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4.5 out of 5 stars446
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 18 June 2011
I wouldn't set too much store by some of the pretentious reviews giving this film only 1 star. It doesn't pretend to be a work of fine art after all. But the plot was reasonably good with a good twist here and there, and the action scenes entertaining too.

No, not the "best film ever." but a good coupld of hours of entertainment.
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on 10 November 2013
Gerard Butler is a normal guy with a wife & young daughter. 2 burgulars break in to his house and kill his wife & daughter. The law system sucks and does not do him any fair justice, so revenge will be taken on everyone that has helped to do him wrong! A really great film, with his actions quite unexpected. I can't imagine anyone not enjoying this thriller/action film.
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on 31 July 2012
Thinking about going to bed, this film started late on Film 4. Thought I'd watch the beginning out of curiosity as I have never seen Gerard Butler in a bad film to date. However, once it started, I could not leave the film; it was really gripping. I agree, this film is not for anyone who is adverse to extreme violence, but taken in its entirety, the violence is in keeping with the story and the mindset of the character that Gerard Butler plays. Jamie Foxx and Colm Meaney are also extremely good and the interaction of characters in the story is well done. This is a clever film that is gripping, psychological, thrilling, full of unexpected twists and keeps you not only on the edge of your seat, but guessing right to the end; an ending, which is unexpected! I am not going to go over the story, that is apparent in the film's write-up, but I will say this, if you enjoy a really good psychological thriller and can accept violence in its context of the story, then for 109 minutes you will be immersed in a film that does not let you leave it!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 August 2013
There is only one thing you need to know before watching `Law Abiding Citizen' and that is: how much can you suspend your disbelief?

If the answer is, `Not a lot - I like my films realistic,' then don't bother watching this. However, if you can overlook one plot hole after the next and just gloss over the numerous coincidences which need to occur simply to move the plot forward, then you'll probably enjoy this.

Luckily - for me - I simply allowed myself to get swept along in what is quite a novel and fast-paced story where `everyman' Gerard Butler's family gets killed, but the killers cannot be prosecuted, thanks somewhat to lawyer Jamie Foxx. Therefore, ten years later, Butler decides to invoke his own style of justice.

What follows is one pretty clever and gruesome way of killing someone after the next. You'll find yourself both sympathising and hating Butler's character, while Foxx isn't to be outdone on the acting stakes, as he comes across as both slick and vulnerable all at the same time.

Basically, if you like your action/revenge/thrillers loud, dumb and full of loop-holes, then you'll like this. If you're expecting absolute realism then you'll hate it.
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Ten years after watching helplessly as both his wife and daughter were brutally murdered and seeing that the punishment didn't fit the crime in his eyes, 'Clyde' ( Gerard Butler ) sets out on a mission to exact revenge on the culprits and show the justice system the meaning of the word 'justice'
From his prison cell he attempts to make the prosecutor listen and learn by targeting the justice personnel that were involved in the case all those years ago,he even demands favours to delay his actions.
Has he outside help ? 'Nick' ( Jamie Foxx ) the prosecutor 'Clyde' is attempting to make 'understand' has to find the answers before 'Clyde' 'brings the house down' on the system....literally.
This is a clever film that should not be missed.
A clever film, great entertainment, worth a re-visit or indeed a first viewing.
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on 28 March 2010
Law Abiding Citizen begins with Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) with his family until they are brutally murdered by two robbers. At the trail, Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) tells Shelton that the real killer won't get the death sentence which will go instead to the other robber.
Stunned and shocked at this, Clyde simply disappears from sight. Ten years later, both of the robbers are dead with grisy and unsettling ways. The police arrest Shelton, then Rice asks for a confession from him. But what he and the rest of them don't realise that Shelton has a disturbing plan to bring down the flawed system with brutal and shocking acts.
This film will grab your attention within the first few minutes right to the very end, it will leave you on the edge of your seat and your jaw will drop several times. It's hard to feel for any of the characters, at first you are deeply saddened for Shelton and against Rice but as the film goes on it's up to you to decide who you will root for. It is violent and bloody so anyone who dosen't like gory images stay away from this one, also this film is the director's cut where it has a few minutes added in the running time. Pefomances are oustanding from the co-stars to the leading men. Foxx suits his role as Rice, the family man who may have made a mistake with his descion of the court case. But it's Butler that really steals the show. From a broken man to a unsettling murderer, he gives you chills whenever he comes on screen and gives one of his best pefomances so far in his movie career. He also prodcued it so that's a added bonus. The one thing I didn't like this was the ending, not to give anything away but it's not one I would say it sastified me. So if you want a thrilling suspenseful movie for a Friday or Saturday night entertainment, I highly recommend Law Abiding Citizen.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 May 2015
This stylish looking thriller stars Gerard Butler as Clyde Shelton, a once happy family man driven by an insane desire for revenge against the murderers of his family, and against a justice system that he believes has failed him badly. When Shelton goes on the rampage, the case's prosecuting lawyer (Jamie Foxx) and a world weary cop (Colm Meaney) must make a desperate attempt to stop him as all manner of mayhem ensues.
"Law Abiding Citizen" is a clever, tense drama with high production values and a high calibre cast. Unfortunately it is badly let down by the director's tendency to let things lurch into a displays of gratuitous ugliness, when subtlety is what is very much required. It's a reasonable watch, ultimately let down by its own excesses.
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on 20 August 2015
Having had this one on my hard drive for some time now, I'd forgotten what it was about. I put it on last night and was surprised at how quickly the action got going. It's, a brutal, graphic and unpleasant start, but quite realistic. I expected a gritty brooding revenge drama would follow, but I was wrong. What followed was largely very improbable and made the movie more of a lightweight action movie. Added to this Gerard Butler didn't have the acting chops to be the menacing anti hero this film needed, while Jamie Foxx was wooden throughout.
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Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) is spending some quality family time with his wife and daughter when two thugs break into his home. They stab Shelton, rape and kill his wife, and abduct, and subsequently kill, his daughter. One of the villains, Clarence Darby (Christian Stolte), is the main perpetrator; the other, Rupert Ames (Josh Stewart), largely stands and watches. Shelton survives the attack and the perpetrators are eventually caught. In the U.S. `plea bargaining' system, Darby blames Ames for the atrocities, so gets a much lighter sentence while Ames - who participated little in the attack - gets the death penalty. Shelton is appalled that either of the perpetrators should get away virtually unpunished, so he sets out to take his own revenge. He tampers with the lethal injection so that Ames dies an excruciatingly painful death - cruel and unusual punishment indeed. He poses as a policeman to `arrest' Darby once he is released and then chops him up into pieces - slowly. Lead investigator Nick Rice knows who is to blame for Darby's death and Shelton is quite easily arrested. We are less than half-way through the story at this point - then it gets really interesting. Steadily, Shelton eliminates all the people responsible for letting Darby go free. In the end, Rice has to abandon his principles to eliminate Shelton. This was a good gripping thriller as we wait to seer what Shelton has planned next.
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on 20 October 2013
Surprisingly gripping movie where our hero, played with reasonable force by Gerard Butler, fights the 'law' and ultimately looses.

The film makes a pretty good statement against a failing, target driven Criminal Justice System. The apparent heros, Jaimie Foxx and co are heartless bureaucrats pursuing their own agendas at the price of justice. Butler's character appears, at first, to be the helpless 'Everyman' cast adrift by the system. A ludicrous twist provides Foxx's character a hint of moral superiority but ultimately this is a film lacking any 'good guys' to make one feel good about our society. It is for that reason that I'd recommend it.

I've described this a black comedy because to my mind it pushes plausibility out the window within the first ten minutes and instead concentrates on irony. The Foxx character for all his dogma on justice has only his own interests at heart - he is, ironically, only interested in his family on the most superficial level; in contrast to Butler's character. Likewise in spite of it's all to clearly spelt out failings the 'system' ultimately wins, casting any sense of right aside. That is seriously funny.

Whilst this isn't a laugh out loud comedy, it's cynicism remains hilarious. Recommended for all disgruntled forty- something curmudgeons.
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