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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 September 2010
I have been using this keyboard and mouse now for about 4 months,for several hours a day, almost daily.
I find the action of the keys is very comfortable, not too clicky, but not completely anonymous. I had seen a colleague with one of these in his office, so i had been able to have a "quick type" on it to check if the keys action suited me.

I am using windows 7, and the software installed and recognised the hardwre without any issues. I like the size of the receiver, it only protrudes about 5mm from the USB socket and seems umlikely to ever get snagged or snap off. Signal communications seem excellent - I have the receiver plugged into the left side of my monitor and no problems to use the mouse on the right of my keyboard (some systems do have sensitivity issues).

There is an on/off power switch easily accessible on each of the mouse and keyboard to preserve battery life. The blurb promises 3 year life - I cant say, but so far it is all lasting well.
The mouse is comfortable to use, the cursor action is very positive, the scroll-wheel is a nice addition. I have used the mouse on several different surfaces and had no loss of tracking.
The keyboard has two pairs of "legs" at the front, so you can use it flat, or raised up to 2 different angles. It is a nice stable keyboard, and grips the desk well, does not slide around. I find the wrist-rest comfortable.

One thing I do miss when comparing this keyboard to other logitech I have used in the past - I used to see a message window pop-up when I engaged "caps-lock". This feature has been discontinued here.

But ultimately, ergonomics of mouse and keyboard and whether or not you like them are a very personal thing.

I do like this keyboard/mouse and would definitely recommend it.
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on 13 November 2010
Got this to replace a previous Logitech Bluetooth keyboard & mouse combo, which I accidentally destroyed the USB dongle on & it seems that you can't get replacements parts for!

Well let's look at what you get.

The keyboard itself, a very small USB dongle which is not much larger than your (adults) thumb nail, 2x Duracell batteries & a USB extension wire.

Setting up is a bit hit & miss, as there's no instructions to speak of, just diagrams!

Just plug the dongle into USB extension &/or dongle into a spare USB port & let the computer get on with it for a few moments, my Windows Vista x64 found the right driver for it quite quickly.

Whilst the computer is looking for drivers, pull the yellow tab out from the back of the keyboard (there are two AA Duracell batteries already in it) which activates the keyboard & insert the two AA batteries that Logitech supplied into the mouse & switch it on if it's not already switched on.

Pop the software CD into the computer, load up the software + maybe a reboot just to complete the setup.
BTW There's a new software driver already available if you want to download it from the Logitech website (for me a 26.6Mb download).

The keyboard is very light & the key presses virtually silent, maybe a very slight noise but definitely not clicky like a cheap keyboard, the keys are slightly curved, there's one reservation I do have with it & that the markings appear to be stick on letters, so how well these will last compared to the laser etched ones I don't know.

There's a small LCD display at the top which shows you battery level, whether the caps lock is on, scroll & number lock is activated or function key is pressed. There's a calculator key on there too, which brings up the Windows calculator & just above that is a small recessed on/off switch.

The mouse is nice & compact (it's designed for right handed people) on the bottom is a on/off switch & small battery compartment for you batteries as previously mentioned.

Left hand side of the mouse two forward & back keys, on top the normal scroll wheel & a small button. Well I say normal, it's not quite normal, flick it and it will whiz round at a great rate of knots, which is ideal if you have multi-page documents or long web pages, however this is where the small button comes into play, pressing the button stops the high speed scrolling & brings it down to a much more controlled scroll which is very slightly notchy, but makes it a lot easier to control things.

Logitech reckon you can get 3 years battery life out of the set of batteries supplied, I wait & see what happens with it.

All in all a nice comfy keyboard & for £50 a good buy, especially as it's on sale on the High Street & other online retailers for near double that!
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on 30 September 2011
I recently built a new top spec pc, and one thing was missing to match it... A worthy Keyboard and Mouse. Finding a decent combo was not an easy task and surpisingly enough that are not many to choose from. Being a satisfied microsoft user all these years I decided to give logitech a try. Out of all their combos (of which one is obscenely overpriced!), This was the combo which combined an excellent mouse ( I think it is the M705 or Marathon mouse) with a very good keyboard. I am writing a review this long because I have searched high a low for a decent combo (the best part of 2 days), reading reviews, watching videos, reading more reviews etc.. I finally said enough and ordered The Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710.
Lets start with ths good bits:
It has a tiny unifying reciever that you can plug it and leave it and I believe you can connect up to 6 logitech devices to it.
It feels very repsonsive with no lag at all and the mouse works at a good distance away too and above all it's laser not optical.
I am a gamer and my wife is an everyday user (facebook, email, msn etc etc the list goes on). Although the mouse is slighlty smaller than what I'm used to it is very responive (don't worry if you are a gamer and looking for a high dpi mouse it makes very little difference, this mouse has more than enough). It has a button next to the scroll wheel that when clicked can switch the scroll wheel from hyper scrolling (fantastic for browsing and long documents) to the classic cliccy scrolling (essential for gaming especially fps). Comes also with software to customise your buttons. It looks awesome and it feels great (Software also allows mouse to recognise when you are gaming and switched to a more responive mode).
The keyboard is also very good with the in-curve keys being a nice touch. I have seen people complain that it might be too shiny and might leave finger marks but it really isn't a problem. Very reponsive, very smart and looks really good.
Aparently Logitech say that the battery life and keyboard will last 3 years. This may be helped by the fact they both have an on/off switch to conserve battery. It does not have a mouse charger which often adds to clutter on a desk and needs a wire to the pc (so one less wire to get in the way yay!)
Now the bad bits:
I really can't fault anything apart from the lcd screen on the keyboard which needs to be more visible as you have got to stare at it to check you have the caps lock key on or off.

Overall 9.5/10.
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on 22 May 2013
There doesn't seem to be an ideal Keyboard/Mouse combo set about at the moment.
I don't have a long list of requirements, I want a keyboard layout I'm used to, a standard "UK" configuration, namely a double height Enter key, prominent Escape key, Pound symbol etc. I'd like multimedia buttons, numeric keypad and a mouse with thumb buttons.
This is one of the more expensive Logitech combo sets, and probably one of the most promising looking at the spec, but unfortunately not a UK layout. It's not clear looking at the Logitech site what model numbers correspond to country specific versions, but I had assumed keyboards on Amazon would be UK layout unless specified, as most of the imagery is stock imagery, and Logitech don't seem to have pictures of country specific layouts on their site either.
I recently purchased a Microsoft Desktop 5000 set, and although that too is a US layout photo, I did receive a UK layout keyboard. Like others, I rely on recent user reviews to highlight issues, so beware, this is not a UK keyboard and is being returned!
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on 20 November 2010
Nice product. Been using for a day and am impressed by the product. The only issue was the associated software which came in the CD couldnt be installed. Had to download the latest version from Logitech website to get it up and running. The issue was with VC++ distributable.
All in all a great product.
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on 24 October 2015
When I first got it I didn't like the keys at all. Yet here I am two weeks later typing away and it feels as if I have been typing on it for years. I guess you just have to adapt to any new keyboard. Mouse works nice and is comfortable.

One issue that you should be aware of - I see people claiming that the device is effective from 10 meters away etc.

I didn't find that to be the case. My PC is perhaps 1.5 meters away from the keyboard as the crow flies and due to its positioning the signal would have to travel through the PC casing and a chunk of the mobo etc so perhaps that was blocking it. I found that the mouse sometimes moved a bit stuttery and the keyboard didn't always work properly.

I used the included extension cable for the transmitter to move it a little closer and with an unobstructed path for the signal and now it works beautifully.

I love the soft texture wrist rest on the keyboard but wish the volume control was one of those rolling wheel things rather than buttons but hey that is personal preference.

I don't know how to score it though. I am happy and it all works fine. I just think it is a bit over priced. Think of my review as a 4.5 out of 5.

For the money I'd expect more buttons on the mouse (would be useful for gaming) and a nice wheel volume controller on the keyboard.
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on 19 August 2013
I bought this MK710 to replace my MX5000 Logitech Keyboard (4*) where two keys were sticking owing to a drink being spilled.

The MK710 keyboard is fine BUT the CAPS LOCK screen warning and CAPS LOCK beep warning do not work. What is infuriating is that I have spent 11 days trying to sort out this problem with Logitech Technical Support and even had a replacement keyboard.

I now find out that Logitech know all about this problem and are trying to find a new fix - the last fix was 7/8/2013. The MK 710 keyboard is not new, and problems like this should have been sorted out in 2010.

Why do they release Hardware when they know full well that the software does not work correctly.

What a waste of my time and money for all concerned.

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I obtained this directly from Logitech as a replacement for another product that had failed soon after first use.

Logitech market a number of excellent mice and keyboards at or towards the highest range of prices possible, some that are very inexpensive, some in-between and a range of several desktops sets of keyboard and mouse at different price breaks. This is their top product in this category.

The keyboard in this instance has a few unusual features, not least of which is its soft wrist pad along the front edge and a narrow LCD panel, which is not back lit, at the top. The LCD panel includes indicators for battery level and those for NumLock and the other usual keyboard 'switches'. The keyboard appears to use the membrane type of contact rather than some of the more expensive technologies used in their higher-priced models. Using Logitech's tiny Unifying Receiver and associated software, you can not only have both the keyboard and accompanying mouse in simultaneous use but add other devices, a touch pad for example, and up to six devices in total with a single receiver.

The majority of the keys are downwardly domed and their corners and edges nicely rounded. The keys are slightly more raised than on some other keyboards but do not require a long travel before contact is made. This is an arrangement which many claim is best for efficient keyboard use and is preferred to the flat key tops that are sometimes found. There is clear separation between the key tops but it is not of the 'island' design. It is fair to say that the typing experience with this keyboard is good but not comparable with what was long my standard keyboard, the wired Logitech Illuminated Keyboard which uses a scissor spring mechanism under each key or the similar wireless K800 which may be slightly superior in some respects but is less reliable overall and which uses a broadly similar switch mechanism. The keyboard is rather light and does not have quite the feel of a luxury product as its price may suggest, but is very comfortable to use. It would certainly replace the sometimes awful keyboards supplied with many desktop systems and all-in-ones.

One annoyance with this keyboard is with its risers. They are thin and do not positively engage such that a minor movement, to adjust its position or angle, could and often does cause one or other to partly retract. This is more likely to occur with the longer inner pair than with the outer ones, if for no reason than in consequence of their size, but the two share a common design.

It also features several multimedia keys and because of its additions, it is deeper than many competing products with a hump at the top to contain the LCD panel. The keys are black, as is the body, and the key markings are not as bold or as bright as is sometimes seen. As the LCD panel is all but impossible to read unless illuminated from above, a desk lamp or something similar may be a necessity, and probably no less so for those who do not touch type. The soft wrist rest adds considerably to the comfort is using this keyboard and it should prove a long-term favourite.

The mouse is a very good one and is very usable. It bears more than a passing resemblance to Logitech's MX Performance mouse which is their current top-grade product and is of a slightly lower standard. It features a central scroll wheel and zoom buttons located more or less under the thumb. It is sculpted which many seem to prefer, but is designed for right-hand use. It should satisfy any user and again could easily replace the poor alternatives supplied with many systems.

Both products are battery powered, by AA batteries in both instances, and installed in the keyboard but not in the mouse although they are supplied. The receiver is supplied as is an extension lead for those who may need to carefully locate the receiver for best function. Logitech claims that a set of batteries should be good for up to 3 years of regular use with both devices, which is exceptional and a negligible running cost. Neither product has any additional features which specifically support Windows 8.

If you use a system that has a poor desktop set or you want to go wireless, you will not find a better alternative without buying separate components at more than double the combined price. Logitech's support is excellent and may alone be sufficient to consider this rather than a competing manufacturer's alternative.

Recommended, with a few minor provisos. Long-term use has highlighted a few, relatively minor, issues and required a minor downward adjustment in my rating.
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on 8 May 2015
I've had to send back 2 wireless keyboard and mouse combo's from Amazon. The main reason is the response from the £20 or so models - really frustrating when you're typing away only to look up at the screen and half the characters are missing! I didn't want to spend £70 quid on a keyboard/mouse but it's worth it. This model is beautiful...very smooth...quiet and has a very professional feel to it. It never misses a character - well worth it if have ever experienced the same frustration as I have.
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on 6 April 2016
I've been using a logitech Internet keyboard that is 16 years old and all the special features buttons no longer work with new operating systems but keyboard way fine so it had to be another logitech. I am really please with the keyboard. The soft key strokes without a click sound takes a little getting used to but love it now. The keys are laid out well. Will use some of the extra keys but not all. The mouse is excellent, fits in the had comfortably. Switches to turn on and off for both keyboard and mouse could do to be a little bigger for ease of use but not a deal breaker. The range of the conecton is stable & impressive. If this keyboard last half as long as the last will be really please.
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