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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 6 September 2011
Wanted to post a review on this bag as it took me a while to decide which backpack to go for to use for work, so hopefully this may help someone else decide a bit quicker!

Very impressed with the bag, lots of room inside for all your stuff. I have managed to fit a 15.6 inch laptop in the laptop compartment without trouble. Laptop compartment is well padded so gives good protection.
Main pocket is big, you can fit a lot in there. Large A4 folder will go in no problem. There is a small(ish) pocket on the top of the bag which is great for storing things you may need in a hurry (car keys, phone etc).
Front compartment has multiple organiser sections to put all your various bits in.
So far I have managed to carry two laptops and power supplies, a tablet pc and all the documents I needed without too much trouble. The good thing is though that you can do this but the bag doesn't look too big when on your back.
As another reviewer has said, if you filled this bag to capacity you may struggle to lift it!
Build quality is excellent, bottom of the bag is covered in a hard wearing material so should stand up to some abuse.
The bag is also well balanced so will stand up on its base in a stable manner, making access easy. Also pretty comfortable when being worn.

In summary very happy and would recommend this bag to anyone who wants a backpack to carry laptop etc which also looks the part for work/business use.
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VINE VOICEon 29 March 2010
The bag is bulkier than your standard Dell bag, but still fits perfectly "under the seat in front of you." I used it on a recent business flight and was very happy with it. It's a great bag if you need extra space for documents etc -- the bag has 3 main sections. The middle one for the laptop can be zipped open on 3 sides so the bag folds open -- the idea is that you can then leave the laptop on top. But of course security guards at airports don't read the brocuhre and still remove the laptop! But that's my only complaint. The Zip-pulls are strong and nicely designed; a small detail, but one which demonstrates the good quality.

An update on this review: I've used it on a long-haul pleasure flight, so no laptop. It really is the best bag ever: I was able to organise all my carry-on things like headphones, passport, magazines, BB, phone, books etc. It is so nice to use this bag. There's a holder or slot for everything it seems. I love it!!
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on 3 November 2013
I bought this to replace another Swissgear backpack, whose handle main had split, such that it had sharp edges which were cutting my hands.

One of the main reasons I went for this one, is that the main handle has no steel cable incorporated into the handle, like my old one, so there is less chance of it splitting.

It is smaller than the rucksack I had before, but I realised that before I bought it and just accepted the compromise. It doesn't have as many compartments as the old one, so I've had to be a bit more creative about stowing everything I usually carry around at work. I'm happy to say though, that I've managed to find a place for everything. That said, I do carry a ridiculous amount of gear around with me, (laptop, folders, sat nav, wallet, keys, 2 phones, driving licence, mp3 player, calculator, pocket torch, swiss army knife, cycle tools and more besides), so not everyone will have my problem.

Another advantage this rucksack has over my old one, is that it has a sturdier and more stable base. My old one would keep falling over when heavily laden. No such issues with this one. I can also report that I'm able to fit my personal 17" laptop in the notebook compartment, when I'm not carrying my 16" work laptop.

The other main thing I've noticed is that, because its slimmer and generally more compact, it feels lighter, despite the fact I still cram loads of stuff into it and it sits better on my shoulders...even on 1 strap (the old one would slide off very easily).

In summary, I'm very pleased with this purchase.
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on 14 October 2013
Lovely padded bag much better then the majority I'd looked at some the same price. While you might get away with a cheap bag for occasional use it's worth the extra for this one, well padded and loads of space. Looks a good finish as well which I hope will last.
I've a 17" laptop and fits no problem.
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on 4 September 2011
I was hessitant to order this on line, because I wanted exactly the right bag to replace my laptop rucksack . I was delighted with this when I unpacked it -amazing value for money.

I wanted a back that looked professional (I'm meeting new people in a business context and needed some thing that looked smart but not old fasioned or stuffy and not like something a student would use.)

In practiacal terms I wanted something 'just the right size' not so small that I just holds a lap top some cables and a writing pad, but something that could also carry (believe it or not(!) ) a packed lunch, unbrella, bottle of water etc.

This proved to be pretty much perfect. things to watch out for; the shoulderstrap is not detachable. the phone pocked is too small for some phones (esp. new smartphones) but no biggy as there are plenty of pouches to stash things.
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on 8 December 2014
I've had one of these for a couple of years.

On the whole it's been great. I love all the compartments, and all the compartments within the compartments! I do *a lot* of business travelling, either with a very long and awkward daily commute (lots of train changes) or flying the globe. My bags need to be sturdy. This has lasted two years which is longer than most, but I was hoping it would have done longer. Even so, I'm not sure what's out there that's better, so I'll be buying it again.

First to go was a cosmetic thing - the outsides of the leather carrying handle rubbed away, which I thought looked pretty messy, but people reassured me the case still looked good/professional/smart/business-like. Now the shoulder strap and zips have failed. As the shoulder-strap isn't detachable, once it breaks off one side you have a problem that you can't close the bag properly.

But I know this is the result of serious daily punishment and most bags wouldn't have made it nearly so long. For instance, if I buy cheapish luggage for my business flying they last around 6 months, whereas if I go for something like sturdy Samsonite, I normally get 18 months out of it. So 35 months with this isn't at all bad, lugging around laptops and being stuffed full of papers..
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on 13 June 2013
I read the great reviews and thought this bag would be just what I wanted but was very disappointed. There are some really serious flaws in the design of this bag.

1. The compartment for the laptop does not have any side-walls so that when the bag is opened the laptop can easily fall out - the lack of side-walls is for the "Checkpoint Friendly" feature. Basically this means when the case is opened it is just sitting completely unprotected on the middle section of the bag and not held in any way. You might just as well take your laptop out of a regular bag and place it on top of it! Would you trust it to not slide off the bag as it trundles through the x-ray scanner? Unfortunately there is no other place to put the laptop so you are permanently at risk of your laptop sliding onto the table/floor every time you open the bag. Other reviewers have already commented that the "Checkpoint Friendly" feature of this bag is rather pointless in any case as few if any airports would recognise it. Edit: It appears the company has now changed the photos to show the laptop being put into the rear compartment instead of the laptop compartment. My 15.6" Lenovo laptop would not even fit into the rear compartment (I tried out of desperation) and there is no protection offered by that compartment as it is only separated from the outside world by a layer of fabric. The case would not then be "checkpoint friendly" either - though as I've said that feature is rather pointless anyway.

2. The shoulder strap cannot be removed from the bag and when not in use must be adjusted so it wraps underneath the bag. When you put the bag down it then sits on the shoulder strap. Worse still it sits on the side of the strap that will later go against your shoulder so all the muck that has been picked up off the floor will form a nice stripe across your clothes.

3. The manufacturer claims there is thick padding to protect the laptop and this is a very important feature to me. They have a strange definition of thick. It is nowhere near as thick as my older laptop bag and a colleague tells me even the Belkin bag he got for free with his laptop purchase at Currys had thicker padding. I would say it is far too thin to properly protect against the rough and tumble it would likely be exposed to during a long journey to foreign countries. Perhaps adequate for local trips in a car boot from office to office though. I note that other reviewers are satisfied with the padding but I think they are comparing with very cheap bags. The Wenglor bag has some padding but it is probably about 1/4 the thickness of my (admittedly much more expensive) older bag.

4. There are loads of little compartments/pockets but actually too many so that they are generally too small to hold what I want to put in them. A lot of them are in the outer lining of the bag and so directly exposed to knocks. I could put a camera and some delicate peripherals in my old bag but would be loathe to risk putting them in most of the compartments of this one - even if I had the patience to struggle squeezing them in. Ideally the paperwork compartments of the bag should be at the outer sides of the bag so that they give extra protection to the delicate things stored deeper inside.

The zips are decent quality and the material itself is okay but I think the design team has come up with a lot of ideas that may seem good on paper - like the strap that does not remove or the "Checkpoint Friendly" feature - that in practice are just useless.

I agree with other reviewers that the bag seems to be well made and the little Wenglor metal badges look nice but in real world use I'd find the bag very irritating. I certainly can't risk my laptop falling out when I open the case (there is not even any kind of retaining strap) and I occasionally need a shoulder strap and don't want to have to give the strap a good scrub before I can use it.

I had to return this item as unsuitable which I think is the first time I have ever done that with anything I have purchased from Amazon. My priority is protection of the laptop and other electronic items but if you can get away with less protection than I need on my travels and you prefer lots of small compartments (and don't mind stripes on your clothes) then this bag may be perfectly okay for you.

Edit: I have since bought the "Dicota 15-15.6 inch Ultra Twin Case" and found it to be in a different class. It is quite a bit more expensive but what a difference! I left a review for it for those who are interested.
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on 23 March 2010
Style Name: Legacy Triple Laptop Case|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I never thought I would be loving anything less than an Hermes bag ! But this case is brilliant.
Even after just a few days of use it's proving to be durable, functional,& roomy .
My cases tend to have quite a hard working life, but the care & attention to detail that has gone into this bag is excellent.
From the spacious compartments,to the netting holders....Wonderful,if, like me,you are forever getting your cables tangled ...or finding them floating around the bottom of a standard case !
I cannot recommend this item highly enough. I wouldn't have gone for anything like this,if not for the Vine programme. How glad I am it was available for review.
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on 24 February 2011
The Legacy is a very good laptop bag from Wenger, makers of the genuine Swiss Army penknife. I've been using it daily for a couple of months and it is holding up well. Most noticeably, the backpack has a huge capacity, and yet is quite compact in size - the Tardis of laptop backpacks. The actual laptop compartment, which is at the back of the bag, is "check-in friendly" and is a separate section that can unzip the whole way so that it and the main backpack body can be opened up 180 degrees and laid flat. That aside, the rest of the bag is incredibly well made with quality padded nylon, there are no annoying holes which might potentially let rain water in (finally Wenger!) and there are three other sections in which to store your stuff.

The main "folder" section is capacious, and is easily capable of accommodating everything that you could possibly ever need to carry, to the point where the bag would almost surely be too heavy to lift. And this brings me onto the first negative point... the folder section is so large and yet there is only one separator inside to keep things snug. A few more compartments or Velcro walls would have been nice.

My second negative point about the bag concerns the shoulder straps, which in my opinion have three minor design weaknesses: first, they are not non-slip. If you are in a rush and only carrying the bag on one shoulder it has a tendency to slip off - especially if you're wearing a waterproof jacket. Try fumbling for a rail ticket in the rush hour with the bag on one shoulder, and the unfortunate commuter behind you is liable to get whacked by your backpack as it slips off! Secondly, the back supports don't offer much ventilation, so when forced to wear the backpack with both straps on the shoulders (which is necessary to prevent it slipping off etc.) your back will soon get hot and sweaty. And thirdly, the shoulder straps have two long adjustable toggles which, when pulled comfortably, swing down a foot on either side and there seems to be nowhere to tuck them away.

Finally, this backpack is expensive - at over £90, this baby is at the top end of the executive laptop bag market and with that price tag it borders on the trendy market held by the likes of Crumpler, Timbuk2, Tom Bihn and Baicyclon. But if a "corporate" backpack is what you're looking for, and you are already set upon a Wenger bag, then this is probably the best one you can get.
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on 17 March 2015
Having had this now for 16 months I am sorely disappointed in the quality of the lining in the laptop storage compartment. I recently purchased an Apple Notebook along with a clear silicon skin for protection. After only 2 months the lining has stained the silicon skin red and despite several attempts, it cannot be removed. I would recommend anyone wishng to purchase this backpack to be aware of this. Wenger have not responded to any correspondence, which also is extremely poor customer service.
review image
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