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4.3 out of 5 stars393
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 10 August 2010
I found this to be an enjoyable film, well worth a watch, good family film for a number of generations to enjoy including my mum (not easy to do) story was a bit predictable but this did not detract from the overall enjoymeny of the film. Am considering reading the book to see if typical book is better than the film apply. overall good film no complaints.
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on 26 February 2010
Percy Jackson & The Lighting Thief is an enjoyable and interesting movie to watch. The genre of movie is fanstasy, which ocasionally I enjoy watching. I would class the movie as not being light or heavy. It is cross between the two categories. The movie is a perfect choice for family viewing.

The ideas and concepts introduced are quite interesting and original. I really appreciate the way and the manner in which Greek Mythology blends with the modern world. It provides a real educational and amazing experience. In the mythology arena, each god and goodness represents various themes. In the movie, the focus is directed to a few gods, as it would not be possible cover every gods and goddesses. The area of Greek mythology is quite complex and covers a broad spectrum. It is a fascinating area to learn about.

The plot is about a lad known as Percy Jackson. He suffers from dyslexia, low in confidence and has a few friends : protector Grover and beauty Annabeth. Percy might not be academically bright, but is blessed with a gift and shows real guts and courage to prove a point to everyone. No one is perfect in the world. It is the key message movie conveyed to me, but you have to make the best out of life opportunities. Percy is about to embark on a mission with the aid of two friends. The journey reveals shocking truths dating million years ago, as Percy is about to find out. His real father is Poseidon, a god of sea, who abandoned Percy at a young age. Can Percy be forgiving? Percy is on a verge of a dangerous mission to discover who stole Zeus's lighting rod and return it righteously to the owner, otherwise a war will break out between the gods and the present world would meltdown. He remains the prime suspect and must clear his name.The exciting and action packed adventure takes the trio to the most terrifying places ever imagined. It is filled with growling beasts, scary settings, sinister characters, intimidating statues and towering greek gods. These are key features associated with fanstasy movies. Can peace be restored; otherwise the world would face the consequences? It is up to the trio to save the world from destruction and forces of evil.

Although, the movie is targeted at children, its appeal maintain interest with adult viewers. It is intended to be a factual movie, with an adventure to unfold. The idea of blending past with the present works really well. It is a fanstasy movie which shares a few similarities with Harry Potter. The focus is about an unfortunate individual and how a new world transforms the character's life. Percy Jackson & The Lighting Thief raises interesting points and deals with the theme of Greek Mythology expertly and to almost perfection. The area has been simplified well in the movie. The characters are quite strong, special effects are outstanding and cinemagraphy is quite impressive. Overall, it was worth watching the movie for its educational value and originality.
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on 6 July 2011
Very good fantasy film - I read the books after watching the film and I really loved it! Im not sure if i would have felt differently if i had read the books first because they are quite different and the films of books usually don't measure up, but as a film on its own it's enjoyable and fun, and i do feel it did the fantastic books justice.
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on 27 July 2010
Brilliant film - full of action and when my daughter was learning about Greek Gods the school took them to see the film and we just had to have it when it was out on DVD.
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on 7 August 2010
I enjoyed this film although I didn't really expect to as I used to hate "myth themed" films on TV. The characters are well acted, especially Percy himself. The plot is good, with lots of references to my classical studies lessons, recently revisted whilst helping son with prep!

I had read it was a Harry Potter rip off - it is not at all. It is completely different although just as good. Instead of witches and evil we have Gods and mortals, less sinister yet just as entertaining. Yes, Percy becomes a teenager before learning his father is a "top 3" God but, unlike Harry, his parents are both still alive & rooting for him.

It could be quite awful though and I have to say that the quality of the acting carries it off for me. The special effects are pretty good too.
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on 24 August 2010
I watched this with my 9 year old grandson and was very pleasantly surprised with how much fun it was and
how much I enjoyed it.
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on 2 April 2013
A review by Kieran my 13 year old son;
I have been reading the Percy Jackson series for some time so when I decided to try the film I was quite excited. I was to be disappointed.

Bad Points: I'm guessing that this list is going to be longer than the good points list (most bad points are just things that I thought were needlessly changed from the original book).

So first is the age of the actors, Chris Columbus was the director of the first in the Harry Potter series, the Philosophers/Sorcerer's stone. I like this film and despite many critics saying that he did not make enough changes from the books it was generally well scored. The actors in Harry Potter were perfect; they grew up as the films grew up. Why is this anything to do with Percy Jackson? In the books Percy is 12, the actor, Logan Lerman, is 17 (at the time of filming). Big problems already, Chris Columbus obviously thought...something. It was probably to do with acting ability. If the Percy Jackson & the Olympians were to become popular enough to have lots of films in the series then there would be huge problems. The actors would get too old and they would need to find new ones. Percy isn't even the worst! Grover (12-13 in the book) is 25 in the film!

Next is the school, Yancy Academy, the first school in the series that Percy goes to. I was pleased that the author of the book, Rick Riordon, didn't go with the classic look of making American Schools look horrible, sure, he puts in the occasional Bully but not all that over the top stuff that lots of people add into books or films. Watching the film however is different. You are immediately greeted as Percy and Grover walk into the school by two boys attacking each other. Percy and Grover then start grumbling about how badly they hate High School, stating how terrible it is. I don't come from the U.S.A or even America so I don't have that experience; I bet most people who are from there don't either.

I'm sorry to say that the worst is yet to come. The changes that are made through the transition between book and film are very important, they are usually due to shortening the story to just two hours long. But Chris Columbus seems to have changed whole scenes, settings and characters so I have made a nice list (WARNING: spoilers).
1. Percy Jackson learns his skills too quickly (the first time you see him he is showing them off).
2. He uses his sword to take down a Minotaur in less than a minute, there is nowhere near as much drama as there is in the book, it's like watching someone play a video game on "very easy" or "novice".
3. Camp Half-blood is in a forest, not a valley.
4. Annabeth is a horrible Bully who likes nothing more than to hurt and injure people while being especially arrogant. For those who have not read the book that is a girl called Clarisse's job, Annabeth is meant to be a very nice person who nursed Percy back to health. This is very important as Annabeth turns out to be a very important character in the book.
5. It seems that the cabin idea in CAMP Half-Blood has been ditched and instead Percy gets a huge floating mansion, he doesn't get claimed either. Another part of the story missing.

I could probably go further in this section but sadly I could only watch the film for 30 minutes before I had to turn it off. I have never had to done this before.

Good Points: It's a great time to now add the small amount of good points. These pushed the film up from a one star review to a two star review for me.

Gabe Ugliano and Sally's characters were pictured perfectly and there ages weren't ludicrously different to the book like some of the others. They were different to how I thought of them but I don't mind since they were done so well. Chiron was OK too.

However my main good point is that Percy Jackson & the Olympians: the Lightning Thief actually has lots of action and amazing special effects. For someone who has not read the book (otherwise the changes will irritate you) and loves a good action film this is great. It's just a shame that it's lost so much of the books brilliant storyline.
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on 20 July 2012
I enjoyed this movie a lot, but I'm thinking I should read the books. The books are always better and I could do with some more detail. It seems as if the books could hold a lot more information. Then again they usually do. I'd probably recommend the movie, but this is from someone who hasn't read the books. If you have read the books, I suggest you read the review of someone who has read the books as well. However if you have not read the books and want to read them or see this movie I recommend you do both!
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Looks like Zeus (Sean Bean) has had his lightning bolt, which is his sign of authority, pilfered. He suspects Poor pitiful Percy (Logan Lerman.) Percy who never suspected that he is the son of Poseidon (Kevin McKidd) must pass trials and tribulations including going to Hadês. On the way, he makes new friends as Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario) the Daughter of Gray Eyed Athena. He also comes across many perils such as a medusa (Uma Thurman) that makes you want to look.

I have to confess that I have not read the books or anything relevant about the books before seeing the movie. Of course, with few exceptions movies cannot be the book; movies are usually a pale reflection. Yet some times, they can exceed the books. In this case, I cannot judge. However, I would want to have the movie if only the title matched.

Not comparing to the books the movie is still just a mediocre teen coming of age movie. Percy is reborn by trial of fire. Now what will he do in the next movie?

I only saw the Blu-ray version so I cannot compare.
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on 20 June 2013
Another teen myth fantasy based on a book series. Percy Jackson, is a special teen like Harry Potter, living among mortals not knowing his special powers. Percy then goes to Hogwarts, or Half-Blood Camp for special training. He disobeys the school master to go on a quest with his two friends, which I am surprised were not named Ron and Hermione.

Unlike Harry Potter, this movie is a dummy down tale for younger kids. Also most of the action takes place outside of "Hogwarts." On their quest they encounter 3 scenes from Greek mythology. The special effects were good, acting was above average, and AnnaBeth was hotter than Hermione. The movie could be a good way to introduce kids to Greek mythology.

Take heed: I have not read the books. My understanding is people who have read the books were disappointed with the film.
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