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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 2 July 2010
Bought these to replace an old Sony set to use at the gym. They seem good quality. I tried them out and made sure that the ear buds fitted my ears properly using one of the 3 different sized soft buds supplied and the sound was fine. I like heavy rock music so the base has to be good and these were great. Used them at the gym this morning and they stayed in my ears with no problems plus they blocked out any outside noise so I was well and truly in 'the zone' lol. They are a little more expensive than some but hey I want them to last.
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on 6 May 2011
I bought these headphones from currys, well I say THESE headphones, what I really mean is, I bought my first pair from currys, then my second pair, then my third pair then this final pair, I promised myself NO MORE!

I wanted these because I needed earphones to remain in my ear whilst running for long periods of time, so the hooked design seemed more than appropriate at first glance. Admittedly, I looked at the selection of high street earphones, and thought "Phillips, seems a sturdy and reliable make". So I proceeded with the buy and used them for running.

Style. These are a stylish and well-designed set of earphones, they don't seem to get dated over time and they are incredibly comfortable to wear. But is bemuses me why there is so much cable! How long a neck
does Phillips think customers really have?

Sound Quality. The sound quality is unrivalled by other high street earphones. These really are on par with the specialist products and should rightfully be labelled so. I have listened to various genres of music with these headphones and they are more than capable of managing the bass of modern tunes and the clarity and crispness of Beethoven's 7th Symphony (obviously accompanied with a glass of Merlot).

As mentioned previously, I have bought several pairs of these, and I will enlighten yourselves why, below.
Connection. After using these every day, the wire connections to either the headphones or the plug in adaptor started to loosen and eventually fail. This is extremely annoying as first there is crackling in your ear piece, then there is the failure of one of the ear pieces, then complete disaster!

Rubber Plugs. The earphones require/come with, rubber fittings on the ear pieces. They are inter changeable to suit different size ear canals. This is obviously quite a good thing, however, they ping off often and due to their small nature and bouncing capability, they can never be found again. Eventually, you have to buy new plugs or earphones to continue. Just about to go for a run, all mentally prepared for a long distance effort, lovely day, all going well and then BAM! You have your last rubber piece missing so you can't listen to music. WHAT A LET DOWN.

Durability. Not very reliable build quality at all, I went running and with no clip supplied, the excessively long cable constantly gets snagged. In one instance I had to apologise continuously as I ran past a dog walker and got yanked back, to find out I strangled her dog. Yes, it did not only cause mischief but it also ruined set number 2.

Price. For what they are, they are expensive. I mean normal person expensive, £30-£40 a pair. The reliability means, that if you want a set to be used continuously for about 12 months, then you may as well buy 3 pairs.

Fundamental flaws outweigh the quality of sound produced, not worth the expense.
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on 22 September 2011
The blurb suggested that these earphones have exceptional performance in the bass frequencies. That may be, but the overall sound is much more 'tinny' than I had expected. I have other in-ear types that have better sound quality. However, they stay in the ear, which is why I bought them. When you're on the last mile of a run, you're not really thinking about the finer points of musical quality.
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on 24 January 2012
I have been using these headphones for years now! As correctly mentioned in previous reviews, the sound quality is way up there with the premium brands. I have a pair of Dr Dre in ear headphones, and the Phillips provide much better sound quality.

Disregard the reviews complaining about poor longevity. I work in a factory and use them every day, they get tugged, bashed and dropped all the time and they easily last a year. Which isn't bad for a £20 set of phones! I also use them in the gym so they are exposed to sweat, and there are no problems to report here either!

Look no further, these are brilliant headphones and a product I will be buying again and again.

Tip for previous reviewers: To prevent the excess cable catching on things when on the move, run the headphones up the inside of your shirt! And to prevent damage to the connection plug, leave a loop of wire free down there when wrapping the cable around your iThings!
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on 6 July 2012
I've started running cross-country more and like to listen to an iPod Nano as I run. The earphones that came with the iPod were standard iPhone ear-bud type headphones which fell out as soon as I began running. When you're running, you don't want the headache of having to mess about re-adjusting your earphones and worrying about them falling out every second, it just ruins your focus.

I therefore decided to buy these earphones. They are perfectly designed and are genuinely fit for purpose. The hooks are adjustable/bendy and fit my ears perfectly. They are so comfortable and light that I can't tell I'm wearing them once I put them on. The earphones come fitted with medium sized rubber buds already attached and the pack contains two additional spare pairs of buds (large and small) so that you are able to customise them to various ear sizes if required.

The cord is nice and long too so I can zip my iPod in the pocket of my shorts while wearing the headphones without worrying that when I run and the iPod bounces it will pull on the headphones (I'm really tall and this was a problem with my old headphones). Even if it did pull (which it doesn't) the headphones fit so securely they still wouldn't dis-lodge. I have tested this by pulling the wires and they just stay in place perfectly without need for re-adjusting. Because the wires go through the bottom of the hooks, rather than into the buds, any movement or tugging just gets absorbed by the hooks. You don't get a milimeter of movement in the ear buds, which is brilliant design. The sound quality is great too, though was not my primary reason for buying them.

I would not hesitate to recommend these headphones to runners or anyone involved in doing training which requires a lot of movement. The headphones simply will not dislodge or move through movement of your head/body. They have taken away all of the stress from my running sessions that I had with the original set of apple earphones. If you are a runner you will understand the need to be focused and not worry about things like headphones falling out and tripping you up. Definitely worth the money.
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on 31 March 2013
Although the sound quality is good,especially for the money,the problem is the jack plug. These lasted 2 months before I lost sound in 1 earpiece. Comfortable fit,good sound,just about worth the money if you can get 6 months use
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on 1 October 2010
The sound quality is good with these and they have so far stood up to running for an hour and stay in place most of the time. I originally had a pair of the older version of these which are strangely more expensive than these ones but on balance I think the older version is better in terms of fit and actually staying in place. Maybe I'm using the wrong bud size (I've tried the small and medium ones and will try the large set) but these do tend to work themselves loose to the point where they feel loose but don't actually drop out and the sound still comes through loud and clear. It's just an odd feeling to get used to. If not used for running they do block noise out extremely well with very little noise escape so they're ideal for the train, bus or underground.
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on 2 June 2011
Every product in the world has advantages and disadvantages and there is no perfect product for anybody.

These headphones are of the in ear sealed type. They have a much lower frequency response that regular earbuds and even the large over the ear type and so sound exceptional. However it is critical that an airtight seal is formed between the driver and your ear canal. Without this seal, the bass tones fall away to the point where they are inaudible. This is why 3 different sizes of rubber seal are supplied. If you want to utilise the full capabilities of these headphones, spending some time ensuring an airtight seal is vital.

The over ear clip has an advantage over non-clip models because the clip adds one extra level of security to keep the driver in the ear with a proper seal.

Every one has different requirements but in my opinion the sound quality is well worth the effort required to secure an airtight seal and occasionally push the drivers back in as they slip out.

I bought these to replace the stock headphones that came with my new iphone and have not been disappointed.

This is a steal at this price and I am considering buying a few extra pairs for backup.

N.B. The key specification in selecting a pair of headphones is the frequency range, in this case 6 - 23000 Hz. I have learnt that for a good bass response, a low end of less than 10 Hz is essential. As this specification is rarely mentioned on product pages (unfortunately including Amazon) make sure you check this spec before buying any headphones ever. It may be worth going into a shop to read the information on the boxes. You will be amazed how many pairs of expensive `premium' headphones do not satisfy this criteria.
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on 9 April 2016
I Bought these headphones quite a while ago for the gym and they have served me well.
Good Points
1. These earphones are affordable and work well, with reasonably good audio quality.
2. These earphones stay on your ears and wont fall off while them still being able to be easily taken off and easily changing the size of the ear bids and also the type of ear buds
3. They are reasonably water resistant and they didnt break for me until i was pushed into a pool with them and my Iphone :'( R.I.P Iphone. Even though they met the dunk they still kind of worked, and by that i mean they were just a bit crackly. i think this proves they are quite durable.

Bad points:
1. After a long time of using these headphones they become uncomfortable and if you are doing a long endurance race or something you will be cursing them, although they worked well for me when on a 3 hour run and i only had to take them out and put them back in once so that they weren't uncomfortable.
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on 23 July 2016
Good replacement for my Sennheiser OCX880 which stopped working.
I tried some Sennheiser OMX185 but those just float above the earhole, instead of sitting in the ear canal, so no use for me

These Philips ones are held in the ear ok, as well as the stalk that sits behind the ear. From a short period listening to them I'd say that anyone using them just for music and needing full bass & mid-tones will need to spend some time getting a good fit in the ear canal. They provide range of different sized rubber fittings, so this may well be possible.

For me, I don't need these for exercise, running etc - it's just this type of design works well when I can't sleep and listen to the radio or Podcasts in the night (the normal sort just fall out when I turn over in bed). Since my listening is mainly spoken word, some slight loss of bass if I move around isn't an issue for me.
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