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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 March 2011
Now here is something worth buying! I have spent 10 years trying to scan my 101 boxes of positive colour-slides and countless 35mm colour and B/W negs, using traditional medium price 'sweep' type film scanners, as time allowed. Quality has always been a bit iffy, lacking in tonal range, but as I use Photoshop for correction, dust removeal, perspective control etc, etc, I have laboured on. I calculated that with the years left to me, I'd never finish the job. Then I saw this unit using a CMOS sensor of 5 meg. The price was too cheap to be any good but I bought it having read between the lines of the various reviews, some of the writers obviously expecting miracles at the price. It was an absolute doddle to use and so quick compared to the old scanners I was using, 4 secs scan time each against up to 1 minute for the same size image. Loading is dead easy and I use a blower brush after loading the slides or negs into the holder to remove dust. Colour and B/W negatives come out very well with a very good tonal range needing little correction. Colour slides being inherently of a very high contrast range come out fine provided there are no very bright highlights which affect the auto-exposure setting which tend to burn out. This might be the only downside to this effective scanner but I have managed to complete all my slides in a few weeks with only a small number being discarded, but these were not good slides to start with. However, with tens of thousands of negatives to start on (40 years worth of 35mm format, before going digital in 2000), I look forward to speeding through these over the next few years and we'll see who gives out first, me or the scanner. The fact that the unit can be used remotely is a bonus point and the use of a standard card (SD) is even better. I actually use the unit attached to the PC and delete the images from the card after every box or film (takes a few seconds). The range of holders is good and they are solid compared to some other flimsey plastic devices you see around. The problem you get with black lines along one side is easily cropped where it occurs. It is no problem for me but for someone not used to using editing software, I can see their aprehension. I suggest that the bundled software be used for every scan session before saving into the final file. Colour negs have different background dyes according to the manufacture and the 'adjust colour' will bring it back to normal. Black and white negatives will usually benefit from a bit of contrast adjustment to suit your taste. All told this is a remarkable piece of kit at a stupidly low price. My congratuations to the manufactures (and the retailers). I would be interested in any future higher spec models providing some adjustment before scanning for the problems with colour-slides but this might take away from the extreme ease of use. I am not a professional photographer, just a keen amature wishing to record my life's old fashioned film hobby of the family etc. and I have no vested interest in the sales of this product. I just like to give credit where it is due.
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on 18 September 2010
I decided to pay a little more for a better scanner and very pleased I did.
Its so simple to use, you hardly need to read the instructions. I have since scanned over 100 slides and negatives on to the smart card and transferred that to my PC.
The pictures scanned better than expected and in relation to cost of having a developer carrying out this task, the scanner has already paid for itself.
So if you have untold negatives and slides to copy, it would certainly be worth both the purchase, time and effort to carry this out.
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on 1 October 2010
I bought this for my parents who have a HUGE amount of negatives and would like to store them on a laptop,They had already bought 1 scanner, but it was overly complicated and totally unreliable sometimes it would scan 1 negative sometmes 10 but then you would have to shut the laptop down and restart it to get the scanner to work again

They were both really disappointed to say the least,I saw this on Amazon, saw that most of the reviews were good (all but 1) so I decided to risk it,I'm so glad I did this little gadget is brilliant it reproduces the images very quickly and they are very clear,using the scanner is really simple and we had it working within 5 minutes of taking it out of the box.

It works without having to connect it to a PC/Laptop altough this is an option if you want to,it stores all the images onto a memory card (supplied) and alllows you to review and delete the images before removing the card and doing whatever you wish with them

For anyone who has any negatives that they want to convert themselves I wouldn't buy anything else after trying ths scanner.
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on 15 November 2010
First the pros. Very easy to set up and use. Out of the box and scanning in a few minutes.
Now onto the cons.
Since I bought my first digital camera in 2002 I have stored my images on the computer with DVD backup. I wanted to work backwards from 2002 and digitise my holiday and family photos from 35mm negatives. This is why I bought the Veho VFS-008. I was immediately dissappointed with the results - nearly all colour was missing from the scans, the images were overwhelmingly blue. I was unsure whether this was due to the negatives deteriorating so I took them to Boots and had a couple of prints made. These prints were exactly the same as the original prints made over 10 years ago. I e-mailed Veho copies of the scanned negative and the print. They replyed that the unit must be faulty. Amazon replaced the unit, but the results were exactly the same. So regretably had to send the scanner back for a refund. It is just not upto the job.
I also scanned some 50 year old family B&W negatives of various odd sizes (you don't need to use the holder just feed them into the film holder slot)- interesting blasts from the past.
Also had loads of 110 negatives. These scanned an almost exclusively brown colour or a blue colour similar to the 35mm scans.I also found the unit overexposed some negatives. You could actually see the scan pass the optimum exposure before storing an overexposed image.
Finally I tried scanning some slides. Here the results were much better. With strongly coloured slides the scans were were almost acceptable, but with more subtle tones the colour reproduction was poor.
If Veho introduced a scanner with better colour reproduction and perhaps the option of manual exposure I would willing pay twice the price of the Veho VSF-008.
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on 6 November 2010
Within minutes of receiving the scanner I was away, sorting and scanning my Mum's 1700+ 35 mm slides. In about 10-12 hours they were all done and on the supplied sd card. My husband timed me and it took 35 secs to load, scan and unload 3 slides. The picture quality when on the PC is superb, assuming the slide was superb in the first place! Each digital picture is 2544 x 1696 pixels, which is much the same as my Panasonic Lumix camera on best quality mode. One caution, when scanning onto the sd card the photos are numbered from DSC00001 upwards. If you then upload onto a PC and then delete from the card the file numbering will go back to 1 again. OK if you are going to keep in separate folders but you may have to rename each image if you want to put them altogether as you could have several different images with the same number. However the sd card will hold over 2500 images so don't delete until you have to. I haven't tried the software since I use Photoshop Elements quite happily and saw no reason to change. If you are in any doubt give this a try, you will not be disappointed and at least you can look at those old, old photos and have a good laugh at the hair and fashion.
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on 16 August 2010
This device was competitively priced and has provided very satisfactory
results with up to 2-3 decade old negatives and slides. Some negatives
had to be scanned several times for a better than 50/50 chance of
some kind of a result...Due to faded pigments and less than perfect
In fact if one is patient and do not hurry , very hard
when one starts , it pays..
Powered via USB though a battery is supplied it is possible
to save either to comp or SD card...2Gb
The supplied SD card must be formatted before you start......
Software supplied works fine.
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on 24 October 2010
fantasic feeding various types of film into the scanner in special holders with just the press of a button its scanned on an SD memory card (supplied)then you can download by USB cable (supplied)onto your computer in seconds.
The product comes with battery, SD card, USB cable, 3 different holders,software and a cleaning tool.The paper instructions are basic but you can read or download very detailed instructions from a supplied disk. The scanner will scan 35mm colour or black and white negatives, 110 film negatives and slides with fantasic results.
I was just about to send lots of old slides away at great expence when i heard about these scanners and what a result. I have also scanned 35mm colour and black and white negatives which are very cleverly turned into photograohs
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on 30 December 2010
Before I purchased this scanner, I read the related reviews on Amazon - which meant that the performance of this scanner was not a surprise; it's a very capable scanner rated at 5Mb.
The slide and negative holders supplied can be a bit fiddly at first to open and close, especially with some of the pre-1958 cardboard mounted slides. However, if the holders are treated with some care (not forcing them closed against the plastic push-fit hinges) I found that I was able to scan even the larger mounts by reducing the number of slides scanned in 'one pass'.
The scanned display was very effective with the only very slight niggle being that sometimes the image counter indicating space on the SD card did not count down when a scan was performed - this counter is very useful to confirm that a scan has been completed - meaning that I duplicated some images.
Each image scan takes some 5 seconds or so to complete. Scanning three slides should take about 20 seconds or so, from beginning to end. I found that strips of negatives are quicker to scan than individual mounts and so far I have performed over 200 scans of film-strips and mounts and the first ones are as good as the last ones - although images are rated as 5Mb, they are good enough to view on a 37" TV screen (Toshiba) when read off an SD card reader.
Small areas of some of the larger slides may be hidden at the edges, so if there is something on the edge that you need to be scanned then move the slide holder slightly left or right to suit
Make sure the slide holders hinge has not been pushed open when laying in larger cardboard mounts as this can make the holder hard to slide through the scanner
Old cardboard slides that have lost their glue can be scanned if care is taken to reposition the film before losing the cardboard before scanning, or by tapeing them closed before scanning - obviously taking care not to touch the film
Take the protective film off the slide holders before use
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on 9 November 2010
I was looking for an easy slide scanner and have read most reviews. Received this and it does what it says. It is very easy to use and I have now converted all my slides and negatives some going back to the 50s. Now to do my wife's!!

The only point I would make is to make sure that you only save about 40-50 before then saving them to your PC as I found that if you do too many it deletes them. This takes a little longer but it is not really a problem as it is easy to use.
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on 22 June 2011
First things first, this isn't a scanner. It doesn't scan the original, but instead takes a photograph of it with backlighting provided by a built-in lamp. This offers some advantages over a scanner: it's a less complex piece of kit with few (if any) moving parts, it's considerably cheaper, and photographs can be copied much, much more quickly.

That being said, it's important to recognise the limitations of the Veho VFS-008. While original photographs with a good variation of density copies well, originals that were dominated by very dark and very light areas defeated the automatic exposure, particularly in the case or transparencies. For example, outdoor photos in natural light copied well. However, a set of photos featuring a subject lit by flash and surrounded by a largely black background gave disappointing results, with the lighter areas saturated to the extent that the subject suffered from loss of detail. Nonetheless, it proved very useful for very quick copying of several hundred old photographs So that I could share them with the old friends who appeared in them.

Pro: Low cost, fast copying, good image quality with properly balanced originals.
Con: Automatic exposure can be defeated by extremes of darkness and brightness.
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