look far more unattractive (a bit orange or yellow), so that's not my biggest 'complain'.

No, that's the 'classic' (how classic can it be, it didn't exist 2,5 years ago when I bought the other ones) '2 piece anti-colic system' which compared to the old system consists of an extra ring between the (now shorter) neck of the bottle and the top (which haven't changed). I really don't think this ring does anything extra compared to the old system and suspect they just had problems to let the anti-colic system work properly with the les rigid and less 'measure-accurate' new polypropylene bottle and as a quick fix decided to put a rigid ring between the old top and the not-so-compatible new bottle to solve the problem without have to redesign the complete system.

I have no doubt that it will function as good or even maybe a bit better than the old system, but it's just plain awkward to have this extra ring to clean and mount every time.

So, that's why I would reward the old system 5 stars and this new 'classic 2-piece anti-colic system' only 4.

That's a bit of a shame.
And all of this because some mad scientist researched that when you drink 10 years and 10.000 times out of one and the same worn-out bottle with BPA, you might have a health risk. What will they think of next?

There is also a more expensive 'Advanced' Avent starter set with bottles made of PES (a relatively new and more expensive material that can easily match the mechanical properties of polycarbonate but needs no BPA) instead of the PP used for the 'Classic' bottles. The Advanced bottles, like the old polycarbonate bottles, don't need the separate ring. But according to Amazon the 'Classic' set is a newer replacement for that 'Advanced' set, so it's not clear what the future of 'Advanced' is. Besides that, the price difference between Advanced and Classic (both as a set or seperate bottles) makes me willing 'to live with' the annoying seperate ring.

It is completely unclear to me which way Avent wants to go with these two different types, just wait which one consumers buy most and then drop the other one? Or maybe both are just a inbetween solution before launching a completely new system or material with the advantage of PES but the price of PP? Or maybe PES prices will drop when it becomes more common. Only time wil tell.

Anyhow, the 'Classic' starter set is still a good buy for a very nice price, so still recommended!

And if money is no issue, go for the Avent "Advanced" starter set, if available, to save yourself the fumbling with the extra ring. Philips AVENT SCD270/00 Newborn Bottle Starter Set (Advanced)

I've seen remarks of people saying that the Classic bottle leaks when not using the ring ....
Yes, you always have to use the ring when using these Polypropylene Classic bottles, as clearly mentioned in the instructions.

(Don't mind my English, I'm just a simple Dutchman)
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VINE VOICEon 17 March 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Philips AVENT Classic Newborn Starter Set includes 2 x 125-ml bottles with newborn-flow teats, 2 x 260ml bottles with slow-flow teats, 2 extra newborn-flow teats, plus a bottle & teat brush and a newborn soother. Apparently they are designed to work with your baby's natural feeding rhythm and tests say that they significantly reduce colic and fussing. Other than that they are well made, easy to clean and are made to be used in conjunction with the Philips Avent microwave steriliser, which is something else I would recommend you get.
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on 7 October 2013
I use these with the Avent Manual Breast Pump as well as for feeding my little one the expressed milk. No complaints at all really - he seems to feed fine with them (he's 3 months) and isn't anymore gassy than when I breastfeed him so they must be doing a good job!
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on 14 April 2011
We have been using this with our newborn as breast feeding directly wasn't going to plan. It's a great set and just what we needed, baby uses the bottles and teats well and is still feeding off the breast occasionally so the teats have not caused 'nipple confusion' for our little one.

We've so far been using the smaller bottles & the 0 month teats for feeding and the larger bottles for storage. Haven't used the dummies yet but they look good quality so no doubt will be used at some point.
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on 28 February 2016
Fantastic little kit. This was all I needed as I breastfed but it is nice to have a couple of bottles on hand for expressing and for others to feed her when I am away from her.

I love the Avent brand, they are reliable and rarely leak. I like how comfortable they feel in my hand as I hold them and also how easily the bottles fit into the pump.

The brush is also fantastic as the bristles bent round at the top mean it is perfectly contoured to clean the bottles and reach the corners and harder to clean places.

I have already recommended this set and Avent to other mummy friends and I will continue to do so.
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on 21 December 2011
I bought this set after using Avent bottles for my first baby several years ago. Since then Avent have changed the design of the bottles to incorporate an additional ring to aid airflow.

The new system worked really well with the 2 small bottles that came with this set. However the problems started when we needed to move up to the larger bottles. We soon found that the bottles leaked when being turned back upright after feeding which became very messy and often both the baby and person feeding him were covered in milk.

We ended up experimenting and compared the bottles with 2 other large bottles that we had bought and the smaller ones. We soon discovered that the new rings did not sit tightly on the large bottles in this kit and that the diameter of the tops of the bottles was slightly wider than all the other bottles so that the ring does not sit snugly inside as it is supposed to. This means that whatever you do, you will have a leaky bottle.

I am very disappointed with this situation and now need to buy 2 new bottles which do not have this manufacturing fault. Beware!
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on 20 September 2014
One of my bottles exploded when water was put in it causing a cut between my child's eyes at five weeks old have contacted Philips and amazon about this issue after sending the bottle for testing I've not heard anything back after a further 11 weeks
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VINE VOICEon 17 August 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
Good starter set for newborns. This set is the Classic style, which does still have the blue plastic ring that you insert into the lid once the teat has been inserted, so that's why I've only given 3 stars. (The newer style Classic+ bottles don't have the blue plastic rings anymore so they are easier to assemble).

However, these are still the usual Philips quality so still a good product that are strong, reliable and made to last. 3 stars.
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