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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 19 August 2013
Glee is brilliant! The cast are phenomenal, the songs are great, and the story makes you want to find out what happens next too! Once you've watched the series through once properly it's a great show to put on in the background when you're doing other jobs, so it's definitely worth getting the DVD!
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on 11 September 2010
Firstly, thanks Amazon, I got my DVDs on 11/9/10 - 2 days before the official release date!
For Glee fans who bought the first set, Road to Sectionals, there was the dilemma of whether to buy the complete first season, or this second half set. I love DVD extras and didn't want to miss out. Thankfully, this set DOES feature a decent batch of extras that seem to be the same that is on the full season. I saw a "Sue's Corner" extra mentioned that isn't here, but on this 3 DVD set you get:

- Episodes 14-22 of season 1
- Music Jukebox for each episode
- Glee Karaoke
- Unleashing the Power of Madonna
- Staying in Step with Glee
- Bite That Style - dress like your favourite Gleek
- Making of a Show-stopper

Now if you are a fan, you know the episodes, so I wanted to talk about the extras.

The music jukebox is a good idea. For each episode you can go straight to the songs with this. It's on each disc as extras for each episode. All the other extras are on disc 3.
The Glee Karaoke features 'Don't Stop Believing', 'Keep Holding On', 'Alone' and 'Somebody to Love'. They are the TV versions with the lead vocals removed via the Audio button on your DVD. Not bad but quite hard to sing Rachel AND Finn's vocals!

'Unleashing the Power of Madonna' is an interesting but not terribly in depth feature on the making of the episode. No huge insights you won't have heard before and I was a little disappointed they didn't feature anything on '4 Minutes', one of my favourite numbers. It runs for a little under 10mins.

'Staying in Step with Glee' is the choreographers and some dancers teaching you how to do the Vocal Adrenaline dance number for Rehab from the pilot. Impressive dance moves, but I wasn't getting out of my chair, it looked far too energetic! Certainly something a bit different though as a DVD extra. About 7 minutes long.

'Bite That Style' has the costume people in a store rifling through the racks of clothes to show you how they choose clothes for Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes and Quinn and telling you the sort of things you should choose if you want to dress like them. eg babydoll dresses and cardigans for Quinn, layers for Mercedes etc. We also get a look at some of Rachel's socks! Quite interesting. About 6 or 7 minutes.
'Making of a Showstopper' is a 16min or so feature on the making of Bohemian Rhapsody that covers the music and rehearsal, with a look at the filming of it too. 6 minutes of the feature is the actual number which I was a little disappointed to see was just the tv version including the inter-cuts to Quinn's baby. This would have been an ideal spot to show us JUST the Vocal Adrenaline number.
All in all, not bad, but a distinct lack of much of the main cast here! A few brief words in the Madonna featurette and that is about all.
Of course, you also get the back 9 episodes to complete your Glee season 1 set, and in those episodes you have the brilliant 'Power of Madonna' episode, the Lady Gaga numbers in 'Theatricality' and heart warming finale 'Journey to Regionals'. However, there were a few weaker ones in there too (I'm looking at YOU 'Funk'!)

With Season 2 starting soon, Glee's first season was just a wonderful mix of comedy, drama and music and this DVD set is definitely worth your pennies.
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on 19 August 2013
I bought this for my sister for christmas as she is a fellow gleek. She was thrilled to get it and as was I as it was cheap and fast delivery. I have bought loads of things second hand and understand its not in it original condition but there was a scratch on the disc so we could watch it or return it. Had to go and pay for another at full price. Bummer
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on 24 October 2010
I like Glee..great songs, interesting concept but, as mentioned in the Amazon review, the numbers are so over produced as to disconnect me (the viewer) from the series - scratch "over produced"...insert "badly produced". Each number has me checking my amp to make sure I've not disabled some sound channels. It's a major continuity issue.

The first half of season 1 was good...I'm reserving judgment on the second half until I've finished watching all of the episides but, if I had to rate it on what I have seen so far - terrible.

Fix the production (leave the background noises in, raise the volume of the backing singers etc etc) and fix the series as far as I am concerned.

Oh - and two stars for leading me to The Doors "waiting for the sun" :)
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on 14 August 2010
Although I'm not usually a big fan of musicals this must be one of the best things on T.V. This is now my favourite program and cannot wait for my DVD to arrive and for the next season to come back onto the T.V, it has lots of different stories and lessons, and addresses some very important issues but in a humourous way. The characters and the music are brilliant and they are very talented, definately buy!!!!!
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on 1 July 2010
Ad i love to act, sing and dance, the show really appeals to me, obviously. Glee is filled
with comedy, singing, dancing and will make you jump up in your seat and (here it comes...)
shout with glee! I Love this show and no wonder its become such a worldwide phenomenon.
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on 3 February 2012
I really like Glee, so I bought the first volume of season one.
However I should of waited and bought the whole season because
its not fair that years after its release HALF of season one is
the SAME price as the WHOLE season.

Please sort this out. Also it strikes me that most shops have reduced
volume 1 but not volume 2. Its as if this addition never existed,
retailed seem to have forgotten

Prices as of 3/2/2012 13.99 for both season 1 complete and
season 1 vol 2 - half the season.

Thanks sorry for my rant! :)
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on 15 October 2010
I have no idea what happened here, but watching volume 2 of series 1 is not really enjoyable anymore. Where's the fun, the comedy? There seems to be no real plot and development in the story. Instead it is all about covering songs and rather unfunny appearances by guest stars who don't add well to the actual story at all. Heard that season 2, which is currently airing in the US is even worse... Too bad, because it started off so well.
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on 3 November 2010
I really loved the first volume of Season 1, got introduced to GLEE by my teenage daughters, but this second volume tried too hard to be emotional and deep. There are still some absolutely fantastic snippets of conversation buried and some episodes are better than others. It was over in a flash and I hope that Season 2 will be back to the snappy, quick witted GLEE we came to know.
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on 30 December 2010
I thoroughly enjoyed this DVD and particularly liked the fact you could pop up the sub-titles and sing-along to your old favourites (and even some of the newer ones). Definitely something for the young or young at heart as there is a lot of teenage angst but great escapism anyway!
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