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on 25 January 2017
Peeking through the cracked veneer of suburban America, and all is not well. This was easily to be 1999's best movie. The debut feature from director Sam Mendes, still stands firmly as one of his greatest achievements, it was also to bring him an immediate oscar for best director. Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening are the driving forces in a movie that was also to take the crown for best picture. Spacey' s character 'Lester Burnham', and his midlife crisis are central to the plot. It's a kind of drama of suburban dysfunction, with an added stirring of Noir and Lolita. Thomas Newman music is also hauntingly beautiful.
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on 19 August 2017
It's all been said really. I saw the movie back in the day, bought the DVD, bought the soundtrack album and now i've purchased the blu ray version.

I adore this film. It has everything. Buy it....watch it.....let it occupy your thoughts for a few days. It may lead you to make some positive changes in your life before it's too late.
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on 23 February 2014
I found the film American Beauty to be an engrossing film which shows a family {The Burnams}where their work and home lives have become intolerable .Lester feels neglected by his wife and daughter and relives his fustration by fantasies etc.Carolyn his wife prefers to engross herself in her job as a third rate estate agent and keeps her feelings to herself.Their daughter is grumpy and is hardly interested in either of her parents and thinks they are sad.Their lives change when a new family moves in next door who live in simliar circumstances except their son is a drug dealer who constantly films nearly everything he sees on a camcorder.After he sells drugs to Lester the story takes a turn with Lester making changes in his life which do not go down well with the rest of the family.I thought the film was great because it is fasinating to watch the characters one by one emerge from the background and start to behave differently.The film is well written and just feels very true to life in a way that is a bit difficult to discribe.
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on 5 June 2015
In one year Lester Burnham (Spacey) will be dead. See his final year unfold as he finally finds himself and breaks out of his mundane lifestyle, ruining his marriage and becoming a man who lives in the moment rather than living with regrets.
See the lives of his neighbourhood evolve around him and ultimately answer the question of who killed Lester Burnham.

A superb commentary of middle class American life with plenty of drama, comedy and thrilling moments that will have you hooked to the screen.
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on 22 February 2015
I was already a fan of the film and I bought the DVD as a replacement for a VHS version. It really is an excellent film and lifts the lid on the cosy US suburban myth of family life. Kevin Spacey is excellent and clearly shows that in acting some times doing less is actually more and he under plays the role of Lester very well. In contrast I personally found the acting of Annette Benning as his wife quite annoying at times. I get that she is supposed to be different to Lester but to me it was too obvious, sort of "look at me I'm acting", if that makes sense. If you want a feel-good movie for a gentle evening's viewing in front of the fire this is probably not the ideal choice.
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on 22 May 2016
I saw this some years ago and today it has greater meaning to me .Yes the film covers the masks we wear , fears we hold .The film covers a modern suburban family appearing normal until the lester meets his daughters Bettie buddy which awakens him to being dead inside with a lack of freedom with life passing him by . He quits his corporate loving job , exercises , smokes pot and demands respect . The path leads to many others in the story confronting their facades with interesting results .
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on 2 August 2011
I am neither inclined nor qualified to do a film review, but I can say that the audio and video quality is great (especially on Blu-Ray) as is the acting from the entire cast.

As an Indian, I had great fun laughing at the "antics" of the Americans. As a human being acutely aware of my own shortcomings and peculiarities, I identified with the characters and their individual stories in the movie and lived their lives vicariously.

In my opinion there is not a poor shot or a loose end in the film. The tying together of all the sub-plots is superb. I have always believed that the director makes or breaks a movie - so hats off to Sam Mendes. American Beauty is as far away from "formula films" as possible but he manages to pull it off with elan.

The movie stays with you long after it is over. You will be left wondering about the reactions and the future fates of the various people around Lester Burnham.

I have seen this film before and I can say that I will watch it again in future.
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on 18 September 2017
This movie is a classic that never gets talked about much and I doubt they can make another like it just wish it hadn't ended the way it did but it's a great story with some useful messages I can't think of another movie like this so definitely unique also has a really nice soundtrack I would recommend
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on 7 February 2016
Mesmerising classic. Beautiful but at the same time sometimes disturbing. A film that must surely rate as one of the greats - but that's just a personal opinion. Make up your own mind but don't leave it on the shelf. Like it or hate it, watch it.
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on 16 November 2014
I've always seen this film being raved about as a must-see, and having watched it, I couldn't agree more! This quickly became on of my top films after watching it the first time and it is one I could replay again and again. The cinematography is beautiful, the music is perfect, and the writing is both heart-wrenching and witty. Kevin Spacey plays an amazing lead, easily portraying that 'sick of life Everyman' character with a little extra charm. Thora Birch (to any fans I also suggest 'Ghost World') plays the perfect dysphoric teenager, in a way that makes her more likeable than boring. Annette Bening is a great 'keeping-up-appearances' mother character who gives us a greater insight into her role than others have before. Mena Suvari plays an extremely surprising character, giving an extremely complex rendition which is both unlikable and sweet. I think, though, the winning performance, for my at least, has to go to Wes Bentley, who manages to be so cold and warming simultaneously, and who shows us pain in a way that doesn't leave you.
Would undoubtedly recommend this to EVERYONE, but especially to those who are fans of films like American Psycho and Ghost World!
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