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on 7 October 2015
This is quite simply the best umbrella I have ever used. It's nowhere near as massive as I was expecting - the reviews made it sound like it was practically a golf umbrella. At 5'4" it's easily enough for one person, and not as heavy as it looks. The height when it's closed is about the size of a walking stick, however it must be remembered that this is a dome shaped umbrella so really it's just right for a grown up. I've not yet gone out in the Scottish winds, though I doubt they'd be able to even so much as wiggle it because it's really sturdy. One remarkable thing about it is the way it's so easy to pull up and down. There's no danger of it sticking or even nipping your hands because the stem slides up and down so easily - no horrible clips involved thankfully! After spending a small fortune on umbrellas that end up getting broken and turned inside out, I'd really recommend investing a little bit more on something like this which will last for a long time.

Edited a few months later: Okay so I tested it out during the big wind storms. As I suspected, there was not even a wriggle from it and not even a hint of it turning inside out. Fabulous!
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on 27 October 2017
i don't believe they are as good a quality as they were in the good old days! mind you, the 1st use was fine however, when i tried to use it from then on, the PVC would get stock to each other! & the popper often wouldn't stay closed.. even though i would let the umbrella dry completely before next use, i still struggled with trying to use it again.. so i had to return it.. i've used Fulton Umbrellas for many years & this was the first!
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on 11 November 2013
I carefully selected this umbrella, going for quality as well as good looks and I chose this one as it claimed it was exceptionally well made and because of its generous size. It arrived in perfect order. I had read that it would be covered in a coating of powder to stop the folds of plastic sticking together, which was true. I washed it off - unless you want to use a powder-covered umbrella, you have to. It looked beautiful. I tested it out and it felt very robust and worked efficiently. However after only one use (a rainy wedding) where I lent it to another guest, it broke! Several of the metal arms have broken at their joints or twisted so badly that even if you get the umbrella open, it is so wonky in shape it is useless. i have had to throw it away. A complete waste of money. The cause of the breakage can be one of two faults; either it was badly made in the first place, but it looked OK when i first tested it; or it was damaged in trying to open it up - lack of appreciation by a "novice user" that you have to spend a good ten minutes teasing apart the inevitably stuck together folds of plastic when the umbrella has been folded down - the plastic sticks incredibly to itself, like cling film, or worse, and takes quite a bit of patience and gentle encouragement to unstick the folds to allow you to open the umbrella out. I would imagine that if you simply push the umbrella open in the normal fashion, the metal arms will simply crumple under the force as the plastic simply doest budge. Useless in a sudden downpour.
I cannot see how this umbrella can be sold when it takes such an effort to open it up, and clearly just one use by someone who didn't know the pitfalls has rendered it useless. I'm very disappointed and consider it a complete waste of money.
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on 21 January 2015
This was quite expensive for an umbrella - I usually buy the cheaper ones as, living where I do in all this wind and rain, umbrella's don't last so long. I decided to go for this as I was fed up of having to buy a new umbrella every week or so and in the long run, this was probably costing me more anyway.

This one is advertised it as wind proof which is what first attracted me to it. I've been out in high winds with it once and it seemed to stand up to the test, but I was only walking from the bus stop to my house which isn't any great distance - so whether it would hold up under a more lengthy battering, I'm not sure. The wind can't get underneath it to blow it inside out because of the design, but you need to hold it low enough over your head to make sure it doesn't, because if it did and this umbrella got blown inside out, it would break - you wouldn't be able to fight it back into shape like you can with the 'flatter' shaped ones.

It's certainly very well made; it feels good and sturdy and I like the shape. It covers your head and shoulders, which means the rain runs off it and on to the ground, not down your back, thus soaking the back of your knees and ankles. It does steam up a little on the inside which can make it harder to see through, but not so much so that you're walking blind.

Overall, I need to give it another try in the wild welsh weather before I can say I'm completely happy with it, but so far - it's good!

I thought I would write an update for this product as mine has developed a hole - after only buying it in January and using it intermittently, i.e. two out of every seven days at the most. This would denote to me that this product is not such great value for money and I won't be buying another one. Amazon - with all their money - could let me return it for a replacement, but they won't!
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on 11 December 2014
The plastic is so sticky that it makes it difficult to open up when dry. I was warned of this so was always gentle when doing that. However, the plastic also makes it bulky and the closing strip isn't long enough to easily reach the fastening point. After only a few uses this meant a whole in the umbrella where the strip is attached to it. Just another expensive umbrella in my inventory that didn't fulfil its potential. Please make the strip a bit longer for better experience.
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on 27 September 2014
I have an electric wheelchair and was looking for something big enough to cover me but that I could see through so I wouldn't crash and that was good quality and looked nice as well. This, I am pleased to say, fits the bill perfectly. I have problems with my hands as well and this is extremely easy to open and close so no little buttons for me to struggle with. I am so impressed with the quality of this umbrella, the opening and closing mechanism is well made and smooth and the plastic is thick and strong and not flimsy like some I have seen. It's just over all a very good quality umbrella as you would expect for the price. I always used to buy cheap umbrellas that would break and I wanted a decent one this time. selected the red one as I have a red coat and my wheelchair is red. Got to be colour coordinated right ladies, lol! Would recommend this umbrella. definitely worth paying the extra for good quality.
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on 24 February 2018
This umbrella was actually purchased by way of an Amazon voucher bought for me by my son & for me it has been something that i have always wanted, ( i love shopping for retro & vintage products rather than anything too modern day ), this umbrella has so very much more than fulfilled all my expectations.
It is very well made, durable & ideal for even the worst of downpours, thank you so very much.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 July 2016
fantastic brolly...doesnt get destroyed by high winds like other traditional shape brollies...ths is the second one we have purchased....the build quality really is excellent....well worth the money...previousley bought a similar brolly slightly cheaper and a different brand...fell apart within 3 months...i hghly recomend these brollies and brand...
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 9 September 2013
I am delighted with my new Fulton umbrella as it is very specially designed to protect in wet and strong, windy weather. It is light, so easy to open and close and it lets me see where I am going. As a daily, rural dog walker, I really need to see where I am going in the wind and rain as most of the drivers in my area rarely want to take prisoners! You will excuse my slight exaggeration about walking into lamp standards. Actually, I have to drive more than 6 miles to find the nearest one to my country cottage home.

I am not new to Fulton umbrellas. I have a neat, dressy one that I keep in my car for when I am forced to walk. I also have a large, hurricane proof one which weighs a ton, which arrived with what appeared to be a large gun carry/cover and which seems to want to take my fingertips off whenever I make use of it. After a lengthy dog walk with it, my elbows feel as if they don't belong to me. This one is now going into mothballs! All three umbrellas, however, are well made to last from quality materials and beautifully finished, but my special favourite is this most recent buy. I do hope we have a wet and windy winter!
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on 5 July 2014
I used this umbrella a few times now and I can give it an accurate review. I must say that the quality is very good. It won't break or anything. But there are several cons:
- it is rather heavy for a lady to carry around and quite impractical due to the length of it folded;
- whereas it protects from rain and wind (obviously not from the waist down though), the wind often causes it to move uncontrollably in the hand due to its weight, thus lightly hitting over the head if not held with both hands;
- when wanting to use it you have to take time to open it as the material that it is made of keeps it stuck together, so you need to manually separate the bits in order to be able to open it; this is not very practical when you're just about to head outside of the building;
- due to the size of the dome, you have to see through it, which is rather difficult when it is pouring outside.
All in all there are quite a few negative sides to this umbrella and was I aware of them before buying it, I would definitely have not opted for it.
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