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I left my good set of earphones on the train a few weeks back and really got quite upset about it, so I decided to buy a cheaper set that I would not be so worried about losing again.

This set seemed to fit all my requirements.

They are by no means expensive.

They are made by Sennheiser - my personal favourite manufacturer for earphones/headphones.

They come in a pretty simple clear plastic box that was easy enough to open (I really dislike that welded plastic kind of packaging).

The earphones themselves are fairly standard looking with a red/gold design. They come with a couple of pairs of foam covers and more importantly a set of rubber grommets.

I found that fitting the grommets made a big difference to the sound - they help isolate outside noise, helped me get a much better fit in my ear, and had a big impact on bass especially.

The cord is possibly the most unusual thing - It is shiny and gold and on first glance it looks like a braided cord, but it is actually smooth - close up it almost looks like snakeskin. It is as if a braided cord has been coated in clear plastic. It does seem less prone to getting tangled than a standard rubber cord, but does not seem as good in this respect as a proper braided cord.

They also come with a really nice leatherette drawer-string bag with a Sennheiser logo tag.

Sound quality really is very good at this price. I found they were clear and bright throughout the sound range with really nice separation. Bass is sharp and punchy without being overblown.

Lastly, I didn't actually notice that these were supposed to be for smaller ears when I bought them. I don't think my ears are particularly small but I still find these fit well and are comfortable too.

All in all I am very impressed.

I've also taken a couple of photographs and added them to the user pictures.
review image review image
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on 26 April 2017
I have slightly small ears so I loved these earphone. Such a shame that I broke them and Sennheiser do not make them anymore.
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on 1 August 2013
I can't use in-ear-canal phones as I wear hearing aids and besides that one of my ear canals is quite narrow so in-canal plug type phones inevitably fall out when I move. But I needed a decent set of earphones to listen to music from my Kindle Fire. In spite of Amazon propaganda the speakers on the Kindle Fire are pretty awful for music. So going by other reviews and of course the Sennheiser name I decided on the MX 471. I'm very glad I did so, as the earphones fit my outer ear very well, but allow me to retain my RIC (Receiver In Canal) hearing aids in place.
The sound from the earphones is very clear and sharp with good bass (well, good for earphones anyway). The phones come with removable rubber rings to fit over the ear pieces, which helps keep them secure in my ears. The wire connection is of very good quality, much better than the many thin offerings I have had on earphones in the past. The wire has a slideable grommet to help retain the phones when wearing them. There is also a useful bag to store the phones when not in use. Altogether an excellent product which I would happily recommend to anyone who wants a good quality set of earphones at a sensible price.
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on 9 February 2012
I've been playing with hi-fi since around 1970 - hopefully during the intervening period I've learned just a little about 'sound'. I've no particular respect for MP3 format, nor the players which are nevertheless a useful 'mobile' accessory - at the moment I'm using a Philips GoGear Vibe.

Sennheiser PX100s have been my headphone of choice for the last few years (cost vs performance) but recently I've had need of something not 'over the head' and tried my collection of in-ear phones again. Philips, Creative, Panasonic etc. etc. and all pretty disappointing. On a whim I bough the MX471s and, when I first tried them, thought not much different to all the others. Disappointing.

However, they come with one pair of rubber ear 'sleeves', 2 pairs of sponge covers and not a lot else. Fitting the rubber ones and getting a really snug fit in my ear made a world of difference and they stand head and shoulders above my other in-ear phones. Not quite up to the PX100s though.

The wires are thicker than normal and of a resonable length (1.2m); the earpieces , it says on the box, are "Ergonomic fit" & "Designed for smaller ears". I wasn't aware that my ears were anything other than average, but I did need the rubber sleeves to get a tight fit - seemingly responsible for a huge improvement in the sound.

The sound. Yes, reasonable base, controlled treble (maybe even a touch lacking. Maybe.) and overall musical, involving and 'stress-free' after say a couple of hours. At the price, very commendable.
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on 22 July 2013
I bought these for the gym mainly.Absolutely fed up with ear-canal buds 'popping' out of my ears whilst training.The Sennheisers rest in your ear much like the old ipod/phone style buds.The sound is great for the money really powerful too.
Get these,you won't be disappointed!
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on 20 May 2014
I was very dissapointed with this product. Only had it 3 weeks and the earphones started playing up. I also had problems with 2 Sennheiser MX 470 Ergonomic Stereo Earphones with Superior Bass that had the same problem. Both sets together only lasted about 3 to 4 months in total, So i tried a different Sennheiser earphone with no luck. I dont know what has happened to these earphones and why i have had these problems because, in the past, i have always bought Sennheiser and haven't had any problems. They had been brilliant but now i will not be recommending these to anyone. Also I found out that amazon is not getting anymore of the Sennheiser MX 471 Ergonomic In-Ear Stereo Earphones with Livebass System. Do they know some thing and not telling me.
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on 24 October 2011
If you can't stand ear canal phones then you can't go far wrong with these. They sound isolate well and include rubber adapters for a snugger fit. Unusually stylish design and even come with a carry pouch. Superb.
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on 27 July 2014
Excellent sound quality with fantastic bass response. I find the in ear type headphones annoying, the bass transfer is great but I find sounds such as me breathing or my feet hitting the pavement are very intrusive and pretty much all external sound is cut off (which is probably the idea, but I find it useful to have some awareness of cars and buses etc) and these are the best I've found that aren't like that.
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on 3 January 2014
I bought these as a replacement from my old original iPod headphones. The iPod headphones were nice and small and fit perfectly so I actively sought a similar design that was heralded as for smaller ears. Much to my dismay these earphones are actually rather large. Whilst on the diameter they are the same as the original iPod headphones, the in ear part is actually a lot thicker. Thick enough that I can't comfortablt fit them in my ear properly. They can't really hold a fit in my ears and just fall out all the time, even when using the additional rubber edges for grip. On top of that, when you put the headphones in your ears, I've found that the material slips under my skin, which creates an awful sound that is rather loud once the earphone is in your ear. Quite a horrible sound when you put it in your ear each time.

They sound great for the price but don't trust the good for small ears claim. They are quite a bit thicker than an original iPod headphone so should be taken into account.
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on 21 September 2013
I have been buying Sennhieser earphones for a long time now as they are among the best sounding earphones for the money that I have bought.

I guess I was rather taken in by the eye-candy factor of these earphones. They have very crisp high end frequency response. They are small drivers though so do not respond very well to base and there is a bit of distortion and crackling on the set I have bought at the low end. I have only tried them with my Samsung S2 phone though. Perhaps they sound different on other devices.

I will remain loyal to Sennhieser but will go back to the MX170 'phones for listening to my music as these have been very good with good all around sound. They are also cheaper so are better value for money.

These earphones are better for the smaller ear with very good stereo sound and good for speech but the smaller size means bad low end response and a less rich sound. Nothing wrong with them. It just depends what matters to you.
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