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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 2 January 2011
I did some extensive research before buying this headphone and looked among others in this price range and in the end this is one really cheap compared to the other 20 more expensive which would not offer the same product.

The sound is exquisite and is quite good in the midtones. Where it shines, in my opinion, is the bass. Some might find it too much or not enough however I find it to be perfectly balanced to ensure an optimal sound experience.

Another bonus point is due to the fact that the cable doesn't keep tangling itself up eventhough the wire has a certain 'grip' whereas a lot of other headphone cables (in a backpack) tangled with barely any movement.

The only negative remark I can make is that it is incredibly tight on your head in the beginning. After a week or so, and bending it a bit each day I find it to fit good and opposed to other headphones it doesn't fall off with any headmovement!
I don't use the rotatable ear cup as I don't need it and find it quite stupid as the ear cup doesn't even sit good on your head when rotated and doesn't feel comfortable when rotated either.

Basically it's a near perfect product in this price range. I doubt you will find better product that offers this high price/quality factor.

It has mainly been used on music and movies.

I have used for over 3 months now and no remarks whatsoever.
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on 7 December 2010
After being advised by Amazon it would take 3 weeks to deliver, they turn up 2 days after ordering. Good start!

I've always been a firm believer that if you want to listen to top quality music, you need a top quality way to listen to them. This is (so far) THE best quality output I've ever used! It captures the highest note to the lowest and thats without even having to turn them up loud! The sound quality is still outstanding when listening to music quietly.

Also, as someone who gets the train to work everyday, I am always concerned about how loud my music. No problem with these, as long as they are firmly on (not uncomfortable) you get no sound leakage (they also keep your ears warm in the winter!).

Only negative is the packaging which was a struggle, but 20 minutes, a pair of scissors and a cut finger later, I have the best headphones I have ever brought, and at £24 a very reasonable price!

Sennheiser are definitely the best brand in the market!
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on 30 October 2010
Over many years, I've been a fan of finding the right headphones. A product that was comfortable for a long period of time, incredibly clear sound, great design, deep base, single corded (just more convenient) and most importantly a reasonable price.
These headphones fit this description perfectly.
It's been a while since I bought these headphones, but i'm sure they were slightly cheaper (around £35 I think). It doesn't surprise me though that a perfectly good pair of headphones will raise there price if they are well received. Personally I would be reluctant in buying these headphones for the price they are at now, but that's only because I didn't know what to expect. If I knew then what I do now, I wouldn't hesitate purchasing these brilliant headphones.
These headphones have a crystal clear sound that suits any type of music and movie, especially with deep base songs. The often problem of having headphones that cover your ears, to me, can be that they move around too much if you're running or just in general feel a bit loose. These headphones really clamp onto your ears with a great amount of comfort, and when I say clamp I mean it's really hard to shake them off. They come with a nice 3m cord, which is always useful for home entertainment use and occasionally a bit awkward if walking around with them, but rapping it up with an elastic band makes it much more portable. A big part of the sale for me was and usually is the design of whatever I'm buying, and these look slick, cool and very different from a lot of other headphones. Again, these are suitable for hours of use, without your head or ears getting soar.
A truly highly recommended set of headphones.
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I am sorry to say that the general comments about these headphones appear to be true.

I was after some circum-aural, closed back, reasonably priced and reasonably balanced headphones and these ticked all the boxes. The sound was great, the cable was long enough for my needs, it comes with a pouch to store them in when you're not wearing them and they look pretty great too.

The major flaw with this product is that these headphones are so tight that they soon become unbearable to wear. The band is very small and tightly sprung and by the time half hour has passed and I've had these pressing against the side of my head I had a headache and felt slightly nauseous. Not ideal conditions to say the least. I wear glasses and having the arms of them pressed against my skull was unbearable, but even when I tried these with my glasses off it was still too uncomfortable. I even tried a few days with these stretched over a box whenever I wasn't wearing them and whilst this helped very slightly, it was never comfortable enough to wear these to enjoy my music. The packaging, as others have noted is atrocious as well, it is a mission to get into these and you need a sharp knife and much care so as not to damage the headphones as you open them.

I am disappointed with these, as apart from the one major flaw these are exactly what I was after and after considerable time researching different types of headphone for my requirements these fell short of the mark in the comfort stakes. I sent mine back for a refund, but I'd still suggest they are worth a try as the other features are so good, just be aware they may be too tight for you.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 24 January 2012
I've had a pair of these for a couple of years now, and despite loving the sound on them, I have almost always opted to use my falling-to-pieces Roland RH-50's instead (which the Sennheisers were intended to replace). They are just excruciatingly tight for anyone with a large skull, and I could barely go half an hour without serious headaches. The reason is no doubt for reducing noise leakage (which they do very well), but it is very frustrating as otherwise they are really quite comfortable.

Google found a good quick fix however- dipping the headband in (nearly) boiling water and then gently stretching them -worked much better than stretching over books overnight, which I have tried and achieved nothing!- anyone who owns these will know the pads squash against each other when there is no head in the way, and they are considerably more headphone-shaped now. I have been wearing them all day, in the hope they may accustom to my enormous cranium, and although I seriously doubt they are 'custom fit' they are far looser and more comfortable. (Be careful if you do do this however- I got boiling water leaking out of the padding and burning my hands, which wasn't great fun)

The price is excellent for their abilities, and as they block sound very well also they are a nice budget alternative to noise cancelers if you're looking for something for traveling. The level of detail I can pick up now I can actually wear them is really very good. Having forgotten how much they cost initially, I must say I'm shocked at how cheap they are now- so there you go!
In conclusion- if you're the kind of person who has a hard time buying a hat, be cautious about getting these. If you're willing to go through the effort of semi-melting them, they are more than worth the price.
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on 8 February 2006
The Sennheiser HD201 has an almost legendary status as one of the best budget headphones but are a few years old, these HD205's are newer and yet to gain a reputation but that should change. The 205's sit tightly, too tight at first but they soon loosen to a comfortable fit, on the ears and though, unlike the 201's, they do not cover the whole ear but the well padded ear-pieces fit well and provide a high degree of sound isolation with the closed back design also keeping sound in. Though moderately big for portable use the sound isolation, which avoids annoying others, and the tightfit mean they sit securely are actually very good for listening on the move or in public places.
The quality of the sound is no dissapointment and in particular the bass is well controlled which allows the mids and high to be heard rather than drowned out, you very much get the impression the vocalist and guitar players are standing in front of the drums and base rather than behind them.
A nice design touch is the right earpiece which swings a little forward or backwards to allow one sided listening so you can simply move it away from your ear, to answer a phone etc, without taking them off completely. Similarly the supplied leatherette pouch, which I thought was a bit of a gimmick, is very usefull in keeping the headphones tidy when not in use and is a quality touch. The long wire, which is single sided, is long at about 3 meters and I would much have prefered a shorter initial length with perhaps an extension. The sony EX-71's do this and it really usefull when using a portable device with an in-line remote.
I'd like to see someone review these Headphones in comparison to high end, and expensive, models as I suspect they would aquit themselves well and as such I feel they represent a very reasonably priced entry point to the quality headphone sector.
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on 26 December 2010
I've spent ages, with a budget of up to £75, for a decent headphone for use with my iPod. Problem is, I wouldn't spend that much money without listening to them first, with my own Ipod, but most headphones in the shops are in sealed packaging. I managed to listen to these on a special display in a very large well known PC retailer, where they were £48, but decided to shop around and found them on Amazon for half the price. They compared well for sound quality with some DR Dre 'phones that I'd tested in another store - except they were £227! - and sound far better than some costing far more than I'd be prepared to pay.
Build quality seems good too, although the only gripe I have with them is that they can be a little tight, but I've taken to storing them stretched in the open position to try and slacken them off a bit. (4/1/2011 update - stretching not working and they are annoyingly tight, can't wear them for more than an hour or less. For that reason I've downgraded them to 3 stars)
The cord is one sided and 3m long. A little too long for ipod use but I've wound more than half of it up and secured it with tie wraps. Can easily undo it for home hifi use with the jack plug adapter supplied.
Nice quality storage bag supplied too.

I would definitely recommend these 'phones - my son has just ordered a pair.....(he bought the RS120 cordless version, more expensive but far more comfortable to wear and excellent sound)
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on 5 August 2013
The sound quality is fantastic but this is the second pair of Sennheiser headphones that have broken within 12 months for me. Both pairs have had the same fault, a lose connection in the cable at the point where the wire enters the earphone. The cables are far too long and get twisted up easily, this is probably the cause.

Shame really because I really liked everything else about them.
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on 15 January 2011
These headphones sound great for the price, although the cable is rather long. I used these daily and after about 3 months the jack broke on the inside. Cos they were pretty cheap, I just replaced them. Again, the jack broke after around 3 months of use. Its a shame because I was pretty happy with how they sounded, and although a little tight I got used to it but I'm really disappointed with the build quality on these.
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on 11 February 2011
I have not had a full size headset for many years. During the 90's I was a DJ and used both Stanton (1cup closed - DJ specific) & Sennheiser (open)which I loved and wanted to re-live my youth. Spending atleast 2 weeks reviewing in Amazon and elsewhere, I decided on this pair. My choice was mainly based on other user reviews (although some people had bad experiences)and the fact that they are being sold at a great price. The budget was around eur50 so these fell ideally into this bracket. At first I used them on my laptop, sound was good, then on my HTC HD7 phone, sound was even better, lastly on my Hifi amp and the sound was amazing. Some state that the headset can be tight, for me this is perfect as any head movement will not have them fly off your head. I dont DJ out on the road anymore and make mixes on my laptop, with this my wife doesnt complain about noise leaking out and ruining her important fix of tv soaps!

All in all I am happy with this purchase, it will be interesting to see how long they last, but for now I am happy.
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