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4.2 out of 5 stars80
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 7 June 2010
After catching the 360 show in Cardiff, I was eagerly anticipating the release of the concert on Blu Ray. Cant help but feel slightly disappointed.

The overall performance from the band is good, we all know Banjo's voice aint' what it used to be, which is excusable after so long in the trade. The major gripes are with the production.

Firstly, it seems that the director has had too many cameras at his disposal. The editing jumps far too quickly from one camera to another, mixed with arty-farty shots to a point where it really begins to get on your nerves after a while.

Secondly, much of the concert has a grain effect rendering for artistic purpose which sort of defeats the object of filming and releasing in HD. Also, most of the bonus footage is only in standard definition.

Finally, the biggest gripe, as mentioned before, the omission of Breathe as the opening track. The main feature seems to open half way through the second track!?!? No band entrance, no build up! Very strange. Who ever decided on this ought to have the contents of my Wheelie Bin tipped on their heads!

Overall, a decent release, could have been better with a little more care and attention. For fans and collectors. For those wanting to see a classic U2 gig, captured in all its glory and well presented, go for Zoo TV in Sydney or Elevation in Boston.
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on 6 June 2010
I am giving my opinions here as a U2 fan who went to the 1st Wembley 360 gig last year. And as the owner of 30+ concert DVD's (including 6 U2 concerts).

Starting with the good: The 2nd 'Extra's' disk is great, with some really good stuff on it especially the main 360 documentary. I would give this extra content disk 5 stars. But it's the inclusion of one thing on this extra content disk that is the start of my unhappiness with the main concert film on disk 1...

The 'bonus' track of Breathe on disk 2 is as all U2 fans know the opening song of the 360 shows. The song signals the entrance of the band 1 by 1 (Larry first starting up the drums, then Mr Clayton then Edge and finally Bono). And adding to it's importance is the music and video sequence just prior to this. David Bowie's 'Space Oddity' starts up and their is a little U2 backing piece called 'Soon' that follows it combined with a clock countdown that fires up on the big 360 video screen. This is a REALLY big and important opening to the show that sets the scene and excitement - but not only is it missing from this bonus track Breathe, but it is missing from the start of the main concert film which instead has been given the opening song as 'Get On Yer Boots' (boooo...... worst song on the NLOTH CD).

Why boys, why? Why have you taken a scalpel to this important bit of the concert? I think I speak for most U2 fans when I say I'd rather ditch the weak GOYB for Breath. And even if you did have to have GOYB instead of the much better Breath for disk running time purposes (can't see why but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt) then ok. But you've really ruined the opening of the concert by not having the aforementioned Bowie/Soon clock countdown.

Ok, so got that off my chest. But it gets worse. The editing of GOYB is a total abortion job. What was the editing team on for this first song? Acid? There are so many camera edits, changing rapidly from one cut to the next and so quickly that you only see a few seconds of one of the band before flying off to another shot. I'm not kidding when I say that it actually made me feel nauseous. And I've never had that sensation before. A Tears for Fears concert DVD was the worst i'd seen before - but this is in a different league. Truly awful editing in my opinion.

Now the good news. Strangely this lousy editing only lasts for that one song. By the time the 2nd song gets going the editing team have calmed down (or the effects of the acid tablet they had taken have worn off :) ). For the rest of the show the editing is better and the camera changes much slower. It's not in my opinion the best U2 concert representation I've seen though by any stretch. Even the Vertigo tour DVD from Chicago is superior, and the Vertigo Milan and Elevation Boston show are streets ahead. In fairness to the director I think the 360 show was probably a big challenge to shoot. There must have been a difficulty in getting such a huge stage with the distances involved recorded in a way to give some kind of show intimacy like the live audience had. So I'll give them the benefit of the doubt!

Some other criticisms:

The awesome majesty of the 360 stage spaceship is not really shown until way too far into the show. I would have liked to have seen more distant shots showing it's scale and things like the vertical lasers and the top of spire mirrorball. You don't really appreciate from the concert film the technical masterpiece that Willie Williams and Mark Fisher created for the boys. For example the Unforgettable Fire / City Of Blinding Lights / Vertigo segment when the video screen decends is not as spectacular as shown as it was in reality.

The film stock they have used is a bit too grainy. The performance was HD shot, but comparing the quality of the video here to the awesome quality of the recent Killers & Police concert DVD releases it falls far short of the best.

The U2 'baby' spaceman menu intervention between encores is silly and needless.

A minor one this, but the pictures in the booklet are also naff quality. Again they are grainy and lack clarity and focus. Not in a good way like if Anton Corbijn does them, but in an amature way like if I had taken the photos myself! Come on Tara Mullen - please pull your socks up with regards the quality of the packaging & presentation. It's not good enough for a band like U2 (the richest band in the world to boot) to have cheap packaging.

Ok, so that's me done moaning. Here are the good points:

The audio recording mix is really good. It has a rawness to it that I've never heard on a U2 concert DVD before. It's like they've decided to not over-process the sound in post-production and that's great IMO. You can hear Edge's guitar in a more intimate way than before - warts and all. That's appreciated.

The songs are great of course (notwithstanding the slightly naff GOYB). It' great to hear The Unforgettable Fire. In fact that trio segment of Unforgettable Fire / City Of Blinding Lights / Vertigo is an awesome one and real highlight. THe epic Moment of Surrender is a spine tingler too (why was it not the 1st single boys... Should have been brave and released as Brian Eno said).

Also uber cool is Bono and THAT JACKET in Ultraviolet! Fricken' Lazers man, in a coat! Only he could pull that off.

Another great shot is when the helicopter filming the show flies right across another highup camera. An amazing image that.

So to my star ratings:
Packaging - 3
Concert film - 3.5 (would have been a 4 but for the unforgivable butchering of the opening of the show)
Extra content disk - 5

So that averages out at around 3.5 / 4 - and as three stars is too harsh I will give it 4. But if there was any way I could do 3.5 I would.

The bottom line for me is that this concert has not been edited/filmed in a way that is either sympathetic or representative of what was an awesome live experience - and as such it is in no way U2's finest concert on film.

I'll happily go and put on my flame-proof jacket now - can I have some lazers in it please to cushion the blows that doubtless are about to come my way ;)
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Watched this last night, and I have to say I was hugely disappointed. The sound mix is fine, the selection of songs is good and I'm sure U2's performance was excellent. Unfortunately, the visuals on this disc are very poor indeed. The picture doesn't really look as if it is even in HD a lot of the time - very blurry and poorly focussed. The director spends far too much time showing you arty shots of lighting effects superimposed over the band, or shots from the crowd with the band obscured by people's heads and hands. When you do get to see the band, the images have a very artificial look to them, as if the artists have been digitally superimposed on the backgrounds. There's also a lot of cheesy 70's style shots of all 4 band members superimposed, or blended together - none of this enhances the experience at all, and you're left with something that looks like a showcase of the director's digital studio techniques, rather than the band.

I'm sure there are better videos of U2 than this - this one is really best avoided.
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on 16 June 2010
Got my Blu Ray disc last night and could'nt wait to see! But...Sound is very good, but full grain picture is not good. There is nothing what I can see different between oridinary DVD release and BRD! I espect to see full blown HD picture with clear picture, but not. Bonus material looking great (BD Live is there), but in total I am little bit disappointed with grain picture on Blu Ray.
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on 15 June 2010
I bought the Super-Delux box set recently and it is well put together!

The concert itself is great

The only let down for me was, as is mentioned by other reviewers, that 'Breathe' is not the opening track on the DVD of the concert, rather it is included as a bonus track on the deluxe & super deluxe editions

It starts from the second song in, 'Get On your Boots'

Also there is no build up to them coming on stage at the start i.e. 'Soon / Songs Of Ascent' and then the opening of Breathe

Continuity was not maintained

I watched the concert live on You Tube in the wee hours last October and when I heard it was being filmed for a DVD my expectations were high

But alas, they were not met :(

Still, it is a great gig - I was privalaged to see the concert in Croke Park, Dublin in July of last year - something special!
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on 4 June 2010
I have been a fan of this band for many years. Ive seen them play live on lots of occasions and I have enjoyed every one of those nights, they bring back happy memories.
I bought all the albums. I bought all the live material, in fact for some albums and live material I have purchased twice, as technology took us from tape to cd and vhs to dvd and so on.

This performance is good and I really enjoyed it. The dvd of the concert gets 4 stars, U2 doing what they do best and that is put on a great show with good songs. The picture and sound quality are very good. Simply put if you are a fan and like previous U2 concert releases you will enjoy this, there is no real reason for you not to buy it. There is no reason to go indepth with the review as its primarily fans will buy this release and not much is going to put them off doing so.

Now for the bone I have to pick. I have not yet viewed the extras, but there is one thing I did notice and it annoys me. 'Breathe', as far as I'm aware was the opening song for all of U2 360 tour dates so far. Well, as you can see, on the dvd its NOT the opening song. Even though it was the opening song on the night. The producers of this product have messed up. Just like when I bought POPMART live and discovered that both on vhs AND dvd the opening minutes are in black and white for no apparent reason and its a pain. Just like that the opening song of this concert is NOT the opening song for the dvd. 'Breathe' apperas as an 'extra'. We kick off on the 2nd song of the gig. This is minor gripe but I'm paying for this product and while I'm aware that there is probably some stupid reason for the start not being as it was on the night I would still like to see the gig in its entirety, from start to finish. I understand editing is required but NOT entire songs.
Still a great show and it reminds me of the night I went along to see U2 360. Worth a look and what a venue!
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on 18 March 2011
There's nothing one could say about this series of concerts that hasn't been said before. If you were at any of the concerts like I have in Johannesburg, South Africa(90 000+ crowd), this is more than just an interesting merchandise 'keep-sake' but the production actually transports you back to the show. If you weren't fortunate enough to see the show live, this is as close to being there as you can get. The sound is awesome, the production top notch and the special features informative.

My humble opinion:
This Blu-Ray requires good sound and a decent display. You will NOT get the point of this epic production without a fine theater setup! Crank up the volume and see how your friends' jaws drop in amazement.

My recommendation:
1. Watch the "Berlin Timelapse" video in the Special Features menu first to get an idea of the effort that goes into making the show so spectacular - it contextualises what you're about to see very effectively.
2. After that, while all in the room still try to figure out how much goes into a production of this nature, setup your audio.
3. Choose 'Where the Streets have no name" from the 'Track selection' menu
4. Crank up the volume to the point where the neighbours look out their windows to see why an Airbus A380 is approaching take off from their driveway!
5. Sit and marvel at the coolest rock band ever to walk the earth.
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on 24 March 2013
Another unique concert U2 DVD!
After one more U2 masterpiece, "No Line On The Horizon" managed, as always, to create a new magic with the tour "U2 360°Tour"!
One of the most important moments in the history of U2, a moment that every true fan of U2 will always remember, is finally, return of, for me, the best U2 song ever, "The Unforgettable Fire", perfectly sung and played in the ambient and emotional version.
An unforgettable and unique moments are: first "Moment of Surrender" probably one of the best U2 songs ever, and definitely the best "No line" thing, the next one is always mandatory and epic "Until The End Of The World ", another memorable moment for every U2 fan, is the return of "Ultra Violet" on the set list....
The only criticism is the lack of incredible song "Breathe" with which they started almost every concert on the same tour. The decision of which probably does not agree any real U2 fan and will always remain a mystery, why was left out from the concert DVD and put it on the bonus dvd?
Despite these objections, U2 has recorded another one unique and eternal concert DVD!!!
I m ready, I m ready for what s next ?
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on 24 March 2013
I've loved this band ever since I heard the boy album for the first time way back in the eighties. I saw this tour and the DVD is just like being back in the stadium. I defy you to press play & not be grinning.. Enjoy !
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on 11 June 2010
Contrary to what some other reviewers have said this is not the best U2 concert movie in the world ever. Regrettably, it's one of the very worst and that makes me very sad. The Rosebowl gig was at best an average one in the joy that was U2360. And as so many have said the footage taken was butchered in the editing suite, so what you're getting here isn't even an accurate representation of that night (the concert opening and first song have been cut in their entirety - the concert bizarrely "starts" half way through the second song of the night - and most of the interplay between the band and the audience has been cut which leaves the whole thing strangely choppy, disjointed and kinda soulless). U2 can do so much better but they seem weirdly content to issue a mediocre product these days.

If you're looking for the best U2 concert movie in the world ever, try ZOO TV Sydney then take a look at the glory that is Paris Joshua Tree (available on DVD only as part of The Joshua Tree re-mastered & re-released Deluxe Box Set), Popmart Mexico and Slane 2001.

I really wouldn't bother buying this. This is just a throw-away freebie - still available in full on youtube - now been tarted up for sale and presented as the Kohinoor Diamond in the name of a quick buck. Oh look. Mommy; the Emperor has no clothes on.
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