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on 16 December 2010
When i first got the plane into the air (using the helicopter mode) i have to say it took a bit of getting used to and slight ajustments were needed (all explained in the manual). But once i got used to it i can safely say it is a great piece of kit. The fact that you can take of as a helicopter and then convert it into a plane once in the air (or vice versa) is a great addition. It is also very durable as i have crashed it into the side of my house head on resulting in only minor damage to the nose (i dont recommend doing it though). It is worth putting tape along the leading edges of the wings as well as taping the nose to hold the foam together just incase you scrape it along the floor. Also the front landing gear does not cope well on slightly rough surfaces so again reinforce it with tape as i have done and it copes just fine.

The battery takes a good 45 minutes to charge (from the controller) and gives between 5-10 minutes of flight time. And as with all foam planes it does not cope well in wind and if you plan to fly it inside you will need a very large room....trust me. All in all this is a very good product and will bring you many hours of fun, i would recommend it to anyone.
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on 7 May 2011
First of all let me say the pictures do not do it justice.

I spent a long time searching for a replacement RC plane after my last 2 died upon sustained impacts (not all my fault..). This is the smallest RC plane I have bought, and the second which has no rudder to control it, it instead decreases power to one engine to turn the aircraft.

The plane itself is very stable in the air and is capable of sustained flight of up to ten minutes if flown correctly, and by that I mean full pelt the entire time. You are able to turn the aircraft properly without any issues, and due to its size and weight, can recover from stalls quite well. In-fact I would go as far to say that because of its weight and power to the engines, you are able to full of minor stunts.

The best thing about this aircraft however is the VTOL ability. Simply allowing for verticle takeoff everytime is great fun, and add's that little bit of extra excite to the product when you use it. The aircraft is able to go from V to H (verticle to horizontal) extremely quickly, which allows for virtually no loss of altitude when changing wing position in the air, it allows you to instantly begin flying. This is not the case when switching from H to V, it takes about 1.5 seconds which allows for a controlled transition; and if it did not have this feature I believe landing the plan would be almost impossible, as it would lurch as you went from H to V.

In 'helicopter mode' you have full control over the aircraft, the wings move to allow you to move left/right, with the throttle controlling altutude. It is very easy, after your first attempts, to bring the aircraft to a controlled landing.

The aircraft itself is durable, I have however already slightly ruptured one of the wings during a particlary rough landing, I would suggest lining the wings with tape to allow for extra toughness. Other than that there are no problems. The aircraft will cut power to the engine as it hits the ground hard, which I believe is a feature as you still have wing control. This is absolutely perfect, as if the engines were still moving when it hit the ground you would have an increased chance of damaging the props.

The controller is very good, you have the ability to trim the wings and power ratio to the aircraft, which is very good for such a basic model. On top of the that, the VTOL control looks and feels awsome. It takes about 30/35 minutes to charge.

This is the best - and not the most expensive - aircraft I have bought so far, and I would reccomend it to anyone that wants to fly a RC plane, be it beginner or not. The fun factor of the VTOL combined with the ability to fly like a normal plane makes this product well worth the money.
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on 29 December 2010
I bought this recently and went for a test flight thinking it would be hard to control... it was excellent the easiest thing to control thing I've ever bought very responsive and stable even in drizzle the only problem was we where near an electricity pylon which gave of interference and sometimes turned the plane off that is the only explanation we can think of all in all it is great value for money and i would recommend it to anyone!
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on 23 August 2013
I have used this for 2 years now. It has performed: spiral dives, loops, aileron rolls, low fly pasts and even spins.

It has crashed into the ground extremely hard, trees, had its rotors tangled in leaves, crashed into numerous buildings and concrete yet is still working as new.

From extensive experience (hours and hours) I would recommend that it shouldn't be flown in winds in excess of 15 kts unless you are particularly experienced. It moves fast too so I would suggest a big open outdoor area (or a hangar) to start with. It can be flown in a tennis court sized area easily once you are used to the controls.

Great battery life and incredibly quick charge. This may well be the best entry level RC aircraft ever produced.
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on 2 August 2014
I have three of these now. I fly proper RC planes/helicopters but love these as they are idiot proof and crash proof. I let my small children fly this with no stress. We have crashed them countless times without any damage. They are a little more money than some toy RC planes but you won't regret the extra expense in the long run as they last and last. Being able to convert to vertical flight is great as when the kids loose control you convert and take a breather and you can fly in much smaller areas. I fly in my village park and have had to climb fences to retrieve other planes but never these. Money well spent and a great intro to RC.
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on 30 August 2013
The best plane I have ever owned VTOL abilities are brilliant making this a fun but at the same time controllable plane. Well worth the money! :)
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on 17 November 2012
Loved the vertical take off, a unique idea compared to most rc planes. However I found the transition between vertical and normal flight somewhat hard to get used to. Used n lots of space!!! I had a few puzzled neighbours when I was reaching in their trees because I crashed it. Lots of fun
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on 27 July 2012
I would rate four and a half.

This plane is amazing espeacialy in a large area. It could do flips and everything and was so easy to control. Its almost useless though inside as you would need a big hall about 50x50m. There are two problems I had. One the charger cable was too short and Two the rechargeable socket broke as I Pushed a little too hard I think this is a slight design fault as I barley pushed. Other than that it was an amazing plane. A Good thing to have would be a camera that is link to a LED screen on the controller so you could fly it without having to strain your neck looking high in the sky.


Also its bigger than it looks.
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on 17 November 2014
Its ok, but the heli-function is not so well working (you have to take off from a total plain ground - not grass).
Good thing is, that it hasn't broken jet even though it had crased some times :-)
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on 25 October 2013
Bit too fragile so broke quite quickly. Great to fly once airborne, turning very sharp which is good but lead to all sorts of problems! Not for novices.
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