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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 9 August 2012
I recently nearly lost a bike off the car roof when an old rack failed on the motorway so I decided to splash out and bought the X2 pack of this item from Sandicliffe Shop via Amazon.

Like other Thule products, this is top quality equipment and once installed on roof bars, fitting the bikes is a doddle. The rack is adjustable to fit a wide range of bike sizes.

Others have commented on the packaging and the rack is in a strong cardboard box, probably more sutable for sale in a shop than mail order, but it's hard to imagine a vendor unpacking the box and repacking it with bubble wrap or something similar. The keys are in a little slot on the rack, but the box has push-out holes to form handles and the loss of keys another reviewer experienced is a problem waiting to happen. Sandicliffe Shop did wrap mine in strong polythene, making it much less likely and mine arrived quickily and in good condition.

The instructions are the usual Thule diagrams which you either understand or you don't. Happily for those of us who don't, there are videos on youtube showing how the job is done. It's fiddly but not difficult, once you know how.

Other reviewers have mentioned the locks which are the standard Thule type. I think they probably deter people from stealing roof bars simply because wrecking them defeats the point of stealing them. Bearing in mind that even bike locks costing as much as this rack are regularly defeated by experienced thieves, expecting Thule cylinder locks to keep a bike safe is probably unrealistic.

Otherwise the product description on Amazon is clear and accurate so I've not commented on those features.
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on 9 August 2013
easy to use and had no issues as all three bikes were completely secure, little tip when putting bikes onto rack, use a bungee cord to fasten front wheel to bike frame as this makes lifting ( the hardest part) the bike a lot easier as thwe front wheel is not flaying about.
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on 8 September 2014
Several people have queried the mountings. This came with two modes of mounting: 1. with 20mm 'T' shaped bolts that can fit within the track of a suitable roof-rack crossbar and 2. with rain gutter style brackets that can fit around a roof-rack crossbar.

Choosing a compatible roof-rack can be problematic. I found micksgarage to have the best priced racks and they gave excellent advice on suitability.

It's important to tighten the wheel straps when not in use as otherwise the wheel mounts might slide off and be lost. I've light 'cruz' plastic mudguards on my bike and I found it necessary to tie the rear ends of the guards to the wheels to prevent them vibrating to smithereens while on the car. The jaws of the bike clamp have a clever and easily accessible release button. It has a little curve in it that might suggest this is the direction it needs to be pushed to operate but it's actually the other way. This is no big deal if you remember that it takes very little effort to operate this release button even if the jaws have been over-tightened.

I must put a note on my dash reminding me of the increased height clearance required - it's nearly 3 metres on my car with a bike mounted.

Other reviewers gave given good advice by noting:
- don't regard this unit or it's included locks as an effective anti-theft device.
- there is surprisingly little windage noise (barely noticeable at 100 kph).
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on 23 August 2015
I bought three of these to take the bikes on a 900 mile round trip, including taking the bikes off and putting back up several times. Although you do need to be able to lift the bikes up high enough (using two people is best for the heavier bikes) it was otherwise quite easy once you got used to the best way of fitting it. With all the bikes on the roof the high winds could be noticed more, fuel economy was also down by about 20%.
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on 9 August 2012
Well made and light weight, offering the possibilty of changing the holding bar to the other side if two racks are being used. Two systems for fixing to roof bars are supplied, one for T slot bars taking 20 x 20mm fixings, and the other a clamp system. The capacity of these clamps will accommodate small square bars but possibly not larger cross section non T slot types. Good pictorial instructions and assembly is easy though two pairs of hands saves frustration in trying to balance the holder, the plastic locking lever, a threaded T slot bolt and the nut it screws into at the same time. The system locks with a key and it would take a determined person to remove the bike. The holder is adjustable for the bike wheel spacing by sliding the rear plastic retainer. The clamp for the arm opens wide. It tightens via a hand wheel and releases in one press button movement. The price for a Thule product with free delivery in mid 2012 looks very competitive. There was no packaging around the manufacturer's box and the keys were floating loose inside and could fall out in delivery as another reviewer has commented.

Why four stars? The clamp has v shaped jaws but even so, on oval frame tube, they hold the bike only by tangential contact gripping acoss the widest part of the tube. The number of warnings in the instruction book and an additional label saying that the tube must be placed centrally in the clamp suggest this has been a source of problems, Clearly there is a risk that if not centralised and with limited contact, the bike could become dangerously loose in motion. (I have another bike holder with a very clever offset system for the jaws that holds oval tubes across the narow dimension, unlike this Thule). Secondly, if you are unlucky with the wheel base of your bike as I was, the straps that go through the wheels will foul the holder in which the back wheel sits, making it hard to do up the strap tightly. Luckily my other bike was ok on this rack but if you have one bike and this rack you might have to struggle. Perhaps this is what the pictogram in the instructions of a flexing bulging bicep means.

Overall recommended but be sure to make sure the bike is firmly in the right position when loaded.
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on 25 April 2016
I've wanted to be able to carry 4 bikes on my car for years but baulked at the cost of having a tow bar fitted and getting a rear-mounted rack. As I already had a set of Mercedes T Track roof bars buying 4 x Thule 591's was a relatively cheap and easy way of solving the problem.

Overall they have been great and took 4 bikes to France and back at Easter almost perfectly.

The only (minor) gripes is that I found the graphical installation manual very hard to follow. I was trying to mount 4 x bikes which involved reversing two of the 591's and neither myself nor my technically-minded brother in law could make head nor tail of the ridiculously-simplified diagrams. What's wrong with adding in some words! Other reviewers point out that using Youtube is the way to figure out some of the less obvious stuff and knowing what now know I'd have done that first.

The other issue is that one of my wheel carriers fell off when the bikes were off - apparently tightening up the wheel strap stops this happening (?). This may well have been covered off in one of the incomprehensible diagrams but I didn't spot it at the time.

But, those niggles aside, the 591's are excellent, easy to use and hold the bikes securely for long journeys on motorways, A roads and bumpy B roads. Highly recommended.

PS I only have a normal-height estate car but would still recommend also getting a small folding builder's stool - doesn't cost much or take up much space but makes it easier to get the bikes on and off.
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on 6 September 2015
I already own a couple of the Thule ProRide 591 so I am already a fan. It is so easy to fit and comes with more than one fitting to accommodate different styles of roof bar. I do find the ProRide 591 simple to use so securing a bike is quick and easy. And the bike holds securely giving you peace of mind that nothing is going to move while you are driving. Comes with keys to lock the retaining arm in place.
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on 14 March 2016
Quality product, holds steady up to around 60, get a slight wobble after that up to 90. Didn't dare push past that! No chance of anyone getting this off when there's no bike on it (you would break this unit getting it off, so no point), and even if a bike was on it, I still think someone would have a difficult time getting it off without a hefty power tool and some time.

One downside is that I run chunky tyres which make it difficult to tighten the wheel straps easily. Because they pull downwards, it's not really practical to pull them sideways (towards where you would be stood), and instead have to pull down (towards the roof) using a very small finger hole (too small for my chubby mitts). The straps aren't overly long and in my opinion this is the only design flaw, as minimal as it is.

Another potential downside is that because you can't adjust the length of the grippy holding bar, some bikes won't be able to use this as securely as possible without removing their water bottle cage. For example, when my bottle cage is on, I have to attach just below my cage which means the grippy bit doesn't sit flush.

All in all, a cracking product - well worth the money.
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on 7 June 2012
This bike carrier is beautiful, very easy and safely.

My only complain is with the amazon's packaging that it's non-existence. They send the bare box
and the keys included were lost; the keys included do not came in a bag, came loose in
the box and slipped for a hole to handle the box.
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on 12 July 2013
Got a new Carbon road bike and did not want to use the the Thule 531 side load clamps I currently owned. Read up on some reviews on this with carbon bikes and decided to go for it. The v-clamp ratchet system works well and you can control the amount of grip to not over stress the bike. Delivery from Allen parts was superb and the best price I found online at the time. Highly recommended.
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